A Hypothetical Would You Rather

A Hypothetical Would You Rather


I would rather endure the rest of his contract. I'm not sure why people keep thinking he's not a serviceable defenseman anymore. Yeah he's got two years left and health is an issue, but if he can be healthy I don't know why he's not a starting defenseman for this team. On top of that, his contract ends when MacKinnon's does, which gives us perfect amount of cap space to sign Mack to his next mega deal and hopefully fill the hole Johnson leaves with a cheap bottom pair defenseman. I think recency bias is a real issue, but when he was playing with Girard he looked great. We'll see what happens though.


this is the correct answer


I’d rather start EJ over Nemeth and his type every time. Yes EJ is super injury prone but he’s still a decent player when he is healthy. If he’s the 5th defensemen I’m fine eating the rest of his contract.


Plus if his health keeps being an issue we should just pull a Kucherov with him and let him rest up until the playoffs while getting a rental with the LTIR space or something. ​ At any rate, Newhook is WAAAY to valuable to lose just for that cap hit. Our D can survive for 2 years with what we have imo. If Byram and Timmins develop even moderately we'll be in great shape.


That's what I'm trying to say. I agree completely.


Love EJ and agree if he can be healthy he would absolutely solidify our defense. But... He has had serious issues staying healthy these last few years. I just don't consider him serviceable because he is often not available to play. Hopefully this last year of rehab and training will condition him to have an epic comeback next year. I'd love the team giving it their all to win it for EJ.


Getting flipped onto his face isn't really his fault though. Sure he's had other injuries but that's not like a recurring bad knee or ankle or even shoulder like Tarasenko.


For sure, but bad luck or not the dude cannot stay healthy. I'd absolutely love for him to prove me wrong next year and 100% expect the Avs to keep him.


Yeah I mean okay, but then we put him on LTIR and gain the cap space anyway, yet keep Newhook.


Fair enough, so outside of that I guess the only issue is if we can keep Saad.


Yeah I feel like Saad is the one player I look at and say is not coming back. Who knows though it seemed like he hated being in Chicago for the "rebuild". Maybe he will take a deal to come back and stay competitive. I'd say though anyone thinking about how much he's gonna get, please think about what he did in the regular season, not just the playoffs. Cause he disappeared at times for the season and had an okay season, not spectacular.


Plus he adds tons of value in the lockerroom with his experience and leadership, seems the type of guy you want to keep around your young players, especially if they are serviceable players


> if he can be healthy > why he's not a starting defenseman for this team Answered your own question lol. I think you're right, but the fact that we can't be guaranteed EJ with remain healthy these last two years is the only thing that gives me pause about him...


Yeah, but why give up Newhook when we can put him on LTIR if he's not healthy. If he is, he plays, if he's not we gain the cap space and keep Newhook.


Does EJ stay healthy? If so, option 2 for sure. His contract expires at the same time as MacKinnon's so we'll have plenty of wiggle room.


Yeah, this is pretty easy. EJ isn't a slouch and we aren't really in "cap hell". Now, if he won't waive his NMC for Seattle...


Last I heard he had waived it, but I couldn't give you a source even if I wanted to


Absolutely not worth moving Newhook just to move EJ’s contract. He can be bought out at $2m/yr for 4yrs I believe and save the team that $4mil this year and next if they really need that push before the Mack contract expires. It’s going to be a tight cap anyways soon and definitely will be once Mack is up whether EJ is still signed or not.


Agreed, if needed, a buyout is a much better option than losing Newhook.


Keep EJ, he's a legit D and the exact type of player we would look for on the market. If his health remains an issue, we use LTIR.


You lost me at "give up Alex Newhook"


Health or not, "enduring" is the right choice given. Of the 3 I'd have buy out ahead of trade and burn Newhook by a wide margin, but still below endure. Johnson is still a good defenceman. His health was almost certainly affected by the weight of the franchise he was carrying when he was the only actually decent defenceman the team had. Now he's at most the 5th best. He's an extremely expensive 3rd pair guy but he can play up in the pairings if injuries come up, a veteran presence the team loves, and is only on the hook for two more seasons. It's manageable.


Imo if he is healthy and on par with how he played before his injuries, which is a big if, he is still a top 4 D for us. I don't think Byram, Graves, or Timmons are better than EJ. At least in the form we last saw him when he was healthy.


At the moment, perhaps. But I feel as though if Byram can have a long stretch this upcoming season healthy, he can overtake Johnson.


I'd be thrilled to have that happen. But as is EJ is a great complement to Girard, so if he isn't broken forever, he should be on our second pairing


id rather have ej in the lineup for sure, he's exactly what we were missing on d. i dont get why u all seem to hate him so much.. like how is this even a question? would you rather have a healthy ej, or would you rather give up a potential top6 center and Erik Johnson for nothing.. like really?


Seriously. If he's healthy, he's exactly what we need. If not, he's on IR and we get some cap space. What's the issue?


If it would take Newhook, probably not, but I'd still like to see some shenanigans. EJ's not a bad player but that misses the point -- it's hard not to resent the contract a little bit, that's a protection spot and valuable money we can't use to sign/re-sign someone who moves the needle more than a stay-at-home bottom pairing guy who will continue to miss chunks of time, since he's now 33 and has taken a lot of damage in his career.


Why would we ever give up Newhook to eat his contract? Makes literally no sense. I know it’s just a hypothetical but like no way lol


I'd keep EJ. Not a great contract at this point, but (assuming he gets healthy) he should be a solid bottom pairing D, which, IMO was our biggest problem in the Vegas series. He'll get minutes on the PK too


Keep EJ. I'd prefer that my defenseman actually play defense.


What? You keep him. Otherwise you buy him out...


I’d say take a run with him this year as 2nd or 3rd pairing D, if it doesn’t pan out buy him out. We can make it work with him for one more year.


I keep him he’s still very good player


Ugh, If the Avs want to keep Landy, Gru and Makar this off season they need to lose about $15 mill ish in contracts off the books of this past seasons roster. If something makes sense to move EJ's contract, i.e. paying the Seattle Tax to force them to pick EJ to remove the full amount of the contract, is very much an option with the amount of picks/prospects Avs have stockpiled. Does that necessarily immediately equal Alex NewHook, No I do not think so when we have people like Kaut, Bowers as highly touted prospects as well with a lot of value. But I do not think a buy out is an option for the Avs, i'm sure they'll figure out a way to tough out his 6 mill if they can't move the full value to help open the space required to sign the core players, as even keeping 2 mill on the books for 4 years for him is money/cap space they'll badly need after re-signing Mack. Seeing the amount of money needed to be finessed away, Whether its Compher, Johnson, Girard. I 100% see Sakic paying the Seattle Tax(I'm sure Sakic would even be willing to let it depend on who Seattle wants more out of the 3) But moving 1 or more of those 3 contracts is majority of the space required to not just Re sign Landy , Gru , Makar but also Saad and Jost as well. Dealing away Compher, EJ, Girard, Donskoi , while most non casual Avs fans like myself like these players, mathematically it makes sense to eliminate the least amount of people for the most money, so we're able to keep majority of the core together. Burakovsky , Kadri, Johnsons contract all line up with Mack so whatever way this years off season plays out we have easy options to re-sign Mack appropriately next year. When you factor Makar, Byram, Barron, Timmins, I think the addition of Toews immediately made Girard expendable as he offers the overall least out of everyone in the play offs. Habs are beating Vegas because all 4 Top D can take a slap shot, and they aren't afraid to be first to the puck in their own corners. Most D players mature into those moments in a game, but due to Girards size of both his body and choice of stick length, he'll never be able to take a proper one timer/slap shot at any point, and he'll always be coached to give the puck and his lane away so he can chase the play with his speed because he'll get tied up too easily if he goes into the boards first, which in the playoffs has proven to be a huge liability and hole in the Avs 5 man transition systems.


Definitely keep Newhook. If Seattle will take the last 2 years of his deal for a 1st I'd do that though. Means we get to keep Graves and open up cap room. Kadri's deal is done at the same time, give Nate that money + wherever else you can scrape 1-2M from. Big EJ fan but we need a guy who's healthy.


Umm Seattle taking Graves will do more to improve our defense than any other move. While he's a great guy, and solid pk he is a major reason for both last years elimination against Dallas, and this years against Vegas. When you start playing a series against a team you can expose their weak spots, and come playoffs Graves is massively exposed. He has too high of a cap hit, and is below average hockey IQ and skating. Which on a team that prides itself on its skating and intelligence, really stands out. Jacob Macdonald is a fantastic Graves replacement. Plus if EJ is hurt it gives us Tampa cap space.


Graves had a meh series against Vegas but Girard was really bad to and Nemeth was abysmal. Sure he's over paid but with Bo on his ELC we can afford to over pay for depth. The real issue is playing him top 4 minutes and expecting him to perform in the offensive zone like Makar, Girard and Toews. When you're top 2 goalies and captain are injured that's your major reason for losing to Dallas. MacDonald has played what 30 NHL games?... If he is what he looks like we can move Graves the same way we moved Zads. Having guys like Graves and MacDonald in a depth role will keep us from over paying at the deadline or free agency for depth. If we can LTIR EJ then that's the obvious move. He's 33, I'm not optimistic he's going to end up on LTIR before the start of next season.


Thank you.


I don't think it would cost Newhook to get rid of EJ's contract. Probably a 1st round pick (that's what Toronto had to give up to trade Marleau).


That was only one year of Marleau though, and Carolina gave up some picks to cut into that if I recall correctly


Carolina just gave up a 6th round pick which isn't much You're right though it was only 1 year though but I don't think the price would be much higher for 2 years... Who knows, I don't think Sakic would pay Newhook regardless


In my head it was more but yeah point still remains about two years vs one


Drop Johnson


Judging by the tide of this comment section you’re in for some shit my friend


Its reddit what else is new.... people love asking for opinions then get salty when they don't agree...


Buy him out so we don’t have to protect him in the expand draft because of his NMC.


Or just go with the plan since he's waiving and don't get hit with his contact any longer than we need to.


6 mil for two more years isn't really bad enough to give up a bright young potential 2C prospect for. It seems like he'll be able to play next season, and he's still a very solid defenseman. Plus, as others have pointed out, his contract ends when MacKinnon is up for a renewal, so it won't conflict with the front office plans as much as some other deals do/would.


Nothing is really worth giving up Newhook. Unless maybe for a Wizardry Trade deal for Jack Eichel concocted by Sakic.


If we offered Kadri, Newhook, a first this year and say Graves for Eichel. I would be elated, but it also depends on Jack's recovery timeline.


Just buy him out if we can’t keep him where he is, which I don’t think we can. So buyouts my pick & that allows us to protect someone else too


Rumor has it he is waiving his NMC so we don't have to protect him


The Condor will fly. Maybe not truly up to 6mil, but he will fly strong, quick, and with the experience of a veteran with 11 damn years on the Avs. People got recency bias. I have faith his return will make the contract seem at the least, "eh whatever."


I hate the word endure here. Is EJ a 6mil player? No, not anymore. But way too many fans act like he’s not even a serviceable dman at all anymore which is complete bullshit. He’s got injury issues, we are all aware. But when he’s healthy he’s a damn good dman and I’m hella glad he’s an Av.


The Avs should absolutely look to move all or part of EJs money if they can. Alex Newhook is not the cost of doing that. They can move that money for wayyyyy less than that.