Facts vs fiction.

Facts vs fiction.

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Damn i want to watch the rest


You mean [this](https://youtu.be/WQxM_EK5aiM)


Damn, Chris needs a fuckin trophy. Showed up, didn't throw his opinion in the with any, "I think..." Or "I feel like..." Just straight up facts, owned everyone in the room who argued with him by dropping truth on them, and clearly came armed with information and sources.


Did his m.f. homework he did.


This is a great debate! Well worth watching the whole thing. I'm really impressed with all the students regardless of opinion.


I watched the whole thing as well. Wow, these kids are something. That kid in the anonymous shirt is a fact wielding ninja! It gives me hope that for the future; especially since it’s in Kansas. I’d expect the kids to be more backwards like the kid arguing in favor of the confederate flag.


I can't believe the debate went on for almost an hour lmao The one guy kept saying he needed to fly the flag as a symbol against the man pushing him around hahahhaahahhahahah Like dude just say white power hahahahhahahhahahhahahahah Save your breath. We get it, you want to trigger people who aren't white and show your toxic masculinity off to your friends who are secretly thinking white power too Trump really did blow the lid off these people but then again I haven't been in the south in awhile to compare before and after trump Dude even went into the economics and acted like the tax was the reason!!! Lmao the slave owners making tobacco and cotton were getting FREE SLAVE LABOUR. Then they manipulated the poor southerners to fight for freedom and die against the north so that they can keep their FREE LABOUR to continue owning other human beings. What a flag to choose to represent not being pushed around...the symbol of a lost civil war where you attempted to get away with owning black people...what a heritage to show support for!!! The Germans evolved. Americans devolved.


>What a flag to choose to represent not being pushed around LOL, "I'm *proud* of my terrorist forefathers who got their inbred asses kicked and then waived the white flag of surrender!" Germany doesn't tolerate any Nazi flags anywhere and they don't put statues of evil losers like Himmler and Hitler in front of their schools. They're *ashamed* of these people and renounce this "*heritage*".


I use this symbol of defeat betrayal and total moral ineptitude to show im not going to be pushed around God damnit!!!!!!!!!! What an absolute moron


I invite y’all to read [the articles of secession of Georgia](https://avalon.law.yale.edu/19th_century/csa_geosec.asp) or almost any other confederate state. Do they mention slavery? You bet your ass they do. These motherfuckers were all about owning human beings as the backbone of their economy and way of life. Fuck their stupid traitorous flags and monuments.


I can’t agree more.


I remember watching it a year ago as part of my journey into breadtube lol




Socialist YouTubers


I also watched the whole thing and surprisingly, it swayed me to accept the confederate flag. Hear me out now- literally the ONLY argument made for not doing it is that it was offensive. But if my mom taught me anything it’s that people should have the Right to do whatever they want if it doesn’t harm anyone else (she meant physically, not emotionally). I’m really surprised religion didn’t come up in this debate more. Because 100% someone could find a symbol of Christianity, or being Muslim offensive. Countless atrocities have been committed in the name of deities. And 100% people pick and choose what they want the Bible to represent. It’s the perfect counter argument to these people because it calls them out on being SOOO fired up about this flag. And now, 5 years later a lot of the hype has died down and there are probably less confederate flags simply because people aren’t flying them just to exercise their 1st amendment rights (also, corona). Don’t get me wrong, I have no ties to that flag and it for sure represents something I don’t agree with, but to be honest that’s not the point. If we stopped free speech for things that were offensive the civil rights movement never would have progressed. Because keep in mind that bigots and powerful people can get offended too and we should never put them in a place where they can stop progress because of it.


Yeah I'm not impressed with a white teenager arguing that the Civil War wasn't about race or co-signing the people/organization that fought and died so I'd be a slave. Staying calm doesn't make you not an asshole, especially when youre opinions are wrong and racist.


wait, which white teenager? the first one or the one speaking exclusively facts?


The first one, clearly. He's responding to the idea of being impressed by "both sides".




I googled classroom confederate flag debate omegalol


Everybody gives Chris props, but the other kids did awesome as well. I liked [the part at 7:25](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQxM_EK5aiM), because I think that hearing a person who is directly affected by the flag and its symbolism is really important. She's also right about it being hate speech. I also liked [John Oliver's allegory for flying the Confederate flag using Jimmy Saville as an example](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5b_-TZwQ0I).


What a teacher! To facilitate a conversation like that and do his best to educate these kids how to be civil when you disagree is amazing. I feel like we need a few hundred million people like that and this world will be ok.


I am sure this teacher has very strong opinions on this topic when discussing it with his wife and friends. Yet, he set up the discussion then stayed out of it. Only jumping in to get things back on track or pose a thoughtful question. That’s a brilliant teacher there. He left his own opinions out of it.


Yes! This is a great way to teach! Have kids learn from each other and learn to interact respectfully. Being able to articulate your ideas and being able to listen to your peers are super useful skills to learn. I had one professor in college who would do this and she was my favorite teacher.


Double thanks!


This gave me anxiety... also scares me when my kids starts going to school. I'm just happy I live in a diverse city. This shit is scary as fuck... those kids are going to grow up one day and become cops! lol holy fuck!


Or doctors or politicians or mechanics or clerks.


not the southern flag wielders that's for sure.


This was actually a deleted scene from Good Will Hunting, featuring Matt Damon


I watched the entire thing last night. It was captivating. Essentially nearly all of the white males acknowledged the confederate flag is offensive because of its racist connotations but they would continue to fly it regardless of how it affects other people because of their first amendment rights, stating that anyone who is offended is too sensitive. All women and people of color, and a few white men argued that it is perfectly legal to fly it but whether or not to do so needs to take into consideration what the flag symbolizes, and if that symbolism is inflammatory, offensive, or disruptive. tl;dr white men exacting white privilege, women and people of color asking for behavior considerate of others


This video is 5 years old. They should totally do a "Where are they now" video to see how their perspectives have changed or stayed the same


That's it give this boy a teaching diploma.


Kick that knowledge bro! So many people are confused. Many people fly the flag thinking it aligns them with the republican or conservative movements, when really the southern slave owners were Democrats. Grant was a conservative republican, Lincoln was a conservative republican. Many people fly the flag to align themselves with the south. Southern charm, southern hospitality, southern work ethic are all real things, and good things to align yourself with. But if 99% of the people trying to align themselves with the south had witnessed the atrocities the slaves endured, they’d never fly that flag again. I am a conservative. I would never fly that flag. Slavery is evil. God created all men and women equal.


Thinking the same thing


Full clip. https://youtu.be/WQxM_EK5aiM


Chris is brilliant. I hope he reads the comments to that video where he is being defended by being bullied by his class. He was straight spitting facts!


Awesome how well these kids are debating this issue. There's hope for intelligent and conscientious opinion formation for the next generation, as opposed to 'yes men' who simply follow what they're told.


That guy is giving a historians perspective, not the perspective of someone who doesn’t care much about the flag or the history.


He wasn’t playing around


Oh shit it's Jason Bourne Jr.


Baby B-ourne


Not to take away from the importance of the original topic. However, That was a fantastic follow up to the proceeding comment.




My boy’s wicked smart.


Good Will Hunting


Against Jay from Animal Kingdom


A final nail in the coffin would be the mentioning of how some states seceding had specifically mentioned slavery and the election of Lincoln in their Declaration of Independence. There would be no denying at that point.


Chris does go on to mention that later in the full version of the video. It is a must watch!


This is a video I've seen several times. Is it just me or does this type of discourse also get you excited? In my youth I thought that if only we had more openness for these types of conversations, the problems of this world would be able to be solved in a very timely manner. A few big questions for you all. Do you think that debate is a key to social change? How many public debates have you watched that you thought more people needed to see? Do you know if those debates were pivotal to the public conversation about the subject they argued?




I wasn't taught about this in school. Laws are important but it seems we often rely on them to be the end all be all without ever considering that they often need deep revisioning as society changes. I don't have an answer on how to change things but I do feel that the basis of our problem is that the United States is currently divided on almost every issue, law, and or opportunity. A lot of people think their voices are not heard, when in reality it's just been strategically self-diminished by our focus on self interests that keep us distracted from uniting and using our voice to change the system. We are the answer and not the government system. Most of us know things need to change but we are convinced that it would take too much effort to change everything wrong with society. And that we are convinced we are too different to have any united voice.




Lest we forget.... Civil war outbreak, or bringing people back to a unified spirit, is never too late. Historically, generations do need to go through some horrific circumstances to trigger or circuit break a situation - but let's remember never to be set on a path of division! Our futures, be it AU/NZ/US/UK or anywhere, are unitied visions - we will not break into separate countries in the near future, nor be taken over by others, but each of us have a unitied vision under our leaderships. How to we get there and avoid civil war? There are plenty of ideologies that Americans, or any people group believe on, and finding those can unite someone. Let it be leaders of a nation before they go to war (hitlers, starlins, etc) or leaders that unify to end a war, civil or otherwise, (africa mandela, we chose to go to the moon, I have a dream, womens suffrage, UK War speeches, etc) - with the intention to unify towards a cause. Civil war is only a symptom of a group of people, whose outlet is violence, after a people lose their unified spirit enough towards others within their civilian/country/population/group of people.... Let us each not create divides that others cannot cross. Be it Anti-Vax / Vax, morality, war, beliefs, cultures, etc. Build the bridges of dialogue no matter how bad the situation is. It's crazy to see it now, but the Taliban of all people groups, has established bridges of communication with countries around the world with the outlook for stability in Afghanistan --- The terms we may struggle to agree on, but the dialect is there... And it creates 'Opportunity' for Civil War, and World Wars not to occur -- and we can do the same every day with our engagements with one another - not to compromise our own beliefs, but have the bridges of dialect (I call them bridges of rudeness, or bridges of truth) open with one another. Nothing changes, or can change, without open dialect. And we are never too late to avoid war, civil or otherwise, war is not the answer. Lest we forget....


>A few big questions for you all. Do you think that debate is a key to social change? discussion, debate, social discord, when done 1. with leadership, not democratic agreeance, and 2. in front of the people who are impacted, is the right method. Bringing people along the journey doesn't mean we all get a say in the outcome, but the people who are impacted need to be convinced that it's within a similar direction to where they want to walk - not opposed to. ​ Debates over time have changed cultures - be it religious, social, political, etc. Examples can be womens suffrage, and the right to vote, be it people of colour and their status within groups in Africa, Australia, US, Canada, etc. be it religious and the debates over the years. I recall reading how early christians and jews debated openly about whether christians needed to be circumcised. The culture at the time (jewish under roman rule) was and us-and-them people groups all throughout. And debate needed to occur to ensure the divides and decisions some leaders were making did not turn into further division. Wars break out because of the stupidest arguments - but lest we forget the atrocities of war and the sacrifice people make for belief systems, we will do this all again.


I do think that discussions like this are extremely important. I think that displaying the confederate battle flag is abhorrent but they do have the right to do so. Displaying this flag as part of your heritage is kind of a lame argument. They're proud that their ancestors were traitors to their country?


The problem with debate is that you can be 100% correct and still lose a debate, it's really about appearing better and dunking on your opponent to make them look dumb. The higher the level of the debate the worse this gets.


I see potential. But I don't think debate is the key to Social Change so much as the ability for two people who have differing opinions to come together; discuss their perspectives with Empirical/Historically accurate facts; and not try to resort to mud slinging or being outright toxic like how my country's politicians act when they are participating in "debates".


That second kid was eloquent AF.


Boys got facts for them


See that’s the real deal here. 90% of what was being said is based off of emotions and opinions. A majority of what Chris said was fact based and asked some really direct questions, questions you should ask anyone who flies the Confederate battle flag or the interpretation of the “modern” Confederate Flag. The problem is that Drake, leader of the pro-Confederate Flag views wasn’t really informed of why he is doing it or why even to admit why he does it. It’s simple. It’s controversial. The statement of I don’t feel comfortable with the views of the majority so I will represent a minority, a loud minority of State’s rights to be left alone and not be mandated by the Federal government. Which in of itself is an individual belief held by many people of having the freedom to do what you want to do but at the same time, I believe that a lot of this children’s parents really drill this into the children’s minds at the same time not teaching them that their choices have lasting consequences both good and bad. The fact that there is a distrust in the academia of American school systems of all levels with most people who project their own insecurities while discarding facts is a defense mechanism. It’s okay to be wrong, in fact it usually means you can learn something from it. Do your own research and be skeptical but when what you thought doesn’t add up and needs to change, you should change. Not double down. The American flag represents an evolution of a people with a real fucked up history, it still does, however; it’s up to the younger generations to cleanse the sins of past generations. Looks at Germany with the Nazi flag for an example of that. It’s okay to have a Shameful past but acknowledge it and move on to a brighter future for all, not try to go into the next century while kicking and screaming about a few states that wanted to own people. The Confederacy lasted for FOUR YEARS. I REPEAT, FOUR YEARS. There is no debate only ignorance when people say it wasn’t about Slavery because all you have to do is literally read direct quotes from the people who did it and lived it. To disregard that is to live in a bubble and it’s pathetic.


Get ‘em, buddy! You’re fucking CRUSHING them. That was inspiring.


Why can't politicians debate like this smh


Because then racists wouldn't vote for them. Gotta keep it vague. Gotta keep'em guessing.


We can skip the whole Vandetta/illuminati shirt shit tho.


Damn that's a smart fuckin kid


He even looks like young Matt Damon, which reminds of "Good Will Hunting"


Young Matt Damon killin it


“How ’bout dem apples?!”


You like apples? Well how do you like them apples! My boy’s wicked smart


Applesauce bitch Goodwill hunting 2 hunting season


Fantastic - delivery as well as facts. And he looks like Matt Damon


And we got Andy Samberg in the background


I'd watch him in a film


I love this kid.❤️


my man had receipts good lord


God fucking dammit I get so hard when people eloquently and confidently communicate facts like this.


The kid had better be running for office the moment he turns 18


Im pleased to inform you that he is pursuing a degree in political science!! I figure we will seen him very soon.


This is fantastic news, thank you.


Yes, that second kid is spittin' the real shit. "State's Rights" *to keep human beings as property*. That's what it was about. Full stop.


He started off a little nerdy, but definitely got momentum and kicked ass. He should run for supreme court. Go Justice Justice!


Uhhh... Hmmmm... Can't "run" for Supreme Court, right?


Supreme court of New York.


Nerdy huh. Grow up.


Loool “supreme court” Regardless, i am happy to inform you that he is in college majoring in political science!!! I figure we’ll see him real soon.


“[O]ur new government is founded upon exactly the opposite ideas [as those of slavery foes]; its foundations are laid, its cornerstone rests, upon the great truth that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery, subordination to the superior race, is his natural and normal condition. This, our new government, is the first, in the history of the world, based upon this great physical, philosophical, and moral truth.” - Confederate States of America vice-president Alexander Stephens, 1861


Holly Molly




"Remember Remember..." Pepperidge Farm remembers the 5th of November This guy fawks


Was going to say, Fawks this guy, but you beat me to it. Well done.


He brought it and it was served.


Tone of voice aside, anyone else getting Good Will Hunting vibes?


Yeah the rapid fire stylee


Send this to all the stupid ppl who say the confederate flag ismt racist.


As said in some. Some people aren’t taught of it like starting young of it being racist some see it as just a bit of southern pride nowadays. Course there are idiot rascist that use it as a bad thing and it didn’t come from a good place in history nor a good side of it. But just like everything else meanings can change if you let them and change them.


This kid can fucking debate. If he’s not considering being a lawyer yet, he really should lol


Good Will Hunting


Goodwill Hunting shuts him down!


That teacher or moderator did the physical equivalent of the Simpsons meme “Stop! Stop! He’s dead already!”


Wearing an anon t-shirt while doing so. 😂


Kid knows his shit. Props to him.


Which Matt Damon film is this??


If you were to watch the whole video you would see a lot of time is spent by the pro confederate kids using legalistic examples to justify their behavior. As stated by the anti confederate kids multiple times throughout the video, they have the legal right to fly the flag. The larger question is do you have the moral/empathetic right to fly it? Sadly there are a large group of people that don’t care about the welfare of their fellow man. They refuse to sacrifice any of their beliefs or privileges to accommodate the welfare of their fellow man. We’re seeing this play out with masks. Anti-maskers don’t care if they put someone else’s health at risk. Not their problem. So doesn’t matter if we’re talking about flags, masks, health care, etc. The division will always occur between those who are empathetic to their fellow man and those who are not. And the sad part is those who are not cannot have their viewpoint changed by facts. Until they experience the hardship in their own lives they will refuse to care about that same hardship in the lives of others. As the Law of One states, we all have a mindset of either “Service to Self” or “Service to Others”. A.K.A Yin/Yang, light side / dark side, etc. It always boils back down to that dualistic concept of empathy vs apathy - regardless of the topic. All of the various scenarios we encounter in life provides our consciousness the opportunity to determine which of those paths we will choose to identify with. What we say we believe in is irrelevant i.e. “Oh I’m a Christian, Catholic, Muslim, etc”. Your actions define your character; not your proclamations. And that is why we are here on earth. IMHO.


This kid gives me hope for our future


Do you like apples?…


I’m so glad someone else saw it too.


Oh my god I saw this debate months ago during a YouTube deep dive. So much respect to that kid - but honestly all of them, if I recall correctly, they stayed extremely civil and spoke thoughtfully the entire time. I can’t even imagine this conversation at my school.


That teacher deserves a medal. If those are his regular students they throw down, on the whole, in a mature and fascinating debate and he should be proud. Impressed.


Damn boy


Give this kid a round!


Ride with the Devil depicts parts of Bleeding Kansas & is pretty good.


Reminds me of THE BEST 11th grade english teacher. American Lit, lots of racially charged books, and we randomly chose debate topics. At my 80% black school, I, the "hwite boi", had to argue IN FAVOR OF Jim Crow era lynchings... i also got to channel my inner Sean Penn later that year when I read the part of Lennie in Of Mice and Men. Good times


This kid gives me hope…


I’m really hoping the kid giving the history lesson runs for president or at least governor one day because quite frankly I think he would be very well-suited to that role this was a very interesting video does anyone have a link to the full debate


“How you like dem apples” - getting a real Matt Damon good will hunting vibes


HISTORY NERD FOR THE FUCKING WIN!! I could only dream of being this well spoken in a debate. Like damn.


Yo anonymous shirt dude is popping off


This kid should be president


‘It was slavery’ Alexander Stephens, Vice President of the Confederacy, Cornerstone Speech


Hey what’s your name? *Christopher Justice* Oh, er, we’re using our made up names…I’m Spider-Man. This guy already *is* a superhero in the making. Can’t wait to hear more from him. Watching his career with great interest.


As a non-American, I feel like it wasn't so much a symbol of racism when I was growing up in the 80s and 90s but rather a banner of rebellion against the system etc. Not to say that it wasn't used by racists back then, but that's the way it was viewed in my country at least. Quite a lot of musicians and such would have it on their instruments or clothing. I guess it's a shame that racist groups ruined that for everyone else.


It was always about racism in the United States. If people used it in your country in a different way it was probably the same way kids in the US used to wear Che Guevara shirts and not know who he actually was.


I agree with all his points and I commend him for never masturbating.


Ok now Chris




Get that kid a Twitch Stream.


After watching the entire thing, I really wish those Black girls had more of a voice in that classroom. I could tell they wanted to speak more on the state of race in America and how the flag effects them personally, but they felt outnumbered. Drake’s White Guy Confidence dominates the space (with the exception of Chris). He has no idea what people of color have experienced in America and continue to endure, both systemically and socially. I am a teacher and this was really eye opening for me to see how racial dynamics can play out.


Matt Damon is ageing fabulously


Proper title: Matt Damon shreds a racist kid


This kid spit more 🔥 than Dylan


Yeah, yeah it was about states' rights. Never mind that the *specific* right they objected to being violated was the right for one group of human beings to own another group of human beings.


r/watchpeopledieinside if the camera was focused on the other person.


This kid has done his research, respect


Shouldn't this be called Fiction vs Facts the second guy has all the facts


This is like if Ben Shapiro was more intelligent and less of a shitty human.


Damn, straight fire.


Damn he’s super knowledgeable


Matt Damon’s you get brother makes a good point.


When the kid with an autism level memory joins debate club.


Let’s start a Fund for this kid. We need him to become Emperor of The former US and save the world!!


What movie are they talking about?


Saving Private Ryan.


Smart kid.


Should be taught in schools but will never happen in the USA


Bro I was literally taught this in high school.


Isn't this video in a high-school classroom?


If we all could sit at a table, voice our (in)differences; work at a common goal to resolve our (in)differences what a great world we would be living in. They should use this as a training video for law makers around the world. Kudos to the young mans focused approach in a debate.


Looks like a bright future for that young man.


Wow that kid


Lol I know it's just a segment and the full video is better but I just like how this clip ended with the teacher


Damn thats a golden r/MurderedByWords if I've ever seen one. Dude A says "ehhh I dont think its about race cuz I dont feel like it" Chris: "Allow me to introduce myself". Well done dude. Now we can only hope that dude A took that information and used his own brain to think critically about it.


This is like the perfect video, because its like a microcosim of EVERYTHING. This kid is 100% correct, but he sounds so annoying I want to make fun of him and almost want to argue with him just because I don't like his tone.


No matter what your feelings or opinion - be proud that kids are able to still have debates such as these, it’s becoming alarmingly rare. Colleges in the mid 2000’s were already starting to shut down divergent view points on “sensitive” issues - kind of what’s happening in Afghanistan. Before anyone says that’s an alarmist viewpoint - it starts somewhere and it grows into a tsunami of real oppression.


Hmmm. Bright fella with good points. I really didn’t give a shit about the confederate flag and people flying it…. But now, i get it. It is pretty unamerican. Fuck that flag


What I meant was… where can I buy one?


What if I told you I go to that high school? And what if I told you he was right? What if I told you I knew this kid?


Tell him shifty thinks he kicks ass


Dang that kid is good. I remember when Georgia was looking to take the confederate flag off their state flag before the Atlanta Olympics. There were all these arguments about history and remembering fallen soldiers and all that. Turns out...to the kid's point....it wasn't even on the fucking flag until the ~~60s~~ 50s when it was added in protest of Brown vs. Board of Education. Thankfully Georgia did fix it years later. ​ Edit: fixed the decade above. And also, after some googling, I learned the Georgia state flag still incorporates confederate imagery but no longer has the confederate battle flag that it once did.


My new hero!


Spitting straight facts.


Hallmark presents that holiday classic tear-jerker "Young Ben Shapiro"


I saw that you mentioned Ben Shapiro. In case some of you don't know, Ben Shapiro is a grifter and a hack. If you find anything he's said compelling, you should keep in mind he also says things like this: >If you wear your pants below your butt, don't bend the brim of your cap, and have an EBT card, 0% chance you will ever be a success in life. ***** ^(I'm a bot. My purpose is to counteract online radicalization. You can summon me by tagging thebenshapirobot. Options: civil rights, healthcare, climate, feminism, etc.) [^More ^About ^Ben](https://np.reddit.com/r/AuthoritarianMoment/wiki/index) ^| [^Feedback ^& ^Discussion: ^r/AuthoritarianMoment](https://np.reddit.com/r/AuthoritarianMoment) ^| [^Opt ^out](https://np.reddit.com/r/AuthoritarianMoment/comments/olk6r2/click_here_to_optout_of_uthebenshapirobot/)


Good bot


Take a bullet for ya babe. ***** ^(I'm a bot. My purpose is to counteract online radicalization. You can summon me by tagging thebenshapirobot. Options: covid, climate, novel, patriotism, etc.) [^More ^About ^Ben](https://np.reddit.com/r/AuthoritarianMoment/wiki/index) ^| [^Feedback ^& ^Discussion: ^r/AuthoritarianMoment](https://np.reddit.com/r/AuthoritarianMoment) ^| [^Opt ^out](https://np.reddit.com/r/AuthoritarianMoment/comments/olk6r2/click_here_to_optout_of_uthebenshapirobot/)


You cheering on a AI bot that’s propagating your political view is probably the most “1984” thing I’ve seen today. Kinda eerie


Expect this guy actually knows what he is talking about and has concise arguments. Not incessantly trying to derail the conversation with tangents, whataboutisms, and pointless hypotheticals.


Very well said, but not entirely sure how it fits this sub. 100% agree with him though.


That dude got his ass kicked.


That dude clearly was an awesome combination of ignorant, naive, unprepared, and entirely unconfident of his position within the debate. Lesson for him: Know your shit and public speaking is no issue.


Man went all out holy shit


we believe in truth over facts


He's cute


I initially found him attractive, but then felt terrible because he looks way too young and probably underage. Then, I realized I'm just attracted to well spoken, well informed people. And there is nothing wrong with that.


Totally correct and agree. This is the confederate southern Democrat roots and that flag sucks


This kid a progressive Ben Shapiro


I think the flag is a loser flag but if it's a white supremacist flag why did every southern rapper in the 2000s have it on their clothing or album? Outkast being one of the bigger ones.


Did you know that everyone in the south can be misled about the origins and meaning behind the 'stars and bars' flag, and not just white people?


Damn Chrissssss! Lesssfukingooooooooo


Kids right about slavery being the reason for secession, wrong about the adoption of the stars and bars. It was first used by the army in 1861 (see link). https://www.starnewsonline.com/article/NC/20150625/News/605043805/WM


He said its an interpretation of a battle flag. And he is right. He is also right that it was surreptitiously adopted as the confederate flag during the civil rights movement as racist backlash.


This fool in the blue hoody about to laugh when he says "they murdered 500,000 American soldiers"... keep smirking chad...


Damn that kid knew his stuff


Don’t stop him!! He’s ahead of his years


What's logan paul doing there?


This gives me hope for future generations.


He even has the voice.


bars, straight bars


Goddamn he came in locked and loaded. Rule number one; don't fuck with the guy with the pencil behind his ear


He ironically wears a Guy Fawkes shirt. A man that did not want to be part of a system, kinda like the original thirteen colonies didn’t want to be part of the Union. The Guy Fawkes plot was to kill King James based on religion motivated by the Catholic’s if we must state facts. The King James Bible - The most sold book in the history of books.


Kid sounds like a smart Ben Shapiro.


That was an incredibly well structured argument, but what makes me upset is when people that participate in blm protests start to spread hate on the confederates, and they try to remove any kind of symbolism from it, this is were this country was born from it wasn’t pretty. When the union decided to ban slavery this meant that the primary source of income for the south just became illegal, I believe what the union did was the right choice, but when people say that the confederates are bad because they shot first it makes me angry because obviously they are mad, their entire economy became illegal. And enough with the flag supporting the confederates and coming from it, the confederates don’t even exist anymore.


Damn he straight up murdered the other guy with facts.


21 years into the 21st century means we ought to own true fact as they are readily available. This horror of slavery and the displacement and genocide of indigenous are factual. Time to have a fair and honest recompense for the two aggrieved populates


Matt Damon is wicked smart.


Matt Damon lookin mf’er


Future leader


Damn, and usually I'd be afraid to listen to a guy wearing an anonymous shirt speak! Hell yeah Chris!! Drop the facts


I’d love to see more of these polite debates in class. It challenges people’s ideas and helps spark new ones.