Ghost Azrael needs to be given to bp

Ghost Azrael needs to be given to bp


Because you really really want it


yes I agree that Simon "Ghost" Riley deserves a free bp. mhm


aww look at this cute ghost-simp fan, yes you cry for him, just go and cry :)


Look a stupid guy trying to be funny by making fun of another human Just to attract attention. How cute


I don't need attention. I'm tired seeing people saying BP is suck cuz no ghost. He just a bunch of pixels that appeared once before MW Reboot. Ghost already have 5 different skins in CoDM BP from 2019 till now. That skin is way better in Lucky Draws. Ghost Azrael deserved lucky draws cuz its quality way better than other Ghost skins including that leggy one.


You have an opinion, He has an opinion. You should respect each other. No need to make fun of other people. If they had enough money to spend on draws they would do that and get the skin. It's not good to laugh at other people . Not everyone is rich


I'm not rich, and just buy every season BP, even zero-try LD. Imagine saying the whole season/bp trash cuz no ghost azrael. I can ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|joy) for hours, mate. There are tons of other operators can be in BP instead of a skull-masked guy with a big scythe that maybe can reveal your position.


You may be right but this is still not acceptable,man


There are shit tons of other skin out there, or you want all of your loadouts to have ghost azrael? Give other skins a chance, maybe there's a better skin than this "grim reaper".


WHY ??


No it does not


Ghost Azrael looks too good to be in the battle pass imo


No cry about it


No it doesn’t. Ghost characters make money why would they give it any. Also there are enough ghost skins. Don’t really need more.