Everyone knows that Christmas eve is the best day to do your Xmas shopping!


Just been to aldi, almost empty, full shelves, loads of reduced meat, I just wish I had more freezer space.


Happy Christmas honey! I bought you reduced meat!


She'd much rather some old pork than anything from Pandora.


But she gets your old pork every other day of the year


Every other day? Blimey


Obviously not married then.


Every other month when your married.


Wait, you’re getting some every other month?


Youre getting any?


That's my dream every other month. Couple of times a year if I'm a good boy.


Hahaha touché


Discounted diversionary ham!


Ahhhh, traditions! 😂


If my wife got me loads of reduced meat I’d love her even more.


We get our reduced meat together. It's a bonding experience.


It’ll be better than the meat free selection she’s been getting for a while


Did you check the middle aisle for a chest freezer?


Did most of my shopping yesterday, but planning on making a late run to Tesco later to see if there's anything good in the reduced section, plus some bastard has already drunk half the Christmas booze...


> some bastard has already drunk half the Christmas booze sorry!


Not sorry!


Yep, realised yesterday that we had absolutely no food in the house at all because, as you may have noticed, my wife and I are fucking idiots. Cue me rushing to Sainsbos immediately after work today thinking "okay it's fine it's not even 1pm it'll be fine." Nope. Absolute fucking pandemonium, people getting aggro with each other, staff rushing to stock shelves while people bitch and moan at them, some twat at the till buying a single packet of beetroot but taking **FOR-FUCKING-EVER** to actually pay for it, people beeping and swearing at each other in the car park... it was like a middle class version of Mad Max. The highlight was watching a rich, young, fuckboi in an expensive Mercedes nearly crash into a family because he was distracted by throwing gang signs and swearing at some poor bugger in a fiesta. Ah... Christmas 🎄


"Middle Class Mad Max"; I enjoyed that.


Kidding me? They were busy here from 7!


Christmas Eve is usually the quietest day of Christmas week in supermarkets. Most people don't leave things to the very last minute.


I've got flashbacks to working in Waterstones and a guy pushing through the door as I was locking up screaming "I haven't got my wife a present!". Had to get the shopping centre security to remove him. How do people leave it so last minute


His wife as well... Not even like a forgotten niece or something.


Ah a fellow former Waterstones employee! I lost my voice one year screaming "WHO'S NEXT, PLEASE?!" down a heaving shop.


“Hi, how can I help?” “Would you like a bag?” “Do you have a Waterstone’s card?” “Would you like one?” “That’ll be £XX.XX, please. Whenever you’re ready.” “That’s alright - have a merry Christmas.”


I remember when I worked for Sainsbury's as a shelf stacker. A woman came in half an hour before closing time on Christmas eve looking for an 'essential ingredient'. She Karened out big time on discovering that we had none and stormed off blaming me personally for ruining her family's Christmas. The item was essence of rum. Which we never stocked


Isn't essence of rum just...rum?


I did point out that we had rum if she wanted that and she screamed back 'OBVIOUSLY NOT!'. k love


Googled to confirm she could’ve just used rum


Ahhhhh. I had a woman come in, last minute, obviously stressed from all the requirements of the season. She wanted guacamole (?) we didn’t even sell it. But we did sell the ingredients for it so I directed her to the ingredients and gave her a quick recipe and directions to the bbc recipe website. She seemed really happy with that.


love a nice little story of things working out well :)


Did she ask “Why is the rum gone?”


I uaed to work at tesco on the alcohol section - christmas eve, about 2 hours from closing I got absolutely screamed at by some woman because we had run out of bucks fix and I had 'ruined her christmas', before she stormed off. Someone also came in to get a big box beers deal we were doing (3 for £20 type thing) literally 25 mins before closing, and had a go at me because we only had tennants left and he 'didn't like tennants' - and couldn't understand why we couldn't substitute the fosters/carlsbad for something else. There was also a 2 family full on punch up over frozen Brussels sprouts one year....gotta love retail at christmas!


And because it's obviously *your* fault that the store had run out of other beers! Not that they left it til last minute. Twattocks


Think I’ve had too much Christmas spirit. I thought you said your job was “Elf Stacker”..... time to lay off the eggnog.


Well that’s working in retail for you, it’s a nightmare. Also that’s not a normal reaction so god knows what she was going through generally.


Some people take this Christmas thing too seriously. No wonder the words **'gym'** & **'divorce'** peak on google trends in January


It is, it adds excitement and mystery to the shopping experience, I did all my Chrsitmas shopping on Christmas Eve for years. Of course these days we are all sorted by the end of November, my partner is adamant that it's the best way, but I say what's Christmas without a little drama. She says it's less stressful and she's totally right but a small part of me still misses the madness.


In the Before Times, I used to like going for a walk round town on Christmas Eve, not because I needed anything, but because I wanted to watch all the people panic buying presents at the last minute. I just find it fascinating how people can leave it to the last minute. In 99.9% of cases, they could've done it before, they just didn't. Likewise I'd go have a look on Boxing Day to tut at all the ingrates returning stuff. I'd overhear things like 'I don't want it' or similar. People even told me they returned things on that basis, to get something they did like. It just proves how people are more interested in the present than the sentiment, which is quite sad really.


Definitely is for anywhere else, but Pandora and jewellery shops will always be rammed because people didn't bother to think about what to get their partner and think a shiny thing will do the trick.


So many searing hot takes in this thread. It’s comedy gold.


I always have done. Always fairly quiet and I've never had trouble finding what I need.


Don't know what to get your girlfriend? Here's some cheap jewelry we sell for extortionate prices


Made in Thailand


My girlfriend _hates_ Pandora. This year she has: a gross black onyx ring with a ridiculous stone in it from the pawn shop _wrapped in a Pandora box_. Some underwear that she specifically told me she liked _wrapped in a Pandora bag_. Tickets to two different gigs _wrapped in separate Pandora boxes_. And the CD that Alan Rickman gives Emma Thompson in Love Actually _deposited around the flat with a clue that is wrapped in a Pandora box_. The joke might get old, but I’m hoping it becomes funny again through repetition.


One year as kids my sister claimed she got our brother an oven mitt for Christmas. It was a gift box, with an oven mitt inside, with the real present in the mitt. Wrapping gifts in oven mitts has since been a joke that got old and good again through repetition around here


Please update in 24 hours to let us know if she's your ex girlfriend by then!


We made it through! She was genuinely panicking at the beginning, before she opened the first present, but once we settled into a groove we were all golden!


RemindMe! 1 day


Who got the jewelry from the boxes? Your wife?


80-90 quid for rose gold plated jewellery which you could get for a quarter of the price on ebay! Ridiculous.


Would you trust it to be rose gold plated from eBay tho?


Thank you!!!! My ex once was like ‘do you want a Pandora bracelet with all the charms’ and I politely declined. It’s so cheaply made and it literally looks like something a child would wear. Don’t waste your money 😂


Yeah I'd be pretty pissed if my other half got me a Pandora bracelet tbf.


It’s so thoughtless too! Just a generic thing with no thought behind it


Unless they've literally said "I'd really like a Pandora bracelet", it's probably a bad idea.




If you genuinely think she'll like it then it's not necessarily a bad thing to buy! It's just a lot of people just get them last minute because they couldn't think of anything else, but I know people who have been gifted them that love them, it's definitely not the same thing to all women. I hope she likes it anyway :)


It really is cheap tat, too.


Spot on!


Protip... Wait until end of January when you can buy the £100 trinket for £15 on Facebook marketplace.... As these dudes will invariable misplace receipts. This is from experience!.




Pandora bracelet and charm - the ultimate husband no idea present. With the charms, you also have gifts for birthdays and other anniversaries.


Yup. Pandora did a great job of marketing manufactured sentimentality. I know a lot of people love Pandora, but while I find some of the charms pretty, I hate the way they look when they’re all bunched up on the bracelet itself. Also seems a pain to clean.


In all fairness (and I swear I have no affiliation with Pandora) I believe you can take your bracelet/charms in to get cleaned and they will do it for free! But I do agree that they are a bit fugly and to be honest, not that special since they all tend to look the same.


"This bracelet is worth £1000 with all of the charms I have." No you've got a charm bracelet that you personally have allowed £1000 to be spent on. I'd give you £50 for it and never even wear it.


£50? You'd have to pay me to take it


I always thought a personalised number plate as the ultimate no idea gift.


I was going to do that but MISSUS was taken.


Man that's rough. On Christmas eve too. Hope you find her.


Call Liam Neeson, I hear he's good with that sort of thing.


That’s the ultimate I have money I would like to waste present


I can't even argue with that, it's exactly what I did!


It's seen me through a few christmases and birthdays, but alas there is no more space on my gf's bracelet.


She’s got 2 wrists


Yep, already done both ankles as well.


You know how to satisfy a woman aswell i see


I learned many years ago to get my Xmas shopping done in November. Makes the holiday so less stressful.




Oooh well look at you, aren't you a genius. But how are the REST of us supposed to know when the hell Christmas is!?


As a Royal Mail employee I can confidently inform you that the actual date of Christmas is a surprise every year to all. Otherwise, how could we be so poorly prepared every year? The guy above is clearly a liar and is using hindsight to pretend they shopped in November this year


I have finally cured my husband of buying me pandora after showing him this clip https://youtu.be/QpeoW2mvwp4


Oh, my, god! Thank you so much for bringing that into my life!!!


I've never seen that before and it is brilliant!


I bought the missus one for Christmas once and only realised a few months after how shameful a present it was. She returned it and we never discussed it, I still feel shame.


Talk to her about it!


Might bring it up tomorrow, like "it's not quite a pandora bracelet again but.." when I give her the big present..


We had a whole conversation at work the other day where every single woman basically said if their other half got them a Pandora bracelet they'd be leaving them, that pretty much sums it up perfectly.


I already told my BF this. It’s such a thoughtless/no idea gift (unless someone specifically states they want one).


I only got my ex pandora charms because she was obsessed with them. She had a bracelet before I met her and then bought herself another. It made it easy buying present for her but then I started to realise she would be walking around with a couple grand strapped to her wrists. Then I realised that it's actually probable worth a couple hundred at most because pandora charms are worth jack shit in reality. You're paying for the brand and the actual jewelry isn't anything special.


‘I know what job you do, and that job is…nurse’


I didn’t know this was a thing but the accuracy in that video 😂😂😂🙌


When I was a teenager, someone at my dad's work told him he was a bad father for never getting me anything Pandora. On Christmas Eve, he stood outside from 7:30am so he was front of the queue. I don't really like Pandora but I do love the ring because he was a man trying his very best.


Bless him! I do feel for dad's who have no idea. And what a nobber his colleague is for saying that and planting the seed that Pandora is a must have, as if all teenage girls like the same thing! My dad stood outside HMV getting the X Files VHS box set in a limited edition special case for my birthday once. But I actually really loved the X Files!


Which series??


It wasn't a particular series, it was a 5 "files" - basically each VHS was one of the two parters like Tooms, one was Scully's abduction etc. It came in a special black box!


Yeah, my dad is amazing at finding the perfect Christmas gifts. I’ve been gifted things that I loved, but I had never known they even existed beforehand. He’s never bought me any jewellery though, so he’s obviously a terrible father.


That’s so sweet, bless him :(


That is super adorable tbf, sounds like he's a cracking dad.


Did a wee bit of last minute shopping last night and the only place with a queue was Pandora. I thought they were giving stuff away or something? Why is it so popular?


>Why is it so popular? At Christmas time because there's a fucking lot of people who haven't been arsed to think of a present for their partner, and just go to Pandora.


Midnl level jewelry priced reasonably well and they do charm bracelets which are incredibly easy to buy for.


They have queues all the time because they only allow a limited number of people in the shop. Makes it look popular and prevents shoplifting I guess.


‘I don’t give af what charm just put it in the bag, I’ve still got to get two body wash sets from Boots’


Bayliss and Harding. The Pandora of toiletries.


Amateurs, shopping starts at 5pm.


Yeah, at the Petrol Station on the way home..


Hehe all I want for Christmas this year is my chocolate stash replenished, so I’d be perfectly content with my gifts coming from the Esso garage!!


Probably still be higher quality than Pandora. Overpriced plated shit with terrible clasps, and often charms which are no better than cheap imports. I don't get it at all! My OH wanted something similar and paid around the same from an independant jewler and the quality was infinitely better.


>I don't get it at all Marketing, and a good idea to reel in clueless husbands for years to come. Convince them to buy a bracelet one year, then every birthday and Xmas present for the next 5 years is sorted because they can just buy another charm to add onto it. Easy present ideas for the husband, and the company is laughing all the way to the bank charging a ridiculous markup on cheap tat. Pretty genius to be honest.


Start shopping at 5pm with the mindset of the SAS. In, out and home before 6pm.


Imagine how annoyed you'd be if today was the day you'd chosen to update your jangling bracelet of shite.


My boss at a previous job got one of these for his girlfriend (also a manager at the same company). It ended up becoming a record of his many transgressions because every time he fucked up he'd buy another hideous little overpriced charm to placate her.


Pandora bracelet, live laugh love sign in the kitchen, Prosecco, MK handbag, girl boss


#influencer #ownboss #[insertpyramidschemehere]




Grey crushed velvet, Frenchie puppy from a totally ethical breeder


When you said totally ethical breeder you mean totally ethical breeder and not the puppy mill? Just checking


Totally ethical hun 😉


Thx babe 😘


Anytime hun 😍 xox


Inbox me hun x


u ok hun xx


MK handbag?


Michael Kors. American designer. His clothes and handbags are often worn by Pandora bracelets wearers


And schoolgirls, oddly enough. Mad expensive for a school bag! Edit: at second glance some aren’t that mad, relatively speaking. Still overboard for school, though. Am I that out of touch? No. It’s the children who are wrong. 🤔


It's either River Island or MK for a school bag


I remember when you weren't shit if you didn't have a Jane Norman bag


It was either jane Norman or Morgan and god forbid you brought anything in in a tesco bag.


Don't forget Kookai!


JAN NOR, as they used to read! I love being an adult and this stuff not mattering now.


Ah, it was Slammin Vinyl or Technics record bags when I was at school!


Not native to this beautiful country so I missed out on this trend. It was Holister or Levis where I'm from


Purchased from Milton Keynes shopping center


The jewel in the crown of Buckinghamshire


I thought Milton Keynes bag and then couldn’t work out what that was!


Mortal Kombat. It has a big picture of Raiden plastered on the side.


They call that Nouveau Working Class


Nouveau Pauvre


> MK handbag Honestly thought that meant milton keynes for a minute


I live in Milton Keynes and the amount of girls that go around in these bags 🙄 they aren’t even well made or luxurious, save your money and get something truly high end if you want to act like you can afford designer brands 😂


Jangling bracelet of shite!!!! AMAZING! you’ve made my Xmas! 😆😂😂😆😂😆


I love the faint reflection of an empty "H.SAMUEL" in the right side window.


my dad literally asked me what should HE get my mother for christmas YESTERDAY..I've been giving this man ideas for 2 months and 2 days before christmas he decides to actually think about buying something.


Literally sent my dad a link of what to get my mom a couple years ago. It was a phone. He still fucked it up and bought the older model despite them being the same price.. Then again, he's a selfish ass and usually just buys a gift for himself, claims it's for my mom, and then gets to keep it when she inevitably doesn't want it.


Ah the culmination of "guilty husband week". That is not my term, a friend who works retail told me that is what her store calls it as they rack up big sales of pricey glitter/fluff/candles in the run up to xmas.


A live pic of ‘boys doin good’


This one did good 😍


So blessed! <3


>This one grinds my gears reading this on social media posts. Just use their fucking name




What about if I say "this cunt" instead?


Overwhelmingly male queue on Christmas Eve. I wonder for how many this is an annual ritual given the nature of Pandora bracelets.


Christmas, valentine's Day, anniversary, birthday. It's at least a quarterly occurance for some.


Pandora is the in-app-purchases of jewellery.


The queue for pandora in my local shopping Center yesterday must have been 200 people long. Waking pass my girlfriend went to me “do they all know it’s all on half price in 3 days time?”


If there was a smell in there it’d be of lynx africa and desperation!


Bet they went straight to the pub after to relax after "a mad day's shopping!"


I think those guys have evolved to Joop.


No joop no hoop


I used to hate shopping at Pandora. I use to get items from there for my ex. I’d look at the website, work out what I wanted and pop in to town to buy it. I was always stuck behind a woman in the queue that hadn’t done this and wanted to be talked through every single item in the shop individually (twice) as she was seeing them all for the first time, as slowly as possible. Once I interrupted as politely as possible after about 15 mins of being stood behind someone at the counter umming and ahhing to say I knew what I wanted, could I pay and leave as I had to get back to work and you’d think from their reaction the world was going to end lol 😂 They seemed so put out. People need to use a bit of common sense, if it’s 12ish and I’m dressed in work gear I’m probably on lunch so it never hurts the cashier to ask the question of me 🙄 Pretty much another sales person materialised and I purchased what I wanted and left the store within 60 seconds (easy). My Mum when I told her this seems to think spending a fucking age deciding is part of the Pandora experience so I’m glad I’m shot of the place now!




Essentially. Pick one, buy one, leave. That’s what grates me when the locals make out they’re at Tiffany’s picking out a £30,000 chandelier when in reality they’re picking a £36 charm of a teddy bear. It pisses me off when there’s a website and they still want to look over 200 charms in person, in store, at lunchtime on a Friday 🤯


Pandora is poor people's Cartier. My coworkers used to go crazy for thes bracelets with 'charms', little Teddy bears or other shit just stuck to a bracelet, £50 a pop


I've faked liking so many of my in laws Pandora bracelets over the years. I was always worried though that eventually my in laws would buy me one.


I have also faked liking them over the years. I told my ex never to buy me Pandora, I'm not a snob and would be happy with tat from Asos ot Topshop but I just can't stand Pandora. Luckily for me, my ex has been tighter than a smackheads belt so I needn't have to worry about that


Looks like they've opened Pandora's Box^ing ^Day ^Sale.


Those 4 guys at the back just saw a queue and joined on the off chance there was a good significant other present at the end of it


lmao, fuck pandora, any silver chain, and then any off brand charm with a clip x10 will come to the same price of one silver pandora bracelet with no charms. The extra you pay doesn't give you better quality, just a name and a shitty way to put charms on a bracelet. ​ biggest rip off of man kind ever.


Tell me you're a shit boyfriend without telling me...


Why is it that people always seem to request more overpriced dangly things to add to their bracelet, but you never see them wearing the bracelet?!


Hmm, no masks or attempts at social distancing. Not to mention the lack of signs referring to coronavirus. How old *is* this picture, OP?


Heya - this picture is from 2019. I can’t leave the house this year to take an updated photo but I imagine it’s the same, just with masks.


Well, at least you were honest!


It’s mad to think that no less than 12 weeks later the world was completely shut down. I miss normality.


Remember when Storm Ciara was the big news of 2020?


Have you forgotten Philip Schofield coming out! That was clearly shut down by Wuhan. Some conspiracy theorists say Phillip started covid just to defect the press away from a potential kiss n tell coming out.


Storm Dennis was a bigger cunt. Me and my partner went to Rome for Valentine’s Day, storm Dennis was raging as we were flying back.. We got to the hotel that we left the car at and it had blown a tree over onto my car!


To be honest I remember Ciara because I was trying to get home from London and was trying for hours to get out of Euston. It was a good atmosphere on the train though


I bought a bracelet from there yesterday, they’re only letting 4 people or so in at a time atm, with masks, and you have to stand basically outside the door and wait to be called to the counter. No accounting for people who won’t social distance in the queue though.


I've just walked past Pandora, it's even worse.


Pandora… the last resort of the desperate husband..


My wife mentioned this earlier, as she saw an article online. My reply was "what... People still buy that shit?". Buying your bird Pandora stuff, was a thing that young adults did back in the 2000's. I was shocked that its still a thing now.


Pandora: the shop for people with no imagination


People still want pandora? Paying a ton to get a fucking charm bracelet lol


As much as you may hate pandora, I worked there and only lasted 3 months cause people there are whack. Was not going to survive the Christmas rush so had to quit for my mental stability. (If pandora sees this no you don’t, please leave me alone)


The only place with queues in town this morning


They were queued out of the door at my local one this morning


You walk in and hear a voice: "welcome to Pandora kidos"


The Christmas tradition of loads of boyfriend's and Dad's rushing out to get the shopping done.


Such a rip off. I had a partner that once worked in a jewellers and dealt with Pandora stuff. One time we were at some beach town and saw some knock off ones at a stall, she said she could barely tell the difference even though the knock off ones were about 10% of the price of the ones in store.




Pandora is one of those gifts where you can just buy something for it every year so you don’t have to think up a different gift. It’s somewhat lazy but genius if you hate shopping.