Accused Race-Hoaxer Will Stand Trial On Charge Of Falsely Telling Police Two MAGA Thugs Assaulted Him

Accused Race-Hoaxer Will Stand Trial On Charge Of Falsely Telling Police Two MAGA Thugs Assaulted Him


If racism will get a harsher sentence when a crime is committed, the racism should get you a harsher sentence when a crime is faked.


To accuse innocent people of racism is racism itself.


It should be considered a hate crime for hoaxes. It precipitates hate towards the accused race.


I mean, defacto, it is a crime that 100% creates tension with other races, and that tension often boils over into another hate crime. These hoaxes should be punished the same as if they were hate crimes. For years we have heard how justice is unequal, yet the only verifiable instances where justice is in-equal is when anti-white racist district attorneys charge white people differently than black people. Were Smollet a white man he would be under the prison for the rest of his natural born life. People point to statistics in which black men who refuse to apologize or show remorse for their crimes that are handed longer sentences, by judges practically begging them to show remorse as proof, while they watch the unequal application of "justice" related to hate crimes. That's injustice. It's undeniable, and based solely on the color of skin. Neo-Liberals applaud. Fuck all neoliberals.




hopefully this piece of trash reaps what he sowed.


Makes sense


White or black, gay or straight....you schemed a hoax to flame anti-Trump hatred and you blamed white people. Charge him with every crime possible, including conspiracy, and hit him with the max sentence for each. Plus fines for the total cost of the investigation. Then slip him a fast food application when he gets released.


What he did was a hate crime by definition, yet it's not the "right" kind of hate crime




Lol wait really?


So true. Let's verse the players and see how fast the racist card gets played!


It’s a (D)ifferent kind of hate crime.


We’ll he’s on the the other side of the aisle so they’ll probably just give him a slap on the wrist


I don't know if they can just slap his wrist. To double down on the "crime" he reported they harassed him for being black AND gay. The gay community has enough problems with police not filing hate crimes when gay people have been assaulted just for being gay. I know, I've had it happen to me two separate times and couldn't get more then simple assault charges filed against my attackers. They almost have to charge him or face the voices of the gay community, the sane and sensible ones. By saying he was assaulted for also being gay, and it all being lies, he has lessened real crimes against gays AND how police might handle them. He doesn't know the can of worms he opens, just to get a pay raise.


Well then in that case it is up to the gay community to make sure their voices are heard. I’ve been seeing a trend recently in political matters of people not standing up for obviously wrongdoings in society because it doesn’t fit a certain political agenda. The best case scenario to get people to join along with this cause would be to take this out of politics as much as possible but idk with the specifics of this case if it is.


>They almost have to charge him or face the voices of the gay community, the sane and sensible ones. The sane and sensible ones are far and in between, unfortunately. There will be no outcry. I hope I am wrong.


There are more of us then most think. There is a growing number in this sub. We aren't the types of {cough-cough} "gay people" seen on news broadcasts and vlogs. The sane and sensible ones are part of the LGB community, not part of the alphabet soup group. We are the police and fire fighters. The doctors and the nurses. The letter carrier, factory worker, real estate investor, and usually without brightly colored hair....but not always. We don't have to create "genders" to fit in because we aren't joining the lastest fad. We are just living the life. And we are organizing, again.... separately. The disaster of the last two decades as taught us much.


Even worse. They got him to come to the station by calling him and telling him to come ID the “suspect” they had “apprehended.” He went down to the station prepared to lie and confirm this person who he KNEW didn’t do anything was guilty.


Oh he expected the "suspects" would never be found. After all...all Trump supporters look alike, don't cha know? I remember some of this part of the story. But I don't remember how far they let it play out. I don't know if he was shown a line up or the "suspect." Not sure if it was legal to do so since they knew he was looking already. He's a piece of work alright. Worth about 2 menthol Kools a night in prison.


Did he actually point to somebody? Or did they turn it on him before it got to that point?


I don’t think he got that far. Iirc, he just went down to the station to ID someone


They should have let him go through the process and actually identify a completely innocent person. They could have used undercover cops for the whole lineup.


I mean, he should. It’s a crime.


This guy’s acting skills will definitely improve after 5-6 years in the slammer....


Bad Juicy. Bad.


anti white terrorism continues to grow


while they call us terrorist. Tell me again, which group of white people use improvised explosive devices on ICE and police?? Oh yes, White Liberals did that. Where is the "justice". The left and the corporate leftist media are clowns, and their emperor with his stolen election is the emperor without his clothes. The fucked up part? We're the jesters. People laugh at us because we never do anything about it.




How do they think it's a witch hunt? They're the ones that want these double standard hate crime laws, so when someone fakes it and incites more racial tension why wouldn't they want them to pay a steep price? I think all Americans should agree that Smollett is a complete piece of shit, it doesn't matter what side he* was trying to smear.


As someone from the left, you're correct, this is not a witch hunt. He deserves everything coming to him for pulling shit like that.


It's always a witch hunt when it's the protected class they are trying to manipulate into voting for them. They know the majority of white people are conservative, and grew up that way, and refuse to vote for them after they turn 30.


BLM. This piece of shit wasted time and money that could of been put to better use. In Chicago Kim Fox was going to let him go. She is another piece of shit.


And don’t forget how the “news” and Hollywood media pushed the obvious lie.


C'mon man. He was only making $75,000 per show. How do you expect him to live on that?


Every time one of these headlines comes up I just LOL at the thought of him walking around with that tiny noose around his neck and then the police looking at him like, "Why are you still wearing that?" Then I get a little sad because this is exactly the kind of behavior divisive race baiting and rhetoric leads to, and the dude has a weak mind polluted by the media and their mission of division.


He'll get off with a fine and a slap on the wrist, sadly but I'd like to thank him for being the poster child of fake race crimes for decades to come.


Juicy Smollier


The big question is whether he and Kamala Harris conspired to fake a lynching when the latter was trying to drum up support for her anti-lynching bill, or whether he did it on his own.


. . .but you don't understand. It could have been true. We all know that this is exactly what Trump supporters want to do. It wasn't really a hoax as much as it was a dramatization.


If you were on the left, you'd have a future as a director at CNN with that kind of spin game. Great laugh bud.


I am glad you got it.


Oh you know Poe's law this day and age. Satire and reality are mixed. The Babylon Bee is basically prophetic at this point.


I really feel like we live in a South Park episode or something.


There needs to be a message sent when he is guilty. He should do a minimum of 20 years.


Justice for Juicy.


Both Kamala Harris and Adam Schiff were vocal supporters of Juicy They were both dead wrong


Good. Put that fucker behind bars


$20 says they already bought the judge and he gets off scott free.


Why did Reddit ban the hate crime hoaxes sub? I thought there was a lot of worthwhile discussion there, and I doubt they ban discussion on other types of hoaxes do they?


Hey man, isn't he that ****** ****** from Empire?


I just don't know why we're persecuting these wine connoisseurs


Nothing is going to happen to him. They will pick jury that will not convict him


GOOD! So whatever happened to that Ford bitch that accused Brett Kavanaugh?


Regardless of the obvious guilt, he’ll probably get probation and a position in the Biden administration as some kind of equity czar to Hollywood.


"The special prosecutor revised the case with charges of disorderly conduct against Smollett for the police reports he originally generated. That is the allegation he is expected to stand trial for next month." Disorderly conduct? That's it? How much is that, a fine?


It's like a class C misdemeanor so a small fine, maybe probation.


I'm surprised Subway hasn't had him in their commercials.


Now do the same for all those who went on TV telling us all this was true and accusing conservatives of committing this crime.


Another half-black person who thinks racism is a defining aspect of the modern black experience instead of an occasional inconvenience. These are the idiots pushing for anti-lynching laws when what we need is school choice.


What a fucking idiot


Did we ever find out where Kanye West was that night?


Nothing will happen to him.


Send that liar to prison.


This is that famous French actor, right?


throw the book at this POS


C'mon! C'mon now! We all know the only reason they've put this innocent man on trial is him being FRENCH.


If it isn't the old consequences of my actions coming to visit.


Let's hope we finally see real justice for Juicy now his sweet heart deal with corrupt Chicago DA has been over ruled.