Very vocal anti-vaxxer, 5G, iron overload conspiracy theorist, who owns multiple hair salons in YYC

Very vocal anti-vaxxer, 5G, iron overload conspiracy theorist, who owns multiple hair salons in YYC


Excellent! I’ve just become a nudist and I’m looking for somewhere to get my hair cut that doesn’t discriminate my personal choices!


lmao, i almost want to make an appointment so i can do this also


Which hair though? I once went to a nude restaurant in key west and the chef wore 2 hair nets


Your mom can cut your hair for free, and she won’t discriminate


Mods - Can we please have a stickied thread of businesses in Calgary that are outspokenly against the new restrictions? I don't believe its discriminatory, but rather informative and a good way to keep people in the know if they want to avoid or support them. u/jhra u/instant_noodles u/Karthan u/janearcade u/ThatElliotGuy u/S_Dub7 u/tarlack u/DaftPumpProof u/Torkidon


that would be super helpful


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Good to know. Thanks!


Totally agree.


If these businesses want to actively work against society and getting out of this pandemic, then it should be reciprocal. Society should work against these businesses and shut them down.


They do have the option to opt out of the exemption program, the UCP gave them this. As long as they abide by the other restrictions like reduced capacity and are following other health guidelines. Leave them alone. I think everyone SHOULD get vaccinated. However, I believe we DO have the right to decide what is done with/to our bodies. If this or any other business agrees to take whatever hit they will financially by operating with the reduced capacity, thats also their right to choose. Even if we disagree with their decision If you don't want to support that business, again that is your choice. But going out of your way to "shut them down" for doing something that is perfectly legal simply because you disagree with it is kinda the same as trying to shut down an abortion clinic because you don't think it's right. It's a super fine line, and once we cross it, where does it end?


Agreed. Freedom, etc.


Not to mention I don't love fucking with businesses that selectively choose which health restrictions to follow...


Especially ones that serve food Like, wtf is wrong with people. Who would still eat there.


We try to stay neutral but I think it's time to steer the conversation back towards facts and science.


Is that a yes?




I'm bald so I have been boycotting them before it was cool.


Considering shaving my head just to make sure I don't support an anti-vax salon by accident. Can you recommend any good head waxes?


Ancient egyptians used to use a depilatory and a pumice stone rubbed all over their body and head to remove hair... so that's a start? Grab you some nair and a pumice and see what happens.


The owner's profile on the website says "She also loves the science behind everything to do with hair." So she believes in science when it comes to hair but not vaccines. Also looks like she is ok when it comes to "toxins" when it regards fillers. Cool, cool.


Selective belief. Belief of convenience.


Uses botox, but the vaccine is too toxic 😂😂. Can't make this stuff up!


Right... no judgement against botox or filler usage in general. But I will judge when someone says they do not want to put "poison/toxin" into their body when talking about the vaccine but will gladly get botox and fillers.


I have to agree with that


Not mentioning the chemicals used in a hair salon...


For those who don't know much about botox: > Botulinum toxin is a neurotoxic protein produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum and related species. It prevents the release of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine from axon endings at the neuromuscular junction, thus causing flaccid paralysis. The toxin causes the disease botulism.


Also just gonna throw this out there that the reason hair stylists use gloves when colouring hair is because hair dye is irritating to the point that it *will* cause allergy if you get it on your skin enough. Not an if but a when. These people adamantly terrified of putting anything "unknown" on themselves will go get shit like perms, botox, restylane, hair bleach, not to mention how much processed food and drink we eat and even the arbitrary shit you can find in your shampoo (like lead! Oh boy!) The hypocrisy is hugely apparent when you begin picking apart the soapbox of the selfish


And boy do they get *mad* when you start deconstructing said hypocrisy. Fighting mad, because: "how dare you accuse me of doing the very things I do??!"


well that's a little embarrassing for her lol


Who said shes against vaccine? It seems shes against restrictions and vaccine mendate, not vaccine.


Ive met her and she will tell anyone in 0.5 seconds all the reasons why no one should get "the jab" according to her and her scientific research


OP, thank you. Now I know who NOT to support.


My thoughts exactly


My brain hurts reading this


Imagine if a bar just started saying "NO ID, NO PROBLEM"




Yeah. It kind of is. You know what information i can glean from just looking at your driver's license? Like, enough information to financially fuck up your world. Way more than a name and a green checkmark on a vaccine verification app. But please, do go on about this unprecedented invasion of privacy that vaccine passports present.


Cut, colour & covid baby!


Ah another mouth breather who has never actually read the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms but uses it like some kind of moronic shield. I honestly don’t mind when these people vomit word diarrhea online like this as it helps me know who to avoid in my daily life. Love & Light


That AHS complaint was really easy to fill out, they even provided the evidence in a public post


I feel the same way! I've seen two companies advertising that they're not following restriction guidelines today and reporting both of them only took about a minute.


This is a good idea


[Here's the website for ya!](https://ephisahs.microsoftcrmportals.com/create-case/)


Submitted a request for investigation.


Oh thats funny... *adds to the list of places I wont be applying to*


PepperHair Haus, run by idiots that want the pandemic to never end. Got it. Sure is nice when they self identify. And, if they had any vision, they would realize they are inviting the COVId denying clientele exclusively. A small portion of the population and significantly more likely to infect their staff. Excellent expression of their freedom of choice.


Isnt this the same girl who denied racism was a thing last year? Imagined being in every high profile social media drama of the 2020s AS ONE PERSON?


The very same. She's also dating a blatant white supremacist, at least last I heard.


Engaged now


Sadly this is true.


Curious about this and the comments she made, what's the deal with her bf/fiance?


I found them on Facebook and Instagram, their Facebook is fairly locked down, but their Instagram seems to be mostly life happenings with nothing about their political beliefs; did they scrub they said?


She follows the qanon hashtag on IG.


You'll have to find her personal page for the politics


I found the business page you posted above, and I think I found a personal Instagram (pepper.madi?) but as I've said, it's just about their life. Not a big deal if I can't find it, I just want to see the train wreck for myself, I can't seem to find any other social media of theirs.


In the stories. Idk if she actually posts posts about it


Ahh, I see what you mean now. I wonder if she only says the political stuff in her stories on purpose, since stories self-delete after a short time, they kind of scrub themselves. You also don't see stories right away on an Instagram profile, you have to click or tap their profile pic. Her supposed white supremacist bf/fiance raises my eye brow, since they now apparently have a child together - I wonder what crap he may have said in the past?


It was all over reddit at the time. Head to @yyc.notforblacklives page on IG to learn a bit about it. His name's Nate


Woof just saw his posts on that IG. In one of his comments he says "white power." What a piece of shit. Poor baby having those people as parents.


Can I go to this places, get serviced, and not paying later? I mean, if personal choice overrides any law or government mandate...


I'm thinking of booking a bunch of haircuts soon. No intention of getting any though.


It’s your right to no show.


Do they also own other stains by the same name? Edit: I meant salons, but I’m leaving it.


There’s one in marda loop and another in bridge land.


So, could I smoke in this hair salon?


It sounds like you can do whatever you want in this hair salon. It says right on their post that they'll never discriminate against anyone for any personal choice they make.


Nice. Who needs a bathroom when you can pee on their salon floor.


I would watch out for that. They got scissors.


Thats what the hair washing sink is for


I’m gonna go in there and tap a mini keg a spark up a blunt during my service! Sounds awesome


Oh let me know and I'll join, we can hot box the shop since they'd never want to infringe on our personal choices.


That sounds awesome I get so bored waiting for my colour to process!


That made me laugh


Head over and light one up for us.


Immunization records are not medical records.


Can you clarify that? I’m vaccinated and just looking for more info. Thanks


Immunization records reflect steps that you have taken to protect yourself and others from the effects of specific diseases. Vaccinations have personal and societal benefits. Medical records contain information specifically about your medical history, condition, and treatment. Its presence is of personal benefit to you.


Fair enough. Thanks for the info.


Wait, what? Businesses were given a choice. And this one picks: neither? Dudes.


Well. Won't be going back there!


People like this should have to have a mandatory 1hr visit to the ICU. They obviously aren’t understanding the grim reality happening now, or don’t care. I personally hope they get fined and shut down. One bad apple spoils the bushel.


And honestly maybe like a doctor-supervised session with a couple youtube videos debunking all the misconceptions. Like a brief rundown on bio 20 and your immune system or something. Seems like a lot of people forgot getting *really* sick actually does something ro your body and isn't just some temporary inconvenience with no consequences


Its sad because I believe many people feel empathy for the death and suffering happening in the ICU… but they back burner it when their righteousness for freedoms arrives. Somehow their freedom is more important than others whole lives.


I don't think it is real to them, tbh. It was never really a "big deal" to them and the deaths haven't hit close enough to home, or they havent seen what an intubated case looks like. It's really self-centered and reeks of individualism and is really disappointing that we couldn't pull together for this.


They're grand standing for nothing because personal care hasn't been shut down and there's no way a salon operates beyond 1/3 fire capacity. They're usually pretty spaced out.


"we will never discriminate against you for ANY personal choice you make" So if I chose to get a haircut and then not pay for it, they wont care. Sweet, free hair cuts for life.


Following the leader of PPC on their business account...says it all really.


What a verbal diarrhea! Hope they get a strong (boycott) response from the community!


from the looks of the comments section on the post, there are a lot of bots just commenting multiple emojis to up the engagement


Wonder if they bought engagement to try and fake support


Comments are closed now so I’m assuming response wasn’t great lol


Sadly every hair dresser I tried to go to (home based) shrugged off Covid restrictions. No masking etc. So I have to support bigger businesses that are held accountable. It is what it is…


Hedkandi is having both staff and clients be vaccinated.


I hope they're actually wearing masks now. Was pretty disappointed that there were no staff or other clients wearing masks when I was there in early September.


I was there two weeks ago and they were all masked up so I’m not sure.


The chatters in Deerfoot Meadows has been taking things seriously since day 1. Jin, in particular, has been amazing about everything.


It has because it was reported to AHS. The owner didn’t care when employees came in sick and didn’t schedule employees the proper hours to make CERB and barely gave them part-time through the worst of the pandemic. Jin is the only positive to that salon. The owner had a massive walk out because of it. Surprised Jin stayed.


Woah I didn’t even know that. I’ve been going to Jin for close to 10 years now. He’s incredible. Poor guy deserves better.


If you want to support a local female run small business, my wife has a salon with only 2 chairs so it's more of a quiet boutique salon - Plush Beauty Bar. If you don't want the busy salon atmosphere and more of a quiet personal experience, I would recommend you check out her website or Instagram. She's had a mask mandate in her salon ever since the beginning and is very thorough in her sanitization cleaning. Plus, I think she's good at what she does...


If you want a rec for someone taking it seriously, let me know.


I would love to hear of any salons or stylists that are taking it seriously too!


Theory hair studio in Copperfield! We’ve been strict about Covid protocols all throughout the pandemic and everyone is fully vaccinated. We’re not fucking around with other people’s health.


Been there and can confirm!


Beverlys in Parkdale


I love that overly confident line about if you're uncomfortable with this stance you can come visit when you feel it is safe for you to do so... That's going to be never for a lot of people.


Boycott their shit business.


I don’t understand how public health and safety became confused with personal freedoms. People are dying in lots of places from many things, mostly old. The people alive today have exceeded past generations in longevity because 1) they didn’t work in coal mines. 2) there was a much better food supply. 3) we have a medical system that gives us a fighting chance. People in their 80s even when I was a kid were very limited, a person who was 70 was old. In literally 2 generations we have extended life by 15 years. I was at the store the other day and they had cards for 100 year olds, that’s crazy. I’m 67, with the health I have right now I will easily see 90. When people get real old they need a pretty protected environment to survive. That’s exactly what this bug is all about, nature has brought one of its street cleaners out and it’s going after the weakest part of the population to clear out as many people as possible because there are too many of us and we are living to long. Every action has consequences and with 7.7 billion people heading to 9 billion this is how it works, it isn’t going to be food or water shortages, it’s going to be killer viruses and environmental poisons that will do the house cleaning. The vaccine gives people a fighting chance when otherwise they might die. I’m going to survive this and so are a lot of other people because of the vaccine. I grew up when there were still people terribly crippled by polio, I saw it. I’m a believer and you can do what you want but remember your personal freedom comes second to the life of another human being.


It's amazing how so many with such little education are experts on these things; truely fascinating


The owners boyfriend is blatantly racist and she did a whole “I am not racist” crying act on Instagram last year. I called her out on it last year and she blocked me lol.


I've heard a lot about the bf's racism on this post, and while I don't doubt it, I just want to know what he said just to see how bad it was (Like, was it "brown people should go back to their own country" bad, or worse?)


I don’t have Instagram anymore but if you search yyc not for black life’s they have a full story on her on there.


Pretty sure Hair Salons require and AHS inspection as part of their business licence. They will be shut down by Tuesday.


They can operate without asking for proof of vaccines or rapids tests if they lower to 1/3 capacity. That's the way the rules were written by Kenney to keep his voters.


I imagine a mixture of of proteins, lipids, and RNA will get right on respecting their body autonomy. If only governments, health agencies, and medical manufactures knew this one secret.




Free and enthusiastic consent?


People keep citing our rights and saying it violates our rights… they keep forgetting about the literal first clause. Confirming vaccine status in a deadly pandemic is a reasonable restriction of your rights to medical privacy. Asking you to mask up during a deadly pandemic with an airborne virus is a reasonable restriction to your bodily autonomy.


Which is why they declared a state of emergency.


I don’t understand these businesses pandering to maybe 10-15% of the population.


What the frak is it with hairdressers? I have a family member who is a hairdresser and is unvaxxed and I have seen other posts regarding hairdressers and the lack of vax interest.


Most went into the field for a reason and it's not typically because of a love of reading and science..


You sure got that right. I’m ashamed of the industry right now.


I wish you didn't have to be. A good stylist is hard to find and impossible to replace.


Thank you for your empathy and understanding, I appreciate it. I’ve been so stressed since the announcements


I hate that so.much responsibility has been placed on people who have to deal with the wingnuts and abuse. It only adds stress to your day. Most people just want to get through their day doing their job and not getting yelled at.


I have a feeling my hairdresser may be unvaxxed... she posted something this week from an account that posts about "freedumbs." Time to look for someone else.


It’s the higher level of post secondary education needed to become a hair stylist. Just my theory


I’m a stylist currently in post-secondary, and that’s pretty much it. Mastering a specific trade doesn’t necessarily translate to critical thinking.


Yea a lot of these comments are classist and gross, be proud of what you do.


Absolutely agree. But we also need to hold people to task in times of crisis such as now. I am disappointed in many of my fellow beauty industry professionals for flouting public health measures and espousing conspiracy theories.


Considering how much science can be actually in the industry what with chemical composition and the bio-related stuff on top of all the safety training you have to do for pathenogens it does feel disappointing to see disproportionate representation in stylists :(


First shift tomorrow after restrictions announced…oh boy this is going to be interesting. I unfollowed so many businesses bitching about public health today. “MUH FREEDUM”


Hopefully you're in a place that implemented them right away... I have class tomorrow and they're not doing shit til the 20th and we're taking clients apparently lolllll :')


RIP yung padawan. Get that red seal and fuck ‘em


Ooo tryin! Thank you, good luck out there... tomorrow might suck but our vaccine numbers jumped waaaay up. Monday is gonna be interesting but hopefully this was the kick in the ass we needed


Well, they can go Fuck themselves.


The fact that they say they are artists and my hair is their canvas would be the only line on the poster that would keep me out of their shop. Lol. Don't want no swan on my head. Piss off with that nonsense.


Will be sure to boycott this business and encourage others to do so.


And now I know never to use their business


Ari and Blair is another salon that won’t ask for proof of vaccines. Done with them. [ari and Blair vaccine statement. ](https://www.instagram.com/p/CT5heTPvZ1s/?utm_medium=copy_link)


A few comments in this post have said people have found those working in the barber and hair styling industry seem to be Covidiots or have anti-vax beliefs, unfortunately I have seen some of this also. I wonder if it is the nature of their employment where Covid-limiting measures would severely affect their work and profitability as to why many seem to view things that way.


No. It limited and affected my work and profit and I have followed every regulation to the T


There was another one I followed on Instagram that did the same. Sadly I unfollowed and removed them from my feed before I got onto reddit today :-/ Copper Lane in Red Deer is ALSO not "discriminating" against the unvaxxed.


Sigh. Government needs to fine or close business for flagrant noncompliance. Enough of this lunacy.


It's not non compliance though they can choose not to participate and operate at 1/3 capacity


Down voted for stating fact wtf


Submit a report and they can figure out what to do.


Boycott this business and shut them down. Bunch of lunatics.


Will the salon be shut down for this?


Do they realize the charter goes to poop when a state of emergency is declared.. which happened a few days ago


“There’s a deadly respiratory flu going around and it’s our right to do nothing to help protect ourselves, staff or patrons. Imagine HAVING to do something to help!? I thought this was AMERICA!!!” … can we just get Alien Overlords already? Humans just aren’t cutting it


The problem is these people don't see it that way, because of misinformation they think Covid isn't as serious as it is and protective measures aren't necessary. If you are someone that understands just how bad Covid can potentially get, of course anyone that is openly flaunting measures will seem like they are from Bizzaro World to you.


Oh I agree. Hell, Ill even go as far as to put the initial blame on social media and our generations lack of scrutiny and awareness for misinformation. But at some point, COME 👏 THE 👏FUCK 👏ON.


TLDR needed who is going to read that garbage?


Does it even matter for a hair stylist? Even a full place would likely be below 1/3 fire capacity.


Thx God my sister does my hair


That’s fine. We saw the keto guy in Inglewood lose his shirt and business flaunting his contrarian views, and we’ll see businesses like this one take a hit too. They are reading the room wrong when 77% of Albertans wanted a passport.




There's possibly a reason why an obscure asteroid has not made it's way to hit Earth to wipe out human civilization.. it's possibly counting on human stupidity, like that from this salon owner, to do that work.


Why is everything this stupid punctuated with love and light. Just perfect.


Just as public can choose to not support these businesses . Thx for taking us into the next wave .


I really appreciate them letting us know what businesses to stay away from


Someone should go into the store without pants and see what happens


Things like this are most CERTAINLY more divisive. Ignoring science is what is divisive. 🤦🏻‍♀️


Jesus y’all reading these comments? If you do not comply we will ruin your business? I’m not anti-vax but like do we hear ourselves? It’s a mob mentality it’s real scary that in 18 months we are willing to destroy a small percentage of our population and treat them as sub human…sounds familiar and it’s scary. Trust science but also stay compassionate people. People are still people whether we agree or not.




absolutely agree, i’m all for vaccines but the division and hatred is getting out of hand…


I agree, many of the comments here are DISGUSTING.


And they claim its the antivaxxers who have been radicalized. There is going to be a civil war at this rate. These people are absolutely terrifying.


There goes my appointment


book appointments and don’t show


Holy crap you’re a miserable human. If you don’t agree with a business, don’t go there. No need to be mean.


Or just fill out this form and let the people who implemented the regulations investigate. No need for vigilante justice https://ephisahs.microsoftcrmportals.com/create-case/


that is a really shitty thing to do regardless of beliefs.


It’s currently being done using skip the dish


Nah, by booking appointments we tie up their schedule so they are prevented from potentially spreading covid through their recklessness. Book and no show is a public service.


You can book online too so it’s easy lol give them phone numbers to pharmacies offering the vaccine as your booking number


I wasn't aware that this was optional?


They will have to operate at 1/3 capacity if they don’t participate in the Restriction exemption program. … that is IF they believe “free” people still need to follow rules of any kind


They'll be losing 2/3 of their customers due to their position, so it all works out.


Enjoy your health inspections and fines.


It's actually their choice to not participate in the program then just have to operate at 1/3 capacity


Shut up and cut


All small business owners are insane. You have to be to do it.


It’s funny, I just went here today for another service and a few of the ladies were wearing masks, one was wearing one of those clear bottom face shield things, and as I was sitting there waiting for my appt they posted this. I am double vaxed, kept my mask on the whole time, and almost walked out when I saw this. How people, let alone women, see these mandatory safety measures as infringing on rights and anything close to being discriminatory KILLS me. Do people just not know the difference between a right and a privilege??????


Can someone point out to me where in the Canadian Charter of Rights there is a medical privacy section?


its nice to know the people/business who are selfish/do not care about the society they live in self identify.


Maybe I am giving too much benefit of the doubt here, but could this not just mean they are choosing to only go with the 1/3% Fire Capacity? If a business doesn’t want to deal with the requirements to review the medical records, they can chose this option under the mandate.


That would be fine if that was the case. This business owner openly spreads a wild amount of misinformation about covid and every other 'conspiracy '


Understood, I have this mindset I think that people are just not communicating they are going 1/3 properly, or maybe even using this platform to pick the side of pro/non vaccination. TBH neither truly impact me so I just find it curious.


Wow THANK YOU! you said it all perfectly right there!!!


I dont see how they’re 5G conspiracy theorists..


That's what was talked about on her page before covid. It was a wild ride


But arnt salons and haircutting stores not mandated?


What part of this is anti-vax? There's not anti-vaccine rhetoric here.


Exactly, people are completely obsessed and publicly shaming them with no remorse when they aren't even against vaccine..