Weird vibes at locals?

Weird vibes at locals?


Unfortunately some locals can just be unluckily filled with shitty people. I don't wanna drop names, but one of the ones close to where I live had incidents where people ganged up on the best player and kicked him out, and also had people manipulating the bracket (stalling for time, forcing people to throw games to get prize money). It was a shitshow. If you're lucky there might be another scene nearby you can check out. Worst come to worst there's online and Yuzu practice. While not as optimal as offline play, both Pink Fresh and Dabuz have commented on how its still a tool used by pro players like Nairo, Cosmos, VoiD etc. Hell, Tweek seems to have become the best player in the world over quarantine by grinding online and yuzu, so it definitely has merits. Try to find a chill discord, ping for games, and see where it goes.


My local consists of people who are closely knitted friends, students doing the same major and always on Twitter. It's hard for me to talk about anything to them unless it's Smash, university studies and something a Smash pro that I don't know said on Twitter (I refuse to use twitter because I know how toxic it can be). I like to play and make friends with people who loves the same games as I do, but I think it only works when you meet some outside of tourneys. Yet, I've seen a lot of newcomers arrive for a week or two only to disappear because the scene wasn't for them. Hence I only go to locals when I have absolutely nothing better to do. So I just go on smaller discords and play arena matches. Your local sounds like a bunch of unsocial people and if they continue to say anything rude to you for asking for friendlies just ask what their problem is, if that's how they act, their scene won't grow and will lose potential members.


It's a combination of two things: social awkwardness and unsportsmanlike behaviour. As the cave rats weave between the shards of daylight and into a public venue, they cling to the unspoken connection that they have with their fellow dwellers. Alert yourself to the immaturity of the scene as a whole and lower your expectations of developed human interaction to ground level. You might find other developed folk there. A peer, a companion, a human. Cherish these moments for they are fleeting.


You went above and beyond with this


That felt like a scolding. Should I go to the naughty corner?


It was meant to be a compliment


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Got to knock em off their high horse, make them remember that we’re all here to play video games lol. I had this same problem bro and honestly what helped me is just going to different locals where I could find less socially awkward people. You can’t really change them and you definitely don’t want to stoop to their level


Unfortunately, locals vary in quality, like all other things in life. You're describing, like, the opposite of my locals. At the last one, I was actually watching friendlies, and player A was walking player B through the matchup the entire time. Giving advice on stages, pointing out good options and counterpicks, etc. Made me proud to see players helping players like that. I've tried to be that person too. I was in bracket with a newer player, and he had no idea what stages to ban. I told him Kalos is one of my best stays, and he was mildly shocked. "Why would you tell me that?" he asked. "Because I want to have a good game," I replied!


You will find some groups like that, friend. It sucks. It's a weird superiority complex they have and they forget the game is supposed to be about fun. Try looking around for others close to you. I used to drive pretty far for one but it was filled with goofballs who were great at the game but also really kind and fun, so the drive was well worth it.


Were they talking to each other and leaving you out or were they not talking to anyone at all ?


First time I went to Smash ‘n Splash I asked these guys if I could rotate in with them. They said yeah. An hour later they let me play my first match. The dude made fun of my main and was complaining any time I took a stock about how easy my character was to play as. Said gg after the game and he just said he was happy he didn’t have to play against my character anymore. Then after my one match we “rotated” again. After sitting there another 30 minutes I left. Was such a bummer because I was really looking forward to friendlies, but I haven’t bothered to try again because it was such a frustrating experience.


Now I’m curios what character you were playing.




If it was little mac I would understand why he had those opinions but should never say them, but yoshi he is alright. And even though you don’t like fighting a character you should never complain constantly about the character another player enjoys. You can say at the start oh I don’t really like fighting this character but never complain constantly.


Yeah and for me, I don’t mind trash talking, but it was the fact that they made me wait to play for an hour and then just talked crap about my gameplay and my character for the 5 minutes I actually did get to play


That is really rough


They are probably super close to each other and know each other very well. It's still rude but it's the only explanation I can give. Maybe try to join their discord server and be active there, or just continue coming to locals and try to build up a friendship with someone less rude. I think you just got unlucky, from my experience local scenes are friendly af.


Sometimes people just don't want to talk. You're gonna get a lot of introverts when it comes to something like competitive video games, so keep in mind that not everyone at your local is going to be as excited to converse with strangers as you are. It's not rudeness, not unless they're making snide/dismissive comments or something. Don't try to force conversation on people who aren't interested.


Smash encapsulates a large variety of people. I went to a couple and mainly just people watched, there’s some weird cats there


It’s a bunch of socially inept nerds in an environment where egos are on the line. I haven’t liked the local scene either. If you’re looking to make pals go somewhere else like a bar or a club that spurs discussion. If you’re looking for smash related pals I would suggest a discord server for your hometown n reach out that way.


Nah. Depends on your local scene. Most locals I've been to there's always a good amount of people who like talking with new people. just don't try to force a conversation in the middle of a set. Most TO's and their crew do their best to make new people feel welcome.


It's a toss up! Sometimes I get very friendly people at local. Sometimes I get quiet folk. Keep trying, some people are just like that.


Haven’t had this experience myself, but I know not all scenes are the same. Is that the only bracket in your region?


Maybe they just took it too seriously and forgot what its all about.


Winning evo?


It depends what you’re saying tbh, some people try to act kinda high and mighty and don’t talk to “scrubs”


I have like 2000 hours and the whole roster in elite lol. This isn’t EVO but people seemed like they were taking it really seriously


People won’t give you the time of day until you beat them in tournament, and then they wanna be your friend. My scenes have always been chill but some of my friends have scenes like that. It helps if you go with a friend so you guys can hang out if nobody is interested in talking to you. Hours in menu and having characters in elite don’t mean anything. Who cares if your jigglypuff is in the top 5% of smash players when 0.01% of players go to tournament?


yeah sometimes it takes ppl a while to warm up to the new guy, just give it some time and keep playing. Don’t get too down abt it, just do ur thing!


Did you beat them? If so then that's your reason right there. Otherwise I would say you're just straight up unlucky with the people that are at your local. Definitely possible, but unfortunate.


What were some of the things you tried saying, word-for-word?


Just wondering if they shower