I got banned from GenZedong for mentioning the Uyghur genocide. These people are delusional. 🤦🏿

I got banned from GenZedong for mentioning the Uyghur genocide. These people are delusional. 🤦🏿


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Holy shit, that’s a whole new level of me being uncomfy. Gonna go lube up my guns, brb


-999999 social credit


I would take it as a badge of honor if I was banned from that sub. All they do is spew communist propaganda.


I'm gonna say free Hong Kong in a comment, and see if I will get banned, i'll Reply again to show you if I got banned.


Update: forgot to post the Update last night, because I fell asleep, For all you wondering, I got banned after a couple minutes


Well, at least you don’t have to subjected to the delusional people anymore.


You got banned by a bot, it probably just banned you based on keywords


I agree with Marxist leninist theories, but the shit that they put on genzedong is just fucking ridiculous. It's mostly 24 year Olds who blatantly base their entire persona around China. If you ask me, communism in there has clearly failed


Just like it failed everywhere else lmao


Lol I was randomly refreshing and I thought this was just a notification lol.


You have been banned from /r/Pyongyang


I mean who hasn't been banned from GenZedong at this point?


I'm gonna go get myself banned from that subreddit, any tips?


Be a normal functioning human being with decency and respect for others. They hate that shit.


I'm just gonna post a picture of Xi Jinping and have the title; "winnie the pooh", that or tank man or a ughyer concentration camp




This sounds like some shit from papers please.


Why won’t western leaders do more if I was Prime Minister I would move the factories to Mexico and put high domestic taxes on the companies until they got out of China. I wouldn’t stand for genocide. Then again politicians like celebrities are handpicked by elite cabals. Me being too average a citizen wouldn’t have a chance.


Then I am sure u will also punish the US for its crimes and concentration camps such as the one in guantanemo.


I think that's more than a little unfair- most monarchs and presidents wouldn't have the power to do that, let alone prime ministers. The only realistic way to stop China's growth is via multilateral trade and defence agreements which take a long, long time to finalise. You can't use the military because that would be potentially Armageddon, and you can't go via international institutions because they're mostly impotent at dealing with large powers.


They are


Just made an anti CCP post there to see the results. ~~Edit: Something ain't right I can feel it, somebody upvoted the post...~~ ~~... It doesn't feel right, could it actualy be a satire subreddit??~~ Nvm they realy are that delusional, it just took the mods some time to ban me


China isn’t even communist. It’s an authoritarian oligarchy with a capitalist economy. If they were communist they wouldn’t have millions and millions of apartments for sale sitting empty.


That sounds like something I'd write as a joke... But that's real and people actually think like that


Well like anyone supporting communism, they aren't people.


Oof. Here’s some oven mitts for that very very hot take. We are in conflict with dangerous and oppressive government policies - *not humanity*.


Mist be nice to live such a privileged life you not only ignore history telling the opposite but also to lie to say you aren't in conflict with humanity while simultaneously supporting dangerous and oppressive government. Or even didn't suffer under the heel of it, then risk everything to escape it like millions of us have, and disregard the millions more were so unfortunate to have been butchered by it. The only type to support communism are less than gutter trash who deserve to suffer the worst life can offer.


Nazis said Jews weren’t humans, the Unit 731 butchers said the Chinese weren’t humans. I’m sure many Ottomans had similar opinions of Armenians. Don’t want to even get started with how various minorities were/ and still *ARE* treated in the United States and worldwide - and how again people justify it - “they aren’t humans”. It goes on and on. **When you start seriously saying “X aren’t humans” you should be aware of what you’re stepping out into, no matter how strong your righteous indignation feels. Even when there’s more than a kernal of truth to that indignation.** And yeah, communist governments DID do some very fucked up things - Holodimor in Ukraine, famine in China, religious oppression that’s ongoing, etcetera. Or just look at how Bolshevik Communism violently threw other “baby birds” like Menshevik ideas “out of the nest” or put an ice pick in Leon Trotsky. (You should look at the “The Red Century” special edition of The Jacobin.)


They have the copy pasta autoban you😂😂