From CBR.com: “This edited version of Birds of Prey is the one that has been airing this month on TNT with a TV-14 rating. HBO Max streams content from throughout the WarnerMedia library, which includes both HBO and TNT among various other TV networks. Perhaps the most likely explanation for why the edited version of Birds of Prey is the version streaming is that the broadcast rights transferred from HBO Max to TNT, and as a result, HBO Max has to stream the TNT version if it is to stream the movie at all.” I know they aren’t a reliable source but this does seem like a likely explanation. I’m sure this censored version is temporary.


What the fuck is the point of having a media conglomerate monopoly if you have to follow streaming rights of the companies you own??




Yeah but Sony doesn’t have a streaming service. Disney and Netflix are the only guys doing it right. All of their original content is exclusive to their streaming platform.


dear lord wth


This is what I've heard as well. It makes sense.


It does, but it doesn’t. I’m sure There’s other stuff on HBO Max that’s in both places. I mean Justice League is in both places for example. I find it possible that a glitch caused this, but less likely that it’s a purposeful thing based on rights.


That could absolutely be the case as well. Just doing some searching and came across this article though: https://www.thewrap.com/whats-leaving-hbo-max-november-2021/amp/ It seems like the standard version that was on HBO Max left the service on Nov. 14th


But Warner owns HBO and TNT. Why do they have to adhere to TNT broadcast rights when they own the rights themselves, and are the ones giving the right to TNT?


Royalties are paid to the people who made the movie based on these streaming contracts and likely the TNT contract was made before HBOMax was created.


They confirmed they added it by accident and they changed it back


Wasn't the R rating like the entire point of why the film was supposed to be different from a standard DCEU film lol


Wait til you see the TV-14 edit of Joker.


"This is what you freaking deserved!" "Oh, you had me spooked for a second, Mr. Joker. I, Robert DeNiro, shall help you by paying for the psychiatric treatment that you obviously need as well as helping reform the socio-economic problems in Gotham City. I also think your jokes were pretty funny."


Joker is really just a beautiful story of a man seeking help and a talk show host helping him along his journey, truly inspiring


"joker we must collaborate to defeat evil superman. there is no other freaking way for me to say this." "We live in a Society."


To be fair it wouldn’t have been hard to make joker PG-13, the director and producer even said so themselves.


Well there were no tiddies so it barely made it into an R-rating anyway.


Did they also replace The Joker with a TV-14 version already too? I still haven’t seen it… *single tear*


They haven’t, the person was just joking


The Joker movie didn't really feel like a Joker movie. It felt kind of like they had this idea but the writers, directors and producers needed more money to realize their vision. So at some point they tacked on some DC comics references (people, places, names) and so on and so fourth. If they called this movie the clown and took out 3 or 4 scenes you wouldn't even know it was related.


Yeah. The movie could've easily worked as a non-DC story. Similar to the new Child's Play film, it feels like it was going to be its own thing, until the studio was like, "This is FANTASTIC! But it won't sell unless you slap a popular franchise title in the name!" And so this movie used Batman characters and same with Child's Play. In fact, I get the feeling Brightburn COULD'VE easily have been literally just Superman in an AU, with the parents literally being Martha and Jonathan Kent, and the girl the kid falls in love with being obviously a young Lois. But in the end, they stuck with their original characters.


This is what you get Donny! When you find a stranger in the alps!


I just loaded it up on HBO Max and it says "this film has been modified as follows from its original version: it has been edited for content" WTF is HBO Max doing? They won't give us 4K HDR versions of these movies, but they'll give us the censored TV versions that no one asked for?


Woah this is incredible like they literally replaced the original R rated movie with a PG-13 version? Who in their right mind would even think of doing this and actually go through with it!??? The movie surprisingly didn’t even take full advantage of the R rating. I’ve always said how toned down it is for an R rated movie.


well now we’ll have less of what made this film r rated


It was so toned down for an R rated movie I don’t even know if people would notice if HBO hadn’t said anything.


Basically the only things making it R rated were the handful of f- bombs, the quick reference to cocaine and Black Mask's death. I can't think of much else, I'm not seeing much lost here.


Harley broke a dude's leg. But yeah, a waste of an R-Rating. It very easily could have been PG-13 without compromising anything. Compared to The Suicide Squad which entirely justified it's R-Rating.


That’s what irks me about streaming, Disney has been doing that too. They edited out a pg13 scene of a woman’s ass and digitally lengthen the woman’s hair to cover it and it it ends up just looking weird. Or taking episodes off Hulu or what not. People just need to leave things alone


probably covering their ass from the puriteens.


I don't get it, its streaming, why not have both?


I’m guessing they want this. Fan outrage/discussion to field interest in the character. It’s all business decisions, they could easily have both versions on HBO max.


hbo lol. im old enough to remember the whole point of HBO was to show movies as they were ment to be, none of this pg crap.




Next up, The Suicide Squad and Zack Snyder's Justice League.


You know they're gonna put confetti instead of blood when steppenwolf beheads the amazons.




Polka dots


Please god no.


I don't think a pg13 zsjl will Make it any worse or better than the r rated one.


It would make it worse.


No not really. Unlike Joker or TSS there's no real reason for ZSJL to rated R. There's like one F bomb in the last chapter and some action scenes with blood in it. That's about it. There's no real reason for ZSJL to exist as an R rated movie


Nah, there's some violence that's too heavy when Steppenwolf attacks the amazons and also in the final battle. Compare the extended or theatrical cut of Deadpool 2 with Once Upon a Deadpool if you don't understand the difference.


Sure the amazons vs steppy scene is action packed but it's nowhere near brutal that demands an R rating. And the final battle doesn't have that much brutality either. ZSJl got r rating because of f bombs, ww saving the hostages in london.


Nah, wrong. It's all those scenes.


Didn't all those scenes exist in the TC as well??


They were all altered.


And?? I never said scenes from ZSJL shouldn't be altered. I think it's given if you're making a R rated movie into PG 13 then you have to change some stuff. Movies like TSS and joker rely on the R rating whereas BoP and ZSJL don't. Having a pg13 ZSJL can work.


But they keep Joker and ZSJL on there? Why not just make two versions of the film. One PG-13 and one R


It's likely something stupid involving media licenses. It's likely not a choice that hbomax has


But the company that owns the film owns HBO, and TNT which is the one broadcasting this new version. So it makes no sense to change the film you own on a service you own to adhere to a channel's broadcast rights that you own


Welcome to the wonderful world of media licenses and how stupid it is. We haven't even begun to add the chaos that is streaming rights being separate from TV rights and how the fact that there's only like five major TV companies but like 15 streaming services makes them super confusing




Glad I did. This is stupid and doesn't make sense when it's on a digital streaming service that includes other rated R material. Hate when changes are made, unless the original is also still available widely on the same platform. Such as the case with ZSJL and JWJL. In situations like Starwars it's nearly impossible to find any of the original cuts on any platform.


For reasons such as this one that I don't mind sailing the high waves, even if I already pay for HBOMax


I still can watch the R rated version and can’t find an edited one. Edit: when you click the rated r version you are actually watching the edited version. I was wrong.


I always buy physical and use my digital codes through Vudu. When the remaster of BVS came out, my digital copy of the first 4K BVS release automatically updated to the new remaster with scenes in the different aspect ration. Before I had even bought it. I like the remaster, but I also like the original release. I have both physically, but for whatever reason I can only have one digitally. It’s so bizarre.


Or sail the seas.


Good thing I always do and upload my digital copies to Vudu right after.


That’s not how it works.


I assume they mean redeem the digital code


Yeah I will totally buy more plastic my lord! No way will I pirate the original version and dump it on my server...


Or just download digital copies...




Not dead but dying.


That's really stupid. The film taking advantage of its R rating is a big part of what made it good.


I don’t remember the R rating add much the the movie tbh, especially when you compare that to Logan, Deadpool, The Suicide Squad, The Boys, Invincible etc… I’m not saying edit the director’s vision is nice, but I’m saying more people would’ve seen the film in theater if it wasn’t R rated.




yes, good


Great, even.




yes, great


[Update on the article: It was a mistake, and the unedited original version will be available.](https://screenrant.com/birds-prey-movie-censored-edited-streaming-hbo-max/amp/)


This should be the top pinned comment


This is why I collect physical media.


They obviously haven’t watched their own show, Doom Patrol


What the fuck?


Yeah, no one gives a crap about a series with a prominently featured side character that is a queer street.


>a queer street BTW they're not exaggerating . The character is called["Danny The Street"](https://doompatrol.fandom.com/wiki/Danny_the_Street)


Seriously? Doom Patrol is one of the best comic book shows of all time, full stop. Even if you didn’t like Danny the sentient, teleporting, genderqueer street, that episode was one of the best of the entire series. The karaoke scene was absolutely heartbreaking, and it’s just one of so many beautiful moments in the show.


Not quite. It is just weird, and not at all impactful. The Boys would be up there, or the Watchmen (also a big stretch). Or Arrow Season 4.


I love The Boys as well! I’d agree that it’s one of the best, I’m excited for the third season. Watchmen hits a weird spot for me, I’m not really sure how to feel about it. The episode about Wade was my favorite one, it gave a lot of valuable insight into his character. I disagree about Arrow S4 though; I find it to be one of the weakest seasons of the 8. That’s not to say the other ones are massively better, but I personally prefer S1, 2, and 5. These are all worthy of more thorough discussion, but they are just a quick response to your picks for the best. As for Doom Patrol, the weirdness of it all contributes to its charm. Even just describing it to others is fun as hell: “And then the drunk near-omniscient narrator had to convince the giant evangelical cockroach to make out with the giant rat” for instance. Despite its weirdness however, the emotions and characters are still grounded in a very human way. They are flawed and complex, and their problems can’t be solved overnight. To revisit the scene in question, it’s a perfect encapsulation of what makes the show great. I think it’s heartbreaking that so many others find peace and acceptance living on Danny, but Larry can’t. He should be able to express himself and not feel like everyone is judging him, but he doesn’t feel like he deserves it. That’s been changing steadily over the course of the show though, and I’m looking forward to seeing it continue!


Maybe consider to add “Umbrella Academy” to the list as well? It has a similar bizarre vibe to it, but is, nonetheless, a perfect encapsulation of drama/comedy/action/romance. For its ridiculous premise, it surely turned out okay — expectedly good, even.


Oh absolutely! Umbrella Academy is fantastic; I had the opportunity to rewatch the second season recently. I know Five is a lot of people’s favorite, but I enjoyed all the characters in the second season. Or at least, more than I did in the first.


Yep. Umbrella Academy suffers from the “Stranger Things” syndrome: First season is made for the general audience and takes itself more seriously, so that they get a viewer base. It is more plot-driven and consistent. Later seasons are “for fans only” and focus on the inter-character interactions while having a very “wtf” approach to the plot (not taking it seriously at all, even humorously).


This screams “fuck-up”. Like I get having a pg-13 version (I even get it making it an option on HBO Max), but straight-up replacing the original on a streaming service that carries a bunch of R rated stuff makes no sense.


I think it's perfectly feasible that some grunt accidentally linked the film's app entry to the file sent to TNT for broadcast instead of the original R-rated video. Now, the real question is: how long before they fix it?


Why though? I guess they want a wider audience for it, but surely this would be put under some kind of childlock deal? Have they just outright replaced it?


Theyve had a few problems that make me think it could just be a mistake. Meant to put up a second option and overwrote the original.


Yeah, it's entirely possible, I wouldn't put it past them given how many hiccups HBOMax has had


It looks like its either that or a weird licensing issue that will take some time to work out.


Them messing up the licencing on their own film for their own streaming service is peak WB


Stuff like that is so insanely complicated considering parent companies and everything else that can go into it.


I just watched some of it... it's hilarious. Freaking, crap in the places of words with bad dubs takes me back to the 80's watched edited films on T.V.


"You see what happens when you find a stranger in the alps!"


Hahahaha. Yeah, that one is so out there too


I have HAD it with these monkey-fighting snakes on this Monday-to-Friday plane!


Yippie Kai yay Mr Falcon.


That hand gesture was censored? So now she says fuck off in English instead of American?


Bruh. I been putting off watching Birds of Prey until I have free time. Now I get to watch a censored version… That’s what I get for waiting.


I watched it before the pandemic and enjoyed it, minus the soundtrack.


What didn’t you like about the soundtrack? I quite enjoyed it!


My music taste is basically every dad on a roadtrip’s taste.


The soundtrack was one of my favorite things about that movie. It's not the style of music I listened to at all, but it expanded my horizons and I found all the songs excellent. It's extremely rare that I am exposed to a type of music I don't know and find it good.


Physical copy isn’t edited


Honestly, you weren’t missing much


Watch it when 100% bored,or need something to fall asleep to


This version was on TNT today lol. The bit I watched replaced the cuss words instead of blanking them out. I guess they did a pg-13 version before release . I can’t see them re editing to this extent just for syndication.


>I can’t see them re editing to this extent just for syndication. I mean, pg-13 is more appealing to certain networks and can be shown to a wider audience, so more money for deals for WB. But why outright replace the original version on HBOMax of all places?


They record audio dubs and stuff as part of the film's production. They always need to make edited versions of films for planes & TV, especially mainstream movies like superhero ones.


> I can’t see them re editing to this extent just for syndication. Its usually a requirement. I dont want to say always but pretty much always.


Makes sense. Surprised the changed the HBOMAX version when they claimed the original was one of their best performers on the app.


I assume it was either a mistake, like accidentally overwriting the R rated instead of setting up two options, or some weird licensing issue theyre trying to work out.


That’s annoying I don’t pay $15 a month for censored movies


Can we just talk about how funny it is that they just cloned her middle fingers, rings and all?


What the fuck? This is ridiculous.


Get the bluray


Wait so there’s no R rated version of HBO Max at all?


This should not be a thing. I'm paying a premium for this damn service. I should be able to watch the original version if I choose to since I'm paying. If this was a free service then by all means load up the TV-14 version. This is some bullshit.


What is the point in this? Also that gesture is just as offensive in the UK.


Time to get back into collecting DVDs


No one's gonna bring up an HBO Max representative said it was a mishap and they're fixing it?


How does that even work? Did they had the cast to do ADR or what? Because the curse worlds are absolutely everywhere on the movie, I don’t see how you can censor them.


They often have the cast do ADR for the TV/airplane versions of R-rated movie So they'll say "shoot" instead of "shit", "screw" instead of "fuck", etc.


Bleep them out I guess.


For those wondering, this is the tv version of the movie. Here's what probably happened. With Warner Bros., when their movies expire off of HBO, they go to broadcast and are removed from HBO/HBO Max (until they're allowed to stream it again about a month after it starts airing). In the case of BOP, it went to broadcast immediately after HBOs license expired. Now, Turner Broadcasting owns the rights to stream and air the movie, but they decided to only stream the heavily edited version on their apps and website. Since HBO Max immediately switched the version from the HBO version to the Broadcast version once the license changed, it probably had something to do with that. Only time will tell if they'll fix it.




But why?


Jesus fuck… I can’t stand censorship of any sort


Glad I own the blu-Ray/digital.


I wonder if this version would have made more in theaters. Can't help but think cutting out part of your key demographic hindered it.


Why though? The most interesting parts of this movie were the R-rated parts. Take that out, and it’s a fairly generic PG-13 hero flick.


At least bring them back as a different version, wtf? It's a streaming stream I'm paying for this content isn't that HBO's whole MO? They offer mature content because it's always been a paid service? If you're unhappy with the mature content unsubscribe! Absolutely hate censorship. Hope enough complaints reach the ears of those in charge and bring them back.




what the fuck?


Well I'm adding HBO Max to the long list of "fuck you" platforms. Censorship is stupid especially for this kind of reason. If you want your movie to be accessible to a younger audience you should present the viewer with a rated R version and a pg 13 version. Not force people to watch your watered down versions.


I mean, I always felt the R rating was a little forced and that it could've worked as a PG-13 cut, but don't get rid of it completely.


Isn't two fingers worse than giving the bird?


God.. why?


That's why still owning the physical still has a place.


Buy physical media people. Can’t censor that. 4K Blue Rays all the way🙌


Discovery can't take over fast enough IMO. Once again WB tugging on Disney's cape.


Birds of Prey was Bird S**t.


Folks are pretty starved for family friendly content right now but this ain’t it.


...hbo...did this.... Isn't the entire point of hbo to not censor shit? What the fuck is this carebear trash?


The R rating was really just a marketing move, very little actual content.


Fucking lame


I didn't think that film could get worse....but here we are.


Finally i can actually watch it now


Warner being Warner, as always...


I love her Harley but this movie was garbage.


Birds of prey = meh


That is actually so stupid. At least they should’ve released two versions instead of outright replacing it.


My guess is it's a licensing issue and they can currently only get the rights to this cut of it.


This could be really bad.... Imagine this as a test for consumer/audience tolerance and acceptance of what streaming services actually provide. With the advent of #SAME DAY RELEASE! and it being a major selling point for subscribers, but there being a falling our between the actual artists and the company/studio. Imagine a very possible (near) future where you still get "same day as theatrical release at home" but you get the watered down version. If it's an "R" or even edgier "PG-13", you'll get the TV edit for free. You want the real deal? Pay the ticket price. Family flicks will be broken up with, or bookended somehow with unskippable ads. I sincerely hope this was just a mistake, and they will be re-streaming the film in its proper form alongside this... version


So they encourge people to torrent their movies and shows




Surely that's even worse


It’s still listed as rated R on HBO Max. I think this was a screw up.


If this was Disney doing this, I would sort of understand cus 99% of their content is PG-13. But HBO wtf? You guys made Game of Thrones and Deadwood and so on. Why tf would they censor anything on their streaming service? I highly doubt that someone who's got HBO Max is thinking "woah that Harley Quinn movie had 3 f words and that's too much for me. I'm just going to go see something mild like The Wire"


This is some fucking bullshit, and could open a dangerous precedent.


I mean they edited Entourage and that’s their own damn show. Of course they’d fuck with other shit too.


This is why you buy physical media


Aaaaaaand back to piracy it is..... Just kidding i never stopped 🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️


Oh no. I'm definitely not going to watch it now.


Such a loss. /s


Please this movie was trash enough


who gives a shit that movie is dog shit


It's a trash movie anyway.




Did they censor black mask cutting that dudes face off? Cuz that shit was dope


They finally understood the target audience was below 17.


"Birds of gay"


And people wonder why no one likes DC


This movie is shit


The film still sucks.




Wtf does that even mean? 😂 the movie’s fantastic as it was made


I’d rather watch *Batman and Robin* than sit through *Harley Quinn: ~~Birds of Prey~~* again. I don’t usually talk bad about movies, but BOP was exceptionally bad.


Lol damn, you do you bro. From a filmmaking standpoint Birds of Prey is far more (intentionally) entertaining than Batman & Robin is, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion and no one’s gonna force you to like a movie you feel this strongly about. You gotta admit though, from a censorship of media standpoint, this is some bullshit from WB. No movie deserves to be cutdown from how the filmmaker intended, and this movie has its fans who enjoy it exactly as it was released. Who actually benefits from this change?


Are people actually rewatching this?


Of course! The police station sequence alone is something I rewatch every couple weeks.


Glad you liked it


Making this R rated will always be a baffling and hilarious decision


Nope, the movie slapped 🔥🔥


Good thing i watched it already lol




With the huge amount of mature content on the service, why would they censor this movie specifically? It feels so weird to me.


what the. why? lol is it because they think she appeals to kids and teens ? maybe she does. MAYBE. BUT maybe they should have considered that when they were making all three movies she is in so far


But why?


I feel like that version was on TNT or something earlier today. I walked in my mother watching it "Ewan McGregor" shouting "Freak! Freak!"


Doesn’t half of their shows have sex and nudity in it? 😂




Birds Of Prey was rated R? I saw it once when it came out and don’t remember anything worthy of an R-rating


It’s tame for an R rated movie like there’s a face cutting scene but it’s obscured and more alluded to so you could blink and miss it.


The fck