Brad Thompson Rules

Brad Thompson Rules


Man Jim is a legend but he has had way too many games this year.. it’s a breath of fresh air when he isn’t on.


When Edmonds is on, I switch to the other team’s audio. His verbal diarrhea drives me up a wall.


How else are we supposed to know what's going on with Landon!?


I’m going to get downvoted to oblivion but I do this when BT is on the call. Just not my cup of tea. Speaking of broadcast teams in general and coming off of that NYM series, that Mets SNY team of Cohen, Hernandez and Darling is unbelievably good.


the Mets team is the best in baseball, full stop. well, the broadcast team, anyway ;)


Still a Cardinals fan, but I moved to NYC and that's my default "turn on the TV to watch baseball". They are great. Makes me wonder if a trio would make sense in the Cardinals booth.


I got the biggest kick seeing that Lou Brock! music cue and graphic SNY did LW when Keith began talking about Lou. Had no idea but guess it’s playful razzing for anytime Keith mentions Lou.


Keith mentions him like 5 times a week, was like a father figure to him. For anyone interested, video about half way down: https://www.mlb.com/news/keith-hernandez-drops-a-lou-brock-cliche-again


I friggin’ love Keith Hernandez.


The series where they let Danny Mac, Ankiel & Edmonds in the booth together was actually really fun and I want to try more of that. I don’t like Edmonds on color by himself.


To each their own. I can definitely understand how BT would get on people's nerves with his snarkiness. For me though, I've loved him since he was on the Fast Lane, so I love hearing him call games. Edmonds is like nails on a chalkboard, and based on some of the comments he has made on the air about his son's teammates, I think he is a piece of shit so I don't even want to try to like him.


I think Thompson and Ankiel should be the two that alternate in the booth. They have the best chemistry with Dan and great commentary.


Can we sprinkle in some McCarver? It’s been so long since he has gotten the chance to tell a baseball dinosaur story. “Danny, I remember a game back in the Cretaceous period. It was an 0-2 count. The pitcher was a Raptor with a wicked slider and a bad temper. Anyway, I sat on the fastball and hit a line drive to deep center. It was caught by the T-Rex playing deep center. I went 0-4 that game but I didn’t get down. I went 3-4 the next time. Anyway Danny, what were we talking about?”




I'm in stitches! Thank you for this!


Funny because it's true. Nice man I'm sure but tortuous to listen to.


This is far and away the correct answer. I’d want Edmonds on the postgame show or in the booth no more than 10-15 times a year. Horton can stay on the radio and helping with pre/post. Brad needs to be calling 60% of the games, Ank calling 30%, then Edmonds/Horton filling in that final 10%.


The disrespect to Ricky Horton :(


Well someone has to call games with Rooney.


they *are* amazing together tbf


Do we need to fill the 10% with Jimmy?


Yeah, I like Ricky second best behind BT. But he does match up with Rooney well too.


Brad and Dan are second to Dan and Ricky in my mind. But I’ve had to drive a lot more during games and I do love Ricky and John on the radio.


Ricky and John on the radio makes losing Mike sting just a tad bit less. They’re really fun to listen to


We're all going to miss Mike, but no one is going to miss 2021 Mike.


For sure, I’m in my early 20s and Mike Shannon defines a large portion of my childhood growing up. 2021 Mike just makes me sad to listen to and realize those days are really over


I agree 100%. I'm in my early 20's too and Mike's voice carries so much damn nostalgia for me but listening to him now is like watching a game sitting next to your grandpa, who's kinda weird and falls asleep a lot but he played baseball in 1950 lol


Ricky is decent, but he’s far too...simple(?) for my tastes. He’s a really nice guy, but he’s super cliche, kinda just states the obvious, and is just a tad boring to me. Meanwhile, Brad has me laughing out loud at least once per broadcast. I legitimately get excited knowing he’ll be in the booth for a game


Brad Thompson is the reason I don’t buy a Cardinals hat, because I feel I would look just as goofy in one.


We should all aspire to be as cool as BT. This comment definitely not brought to you by the BT fan club.


> For the love of Freese I wouldn't mind Freese in the booth for a couple games to try it out.


I don't think Freese wants anything to do with a broadcasting booth. He didn't even want to be part of the homecoming weekend. I understand it completely. Let him be.


I wouldn’t be surprised knowing that Freese doesn’t love the limelight, but you have a source on him not really wanting to come back?


He shied away in the interview the other day. He's made a point to dip out of the limelight. He's a great dude that just doesn't want attention. At least as far as I can tell. Maybe I'm wrong.


Eh you’re probably right. I know he wasn’t a fan of too much attention. But for one day I’m glad he pushed through it


Probably a big reason he decided to leave the town where he’s a hero and live in Austin instead.


Are you talking about the memphis mafia interview during the game the other day? Asking because i thought i noticed some weird vibes with Freese there but figured i was overthinking it. (Not being critical of david either. I'm an awkward enough guy to understand lol)


Dan was giving him a hard time about advanced analytics. At one point he was like: Dan: What about FIP? I know you’re a big fan of FIP. Brad: Don’t get me started on FIP. We’ve only got nine innings. Effortless geeky funny. Big fan.


The trio broadcast of Dan, Edmonds and Ankiel has been my favorite so far


Would like to see Dan, Brad & Ankiel for a series once.


I'm not even meming when I say that trio had this wild energy that I wanted more of. It almost felt like Dan went to a party with his new chad boyfriend and ended up stuck next to his ex trying to be polite and make conversation. Maybe that vibe would fade after a while but at least for the moment it was really entertaining to hear the three of them playing off one another.


Spot on! I love the brad and Dan combo


I just can't get past the fact he looks like a Cabbage Patch doll.


Thompson is good, Ankiel has potential, Edmonds is insufferable — regardless the radio broadcast is superior.


I’d love to agree with you, Mike Shannon was a fixture of my first childhood memories listening to baseball with my late father. A few years ago I got to see Bob Dylan live at the Hollywood Bowl. It’s cool to be able to say I saw Bob Dylan, but I’d be lying if I said it was a great performance. That’s how I feel about Shannon nowadays. I’m happy to hear his voice, it’s a blessing we’ve had him in our lives for so long, but nowadays he’s tenuously coherent at best. Shannonisms went from funny to a somewhat depressing dip into a sea of nostalgia. I’m happy to float along every now and then, but the water is too salty to drink. I agree Ankiel is good, very under-appreciated. He’d make a great replacement for Shannon on the Mighty MOX. Realistically Hrabosky makes a lot of sense in that role, and think he’d do well alongside Rooney, who I’ve never been able to fully embrace after Buck, but is still very good. I still want to keep Ankiel involved. If Thompson doesn’t want to fully commit, splitting the schedule with Ankiel is a good alternative.


Really good comp with Shannon and Dylan. Both super meaningful guys to their respective fanbases, who probably should've hung em up a decade ago when they were at least semi-coherent. I'd love current Shannon if he were just a color commentator. Rooney is a fucking pro at play-by-play, having Shannon giggling and telling weird ass stories in the background are a ton of fun. Having Shannon doing play-by-play is absolutely unbearable.


Yes you’re absolutely correct about Shannon — I should’ve specified Rooney and Horton. I wouldn’t mind Rick (Ankiel) floating between radio & tv like Ricky (Horton) does.


Was listening to the radio broadcast yesterday and he kept saying Arenado (Arrieta) was pitching in the first inning. Also when he’s doing play by play so often he’s so quiet you legitimately can’t hear what he’s saying, which maybe that’s on the sound guys to adjust down the crowd noise or something


As bittersweet as it is to see Shannon go given his energy when he calls games, I'm excited for Mike Claiborne to get more games next year. Rooney and Horton are already fantastic on the call and Claiborne is just as good


Claiborne is great! Shannon without energy has been tough to listen to, but I am savoring it for the few games we have left with him, as much as I can.


Claiborne under appreciated. I think he needs more air time.


My dream is Dan, BT, and Ankiel. 3 man booth like the Mets.


That Mets booth is possibly the best in all of MLB.


Yes please!


I think he’s good, too. My criticism would be that he drops into a flat monotone too often. It’s as if he took lessons in “announcer voice.” A bit more inflection, a bit more emotion — not too much — would be an improvement. As for Edmonds, the proof comes when I watch Cards highlights. So many times he’s in the middle of some random monologue when Dan has to break in and call a highlight play.


I've noticed that about Jim. Dan has to interrupt him frequently to make calls and get back to the game and back to reality. Edmonds likes to info-dump like people with ADHD do, and it completely breaks immersion in the game. I also feel he's often way too critical of the team, and almost seems to root for anyone BUT the Cardinals. He's a great ball player and baseball mind, but a terrible announcer. In fact, I think he would be intolerable to even casually watch a game with as a buddy.


Totally agree and I was very impressed the first time I heard him broadcast.


I listened to the radio yesterday doing house projects and legit had no idea what was happening when Shannon was on. He got pulled in the 6th, wasn't sure if it was planned or not but it seemed particularly bad.


At the last out of the sixth he said “we’re going to the bottom of the sixth” and then he was gone.


I was thinking the same thing tonight. Great broadcast.


If you like him there you’d love him on 101 ESPN. Great insight, good banter, he does it all.


I have to agree. Brad's going to be the next Mike Shannon. Great game analysis and insight.


I guess I’m in the minority. Brad, Ricky, and Rick are pleasant but offer very little as far as deep color into the game. Out of the four, there is very little question that Edmonds’ baseball IQ far outweighs those other three. As always, I can’t remember any thing Brad has ever said that isn’t obvious whereas Edmonds finds small & deep baseball insight every time I watch. That being said, the best broadcasts this year has been the series that Dan, Edmonds, and Ankiel did as a three-man booth. When Edmonds tries to be “goofball” it doesn’t work, his sense of humor isn’t as good as Brad’s... and people are confusing personality with good game knowledge/color.


You're gonna get downvoted a lot for this but I completely agree with you. Jimmy is super knowledgeable and does a really good job providing incredible insights and picking up on the smallest details like physical mechanics. Maybe that's not good for most of the TV audience but I absolutely love it. And I'll add that Edmonds is the only guy who isn't afraid to criticize the players when they do occasionally deserve it. It's a breath of fresh air. Yeah he's weird and annoying sometimes but it's so overblown by this sub. My roommate and I just laugh at it, he makes it entertaining.


I think Edmonds is best with postgame analysis. I don't like his play by play commentary.




I've actually come to appreciate Jim's socially-oblivious bluntness in some strange masochistic way. Like when Danny was hyping up those willie mcgee bobble-heads and Jim just starts cracking up and says (basically) "Woow you KNOW willie didn't approve those things cause they look like crap. I know for a fact he'd never go for something like that if it was up to him." Lmao. Like I always appreciate people being honest and (even if there's many things about Jim's commentating that drive me up a wall) I eventually had to admit Jim will always give you that.


To me, Edmonds sounds like he’s trying to interview for a coaching gig whenever he’s in the booth. He talks like he feels the need to demonstrate his knowledge of the game to make up for a bland personality and delivery on the mic. This tends to make it sound as if he wants to talk about himself more than the game. I think he’d do better with a less-is-more strategy there. Edmonds would do well in a Harold Reynolds-type analyst role on MLB Network, where he can better showcase his knowledge. I think if the team wanted to hire him as a coach, more than a roving spring instructor, they would have done so by now.


I’d love to see Edmonds doing more pregame work talking about hitting and defense like they do on MLBNetwork. I think he will get better at the broadcast, though.


So are you saying he is trying to do too much?


Edmonds is the most knowledgeable of the three in terms of his baseball mind. He's an idiot savant when it comes to baseball. Guy is an elite hitting coach in the making, but his broadcasting ability is absolutely atrocious. Ricky is a dipshit but he has good timing, Ankiel has a ton of knowledge but is still very raw at broadcasting, and BT doesn't have too much analysis, but brings out the best in Dan and can provide some good pitching insight and entertainment,


I think this is a fair viewpoint. I do think Edmonds will continue to improve as a broadcaster, though. I think Ricky will become the radio guy after Rooney is done.


BT is great on the broadcast, i’ve been saying it for a long time now. I’ve also been saying that Edmonds is horrendous. BSMW producers really need to take a look at this because when Jimmy’s on the call, listening to him interrupt dan, ramble on for minutes, and ramble through key moments in the game…is enough for some people to turn off the telecast


What? Hes terrible.


It sucks that he carries his radio show so much (no offense to Stalter, who is also great), because otherwise I'd love for him to get more games. Lets just use him and Ank for next season, and then pay Waino a billion dollars to be the full-time color analyst.


By far our best announcer


I really loved Edmonds when he played, but here’s a list of good replacements for his casting: *BT *Ankiel *Rick Horton *Anyone else in the world besides A-Rod *Maybe A-Rod *Fingernails on a chalk board *An egg. Like a literal egg that just sits there *A parrot that only says curse words *Dead air *You get my point


Its sad, his awful announcing is ruining his playing days for me.


I like everyone in different ways for different reasons. Would love to hear the 3 person thing that we got to hear once


Brad Thompson can also provide a lot of consistency, as he figured out how to stop the aging process when he was a teenager and will outlive all of us.


So if you didn't know, Brad Thompson and Danny Mac also do the 10am-6pm radio shows on the local ESPN radio channel. Them and the other guys in the morning/afternoon are like this the whole time and I genuinely enjoy their shows. Its literally the only actual radio I listen to. BT and Jamie Rivers are absolutely hilarious together as well. I don't think they could do a TV broadcast though, there would be far too many dick jokes


Ricky has come a long way. I appreciate him and enjoy listening to him. He's a good commentator to John Rooney, but I don't love his play by play. Edmonds is rough. Not that I could do any better, and the guy is a legend on the field, but the booth isn't his best fit. Dan and BT are where it's at. Great combo.


He is BY FAR the best to pair with Dan


I like Brad. I would honestly love to see the team put Edmonds into some sort of severe Clockwork Orange kind of broadcasting training, though. Jim is not a good game caller, but he brings technical analysis that no one else in baseball brings. Get someone to teach him which things are useful to talk about and when to shut up and he'd be a huge asset in the booth.


I agree. I always celebrate when I see Brad doing the games. If he's on the pre-game then I'm bummed because I know he isn't doing the game. I think Ank is awkward and Jimmy is insufferable. I wish they would make BT permanent with Dan in the booth. BTW can I just say how much I love Dan? He is so great. In 25 years, he will be the one we talk about like we talk about Shannon and Buck now. As long as he can stay out of trouble, he will be fitted with a red jacket and a statue.


Danny Mac? Trouble? lol


Yep, he's lucky the Cardinals didn't fire him after his DUI in 2011. He has an alcohol problem, but it looks like he is really healthy now. I think he knows how lucky he is.


Oh yeaaaaah. So long ago but the deep archives of my memories are activated. The Cards storming back that September probably stopped my adolescent brain from caring.