this community is just full of dicks who prefer some sounds and animations over actual gameplay. The original cod games had meh graphics but offered great gameplay


Especially the YouTube community


Fr, i lose brain cells whenever i go to the comment section of a codm youtuber


stealth codm moment


yep that guy gathers all the retards in codm community


Or just any cringe "funny" video. All the 8 year olds squad up




Well at least ICE codm is lit


This is sarcasm right?


People like that game because gameplay feels good


Yeah exactly, people just judge without even playing it, many ppl who get paid by codm also played the game and called it fun, if you have played and feel its not good then yeah its fine otherwise at least they should try first.


I played it and the movement just felt SUPER off.


It may feel good, but the actual game design is piss poor. Everything is built to slow you down, every attachment slows ads speed, normal sprinting is the slowest in the franchise, maps are way too big for 6v6, doors, mounting, and a minimap that doesn't even work. Most people who say the game is good only talk about graphics and animations, never about it being fun


Finally,someone in this sub who understands how mw19 works.


I meant about combat master not mw


Good because its the first version


Cumshit molestar gameplay us garbage lmao wtf dym


Are you talking codm or cod mw? Not sure which






I agree combat master is garbage .. to some ...the fact you cant play with your buddies ...and some matches are full of bots ...but i shit you now if you had good movements in codm during the old shipment when there was no movements nerf ..you will find the movements mechanics in Combat master really fun to play with like the fact that i can bunny hop over a long distance , quickscope without the animation rendering for more than a second and hip fire with snipers without getting penalised by not being able slide and end up crouching ...it just feels nice ...i know people will have a different opinion with me ..and i respect that ..i also expect the downvotes but after playing combat masters and feeling its movements mechanics ...it really took out the fast paced action as an mp main in codm away from me


MW2 noobtubes.


that was the time when fps genre was in its earlier stages so people didnt care much about balance and more in having fun. but yeah that shit was super annoying


people these days care about graphics than the actual gameplay which is disappointing


r/modernwarfare moment.


I think codm is better in any aspect, but it's a bit mindblowing that a cheap rip off got the small features like the sound of the kills,hitmakers and climbing better than an actual cod title. I'm not saying combat master is better but I think there are some features that codm could improve to make the gameplay more satisfying. Sniping is really bugged in combat master and yet everyone and their mother is saying that it's more satisfying, and that's why sound design is important.


And i prefer better movements mechanics from old cod games than what we have now movement so slow you have to move around the map adsing every corner while in other cod games you could just bunny hop ...but codm's way better than combat master ...i just prefer the latters movements mechanics thats all


I think it's too full of entitled children and man children


It's a fucking embarrassment.


Cum Crusader Masturbator has very little to offer when the "This game is MW19 for mobile" novelty wears off.


Codm will still be way better than combat master in my opinion Recognizable and iconic characters Extremely f2p friendly And the cosmetics are more interesting This new game sounds good at first but then you have to consider the microtransactios , f2p cosmetics and other game modes Once codm fixes the bugs and balances the meta I'm sure this whole thing will blow away. Plus im sure Activision is gonna sue combat master at any point now unless they do tons of changes


The new game is 100% bots lol


Honestly if codm did these Add a separate app for campaign. Fix bugs and meta balancing. Add more setting options . And maybe consider lower the price of the overall lucky draw a little. This whole combat master dilemma is gonna be over in no time


in seconds


0.0000000000000000000001 seconds *


sorry my mistake what this felow gentleman sead


its in early development at this point if u want to argue put forward fair points codm was bots galore in beta as well


Codm has three BR maps, something like 50 MP maps and 50 modes, and zombies. I wish this community could just once look at this game with some objectivity and appreciate how hard the devs are trying to make this game great.


Ye. Codm has grown faster than any other mobile fps out there. People just under look the amount of effort that was put in it


I heard that legal action was taken due to copyrights, and they were going to do a complete re design next update


Bruh don't think thats the case too. Remember area f2 even though design wise everything is different. The game still got taken down from app store and play store


Whats combat thingy


A modern warfare 2019 ripoff Which people like considering Most of them don't want codmw 19 content yet they play the ripoff


i literally want this game to be a mw 2019 copy why would i want to be a CLOWN on the field


If they go in actual MW19 they'll die a lot because they'll tac sprint all the time




Thats the game that some people are hung up about


"Once codm fixes the bugs"... Buddy, it's been 2 years 💀


I'm somewhat of an optimist


i see, you are a man of culture


Culture is one thing and rationality is another. Nice i have both


Its not the bugs and glitches, they will never go away, but imo current meta and movement nerfs are making the players quit


Be that as it may the know this is an issue and they will fix it. But people just wanna be babys and whine instead of trying to adapt for a little bit till it does get fixed


True that, but dont you feel that the game is becoming more and more passive each update? The movement nerfs have just crippled the system while console cods are fast-paced


I mean yeah but I haven't really felt like it's slowed down tbh maybe that's just me and the way I move but it doesn't feel slow to me tbh


That's fine, everybody has a different preference, but I had to switch to sniper main from smg just because I couldn't move like b4 and the one shot meta was a better choice


Ah ok lol for me smgs feel so good


The thing with CoDM is they messed up with the current patch notes as some weapon buffs were pretty good but unbelievable they haven't touched MX9 yet


funny thing is, it's a rip off of mw2021, LITERALLY


Mw2021? Hol up jalapeno


you mean MW2019? next modern warfare is next year bud


Much of the player-base here in cod mobile has not touched one main title of the cod franchise. That’s not a bad thing at all. However, it causes these types of issues. A lot of these players have never actually played MW19, so they’re seeing a lot of “new” features in this new game (combat master online) Also, we have to be honest with ourselves in creating this perception that a fanbase is a collective unit. There is a more likely chance that the people complaining about constant Mw19 content and features codm is getting are not the ones praising this game. Instead, the people who enjoy Mw19 content, are the ones who will probably enjoy this new “highly inspired” game (by that I mean a rip off lol, let’s be honest, that’s what it is). Also, a good amount people love to bandwagon without even forming their own opinions. So they just repeat what the loudest opinions are to fit in or get accepted by the community. This is also not something that’s unique about codm’s fanbase. This level of inconsistency can be found in any other game’s fanbase because of the large variety of people that makes up that fanbase. I want to make something clear though, this does not mean combat master isn’t fun, because, honestly, it actually is haha. If you’re upset that the game is ripping off assets from another game, then by all means, you have every right to be upset. If you haven’t played the game and just outright say it’s awful, then you’re not being an honest person. I recommend everyone to look at this game objectively, see what it does right, see what it does wrong, and then provide this feedback to codm devs so they can make the game more enjoyable.


I played call of duty waw and mw2 when i was a kid but i only managed to play campaigns of it. I've always been wanting for a mobile call of duty and they released it. Idk why people still complain about a single tactical sprint animation when the real problem are bugs, desync, and gun balance.


Well the reason why people complain about those things is simply because they are not affected as much as we might be when in comes to desync, bugs, and balance. For example, let’s say you like variety in gunplay, but another person just loves using the best. You might want the mx9 to be nerfed so it can gives other guns a chance in the competitive field, whereas another who loves abusing a meta may say that everything is fine. Another example can be someone who experiences a specific bug, but another player has never had such a bug. Hence, one player may feel the need to complain about it and request for it to be fixed, whereas the other player won’t, because he’s not even aware of it. Also, different people prioritize different things in games. Some love graphics before gameplay, some prefer it vice versa. Some care more about player mechanics and have a higher tolerance for bugs and gun imbalances, whereas some need the game to be bug-free for it to be enjoyable. We’re just very unique people with very unique wants. That’s why these discrepancies occur within the fandom. No one can say one is right and one is wrong, because it is all subjective.


Combat master sounds like an interesting option. However it's a total rip off and probably will it get sued by Activision. About CODM and MW19, since base Nikto came into the game, I've always wanted to get CoDm as close to MW19 or similar. MW19 is just majestic, a very entertaining and different experience. Such a shame codm has so many issues right now, it could be an MW19 definitely.


MW19 is truly the definition of next gen. It sets the bar higher than any other FPS shooters. The only game that could be it's successor is MW22. The good news is, technology is getting much better. We could be playing a console game on 4K in future smartphones.


*cough* battlefield 3, 4, hardline, badcompany 1 and 2, some of halo games, etc *cough*


Battlefield 4 still holds up today, even MW19 can't catch up to the sheer scale of the combat, overall fun factor ane content. You get Battlefield 4 and everything in the game you'll earn through unlocking. (No MTX cosmetics bullshit) Striking an enemy with a knife will play out a seamless and detailed first person animation of you stabbing the enemy and snatching his dogtags. It all varies depending on the killer's stance relative to the victim. No cosmetic third person execution bullshit. Also, Battlefield 4 is better since it doesn't take a million gigabytes of disc space. Battlefield 4: We have a massive skyscraper that can be dynamically destroyed and alter the subsequent course of the match. Concrete walls and small shacks? Enjoy being buried under rubble, asshole! MW19: Uhhhh.... danging weapon shadow and caliber specific casing fall sounds. pls gimme money I don't know why mobile kids worship MW19 so much.


Coughs with the ongoing movements nerf and apex mobile will drop soon how fast do you think cod will be empty as people move to a better fast paced action franchise


Do u play it?


On my potato laptop...


I just want advanced warfare back ;-; it was fun


Mainly like 4 guns and a battle pass and ill be happy


If codm was mw19 it would be a sweaty campfest,which it already is.


not gonna say they are lazy but the marketing team some times its just sad and i agreed i dont wanna be a CLOWN on the field and none of that future shit its no good at all


They’re changing the ui in early november


Combat Master is pretty unrefined right now, but the pieces are all there. I think it plays really well for a first release!


YouTube community


codm is such a great game and i never gonna leave it , and anytime i wanted to try MW2019 i can play CM for free. both are good






*goes to stealth codm comment section and shits on the game right after commenting this*


Finally someone who appreciates both. Even though cm is a ripoff it's made very well


I can't believe people have actually put money into that game already even though it's just gonna get sued and removed




Yeah a company literally copied and pasted mw into combat master. That game is NOT made by or approved by Activision. Hence they will sue and that game will be taken down and deleted all those poel who spent money on it for whatever reason are gonna be pissed.


FYI players with bundle skins are all bots in this game...


In combat master? Or codm?


Combat master


On iOS (idk how it is on Android) you can refund all your money if an app get removed from the AppStore worked for me on areaf2


And they're giving money to a company that literally cloned mw onto mobile without a license of any sort


Combat master has a lot of aspects that I like But the sensitivity / game settings are a fuckin nightmare


sensitivity on normal? too slow. sensitivity on fast is absolute hell. also the bots are codm bots but on steroids


It's not that I don't like getting mw content, I just wish they'd evenly distribute content from other games. They're able to get guns and characters from ghosts and aw but we rarely ever see anything. I'm excited to get cw stuff, I just hope it's not another year of almost exclusively one game for guns


Idk why like why are these kids crying for a free tac spring like seriously its just a running animation


That game is totally gives MW feels...like smoke after firing stops,weapon inspection,ADS reload,Tactical run...but the sensitivity is mess🐸🐸


i love the part where when the devs put a gun from mw they rage and when there is a game thats literally mw they praise it


Because it's not about gun?


Are you sure those are people that don't wan't CODM to become MW19 ??, Cause i really want CODM become MW19, or just make MWmobile, since we're minority and devs only listen to majority, CM is a way to go for me (i owned MW19 on pc, but the constant huge update that brought nothing to the game make me uninstall it) but i much prefer Activision making their own mobile version of MW19, since codm player hate MW19 so they don't bitch about devs adding content from MW19


I don’t want to be given CP for free in large amounts like how the battle pass gives you 560 each season but if they did 2 CP as a reward for say logging in 60 days straight I wouldn’t mind that. Or if they did a prestige system where when you prestige instead of credits being given at certain intervals you earn 2 CP and get special epic prestige camos for the guns each time you prestige. I wouldn’t mind that but I also think they either need to get rid of credits completely or just combine the credits store and CP weapons store and update it more often.


Giving free CP is really bad move, it's like giving out endless BP supplies unless they remove CP refunds from BP Instead improve events and their rewards like pick your wanted reward out of 4 or 5 options and they can put rest in crates ( for collectors or whoever want other ones as well )


Garena codm with their weekly challenges for free cp: 👁👄👁


I look at it like this every other game you have one rare in game currency we have 3 CP and credits. Credits are really only useful in allowing you to get stuff from past seasons you didn’t get before as there’s nothing useful in there. It was more useful back when each camo was a different gun because you could find a decent rare skin that had a good perk but not now. What they should do is get rid of the credits store, allow everyone to convert their credits into CP(1 CP for 100 or 1000 credits), combine the stores and just have CP.


I hate it when people want so much stuff from COD MW2019 but like most people I have to agree that MW2019 is just such a good-looking COD and had some good animations. But, MW2019 stood out for its attention to detail, graphics, animations, sounds, and other things that are not connected to gameplay. With this said, MW2019 gameplay-wise was a shitshow. It was either a sweat fest or it would be outdoor camping. Now, the reason why I really don't like the frequency of MW2019 content is that I don't want CODM to lose its identity. I get that they need to ask permission but, the community just wants so much MW2019 stuff that CODM has to keep up with the demand. If CODM took a break from MW2019 and added more iconic and more notable weapons like the Honey Badger, L96, UMP, ACR, SPAS-12, M8A1, etc. I think it will be a breath of fresh air for CODM and will encourage the decrease of MW2019 mechanics like tac sprint because it won't fit the game.


ha same bro mw2019 is legendary. Its that codm is full of kids who are like 9 and they be spitting demand after demand at codm. So I understand why codm is not doing anything. I quit codm due cause my warzone account is unbanned and im playing more warzone now. Ive asked a lot of my mw 2019 friends about cm and they said its kind of obvious mobile would do this cause they are never satisfied what activison does for them. So yeah codm has a bunch of fucking kids who will never be satisfied.


Yeah. The community is complaining about gas grenades, thermites, and holger when it actually came from MW2019! The game they're asking content from is the same game where the things we hate came from. I'm tired of this community.


Ikr im tired of codm im close to quitting and playing warzone. At least I can have peace and quiet without being called gay using akimbo on rebirth island (Alcatraz) like bruh akimbo is nerfed and when I use it im called gay like wtf is wrong with the community? They call everything gay. If you want to know Alcatraz yes that came from mw plus half of the perks. Codm is just trash I feel bad for the devs. I dont agree with the money but I agree that they are trying to make codm a unique game but these retards want everything from mw like the entire storage of mw is 100 gb.


Alcatraz is not from Mw 2019, it is from bo4, and then came mw2019 copied the mechanics of alcatraz and only changed the name to rebirth island


Rebirth was introduced AFTER MW's life cycle tho.


You're right the whole map design of Alcatraz is based on BO4 even the sound design. And MW2019 is basically the modernized version/realistic version of Alcatraz since the assets they used in BO4 were from the Blood of the Dead map in zombies which is a MOTD redesign so I guess the assets were from way back in BO2. BO2 was truly ahead of its time.


Id love to get an L96 or an UMP, *but with mw19 animations*. Gotta admit they're good dog.


Yeah. Like I said MW2019 is a good-looking COD but not everything from that game has to be ported in CODM.


Nah. Just the animations. And the feeling maybe. It has horrible mp design but it is the best guns on a cod had ever feel.




CODM is Black Ops. Some people prefer the MW2019 gameplay. And at the moment, Combat Master offers that.


Codm is just full of ungrateful kids whose parents gave them a mobile phone cause they had enough of raising their little disappointment of a failure. They prob dont even know mw is like 100 gb that's way more than their average potato nokia phone. No matter what these pricks will never learn to appreciate codm they will want more from mw and then will ask for Cold War guns.


They'll hop in MW2019 and get creamed because they'll tac sprint everywhere with a slow ADS weapon and then wonder why the game isn't as easy without braindead bots


ye they wouldn't survive a day of mw(and warzone). You got claymores and proximity mines lying around anywhere so expect ur kill streak to go to 0. No persistence so you get ur kill streak the RIGHT way. Bunch of snipers running around with kar98s and spas (including me), trickshotters, riot shield campers, kali stick abusers, the list goes on.


also cod mw19 has many pro level players that codm kiddies cant handle. skill gap is too big between the games


yes everyones like "OMG ICE IS A PRO SNIPER" or "GANAYTH IS AMAZING". Im sorry search up this guys channel his name is "WHITE\_DEATH" now that you call call a pro. All these kids use high ads attachments when this guy can use the slowest ads and can kill and entire squad with it. Im sorry to say this but ice or ganyath wouldn't even survive on mw they would prob be trickshoted multiple times.


"skill gap is too big" ???????? The entirety of mw19 was designed just so they could compress the skill gap lmao. That game takes way lower skill than codm. Ask u/BonnieB-007 if you don't believe me lmao.


Game was designed for new players, the devs said so themselves. They added "safe spaces" that encourage camping, your gunfire no longer shows up on the minimap, and sbmm not only exists in pubs but it only favors brand new players. If you're an average player who can have a good game or 2, it'll put you with the sweatiest possible players


*sadly and softly* But the animations man...


and those small youtuber's say's that "oh, this game has more gun fight than thermite fight". they literally fight with bots and combat master literally copy everything from mw19, not made by themselve


To be honest, who The fuck in this community said "we don't want to become a mw 2019 ripoff". pretty sure we are sick of mw content not becoming a rip off. So much originality? for combat master? pretty sure i never heard someone saying that to combat master. if i get down voted, I hate this subreddit. im speaking the truth


image not liking a game because you wanna sprint like you’re epileptic


This era will be printed in our brains as - *the rise of the retards*


It is too obvious that CoDM right now does not have a great rival, Combat Master has potential but it is not a rival, CoDM will continue at the top, I will not deny that the other game is entertaining but let's see in a few months if it is still relevant, I have tried it and it is not boring but it is not as fun as CoDM, what I liked the most about Combat Master is the inspection of weapons and that the Tactical Sprint did not sell it to me for more than $200 lol


These codm fucktards cant even accept the fact that CM devs (college students) delivered the best best FPS game the way codm should have been. Compared to Codm devs that only cares about money. Lmao


CM is a generic fps reskinned to be somewhat looking like mw19, look the fuck it up and suck the fuck down. Pretty sure is a project they had to do for school, but this retards like you who dont have a ps4 to play warzone (and they want but they dont know how much of a shitgame it is) praised it, even tho fucking roblox does it better than the goddamn game, look how similar some roblox fps games look to the shit ur praising. For ppl like you is why these memes are made.


I dont have ps4 coz i gave it to my cousin. And now i have ps5. Lmao. And.... i got a gaming rig.


This is comment section is an example of why COD community is called toxic. The real players would actually be enjoying playing the game rather than comparing and judging other player’s opinions and preferences. To backup my statement Imma just say, I’m really good at CODM I’ve played countless scrims T1 - T3, Spent CPS for crates as well as Legendary Guns. But I wouldn’t obsess over Codm. With the current state, I don’t mind switching to other games for a while. Ps: codm comm., just because you can’t enjoy your game, doesn’t mean you have the right to speak about people switching to other games such as CM online, etc. You’re not bound to CODM. It’s just a game for a player, and players have the right to choose what they play. Thank you :)


I don't know why everyone shit on CM and praising CODM after CM getting more attention, but before that every day is complaing day to CODM, i enjoy both game and prefer CODM but hate to jump on a the hate wagon towards cm, i know they're copying MW19, but hey let both game take care of these issues, it isn't our job to point out they're copying MW19, I'm pretty sure Activision already know it, aly you do is giving more exposure to CM, and you know what it's a free marketing for them, for example, before you guy shits on CM i hate it too, then curiosity make me install it and want to know how bad it is, turn out it's pretty okay, since it's unfinished game there's gonna be missing feature or bug


The cm is good and in future maybe it will be chad, but codm still better


Wait till you see hacks and mods and company getting p2p , then these same shitheads are gonna come crying back


this is the most two faced community filled with dick heads and cry babies


Can’t wait to see that rip off will get banned for copying MW2019


Codm need cm movement


Do you have stupid ?


Do you are* have stupid?


I think you have brain damage


I think you are noob who wants enemies to stand so you can kill em easier


Sorry but i have skill unlike you who wants cm movement which is pointless


All your skill comes from akimbo fennec


Nah nah, that's you I never use akimbo fennec, i bet you share the same brain cell as Stealth codm 1.whining 2.Bitch


Just admit your aim is trash


(You're*) and if my aim we're trash, then why would i bother You?


Little earthling tryna correct me You bothered me cuz you want movement nerf which is type of nerf only noobs would ask, pro players like me would ask for movement buff


Did i say i want movement nerf? Read again blind fuck




The only thing I like about combat master is how satisfying the throwing knife is, though that doesn’t make up for the clunky controls and the fact it’s a MW2019 clone


It's only hyped up because of the unoriginal tac sprint and weapon inspection, the UI is better than the gameplay and the sad thing is, the UI isn't original either, they also call their community "awesome" while 99% of the things that they do is talk shit about CoDM and "I hope Activision won't delete this game".


This game is fun and it doesn't look or play like cod mobile and that's why i like it


Just fucking add tac sprint


Who knew only adding maps and skins from mw19 and not the features will get boring lmfao


Stop talking shit! People like combat master for what it could be, not for what it is!!!


What it is , is a lawsuit waiting to happen


How can u even compare these games...I understand codm has flaws...but cmon...stop bitching about it like lil kids jeez


When will you all stop posting about "eRgH CoMbAt MaStEr iS BaD. CoDm HaS ToNs oF MaPs aNd MoDeS eRgH." Its so repetitive. If you don't like the game then stop posting about it to prevent more people from playing it. I literally clicked on the sub and this is the first post i saw. Just let the game die and stop posting memes about how its trash.


Stfu let the people enjoy the game that they play


They can enjoy combat master all they want, but defending a ripoff is just stupid. I have seen a lot of ppl saying this game should not be taken down becuz its "better than codm"


Everything is ripoff of something else


True, but this game ripped almost everything from mw2019. Take mobile legends for example, some say that the game is a ripoff of lol or dota but at least ml make some changes and not just blindly copying everything


Just downloaded it to give it a try. Interested now lol


How did people have so low standards that they'll wholeheartedly defend ripoffs


What is that game? I feel like I have played that game before


i just like the game the only way to cool of from all tryhards


Ive been waiting for codmw creator to play this such as handler exo and etc


It so annoying like omg average YT won’t stfu


Love how people complain and bitch about how they don’t want a modern warfare ripoff because codm is adding a lot of mw2019 weapons then again they got happy when a almost version of mw2019 on mobile people started like this community is just full of crying babies (not saying everyone just some people)


i don't care if they want to turn mobile into modern warfare, I mostly care about the leaks of an official "warzone mobile" What if they release Warzone mobile and then Activision plays the TF2 with cod mobile?


This game ain't that bad but it keeps crashin everytime i start a game sooo






I am definitely the first one


Not the same people saying both things. Stop generalizing to make the community look bad. There are different people with different opinions


I do agree that they're adding too much content from newer CoD games like MW 2019 (and more recently BO4 for some reason) There are plenty of weapons they could add from previous games (M1014, Mk48, or the plethora of neat weapons from AW or Ghosts). They did add the flash drone from AW this season, which was cool, but yeah. Come to think of it, I don't think there's _any_ content from Ghosts in CODM. There's that one AK117 blueprint that looks like the Maverick, but that's about it.


Pple luv this game because it has tac sprint and has obly 400mb so it dont take to much of their psace in their phone


tbh i love that game as much as codm and i think there's nothing wrong in it i hope these won't be my famous last words


If there’s one thing I would like in cod mobile It is a simulator inside of the game that will let you buy vehicles To Bring into battles Also have you guys ever played gangsters Vegas If gangsters Vegas was mixed with cod mobile I would literally play it forever


this game is gonna be sued in no time so imma check it out before its wiped off the playstore.




People r dicks smh, i feel sorry for the codm devs who work their ass off creating new content every month, yet people still being begs for scraps that didn't matter at all. I know its the minority but its the vocal minority that wouldn't shut the fuck up. I really hope that those ungrateful bastards really shift into combat master, cleansing the filth. when combat master inevitably gets taken down, we could laugh at them




I wouldn't mind game with movement with mw19 minus camping


This game is shit. I started playing by watching on internet and when i personally played it's so shit. Can't play more then a week.


All i see is every youtuber comparing codm with some new game on play store which looks and works similar to MW . Ofcourse it is a new game and it is a basic concept of every game development to release the game in such a way where they want the people to play it instead of what they are already playing providing you the features that people are dying for it in codm for eg. Weapon inspection , better graphics , tactical sprint , free bundles and in-game resources and few others . Thats how it works , they provide you the best of it in the beginning . And as the game develops and has a better and supportive community , they would add more features , paid bundles , p2w skins , lucky draws which will eventually end up being the same type of game (CODM) which you are already playing. This is how it works for each and every game out there. After a specific amount of downloads and players for the community , everything that you have been having for free will be PAID. Understand this simple concept of business YOU NOOBS!


U can cry


Tbh.. That combat master is gae.. Incomplete game and feels shit when you play it


What phone you play on? Or do you not like the sensitivity?


I understand.... Why people are whinning and down voting me.. But after trying that combat master I feel that game is being hyped without a good reason... Right now.. People who are saying that combat master is op... Its gonna kill codm..... Well it won't and it can't... Multiple reasons for it.. I won't get in detail I usually play cod on mi note 6 pro but I tried combat master on mi note 8 pro (my brother's phone)


I tried it and honestly, it's very fun to play since it's a complete offline game with demon bots. I like both games (CODM and CM), it's a good thing to have two different things at the same time.


La verdad el máster combat si es bueno, tiene mucho potencial


es un juego de timo, ¿no lo entiendes?




He is speaking the language of the gods!


I can play mw mobile on my planet Official one, not a ripoff