Call of Duty: Mobile - September 17th Community Update

Call of Duty: Mobile - September 17th Community Update


Hey devs. Will the blackout replace the isolated map or time limited like Alcatraz?


You shall see the answer to that very soon!


When will Battle Pass teaser or trailer will drop?


Hi...please fix the legendary ICR innovator iron sight. The bullets dont land where the top of the iron sight is. They land in the middle of it. Laser also points to the middle of the iron sight. Please fix this expensive skin...its been broken from release. If u wanna hit targets long range...u nust aim quite significantly above the player to hit them. Also the iron sight is long so it covers the enemy...making long shot kills very very hard. Please fix it.....ive been saying it every community post. It still isnt fixed.


Can we expect Ghost Plasma and GKS unicorn in this upcoming season.


Don't know whether you seen the leaks but Ghost plasma is coming next season but only for new players


I hope it does, after two years it would be a reason for me to start playing more BR again, I'm honestly bored of isolated already.


No questions but just wanted to say y'all are doing such a great job and we all are excited for the anniversary


​ ![gif](giphy|d68IdpvmAHohx5NMEV)




Are you collaborating with John wick in future?


Extremely hyped for the new season!!! Can't believe it's already been 2 yrs since launch


Weapon inspection coming in next season?




Heya Devs, Great to see Blackout is coming, cheers and so hyped for it. Here mentioning some bugs which has been there for a long time. 1. Cordite - Zero G kill effect. While killing an enemy, the enemy changes into greyish effect instead of violet effect which doesn't resemble violet void portal the base kill effect of the legendary gun. 2. Renetti - Metal Phantom iron sight change. When the gun was released along with Mace - Final Guard, it had different iron sight. After S4 update, the iron sight got a full red tint which is difficult to see through while ads-ing, please reduce the red tint in the iron sight. 3. AK117 Blueprint skins from Nihonga Crate where it has a dot iron sight, while using it in Battle Royale with trickster class, using the class, the trickster psychosis blue clone covers the entire sight and we can't aim or see through it, it looks like a blue box and it's unusable. Please fix it, I believe it's the same in case of HBRA3 - Swarm Legendary Skin and other Mythic Skins which has dot sights. Trickster class covers the digital sight too which should be fixed. 4. Default Artery got her eye colour changed/bugged, there were numerous posts asking to fix it as she looks way different before the change. I believe you guys replied to one post about the issue, but it didn't get sorted out yet. Needs a fix. 5. After Season 6 update, I could see a lot of texture changes to legendary guns to character/operator skins. Specifically yellow colours looks so pale and bleached after the update. Some examples are Default Scylla Operator's hair, she had dark yellow hairs with textures, but after the major update, her hair looks completely pale and bleached, doesn't fit her style. Same goes for Merc 5 - Going gold Operator's outfit colour. 6. Outrider Operator still has her Chinese voice lines when she gets killed. Even her callouts in MP or BR is muted, but some manual voicelines works. Needs a fix. 7. Muted headshot sound bug since some major update. Often whenever I headshot a player, the splash like feel & sound doesn't work/trigger and it's muted. Even a normal kill has slight splash feel & sound but the headshot splash one has a stronger splash feel which is muted most of the time and I miss it alot. I hope it's a bug and request you to fix it. 8. Emote - 'Make it Rain' from Mace - The Armorer draw got bugged, I feel it's because of DRH - Purebred where the opening animation and kill effect of that gun has resemblance to gold money but the emote from Mace's draw got bugged along with it where it throws golden money instead of normal notes. 9. Emote - 'Flying Kick' from Shadow Lurker Bundle (Keegan Soldier Bundle) is bugged, it doesn't work anywhere. 10. Textures of GKS - Scion Blueprint from S10 2020 BP is missing since many seasons. Please add it back.


And the stock of the DL-Q33 is bugged. It's serious because it interferes with your aim.


View in your timezone: [9/22 at 5 pm PT][0] [0]: https://timee.io/20210923T0000?tl=Call%20of%20Duty%3A%20Mobile%20-%20September%2017th%20Community%20Update


Good bot


No questions nothing. All I want is to say "Thank you for this wonderful game". This game helps me overcome my sadness and pain. Keep going guys! I Love you!


What about a nordic battle pass in the future? I'd love that!


Second this!


I would love this, I really wanted minotaur but he was put in a crate so zero chance.


Any plans on introducing a new launcher? The javelin (JOKR) would be cool. Also any new optics or reticles? Very hyped for next season!


Why did global get no test servers?


No I think they updated a previous one


I tried downloading nothing happened lol


I did too, I think it was at the max amount of players.


No they didn’t. Global straight up didn’t get a new server. Only China and garena got it.


with the addition of the HD graphics download, will the SD graphics be worse? I kinda want that, so that it not only make the game smaller in size, but run better with worse graphics. (and pls, add a proper sniper scope for the kilo bolt action)


Please give voices to Demir and Griggs from this season's BP


I hope there is a club-like dynamic where we can interact with people and play minigames👀. Any clue that you want to provide us about the Battle Pass?


No, but there are a lot of screenshots/images (as of today) floating around that will give you all plenty of hints about what operators and weapons will be featured in the new season ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|thumbs_up)


Thanks guys. I look forward to the second anniversary 🥳🥳


Wait what screenshots? Can someone answer


alias, Ghost Azrael, Price,


Alias is a reskin, so not BP


The only confirmed characters are Shepard and price


Battle pass skins, maybe Ghost Azarel


Thank you for all hardwork for br ! Can't wait to land in blackout and enjoy that map :), also can't wait to see new BP tease, hope skins are cool to fit there ![img](emote|t5_penom|1095)


There are already some BP teasers/images out there in the wild as of now ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|wink)! Hope you find them and like what you see, but if not we'll have a lot of that coming your way early next week. Thanks for the kind words and getting excited for 2nd Anniversary with us! ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|joy)


Alias,Shepherd, Price and the other one🤔 Damn I couldn't guess. I just hope Ghost azrael is in BP or bundle where most people get him and enjoy playing with him. Lookin' forward to the wonderful BP teasers!!


There is an Intel that Shepherd, Price are confirmed to be in BP. No info on the remaining two.


Hi...please fix the legendary ICR innovator iron sight. The bullets dont land where the top of the iron sight is. They land in the middle of it. Laser also points to the middle of the iron sight. Please fix this expensive skin...its been broken from release. If u wanna hit targets long range...u nust aim quite significantly above the player to hit them. Also the iron sight is long so it covers the enemy...making long shot kills very very hard. Please fix it.....ive been saying it every community post. It still isnt fixed.




Is the LD pack gonna be a full graphic downgrade or its just Downgrade the UI image resolution Also will auto download turned off for wifi user???


It's full graphic downgrade


Finally 60 frames per second




Hey! When are bundles coming to the "For You" section?


Please add more maps and modes to Practice VS A.I. There's no point in limiting it to 5-6 maps when there are plenty of other frontline maps.


Hi Codm team! I have a few questions for you: 1. Do we get another big voice update next season (or at least several new voices for characters)? Most (if not all) characters this and last season came with default voice eg rott, cassius, griggs, demir. Some characters as ghost are waiting so long for their own voice… 2. Do you plan to add new modes in ranked mp playlist? Payout s&d/headquaters/hardcore? 3. What plans do you have for ground mission? Do you improve it (add new maps)? How about making it permanent? Its longer than normal hp, perfect mode to grind camos, seasonal challenges and chill. 4. How about adding new exclusive attachments for some weapons eg burst perk for famas (btw do you plan to buff famas?)


Hey devs, the update looking good. Any news about gunsmith changes,optics and recticles? Also can we get sharper recticles on sniper?


Will you ever fix Alex Bounty Hunter's voice lines ?? It has been missing since season 4!! Also Helen Park - Spirit and Tengu Undead Crusade are still missing their voice lines too.


Is the ping spike & reconnection issue fixed in the next season. I know some bugs are not easy to fix & not being able to use wifi to play is quite a problem. Also theres a snowboard bug where using it once makes the wind rushing past sound play the entire BR match. Haven't seen much people reporting it so just making sure you guys are aware.


Since we're getting the Anniversary BP early this year, it is possible to have separate BPs for Anniversary and Halloween? Last season, we only got Anniversary skins and nothing for Halloween. I wish to see some actually spooky skins in BP this Halloween, like the Dark Covenant!


when is emotes coming to the credit shop?


Hey devs can you change the animations for melee weapons, it doesn’t feel like in other cod games and thanks for ur hard work for this game it’s incredible how far it has come


Will the connection issue be resolved in this new update? the game still faces this issue


Any news on desync improvements? Just to get rid of that annoying issue. Maybe better coding for lag compensation


The Trio mode(Battle Royale) can be added in the next update?


I really hope the mythic holger + krueger missing voice bug is fixed this next season!! Not cool for many of us who has bugged gun that we paid $125-400+ for


Game keeps crashing mid game, too many fps drop and desync. I hope it gets fix


When will the multiple huds is coming back? I've been waiting for too long it just came out for a while then just disappear after a day


Will Blackout be an FPP only map? It doesn’t make a difference if you’re just going separate the community and make us play against bots.


They will never do that, they can’t. How will majority of the br player base get kills if they can’t watch the enemy behind a wall


I'm calling fbi for murder report




Hello devs, I wanted to tell you about something that I would like to see in the game in the future and that is that it would be great if the music in the main lobby of the game could be customized, such as putting music from past seasons like the music from season 1 2019, the theme song for Halloween in 2019, the theme song for season 9, conquers, etc., is a function that I would like them to add in the future, besides it would be something very new for the game and at the same time very nostalgic to hear these songs again. within the game, I hope you read my comment and tell me what you think.


Heya, that's an interesting idea for sure but also one that is probably against our goals of continually trying to reduce the app size as much as possible. However, we have been doing a lot of music related projects on our YouTube and we have a massive project related to that coming out in during 2nd Anniversary. Hope that helps even though it won't be in-game.


Can you make that possible when driving in BR too?


but there would be an option to download the song pack


Are we getting entirely full map from BO4? Or only few parts of the map?


read again, it's full map and the updated one


In the link they give in twitter, they only mention Raid, Array, Firing Range, Nuketown Island and Ghost Town. They didn't mention the train station, lighthouse rivertown, factory and other sites. That's why im asking.


Yup, those are all there! We just chose to specifically highlight those locations in the blog. What u/Captain_Banana_13 said is accurate ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|thumbs_up)


Oh wow, thank you so much devs ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|grin)


When is the Classic Zombies return? (Not the Undead Siege mode). And How about Ghost's voice, A Ghost needs a voice lines, without it it's a sympathy to the loose ends.


I missed the old cod mobile zombies, for me, it had no flaw and it was so much fun


Any plans to add some completionist camo/special calling card for who got all diamonds? I ask this since I got all of them I hope one day will have some reactive camo for who got all :)


We are already getting something like that play with a gun for long enough and you get mastery calling cards for it


Any bp information? Or any thing about next ranked sieres


Will the Alcatraz map still be available in the future? or will it rotate with the Isolated map?


Hello developers, can you give us any information about ghost voices and the redesign of ghost retribution, please?


Hello, devs, i hope you are looking to fix those little things. Please i know there is something important than that but its for us who pay for the gun. The legendary AK-47 Pumpkin Head is missing it firing sound effect as seeing in the lucky draw trailer. Can you add them back? Here a post about it https://www.reddit.com/r/CallOfDutyMobile/comments/ooph0q/devs_could_you_update_the_muzzle_sound_of_the/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share Here is the firing sound wrongly attribuated for the AK-47 Wrath Black and Gold and later removed in this update https://www.reddit.com/r/CallOfDutyMobile/comments/ngvr5o/new_ak47_wrath_black_gold_firing_sound/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share


do u know about legendary Hades being broken on gameloop emulator ? this skin basically wont un ADS ... every other weapon and skins even the base Hades are working fine as the should be except for the legendary Hades skin , plz look into it u/COD_Mobile_Official also Artery in the battle pass plz :c


Please tell me you guys did something about the reconnecting issue happening in servers, I just want to be able to play the 2nd anniversary


Are all marskman rifles getting a general buff? I wish we had a viable Kar98, both for BR and MP. u/cod_mobile_official


Hey, Devs! Thank you for your hard work and congratulations for the 2nd Anniversary of CoDM. Will you add a real VO for Rambo? It's boring to play as an expensive character who is almost muted with only a few audios from the movie. (Sorry for my bad English, I'm from Brazil)


Can you please add a random items equip automatically after going in game because players playing from long ago has soo much with us that it's just getting rotten just let us equip any charecter with any gun skin random and go in game, sometimes it may also give us surprise and nostalgic feelings


Hey is there any plans for making Oasis available for modes other than Frontline? I don't think I've played it at all since its release and that's pretty much wholly cause I don't play pubs often, and don't play Frontline when I do. I can see why it'd be a problem to play an objective-based mode but at least as a TDM, Kill Confirmed, CTF (maybe SnD?) map I'd find myself running into it more often. I don't really know anybody else either that has a different story from mine about Oasis, found out after asking around. I haven't gotten to doing the Monastery featured challenges yet but I assume it works the same way as Oasis, I'd hate for this map to go the same way as Oasis too. Aside from that, extremely hyped for the anniversary, can't wait to hop into Blackout and see what kinda new content we get for MP too.


Will Ghost- Azrael will come in the Season 8 Battle Pass?


Will we Get Ghost-Azrael in season 8 Battle Pass?


Hey will there be any more Legendary bundles?


Where bp teasers 😳😳 also are there any buffs planned for the grenades and sticky grenades ??


Return of Shipment 1944 in future ? With a season based on the new cod title Vangaurd? Like s13 cold war Also excited for Blackout


Will Clan War be running next week before the new update??


Nope, this is the last war of this season


Any bp teasers Devs?


Are there any news on the shovel? It probably isn't requested as heavy as katana was, but it needs to get added back to the game


any news on improving ux/ui of legendary ghost??


so is shipment 1944 coming back cause vanguard? also that dude co6nus looks like walmart post malone


Why are kill counters on legendary weapons not working?


Hey there good work on bringing the blackout map to codm. I'm gonna ask a couple question if you don't mind 1. Will the launchers be updated anytime soon? Since we haven't received any new launcher since codm launches 2. Will there be another marksman rework? Marksman like kilo bolt need some serious rework 3. Will there be another mastery camo challenges? For example exclusion zone from mwr or even obsidian from mw19 4. Will there be new map on undead siege in s9 or something else? Maybe Alcatraz or Blackout even as new map or new zombie challenge and bp?




Why about the ghost voice devs 🥲🥲🥲🥲 we paid alot not for the bot voice we appreciate the skin for Riley but voice is the min thing plz do something please


Is there a chance for the club to come back in season 8 to celebrate the anniversary like last year?🥺


Hello developers! Can we wait for the epic blueprint for the Ak-47 in the Battle Pass?


And there will be futuristic characters in the BP of season 8.


Hey CODM, can we see Ghost character in any upcoming season battle pass?


Code Mobile Developers What are the Battle Pass Season 8 characters? We want more hints in Season 8, and more and more. Will you give players legendary weapons for the second year of the game? Will it give players a Ghost Plasma character?


Heya, First Of All Very excited about the 2nd Anniversary, I'm playing from S1 2019, but This game never failed me to get excited for something new. My question is, Can I expect A Visual Update on my Legendary Ghost -Retribution On 2nd Anniversary ? As you said Earlier.


Are the general sheperd kill og ghost in past cod ?


Any update on Clan Renaming Cards?


I am hyped so much for the new map. Whats more my exams end soon so i can enjoy the new update. Thanks so much. Btw can we have war machine and purifier and tempest and annihilator removed from alcatraz? Its too overpowered thank you. Waiting for the 2nd anniversary


I'm excited for the second anniversary, the clan war shop will be new? or will be the same rewards


Heya devs! Csn't wait for the 2nd Anniversary especially with the all new BR Map "BLACKOUT"! I just want to ask a little and out of the topic question, did the MP and BR lobby background change?? 'cause it's been a long time. Hope you read this and let me know what's your feedback. Thankyou!


Hello, I came to report that many countries in Latin America are suffering from disconnection problems, especially Brazil and also with black screen problem.


I've been playing this game from almost the beginning, and I have never been bored. I truly love this game. Thanks for making my life better with this game.


Are tanks actually going to work with controllers on the new map? I can forgive them being broken for like 4 seasons if it's fixed in Blackout.


I just want to say thank you for all the work you guys have done and the large amount of content you’re providing to us! I do have a question though, will we be able to equip mastery camos on all out epic and legendary skins? I just wanted to confirm this feature. Thank you and have a great day!




Goose bumps already 😍 ! Thank You devs , marketing, social media team and everyone at COD Mobile for working hard and provide us this marvellous Game. #LoveOPTRON🤗


Please let ghost ezreal Be in the battlePass😭😭😭


Please let ghost go on the battle pass or at least in bundle.


Hai Devs please bring back ak47 and gks legendary bundle back as you did with msmc


Good day devs! Any future plans of adding more roze skins such as roze - rook (my fav) and roze - near dark?




Can you guys give free draws for f2p players? ☹️




Is ghost azrael coming to bp pls codm that is my favorite ghost skin pls be in bp


Any plans for new voicelines for Ronin?


Hey Devs, please give us some hint about the season 8 battle pass. Can't wait 😍


Hey there devs! Just wanted to ask that legendary operators would come in 'For you' section?, I kinda saved a good amount of money for legendary Nikto, but I kinda bummed out as I had my exams going on, so there would be any chance of them to be added in 'For You' section.


Hey devs any thoughts on buffing kilo like kar98 on warzone?


Hey devs any updates one either the look update or voicelines of ghost retribution ?


For the Black out Map is it a permanent map like isolated or is it more of a timed map like Alcatraz?


Hey,will codm had ppsh 41?


Please devs can you please release ghost azrael in bp. I really want it


Please tell me, is there have any chance ghost azrael in BP? ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|feels_bad_man)


Hey Devs! Is there any AK - 47 skin in the Battle Pass? Its been SO long since the last one 😥


Any news on Ghost - Azrael (hope it a bp)


I beg you to add Azrael instead of Price.


Are you guys ever going to add back the GKS-tactical unicorn into a bundle 🤔, and if so is it soon?


everyone was waiting for ghost azrael battlepass:(.


Come on, put Ghost-Azrael in bundles, like the past Anniversary with the Ghost-Loose Ends 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼


I thought We we’re getting the Ak47 Mech Owl For this Upcoming season in the BattlePass ? why are We getting another RUS and an Epic Holger ?


Hey devs on behalf of the community I wanted to ask if you guys could please no longer use the RUS-79U, many players including myself would like to see other weapons in the battle pass not the same ones over and over again as there are weapons that have not been included in a battle pass. We would like to have more variety with the weapons in the battle pass as it makes it way more exiting and I believe that if you guys did, many more players would buy it which would benefit you guys as it would benefit us to have different weapons.


Any BP leaks and can we accept Azreal Ghost in BattelPass![img](emote|t5_penom|1109)![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|grin)


Hey team! Thank you for the upcoming update, you guys are doing a great job! But I got a genuine question that will help respond to many similar questions we see on a daily bases in the CODM subreddit. Is the CODASHOP legit?


I have the same question too. If you check my profile, I posted about it and most of the people are saying it's legit. But I want to confirm this from Devs itself


Can u also add camos on epic skins?


Ghost azrael is from bp?


Azrael doesn't fit with the other two leaked characters tbh, I doubt he'll be in the bp. There is always a chance tho


When Battlepass teasers![img](emote|t5_penom|1109)


I really liked the remastered scrapyard map. at that point will we ever receive remastered weapons? as m4 to m4a1, asm10 to an94, chopper lmg to finn lmg, PDW to P90 something like that


Can't wait to enjoy the 2nd anniversary season with full of contents. I just want to ask you one question that can we expect Ghost plasma and GKS unicorn in this upcoming season?


Stop begging for Ghost Plasma






Bloody hell where r the bp leaks cause i just want to see where ghost azrael will fall.


probably a bundle like last anniversary


Too many ghosts in BP already


True but knowing them they will milk the sh!t out of ghost


Lol, that I cannot argue about. XD


Any news about weapon inspect?


Please add minotaur Gungnir Voice


Is ilsolated replaced or we will have two maps?


According to data miners, isolated will be terminated. This information is however not 100% sure as it's just leaks. I also wouldn't be suprised if the devs would pull a sneaky on data miners and put in false information as they are already joking about nothing being a suprise anymore.


Heyo looking forward to the new season👍🏽, can we expect a fix on clan rename cards with the new update?


Congratulations for your 2nd anniversary more power to the game. CODM team loves its community thats why you guys are the best keep up the good work 🎂🎉


hallo devs how about adding a free spin in lucky draws in the anniversary update or blackfriday?


Hiii, How about adding an "All mic" in rank prematch? As we currently have the all mic in br too. 🥰


Hahahah I like how violent this idea is xD


Any plans on replacing BSA with aim and recoil stabilisation?🤔


Will gold, diamond, platinum and damask camouflages ever be implemented on epic weapons?


Any chances of finish moves coming in later seasons?


Can u guys plz add old shipment map again


Hi developers can you please rework the sniper reticles to look more like warzone thanks ❤️


Buff th kar98k damage for battle royale please


Can you please buff the crossbow explosive bolt damage to be 1 shot at any part on the Body ❤️❤️


Lol, no


Yes. There's no fucking point in using it if it can't even do that


Its so hard to hit in br and it has 1 bullet and bullet speed is 175m/s its 2 shot head shot compared with warzone explosive bolt its 1shot at any point of the body By the way shotgun is 1 shot in br


Then just use a shotgun in br instead.


pls remove bulletspreadaccuracy in Br pls 🙏🏼


When are you gonna nerf the bots ?!


Nerf? Lol why


What can we expect for next season?, as it will be a very special season celebrating the 2 years of our beloved Call of Duty mobile.. Can we expect skins for characters and weapons more focused on celebration? A more fun theme?


Are you bringing back all legendaries as bundles in the future ... That would hurt us who bought them for a much more expensive price


Hey can we expect new UI changes and lobby when teaming up? It's been same firing range over a year. Btw thanks for Blackout!! BR is getting the love it deserves:)


Hi dear devs, is ghost plasma gonna return for everyone in game or just for new players? (I find the second option not fair..) have a blessed day


Hey devs, will Ghostie’s voicelines be back next season?


Put in weakening the SMG's movement speed when aiming! And weaken the range of SMGs! It's the same range as the AR LMG, and it's not an SMG! You can only win by shooting while moving sideways, and it doesn't matter what your aim is. I can't even hit a bullet. If you don't weaken this thing, you'll just lose people! There's no matching at all. It's so boring that I don't even want to play anymore.


everyone is waiting for ghost azrael to be at BP ... 😶😶 Don’t lose faith


Hey Devs, you know that ghost character is all time favourite character please we need ghost Azeral in bp please atleast for battle pass we need ghost I was not able to get all ghost even recent legendary variant of ghost please for aniversary atleast we shall a get a ghost