This game is still so beautiful. Most of the people can’t see that.

This game is still so beautiful. Most of the people can’t see that.

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Wonderful job, I hope this gets to hot. You should've used a picture of highrise.


Actually there are more people that put more effort in making these videos but don’t even get to hear a kind comment like this. Thank you my friend 😄😄😄


the current highrise with low lighting is so so good. Its the best looking map. I really hope they make the lighting of other maps same as Highrise.


Dude season 2 theme song hit different


The Christmas one’s nice too. :)


Miss the old days


OP: Taking pictures like a tourist OPs teammates: NEED BACKUP


Me: rush B! Rush B! Teammates:


Jk 😂 cool vid


This game is still top tier for a mobile game. Those who complain idk what they r comparing with respect to. Yes it doesn't look as good as AAA level pc or console games... But it's the best in its class. People don't waste a minute to call the devs lazy for small bugs and issues... But they forget this whole thing would not exist without them only. Also you know what else is beautiful about your post? The entire montage itself!


Good quality but when you play games on PS5 and get used to it you forget that the game has good mobile graphics


Most people don't have expensive phones and gaming PCs


Yeah that’s true. But can we just take a moment to appreciate how much they have done? It’s not their fault that most of us may not have good phones. And how much more can they optimise it anyways? Also I am sorry of it is coming out as rude. But if you have a phone in the year 2021 that can only run codm at low graphics, then sorry but you need to upgrade. Or you shouldn’t complain. Because the medium graphics in this game looks fabulous. And I did admit the game still has flaws. But it has its best too.


I have an iPhone XR and still run the game at the lowest settings. Too much heat and especially the stuttering when playing BR. Other than that yeah it’s a great looking game.


Yeah lol, I played with very high graphics and low fps just to get these screenshots. Best my iPad(Air 3) can handle is high and very high but then it becomes really hot. I usually play low max and if I am in a good mood and want to have fun, I play with med max.


I definitely agree with you, I've been playing cod games since cod4 so i totally agree how beautiful cod is. I'm just saying that a lot of people don't realize it because they don't have the gadget to have it run beautifully.


Me and the boy will be taking a break for exams. But we will come back the moment our exams over. And also a friendly reminder. If you’re having a bad time playing rank or shipment due to meta, desync and whatever. Try something new. Select a map that you haven’t played for a long time. Try learning about tomahawks. If u have friends knock them up and play ffa. Or just try out the thousands of other modes that codm is giving. You will feel better. At least I do. Edit: I can’t share my opinion? This sub is only for complaining? I am here just trying to appreciate the game and getting downvoted. Gee good thing I decided to take a break.


Your not wrong ppl always complain on this sub. Enjoy that break op


This sub is filled with toxic kids, don't worry, this will reach hot. And enjoy the break and all the best for your exams!!


GL with your exams! Appreciate the video and your opinion!


Season 2 music. The days of old . Haven’t heard this in so long. God how time flies


some people still underestimate the graphics of Unity engine




Hey! Thanks for dropping by. :D


No problem nice work 💪 ![gif](giphy|3ohzdIuqJoo8QdKlnW|downsized)


honestly this game noice but most of em mfs just like to complain lmao


Best video by far today! Thanks mate!


Flaws make things likeable


I wish I had an award to give you!!! The two pictures on Hijacked map made me smile! Thank you for reminding me of how great this game is! 😊


Ayyy..thank you!


It is, and for a mobile game at that


it would have been better if the devs made the game u\\in unreal engine


People saying that the game looks like cod mw4 but cod mw4 is nothing copareing to codm


I think the overall mechanics and movement of MW4 are a lot better, imo. COD mobile is still missing the smoother feel of the consoles when you're running. For some reason, it feels like when you take a step, you haven't actually moved that distance. It feels like running on a treadmill kinda. But yes, beautiful game, especially for mobile


u/COD_Mobile_Official send the devs a pay raise please I just bought 100$ worth CP


Me wondering why my teammates are not playing objectives, mfs taking pictures of the game for Instagram 🙄


Once funny, twice funny, thrice?shut up. It’s mostly pub matches and practice vs AI. I am not smoked enough to do this in ranked.


Someone is a delicate flower


Call me a snowflake I honestly wouldn’t give a fuck. Others did say stuff like these. But they made sure that everyone can easily understand that those were jokes. You on the other hand, didn’t clarify whether you were joking or not. And since you added “mf” I am gonna assume you actually are stupid enough to think people take photos in ranked matches.


So you need a neon sign that says "joke"? Dude this delicate should not be allowed to browse the internet jeez


Fuck you, your mum, your entire family gene. And your girlfriend. 😎


No, all I want is something actually funny, being called funny. Putting out an anti social stunt and then calling it funny is not called funny at all. Honestly you could’ve said those without putting an emoji and a cuss.


Or, you could maybe stop overreacting to things you may or may not be projecting from strangers on the internet? It was just a comment.


Ok, mistake on my part. As I come to think of it, maybe I did overreact. Well then,have a good day!


Cool, have a good night stranger


Fuck you too.


Sorry, can’t read


Shut up you gay asshole, son of a lowlife pedo, horny mf(joke btw)


-The rich kid with all graphics and 10ms


Idk whatchu talking abt he has 50-60 ms most of the time and if u choose performance over a lot of other things u can get a great phone for not sooooo much


Looks like codmw4


But worse


Pc vs mobile will never be a fair comparison my friend.


Noice ![img](emote|t5_penom|1105)


Lol not when you use low graphics


Most of people can't see that coz they r playing in a potato phone. Including me


myast game conaole was a ps2 and im really im awe to see that handheld device graphics are leagues beyond what was capable on that console.


the game is from other dimension if we talk about MP, but BR is shit.


True I also love this game


No doubt. It is perfect.


While it does look good for a mobile game, my hope for the future is that graphics will rival those of console and PC 💪


That's because they're playing on low settings.


This song is gonna make me cry


max graphics on summit is cool


They can't see it because everyone here is worried about the game running well hence everyone is going Low quality-extreme FPS


Only on high graphics LoL...


Not really I play on medium and it's looks great (to me at least).


Ando could be better


Lmao bro I don't have a PC but of are beautiful


Because we are fighting


Man the og season 2 theme song nostalgia




Season 2 song :D


Rust is the best map of all time argue with yourselves


I loved Alcatraz! Where is Alcatraz?


Salt! I mean rust


If only my phone could run these graphics


Wow, just amazing. Hope this post gets some thousand's upvotes


This game will be nostalgic asf in 6 years


Try using drone in prop hunt you can get every view of the map and coastal bruh! If i had a good phone i will take a screenshot and make it my pc wallpaper.


At least your not like the others who just post the scenery of hijacked and say iTs bEaUtIfUl


what do you mean the game is still beautiful the game was always beautiful


All I need nuketown to be back


In fact there are still a lot of glitches, hacker, frame rate drop, I still love with the deepest (idk how to spell it pls don't hate) please of my heart. Good job Activision, and you too, op😁


What music?


If only very high graphics is available if your using ultra fps :(


Form is empty without function


Should have added PINE and KING. They are the most beautiful maps in the game.


14yo kids who complaint/talk shit about this game all the time should be banned


The music was so nostalgic I shit my pants


Man listening to the first season 2 theme song got me thinking of the old days when I was a noob


You made me cry. Bloody good job, mate. Side note: with the QXR, I see you are a man of culture as well.


OgaE renember. 🤡🤡🤡


Unfortunately for you my friend, I didn’t see myself flexing g-series skins or even including nuketown in this video. I may have put the s2 theme song because I love it. And I also have some sad memories with it. The term ogae went from a guy posting old stuff to get karma to this real quick. Any post that even mistakenly uses something old is ogae?


At least I am not the one using OgAe s1 song stupid f2p oGaE mf. How long till u ask for free leggies?


Like never actually. I am not an f2p. But I also don’t spend much. I try to buy skins that I really like if my wallet can spare it. I may have been lucky enough to know about the game early on( thanks to my friends) and bought a battle pass from s1. And kept recycling it. And I got lucky enough to get the Dlq holidays early. And I am happy with what I have. Not entirely f2p. I am also guilty of buying a few crates. But nothing over the top. And pls explain to me. How this post has anything with being ogae? I only used that music because I personally love it.


How is this og related


that season 6 theme (i think its seasonn6) really brought back the memories when i played the game and it was balanced, thank you kind sir.


Most of the people are here to complain that's all