[Film/TV] Michael B. Jordan’s ‘Val Zod’ Superhero Project Lands Darnell Metayer & Josh Peters To Adapt For HBO Max

[Film/TV] Michael B. Jordan’s ‘Val Zod’ Superhero Project Lands Darnell Metayer & Josh Peters To Adapt For HBO Max


So we still have 2 superman


2 Supermen and 3 Batmen


Who are you counting for Superman?


More like 3. We have the classic version played by Tyler Hoechlin in Superman & Lois, a younger Clark in the upcoming My Adventures with Superman animated series. There's this hbo max val zod project. And the new version produced by bad robot.


I can support this.


Is Coates’s movie still happening at this point?


far as we know yea. dont see why it wouldn't be. If it was cancelled im assuming we would find out similar to Ava's new gods


Please get cancelled, nobody wants black Clark, Calvin and Val are much better black supermen.


Hurrah for Calvin and Val. Booh Black Clark. (Blark?)


Up with the true supermen, down with JJ Abrams and Coates' supes


I’d love so earth 2 slowly adapted to the big screen. Really enjoyed that series.


Hell yeah! Val-Zod is a great character.


Excited !!!!!


I fear the multiverse will be DC's undoing. The general populace will lose interest, fast. If they don't know what's going on why would they care?


The concept of a multiverse is existed within science fiction for a long time and been within the popular consciousness for a while. Doppelgangers, alternate universes, parallel timelines. Everything from marvel to Star Trek to mainstream artsy science fiction movies about Apple in these things. As long as they're clear I think most people will be able to figure it out. In my opinion, the real rest of DC is simply spreading themselves too thin. I think that can happen with or without a multiverse and it's just a nature of not prioritizing quality over quantity.


Yeah I'm really fucking worried marvel is doing that with spider man. If they start making other universes Canon little the X-Men one in gonna be pretty annoyed. I'm really fatigued with the multiverse stories on pop culture. Yeah the concept has been around for a long time in comics but never to this level, or at least the level of everything interacting with each other. Like I loved the Earth 2 stuff but got bored when the universes would build off each other. Same with the ultimate line in marvel comics. That's just me though But on the other hand: it's means we can have multiple interpretations of our favorite characters so if we don't love one version we got others lol


I understand your feelings. I like the multiverse concept , but it feels overexposed at this point. There is a need to tie everything together when they have in commen they are fictions created by people.


So it is a Val-Zoe series for sure then or are we all just guessing still.