To be honest, the video of the supposed assault would be nice as well. But ueah, it's an anti-mask mob circling the dude with a bunch of cameras out. I'm much more tempted to say she's a moron.


Right? $5 says he put his hand up in defence to something they to provoke him, she was already on his space, and then the angry mob of videographers ran with it. You don't bring steady cam mounts to something you're not expecting....


Or edit out the assault if it actually happened




> a bunch of cameras out. Am I wrong- or did I see one or two of these idiots with steadycam mounts for their phones?


Yes. This looks like a mob of Qultists that went out looking for someone wearing a mask so they could confront them and get video of the confrontation. They would then edit out the provocation or initial assault, and spread the video of just his response or him defending himself and act like this mask wearing person just randomly attacked her for not wearing a mask.


that's actually really really really sad.


You know that was the intent. Nice society we have....


For all we know, the "initial assualt" may have been nothing more than their assumption that he'd also be vaccinated, because he's wearing a mask, and thus trying to "spread his poisonous spike proteins" at them...


hey that sounds like what infowars does


They're all grifters and the dumb chucklefucks who support them without doing any real background search don't see it. ​ More grifting care of our pandemic dollars. https://twitter.com/chadloder/status/1370570358353403910


One of them has a fucking microphone ready to roll.


One girl even has a full mic in her hand!


The one chick has a mic 🙄


Where?! Oh found her at 0:22 in maroon next to the camera guy


I found at 0:01 and 0:22 people holding recording equipment.


Wow. I was so distracted by the guy with the camera mount thing that I totally missed her.


I agree, I tried to find some on yt, but I could only find videos like this one, where they claim he hit her.


Domestic terrorists.


Domestic bio-terrorists, I’m sure Russia and China appreciate their help in destroying American society.


That’s what these goddamn morons don’t get; they’re literally functioning as malicious foreign operatives, pawns of destabilization who think they’re “protectin are freedumbs”. It’s so exhausting watching history repeat itself as they who believe they’re on the divine right once again turn out to be the ultimate losers, just like the Confederates, the Nazis, et al.


Look up Yuri Bezmenov. Former KGB agent who spilled the beans on Russian destabilization plans. Every single point he makes, every part of the plan, is meant to collapse a country from within, and it is all happening in America right now. Best part? He says the plan takes about forty years and he said all this in an interview in the 1980's. These people are absolutely foreign agents without even realizing they're helping destroy America, not save it. Bonus points, part of the plan is fomenting racial tensions. Can't imagine how gleeful Putin must have been watching people's reactions to BLM protests. The work had finally come to fruition in the most perfect way, right on time, and was deeply dividing America (the master stroke all along) during an already divisive election year.


People think I am nuts when I say that the USSR won the Cold War even though they collapsed. It is stuff like this that proved to me that they won.


I always say the Cold War never ended, it's just fought differently now. And for all I know the US is losing this particular arms race because they refuse to acknowledge it's even happening. Like imagine if tomorrow McConnell and Schumer came out together and said as much? With full bipartisan support? Like a Pearl Harbor situation? Would people be too far gone? Or could we still pull it together?


The phrase is "useful idiots."


Domestic freak-o-zoids.


Dumbass whale extraordinaire, freakazoid, freakazoid


Anyone that believes in the Qanon conspiracies should be put on a list.


They amount they talk about paedophiles, I sense lots of projection.


Got a Qanon uncle who says all pedophiles should be hanged, hilarious pointing out he himself is a pedophile.


Wait he actually pointed that out?


No I point it out, he's blocked me on facebook for it. Guy's a total piece of shit. On top of the pedophilia he's no stranger to sexual assault. He's forced himself on my mother several times including at my dads funeral, had I known that at the time there would of been another funeral shortly.




Eventually but until that sorts itself out...




If /r/HermanCainAward didn't require censoring names they would be.


Like, if she was able to make contact, those swats she was handing out would count as assault, which isn’t in the least but funny, but … damn. Those were some sad attempts at physical violence.


>Like, if she was able to make contact, those swats she was handing out would count as assault [Threatening is assault. Contact is battery.](https://www.law.cornell.edu/wex/assault_and_battery#:~:text=In%20an%20act%20of%20physical,act%20causing%20the%20physical%20harm.) She committed assault.


I think she was coughing at him at one point. That’s assault in some states.


In these covid times, you deliberately cough at me, I'm kicking you in the face without even thinking


I'm too old for that, I'd have to go for the kneecap


Kick her in the fupa, it’s the largest target


"Sweep the leg"


The problem is she had an army of moron Qunts backing her up.


And she was trying to get her terrorist gang to attack him, that's inciting violence


It's been convicted as attempted murder in some states.


I believe it may vary but State? I remember trying to make this distinction and someone correcting me...


That’s a convenient microphone a bystander is holding.




This woman is essentially giving out health advice when you think about it. Anyone taking health advice from her is clearly not thinking clearly. Or blind, possibly deaf.


You won the internet


I think that she’s trying to attract the attention of a Bull elephant Seal, while also intimidating the less experienced female of the species.


Her shadow weighs 42 pounds.


And I'll tell you once again...who's fat?


The weight of her convictions I guess.


Well, she's never used a phone booth And she's never seen her toes


When she sits around the house she really sits around the house.


She trusts her immune system and the shot of the holy spirit! She just needs a smoke.


And how much you wanna be she's got online posts about how great her immune system is lmao!


Her entire Facebook wall is probably memes about how tough she is physically.


She’s throwing some crazy….punches? Slaps? It’s all about tricking your opponent into thinking you’re gonna fall over with each swing.


Drunken monkey styles!


I’d hand her a donut and she’d shut the fuck up.


It’s basically like an angry flash mob for Qmorons. Oh shit ton of them to send it on the store at the same time. Basically like their version of storming the beaches of Normandy only instead of huge Gatling guns there’s just this dude doing a shopping


And thay call the left snowflakes 🤣


If the last 5 years have taught me anything it's all projection, all the way down


It really is thay live a sad, pathetic life


They swear gop stands for "grand old party" I see it as Gaslight obstruct and project


What is happening here? They just go into a store and choose someone to shout at for having assaulted them? What?


I heard someone say in the beginning, "she breathed on him" lol


Most likely they went into the store looking to pick a fight with anybody who was game, and then pretending that it was unprovoked. Basically, trying to manufacture a video to show how oppressed they are to gullible people and would-be followers.


If that's the case, these people are just...fucking pathetic, really. Jesus christ, that's about the very worst humanity has to offer right there.


Did you mean, “a shit ton of them descended on the store at the same time”? Also, I’m going to use the phrase “doing a shopping” now lol


She left her cart behind and I must admit I would have swooped in and hid it.


That mob of plague rats didn't go there to shop. They went there so they could film something to get the affirmation from the other village idiots. The fanny pack, who uses them unless they think they might need to leave quick (OK 🤣 wouldn't we all like to see her trying to run? )


Dear Americans; please learn the difference between “*beating* a woman” and “hitting a woman in self defense”.


I only do one when making a soufle


Honestly, if this woman came swinging at me like that and my kids where there i would have no hesitations in knocking her out.


Right, I'm glad I personally have never run into this type of situation. I'm a pretty laid back guy in general but this kinda thing would probably cause me to snap and I'd end up arrested.


What happened in the video? Did he hit her? All I see is him running and people chasing him.


They're a group known for picking fights. Most likely it started with her lunging at him and him just raising his hands to try to keep distance between them.


what happened, how did this start ?


I didn't realize Jabba the hut was a woman.


What did I just see?




Gross. COVID would destroy that foolish woman. She's the physical manifestation of a walking underlying condition. She can barely breathe and that was just while she was waddling behind that man as he briskly walked backwards to avoid her assault. When she gets it then the prayer requests will roll in and the Go-Fund me will be poorly contributed to and then the inevitable "she was the kindest person I knew and would give the shirt off her back". These people are intent on terrorizing the populace. Why bother that man in the mask? Just leave him alone. I hope seeing herself and her incredibly disgusting actions and the mockery and humiliation follows her. Maybe seeing that will shatter the illusion that they are somehow warriors.


I dunno, I’m an out of shape fat gut with chronic asthma and for some reason covid did nothing but give me a headache. Probably because I’m pro-vax and Satan smiled upon me.


Same but I got covid in March of 2020, was in the hospital for 5 or 6 days and still sick weeks after. Was not fun.


Yet my mate in his late 30s, healthy as you can get. Outdoor manual labour type guy, doesn't smoke, has a wee drunk now and then, not overweight. As he put it, his only underlying health condition was that he is Scottish (his words not mine) He was one ventilator for 3 weeks. He survived, after being clinically dead (not sure the story as to how resuscitation works with Covid) He has long term memory loss, and a sort of brain fog. Long Covid is insanely crippling, and is going to be a massive issue for those who survive ventilation. He is still suffering from it, and probably will for the rest of his life as he had Covid right at the start of all this.


That's brutal. I'm not healthy and my lungs try to kill me daily. So weird how different my covid experience was vs someone like ur buddy.


Thanks, Satan.


That whole last paragraph? Yeah that ain't gonna happen. However, the shirt off her back could keep several people warm if you can get the diabetic sweat smell out of it.


Don’t they realize this makes us hate them more? It’s so dumb. These people are literally trying to find ways to play the victim. I feel bad for the guy, I’m sure she provoked him in some way.


There's no "want to" about it.


Yeah my bad, made an edit. These people are just insane. I honestly am so glad I’m on Guam and away from this craziness. Currently on covid quarantine and let me tell you: This shit sucks.


I’m an American and I hate a lot of Americans. I’m from one of the more peaceful parts of America, so I've never really dealt with this, but it’s really hard to try and defend these human monsters after everything that’s happened during quarantine.


Being hated feeds into their victim complex. The more pushback they get to their insanity, the more convinced they are that they're correct.


They think they are creating "evidence" that will make the world see them as oppressed. Because they aren't actually oppressed they have to find some way to create an illusion of it. . . Hence staging getting attacked and trying to frame it as they are being attacked for not wearing masks.


Fine with them- the rest will just say "That's not us, that was antifa. False flag." and then continue as normal since none of them really know each other.


Poor America


I don't get it, they believe in freedom right? so why don't they respect other peoples freedom to wear a mask?


Because thay Don care about others freedom just thay "freedom"


hE Assaulted Me!! As she rams him with a shopping cart. Qunts.


this didn't get enough love


"He hit a woman!" (Intense pearl clutching ensues.) So what? Bitch throwing hands too. Fuck her.


She tried to run him down with her cart, lucky she didn't get more.


As a woman I approve of this message. If a person is violent, male or female-defending yourself is justified.


Please let the bitch show up on Herman Cain Awards. I know it’s in bad taste to wish bad things on people, but fuck it. The world is honestly just a better place without some people in it.


Dude COVID would have a field day on her. Probably would be the fastest infected person to succumb to the virus




When they behave like vermin in public, I abandon all moral consideration because they've made the choice to be sub-human. I'll only spend vital energy worrying about decent people. That's more fair. Anyone who'd happily cough a deadly infection into your face for fun does not **deserve** to be considered human.


This is privilege at work. Notice how they fear no repercussions


How long before these morons chase someone with a gun?


Dude, it's almost a countdown at this point. Sheesh I'm sick of this


Right. I just remembered I need to buy some pepper spray.


Also buy disinfectant spray, these things need a wash.


Still would need the disinfectant. Then bitch is nasty no. Methheads rarely bathe


These fuckers would respond to that with a glock. If you come better come correct


When are all the rest of us - the SANE people - going to rise up against this BULLSHIT? They’re in the minority! The rest of us seem to be too stunned at the craziness to do anything. When does it end?


They aren’t in the minority at rural Walmarts. As shown here, the anti-maskers outweighed (hee!) the maskers by at least a couple of tons.


Something tells me in certain neighborhoods, those people would leave out on stretchers.....and their cameras would not be found....


If he didn’t hit you in the face, he should’ve hit you in the face. The second she started coughing on him? Nope.


My only disappointment of this video is that I didn't get to see him hit her. Oh and I guess disappointment in humanity as well.


Is this some kind of staged thing? Why do so many people have camera rigs?


It’s a group of anti-maskers that go to different stores to hold anti-mask protests


Man those people need to get a better hobby


I’m going to venture a guess and say the lead woman who looks like she got blasted with Homer’s makeup shotgun will be receiving her Herman Cain Award soon if not already


🤣 ya she definitely isn't what she think is


Is deepthroating a ventilator for the rest of your life a hobby?


Record fight you started, edit beginning out, start with man shouting "HE HIT A WOMEM" and post.


Right!?! Immediately surrounded by unmasked idiots with cameras rolling. Guy should have just walked out. Also, screw that store for not have a mask requirement.


They may have had a mask requirement, it's not like some cashier is going to hold off a group of a dozen or more.


What's the backstory? All i could hear from the people was "she breathed on him" which I'm sure is completely under exaggerated. So, what she coughed on him for wearing a mask and he hit her? I know spitting on someone can lead to an assault or battery charge(at least in CA), so i imagine intentionally coughing on someone mid-pandemic could lead to something similar


People are getting terrorist charges for purposely coughing on people and claiming/starting they have Covid.


Damn. Rightfully deserved, too.


I don't think he hit her tbh. Someone said while recording that him hitting her was on camera but we didn't see it.


There are security cameras everywhere nowadays and they can not get away with their crap anymore. Alo, every country in the world has its own self defense laws.


This guy we're all chasing after - the one who's running away from us - is trying to attack us!!


I also like how the black dude with the sunglasses who apparently might have a mustache glued on is just doing a little light shopping in the middle of all this. Kill two birds with one stone right?


I feel like I saw this at the beginning of the "covidiots in stores movement" , many months ago. In fact, good chance a few of these people have been arrested for their roles in Jan 6 or died alone in an ICU by now. edit: I looked it up and it was Jan 3rd, 2021, a group doing an antimask protest/takeover in LA. More information from the day here: https://www.reddit.com/r/LosAngeles/comments/kq0xbr/today\_a\_group\_of\_antimaskers\_protested\_at\_ralphs/


Nice research, thanks for all the context. That said, it infuriated the fuck out of me to see all those videos in the twitter thread. These assholes spent their fucking weekend just harassing minimum wage workers at the mall all day and the cops didn’t do shit about it. Because guess what, they’re all Trump supporters also. AUGH! They make me so mad.


Like just, sweet Jesus! Unclear what actually happened before this particular video started but how on earth does that woman believe her behavior does anything but ruin any credibility she’d have had??


This could have ended a lot worse if that person had a concealed pistol. One of these days these chucklefucks are going to assault the wrong person.


Yup that's why I leave these people alone and mind my business and quit my security job.


Yup, don't engage with them. I see some crazy looking fucks while shopping and I just ignore them.


It's pathetic that in America the cops do nothing about this and half of them are on the side of the crazies.


If she and swung at me....or HIT me... Shed be seeing stars. Thats assault and id be in my very rights to defend myself. Some of these folks need a reality check.


"We have it on video". Where, all I see is her trying to hit him.


Where is the 'video' of the 'assault?' Looking at the interaction; it's clear the guy is NOT after a fight and did NOT assault anyone. Look at his behaviour - he is actively trying to LEAVE the situation (while not 'fleeing,' if that makes sense); not aggravate it. That is NOT the behaviour of someone who just committed an assault. ​ ...anyways, such weak people that a mask 'hurts' them so much. I feel sorry for them; truly.


He said she was coughing on him. So she absolutely started it.


Yup 100% this man wanted to get away from this crazy lady.


Hey, that security guard should be fired. Also, imagine if someone just socked her in the face. I'm not advocating that. This comment specifically denounces violence. But just imagine her being socked in the face. Purely for imagination purposes. She goes down in a heap. Ahh, imaaaagination.


I'd like to subscribe to your meditation newsletter.


I didn't think anything would top the cringe of that guy trying to start an F Biden chant, yet here we are, less than a week later.


These are the type of people that think their immune system can beat Covid. Fucking morons.


She looks like she might go into cardiac arrest in any moment.


White trash


Interesting fact, if you use the words white trash together on Facebook you get a 24 hour timeout. They are perfectly OK with lowlife white trash posting violent racist images but the minute you type those words and hit post the algorithm catches it and your account gets locked.


Interested it's kinda like Facebook is more in favor of misinformation and racism then people who call it out 🤔


They’re in favor of whatever makes more money.


It's sad really but thank the nine I stopped really using it


How much were those white trash bags at the grocery stores again?


Fkn hell that fat bitch is annoying


If everyone stopped talking in this video, all you'd hear is her wheezing.


>Honestly the cops should start treating them the same way they do Black people. Well you see, some of those who work forces are the *same* that, something, something.


If that dude hung around for ten more minutes, this bitch would be dead.


The good thing about the nutjobs in my country is that they stay on the internet. What an absolute circus the U.S. is.


To be fair, I’ve never seen this in the US other than on Reddit


Unfortunately I have. I work in a grocery store. These covidiots hit several of our stores. Luckily they only ran around the store screaming " free yourself." And lucky me...my next door neighbor is full on Trump supporters and anti- vac.


I met one of those nutjobs unfortunately he wasn't doing anything crazy


That was the most physical activity that cow has had since second grade. Purple and out of breath at the end. Lol


Please try this shit while I'm shopping, idiots!


Ugh cops are not going to kill their own


People like this just fill me with so much hatred for humanity.


My god. You know that your personal health is dogshit when you legit look like your heart works overtime during REM sleep.


Here's the thing. I carry pepper spray... If someone like her came at me crazy and swinging like that, I'd Fucking use it. Self defense.


Me too. Wish I had bear mace.


Lol, she's out of breath from waddling across the store.


Or she may have contracted Covid and her lungs are beginning to be affected. Would love to have attached a pulse oximeter to her finger to gauge her oxygen levels after that batshit display..


He should've actually fucking hit her. I would've laid her ass the fuck out. Fuck all these cunts. I can't wait to leave this degenerate fucking country next year.


They seem really nice and reasonable!


he should have knocked her the fuck out. i'm a peaceful guy, but come at me like that, one of us will end up on the ground.


If she hit me, sorry but it’s on camera that she assaulted me first. I wonder how she would get off the floor, really. People shouldn’t put up with this shit.


Got film on everything but the "This guy hit a woman", a bunch of insane whiny fucking babies


Bitch needs to catch her breath after taking them couple of paces. Also this guy: "You hit a woman!" right when this beached land whale is striking at him...their high definition cameras all set up to create content for their insular conservative Facebook feeds. These mouth-breathing plague rats need a better gripe.


N...NO. No, dude, the police need to stop brutalizing black people. We don't call people trash and then say "cops need to brutalize them like black people." ​ 0/10 Title.


Let's just put them all on an island and get it over with.


Look at the human cameras on a stick popping up all over


I’m just gunna assume this loud bitch was the instigator, if someone tries to run me down with a trolley I’d be pretty pissed off or intimidated.


Brain capacity of this crowd is trough the roof…


Someone muzzle jabba the hut over there holy fucking shit


She come running at you like king hippo over from Mike tysons punch out


This video is a bit old now, given her weight and lack of mask, she may no longer be of this world.


God can only hope so


Fuck these Karen assholes! She is lucky we can’t hit back


I look forward to seeing all these people win their Herman Cain Award


Americans are crazy.




I'd knock that bitch out


That woman is the poster child of ending up on a vent from Covid