THE quote of Vitalik Buterin

THE quote of Vitalik Buterin


*Destroyer of jobs, creator of better ones* It was a TV interview but I don't remember which one. Edit: [Found it](https://youtu.be/eSPaNVYEWn8). It is a pretty great one as well.


This will be in the books


And books will be on the blockchain. Full circle






Mind blown. Anomaly detected


The text blocks, you mean.




No wonder the big banks and big businesses trash crypto, they don’t want to lose anymore than they have to crypto already.


Casinos are also threatened. Platforms like wallfair are planning to bring predictions to crypto. They will remove the rights of house such as event creation and allow users to interact and have fair bets against each other.


This is good,not in support of destroying jobs to create another but making the job better and efficient


One of the main promises of the cryptoverse is to eliminate the middle man, (banks, traditional financing, etc ) we literally support destroying jobs; otherwise we can just go back to before this all started.


Some jobs may have to be destroyed. I mean if every job that ever existed had to continue existing, we'd be even more fucked up than we already are


Very well said Sir, it seems your brain is as big as your genitalia.


It takes one to know one, *Hoden* Hodler


Indeed, I know many won't understand 🙃


Haha, ich schon


So true


Who teaches gammy about risk management?


Well Uber broke the monopoly the taxi firms had and is why we enjoy cheaper prices. The next step will be self driving taxi cabs which Google and others are working on. That will then remove the need for humans. After that you could then have a decentralized self driving car network …but that sounds like a very dangerous thing giving robotic cars full autonomy like that.


Thanks for the sauce!


And lest not forget: Aurthur Hayes: https://cryptohayes.medium.com/yes-i-read-the-whitepaper-59cfa2ea9c2c World banking indices projects what will happen if Ethereum eats Centralized Finance. If ETH were to eat .01% of CeFi ETH will be 4K If ETH were to eat .50% of CeFi ETH will be 20K If ETH were to eat 1% of CeFi ETH will be 40K If ETH were to eat 5% of CeFi ETH will be 202K If ETH were to eat only 25% of CeFi ETH will be 1 Million This is going to be an amazing decade, boys. The flippening is real.


thank you


I could listen to this guy talk all day even tho i don’t understand half the things he’s saying


You got to be right in your own way


Man it’s almost impossible to not like Vitalik


really bro, every time i watch his interviews or anything about him i ike hime more


I am just starting to see him and I love the guy. I'm grateful for what he created and I hope the best for him. Just be careful for the day he does something worthy of public shame. Satoshi was right to be anonymous. Humans are fucked up, both the public and the individual. Even the slightest thing can ruin quality projects and people's lives. There will never be a day where someone fucks up and it somehow represents Bitcoin. This is the way.


Agreed! While Vitalik is a pretty cool dude, he is starting to get somewhat of a cult following to the point of mural worship. Ethereum shouldn't have a leader who singlehandedly could taint the entire project. Blockchain cryptocurrency projects are best with only founders and a community leadership. This is one of the reasons why Bitcoin has and will outlast everything else. Ethereum can too as long as it's not tied to a single human.


*cough* Cardano *cough* If you say cult following, I immediately think about Charles Hoskinson and his cult following of ADA hodlers


Shut up dude he has literally killed dragons bare handed and parted Lake Michigan


Well I'm just going to sound like a shill/cultist, but imo the crazy ADA hodling going on at the moment is because Cardanos staking system is the best I've seen.


What are you doing?! You can't speak obvious facts in this sub. Don't you know that ADA is just a dream of a pyramid scheme dreamt up by a charlatan who knows nothing about blockchain? How dare you speak of such passive income in a sub that proposes financial freedom!


That Karen/talking with Bitcoins manager meme... that is one of the most hard hitting memes IMO. it touches deep on what Bitcoin is


You do realize that Vitalik pretty much acted like a traditional bank during the ETC fiasco. He voted to rollback a transaction he didn't like, but was completely authorized by the code. That's the only reason ETC exists.The current ETH chain has already been violated. I don't hate Vitalik, but people should know that he's more than willing to walk back when it suits him. ​ TLDR: The current ETH chain erased transactions that they didn't like. ETC forked from original ETH chain because they accepted the fault in their code and fixed it, but did not alter any transactions.


Definitely too much power in one set of hands


Those are the kind of people that should come on B-word not Elon


He has all qualities of a great leader...


Definitely would recommend the Lex Fridman podcasts with Vitalik as guest.




The guy really knows his onions


Most certain a better world is coming. The future is already here with digital assets basically. Some alts and chains are also an asset to hodl. I got some POP SOL ADA POP offers proof of partnership through a mutual liquidity pool to partnering crypto projects SOL has enjoyed a good run since the blockchain gained mass adoption


True, even as a bigger believer in Carano than Ethereum, I like Vitalik so much more than Charles lol


How about [now?](https://steemit.com/anarchy/@cryptogee/watching-child-porn-is-okay-says-ethereum-owner-vitalik-when-anarchy-goes-too-far)


[Here’s](https://hive.blog/ethereum/@jenyftblockchain/no-vitalik-buterin-does-not-support-child-porn) the context. It’s fine if people change their opinion of him based on this but at least it’s based on the whole story rather than a random screenshot.


Well he is a very strange guy and i like him for it but that’s unacceptable


All of the cofounders of ETH bounced on Vitalik. They went on to create amazing projects that will eclipse ETH. Dr. Gavin wood is one of the most brilliant cryptographers on the planet, and much more intelligent than Vitalik (as a programmer and an idealist). Parachains are the most elegant and complex system of governance and application in this space. And ADA is a beast. ETH will succeed, but so will blockchain 3.0 the new smart contacts. Death star goes live in sept. on cardano, get in while you can.


They may create good projects but it will take years to even come close to what Ethereum is right now.


September of which year ?


Nah I'm good. Have fun investing in a coin that's already overvalued and Hoskinson is a fraud.


Lol no


Remind me! 3 months


cardono/ADA is garbage. Utter trash


Nobel Prize, when?


Moon prize when?


Every month




​ ![gif](giphy|Qz5ITuBg5uvLy0yiRY|downsized)


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One day it is possible I think ! When crypto will be 100% mainstream and ETH will be 50k


Eth at 50K? You’re making me hard.


Just a dream


Dreams become reality ETH need only gain 1% market share from TradFi and that would put it at $40k


something, something, some magazine.


Gotta pump those numbers up, son


soon brother, soon


Not even kidding, I'm pretty sure Satoshi or Vitalik have a good chance getting the Nobel prize within my life span


Before ETH 2.0? Or too *soon™?*


I’m newish to crypto and that quote just gave me a lightbulb moment. Can someone verify if I’m grokking this? With blockchain, an Uber-type Dapp could be developed with all the same functionality as Uber, which included crypto payment, and the whole thing is not owned by anyone in particular?


yeah and blockchain can be used to eliminate cost manipulation by middle man, verify trip occurrence, connect driver to customer without infrastructure costs, create fair payment system all leading to higher wages by drivers. Only loss would be middleman support for conflict as it would be between driver and customer for issues unless a minor middleman still existed for conflict resolution/maintenance of whatever connect customer and driver to the blockchain. But all would still provide a better level of support than Uber provided to its contractors


Fuck that’s cool.


Until the problem is solved you still have to verify the driver's identity, a valid license and valid insurance. Insurance could be moved on chain, but afaik there are no on chain car insurers.


VB is great hopefully he will keep that pure vision and not get corrupt.


Not a chance he'll get corrupted. The guy is the real deal. If he would have gotten corrupted, it would have happened by now with the billions he has made (and donated). *not sure of the actual liquid value of donations


VB is a Fucking Legend


VB has had plenty of chances to get corrupt. Dude could have sold SHIBA for millions and kept it.




Is he really human?


Magic 8 ball says 'unlikely'.


Man if i had a fraction of his wealth


The wealth does not motivate him. He wants ETH to level the playing field across the world for people to interact and do business without a middle man or government taking a cut and screwing the people. I think he is thinking at a much higher level than us.


Confirmed: Vitalik is an alien.


Isn't he the guy that gave a half of his Shib wallet? Or was it someone else?


Anybody else reading this in Vitality voice?




A decentralized Uber is not going to happen. No one will trust a service where only the driver can be held accountable for an attack or rape.


Can someone explain to me how Ethereum does that?


Computer magic


Through maxis fanaticism and being super hopeful, maybe optimal circumstances wouldn't hurt.


Google for smart-contracts or dApps.


I did and it did not answer any of my questions. Uber provided extremely user friendly technology to connect customers and drivers. Surely you would need the same on ETH unless we just hope a group of volunteers will build and maintain it. Also I'm pretty sure most people would pay a little extra to work with a respectable middle man than having to roll a die with a random taxi driver that might scam you.


Wasn't Uber just that? Letting people work on their own terms? Rather than being part of a taxi company. The point still stands though.


Yeah, but I think uber is alot centralised.


Uber is uber centralized and takes their cut for being the middle man between customer and driver


That's the sad part,.who's paying for their cut?


The driver's paycut is


No, Uber and other companies get a cut of the fare. Thats the fee for technology they bring to the drivers. DApps can technically replace the Uber app for both drivers and customers.


Can't the drivers do it themselves


What can the driver use? Even if they have their own app, theres only 1 driver and thus nobody will use his services simply because the availability of drivers is not there. A DApp can allow for many drivers to use the service while also getting 100% of the cut.


Yeah but Uber takes money from drivers and a lot, blockchain can replace Uber


An app that uses blockchain can replace Uber, but blockchain alone can't. You still want some middle man that is building the super user friendly platform to connect customer and driver. All blockchain is doing is replacing usd with crypto.


I'm curious how blockchain would vet potential drivers that have had bad driving records, crazy in the head etc


You would have to flip a coin and hope you don't get one of the crazy ones. That's what people did before Uber, and that's one of the big reasons why Uber got so big.


A lot of what makes Uber valuable has nothing to do with tech. It's a 2-sided marketplace with heavy network effects. You need a critical mass of both drivers and users using the app for it to be of any use. Uber has burned a ton of cash to get users and drivers to use their app. I'm not even sure they're profitable now, in any case they weren't profitable for a long time. Tell me, why would anyone invest time and money to build this on the blockchain and not take a cut?


No. Uber is not truly peer to peer, it mediates between and matches drivers and passengers, and in return it gets a share of the profits for the service they provide.


Yeah, it's providing and maintaining a super user friendly platform to connect passenger and driver. In this case the middle man is providing an actual value.


And why is that wrong? This sub is full of 14yo


It isn’t wrong, but it can be better


Ubers goal is and has always been to replace drivers with self-driving. And don't be fooled that them selling their self-driving division in anyway changes this plan. that is just for some financial trickery reasons. (Albeit at the current wage it's probably cheaper to have drivers than self-driving cars)


Wow the king standing next to his peasant!


We shall bow to him


We shall blow him


yes, yes we shall


Don't keep going friendsssssssss I dont want to see you blow... ugh uhh augh


What a banger of a line!! Too cool!


I've also loved this quote when I heard it. It really explains in a simple way why crypto is such a great tool and how much the world can change with its adoption.


this man is a genius. I hope he will be able to continue what he started and the states (corporations) will not force him to work for themselves


I hope someone could explain this quote to me. Does it mean that Blockchain would replace middleman platforms?




Credit system worked when economy was booming...you'd take huge risk now and pay later, which was no issue when you get paid more and more with time, same with student loans...but has anyone thought what would happen if that weren't the case? What happened to start small and grow big? Work your way up? Grow money plant that doesn't get chopped down? Let's end the profiting from bubble economy...bad businesses that shouldn't be afloat kept alive with artificially cheap labor, home/cars/stuff that shouldn't have been approved, all while wall st. make the bank and run when it collapses Real economy is the one that really matters, and people deserve better system. Investors are trying to get into the next big ship that will sail for the next decade, but why would any sane person jump in later if all the billionaires hoarded their spots and nothing left for them...Early or not, timeless value will have utility, others will not


A rare rich guy that isn't focused purely on getting richer.




I give kudos to him


Exactly. He donated over a Billion dollars to charity and all he buys is unicorn t shirts


That’s an understatement, he donated 6x his net worth after just hitting the billionaire club (at that time)—this was based on his wallet balance.


I mean I'm not sure what I could do with 10 billion what I can't with 1 billion but what do I know?


Yep, even after becoming so rich (and at such a young age) he is still so focused on developing projects!


The guy was born in 94. Let that sink in


Damn he's my age what am I doing with my life lol


I’m 10 years older, what have I done with my life.


Like me, this is hard to think


My favourite rich


What a blessing to have parents that are a good influence for you (father is a computer scientist and gifted him a computer as a kid). Billionaire in his 20s!


Decentralizing the power of centralized monopolies


Kids will be reading about this guy in textbooks.


Whats really gonna blow peoples mind is when they connect robots and automated machines and a.i. to a blockchain......then what the fuck are most humans gonna do? We essentially are getting rid of work for most people. This is a serious issue that needs to be solved within our lifetime. We not that far im telling you.


Someone please protect that boy. If he dies in an accident we are storming the capital with skinnier protein-fed americans this time


Vitalik is bae




I think more important is his recent scolding to ETH developers, do something other than DeFi.


One of the things that makes me think Vitalik is the real deal is that he definitely has enough cash to retire several times over, but it doesn't seem to be what drives him. So many other cryptos are set up with the sole purpose of generating money for the creators and investors, but Vitalik really doesn't seem to see that as important. I genuinely believe he wants to make the world a better place, and see Eth as the best way for him to do that. Really heartwarming to see this.


For me, I love the fact that he's concerned about the development of the Ethereum brand and making it succeed in all its goals. This and many more, have laid the recipe for defi to succeed as there are more contributions to the progress of his dreams.


Vitalik is who Elon imagines himself as






Fuck the big company’s that hold all the small workers hostage


As slaves


Vitalik is the GOAT of crypto


Better than all others


100% Agree


I love this perspective. It gives people possibilities to do their stuff without being forced into arrangements that don't benefit them well enough


This is the way


The way this is.


Is this the way


This is the way man


This is the gwei




Vitalik will survive us all


Man, an blockchain based uber app. Genius.


Thanks blizzard for fucking up his game. He got his motivation and idea because you screwed up his favorite character.


Love it. Much prefer this guy to many of the other unmentionables involved in this space


This really was the one line that got me hooked to Ethereum. I really can't stress enough how much of a genius the guy is.


imagine he and satoshi could have met in person. Two of the most visionary people of our time.


Exactly, would be a sight to behodl.


Wake me up when it actually starts happening. Where is decentralized Uber? Decentralized Facebook and WhatsApp? Decentralized Twitter?


The way this is


There is only one way


But there are many wei!


72% pre-mined coin isn't centralized. Sure lol


Calling out Uber


How is being a coin holder different than a shareholder in a public company?


Yea man. Uber isn’t going anywhere. It has gained traction all over the world, broken into Japan and Asia with uber eats and is a monster success….is starting flying drone services to airports starting in Australia in 2022. Hold uber stock for 10 years. Buterin and ETH dapps and smart contracts won’t be touching Uber. In 5 years Cardano is going to be the ecosystem that we are all talking about… ETH will be successful, but its future competitors is where to put your money now. Sol, ada, and tezos are where its at.


Completely clueless. But the scam must go on.


Explain to me how exactly blockchain puts Uber “out of a job”?


He get right to the heart of a subject. I really enjoy hearing him speak.


"We're not so far from ETH 2.0" Been telling me the same since 2018


It's nice to see a rich good hearted guy, for a change


The best rich


Wholesome Vitalik


It wasn't until last year that I saw the potential of etherium. I saw stablecoins and defi and it blew my mind, banks are dead. Then later that year came NFTs and the metaverse and now I'm totally sold. I don't invest in anything but crypto assets now


> I don't invest in anything but crypto assets now Which breaks the rule to diversify. crypto simply has risk of getting banned, globally. Invest in stocks/funds, real estate, resources (oil, rare or "future" metals like lithium) and crypto.


While probably not achievable, this principle is important to have


i think that Vitalik is one of the main crypto faces right, or the main know one... yeah you have alleged satoshi and then some big d investors but no one like Vitalik


The time we're living in, reminds me of the sudden advancement in physics from 1900-1930. Some of the biggest scientific breakthroughs in history happened during that time. There was that epic group photo of the big scientists, Bohr, Einstein, Heisenberg, Pauli, Schrodinger and others. They are like the founding fathers of modern physics, and even the fundamentals of modern chemistry. If we could have a similar photo today, it would include Satoshi, Vitalik, Gavin, Charles and other founders of crypto and smart contracts.


I know everyone is all hot on blockchain and daos, but I struggle to see a future where they become the prevailing systems. The more features eth gains the more centralized it becomes. Anyone familiar with the blockchain wars knows that blockchains are limited by the number of bits they contain. We won't have Uber on the blockchain, perhaps a mostly autonomous organization on a centralized server/cloud. I think many here are acting like blockchain is going to fix all these industries, but I just don't see it. Would love to hear why I'm wrong though.




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>This is the quote who makes me believe in the crypto, and I really think that a better world is coming thanks to blockchain. The new "center" then are stakers making a living of running servers. I can dig it. installing updates one per week for 1-2hrs and rest of week is free time.


Seeing as this post is now 3 hours old, I think I need to call my doctor....


I am absolutely with you on this. The fact that anyone can create completely decentralized markets without being a middle man in the transaction is astounding to me. Blockchain can and will replace any major platform that's too greedy with the cuts they take.


>Whereas most technologies tend to automate workers on the periphery doing menial tasks, blockchains automate away the center. Instead of putting the taxi driver out of a job, blockchain puts Uber out of a job and lets the taxi drivers work with the customer directly. It is also why first China and later on also the West will do everything to prevent this. Who is the center? Exactly. The rich in power. They won't go without a fight and I bet it won't be long till one needs to stake behind a VPN and then VPNs become illegal...


very interesting, but also with much deeper stuff in it. Imagine Uber and Taxi companies facing this annihilation. So.. expect a huge fight back from big companies.. it already is happening with many banks, afaik.


This is the quote that convinced me this guy is on the side of people. He's in it for the tech and for the improvement of mankind.