Leaving a square of natural plants in a yard helps promote fertilization of surrounding soil and insects such as bees

Leaving a square of natural plants in a yard helps promote fertilization of surrounding soil and insects such as bees


*HOA letter incoming*


Had a bylaw officer show up at my house with a ruler to measure the grass. No joke. I live in Canada.


I've mentioned this before, but my HOA in south Florida has pretty lax rules and actually does "no-mow" months where they encourage everyone not to mow for the same month. Usually its the month before and after rainy season. They cut HOA fees to owners who install drip irrigation instead of sprayers. They cut fees if you have at least half of your yard dedicated to local shrubs and foliage. They ask owners to restrict certain outdoor insecticides and fertilizers. Our neighborhood has the lowest mosquito count I've ever experienced living in Florida. Every day you see swarms of dragonflies, butterlies, bees, and other insects. At night there are swarms of bats. Go to the neighborhood across the main road and its very different. We're trying to get some yards setup as grow-yards for vegetables and such but its been difficult with the city.


Stop it we're supposed to hate HOAs here


I did forget to mention that they beat up puppies.


Ahhh that’s better


Bastards. I knew it!


Well hold on, let’s hear both sides.


The puppies are members of a rival HOA, one that hates bees.


Oh Christ... I don't know what to do.


Vote them both to the ground. Let Jod sort them out.


A HOA is only as good as the people running it. So for every 'good' HOA story, there are many many bad ones. It's the kind of person attracted to the position of authority. This is what happens when you install neighbourhood tyrants.


From my experience in Florida, most of the homeowners in these neighborhoods are ancient relics who purchased decades ago and still have the 1950's view of American lawns imprinted on their brain. Any change in rules "will destroy home prices". Literally that is their response for everything. Over the past 10 or so years, they've all been dying. I imagine post-covid that will speed it up a bit.


god I hope I’m not like that when I’m old


I mean that's the thing, the people with the spare time to hold positions of "authority" in HOAs and similar organizations are usually some of the last people you'd want making decisions for you.


ONE decent HOA doesn't remove the hate. And all it takes is the wrong assholes to get on the HOA board to ruin all of that.


This is the only reasonable HOA I've ever heard of. I'm impressed.


Its gotten more that way in the past 4 years because its been the #1 most-mentioned reason why people wanted to buy homes in our neighborhood. When it was first started the old people thought it would "look ugly and drive down prices". But people have gotten very creative and still maintain beautiful yards, its just not sprawling green st augustine.


I live in a trailer park that can be stricter than most HOAs I've read up on. I'd love to turn my yard into a garden but I feel like they would pitch a fit.


Same here, makes me want to orchestrate a coup of my HOA board.


I presently am. We are in a newer hoa that the builder is still running. We ALL hate the company doing the managing. So I have organized the neighborhoods and it’s like minded Individuals who refuse to raise prices unless it has to be done or we are gonna get something sweet like a pool or fitness center or playground for kids. Either way when I rise to power in December along with my accomplices our first action is voting out the management company. Reverting the hoa price if possible, and firing the lawn care guy who he and his retarded henchwoman love to gouge holes into our brand new siding….. on every single house. Edit. Also he sucks ass at mowing. I did lawn care for a few years so I know good lawn care…. He ain’t it. He to worried about running over a pile of dog shit and not worried about his lines or shredding our lawn… or siding.


Where do you live? Are they’re houses available?


What the fuck that's messed up. So much for governments moving to "save the environment" or whatever. They don't care about shit, all of 'em.


Congratulations, you just unplugged from the Matrix


I too like to leave a short little strip kinda natural looking to promote fertilisation.


LOL, putting the "D" in dandelions.


i love when people suddenly realize this.


Home owners associations aren’t “the government”


Then I probably don't know what a bylaw officer is. Also fuck HOA's whatever they're good for. I'm from Germany, we don't have that here.


Wow…you don’t have to flex so hard that you don’t live in a neo-liberal shit-hell like the United States. Do not. Come. Here. Especially if you plan on getting sick….or old….or want to go to college……or have kids………especially not if you want to own a home


A bylaw officer is somewhat similar to a policeman, buy they mainly enforce laws that are specific to a single city. They review new construction to make sure that building codes are followed. They give fines for bagged garbage not in rodent proof containers. They also deal with dangerous properties, like abandoned buildings with no doors, etc. I've called the bylaw officer to come pick up abandoned bicycles from the front of my store. Honestly in Canada, if the bylaw officer got called for grass being to long, it was probably 30cm+ or full of noxious weeds.


they care about power


Whatever you do, don't call it a naturalized space, they have very specific bylaws regarding them for most cities. If it has any perennials in the area say it's a low maintenance garden and you haven't had a chance to get rid of all the grass yet.


Don't feel bad. My affectionately named "dragon lady" (her name is Maureen, close enough) has done this to me as well. She's told me my vehicles are non operational, that I can't replace the wood paneling on my fence unless I get approval, countless trashcan letters when I put it out for Saturday morning pickup Friday night and go out of town till Sunday afternoon, and now since I have an old truck that leaks and I don't want it to ruin the driveway, has been going after me for my drip pan in the driveway...... Let's not talk about the fking cars that have been sitting in the streets for months if not years, dead..... The guy down the street that has so many fucking plants and bushes in his yard it's like the SIMS game and he ran out go squares, or any of the other bullshit "real" issues that are around the neighborhood.....nah. Ole' dragon lady likes to play stupid games with me, and I end up playing stupid games back. HOAs suck.


How tall was your grass?


I have no idea. When they called the bylaw, the grass was a bit tall. I would say about 20 cms. Then, they came back for a follow up and that's when they brought the ruler. He checked my front and backyard.


that means someone has called in a complaint.


Yes, busybody neighbor attack imminent


If you are willing to do larger areas then many states have programs to encourage protect 'natural space' for natives species. I know a guy who has a designated area (maybe half an acre) in the front corner of his property, designated by the state and gets a tax break and HOA can't do anything.


In the UK the parks aren't allowed to cut grass directly under a tree for this purpose and that's pretty cool.


Forget about half an acre in the front corner of the yard, most people don’t have half an acre as the entire yard.


We're encouraged to hardscape in Colorado, even by the HOA. We hardscaped the entire yard, but have lots of ornamental flowers, and bushes that flower. We have tons of bees and hummingbirds. We were paid almost 400 bucks by the water department to not have a lawn. Too late, we never did have a lawn!


Put a border around it and now it's a flowerbed. HOA has no legs.


No flowerbeds.


Non-HOA-approved property enhancement


It still is fucking hilarious to me that the self-proclaimed "free-est country in the world" can get people evicted from their own homes for not mowing their grass.


Yeppp. Just got a letter from my city that my neighbors reported us for lengthy grass. Wife and I had been sick for 10 straight days. Could barely get out of bed. But by the time the letter arrived I had already mowed. It drives me crazy that people care so much about their neighbor's grass length, but not enough to ask how they're doing or if they need any help.


Old man next door: you're driving down my property values! Me, and everyone aged 45 and less: good.


My grandparents are on a church mission for two years but said we can stay at the house while they’re gone. Long story short, our neighbors have taken full advantage of my grandparents not being here. I came outside to the neighbor casually washing his truck with OUR hose, another neighbor lets his dog shit in our yard (even though he didn’t do that when my grandpa was here) and they call my grandpa to report that the front lawn needs attended to... even though I mow it twice per month and have to pick up their dog’s shit in my yard.


Turn the water off and put bear traps in the yard that only go off on humans.


>my neighbors reported us for lengthy grass. Thats some McCarthyist shit


That's just lies made up for nationalists. We have more prisoners than any other country by far and so much dumb shit will get you arrested it's hilarious. Not to mention our police force problem


Those ppl that live in hoas are not free men at all. It blows my mind that ppl close to live in places like that. Most of America is not like that


Well you know it's an HOA before you buy. Presumably you wouldn't want to live in one unless you like the uniform aesthetic they impose. I personally do like it and would never live in one.


Where I live, thats pretty much your only option.


It’s also hard to tell how anal they are before moving in. My parents’ house has an HOA that does practically nothing to enforce the rules. When I moved out, I rented a house with and HOA a couple miles away, and they would regularly send out fines for violations without any kind of warning that the house was out of compliance. On the flip side, now I own a home with no HOA, and loosely enforced city ordinances, and there’s some houses that let their lawns grow 3 foot tall Johnson Grass, which is less than ideal in terms of surrounding property values.


Hoa’s can eat dirt.


I mean, I have a draconian HOA that wouldn’t even let me repair my fence because they no longer allow privacy fences in the HOA, so I literally have to watch it rot away a slow death. That said, no one is forcing you to live in an HOA. This is what you agree to when you buy a home, but you’re free to buy a lot without an HOA, and that will be my next purchase.


Or simply the city. Happened to me in a non-HOA neighborhood.


I saw my neighbor's lawn like this just yesterday and thought about asking if they needed help mowing it so the HOA isn't breathing down their neck lol


Right? Looks like the lawnmower quit on them. If it were me I'd have my lawn dude swing over there for them


It seems like op is on Europe. In countries like sweeden, the local City rewards the support of the environment. so I doubt they'll have an issue


Read my mind.


I can’t help but think….who did they bury 🤣


The chairkaren of the HOA


No jury would convict them.


Probably my favourite Lovecraft book.


I'd guess a septic field.


My neighbors entire lawn is natural 'grass' in a neighborhood full of perfectly groomed lawns. At first I thought it was ugly AF and simply not taken care of... but another neighbor (big lawn guy) explained it to me and now I can't take my eyes off it. She is the original owner of 50 years and has never once put any growth promoting chemicals on or near it and has never once seeded the lawn. She cares for it like any other high maintenance lawn though. Aerates it, protects against molds and fungi's, etc. It's fascinating and honestly more impressive than the hyper green, striped, weedless lawns surrounding it.


Well now I need to see it.


I'll go for a walk and get some pics tonight.


Sorry, I let everyone down. Picked my son up from daycare and completely forgot. WFH tomorrow and will do it in the AM.


yeah i agree


When you have multiple species producing varied forms of root exudates to attract benifical soil microbes (bacteria, fungi, protoza, nematods, microarthropods) it inhibits, outcompetes, and consumes pests and diseases, as well increases water infiltration and drainage simultaneously by creating better pore spaces within the soil solution. Monocultures, salt fertilizers and pesticides decimate these benifical soil microbes.


Yeah man we're gonna need some pics. This sounds pretty rad.


Interesting! Is it mostly weeds then?


Yes exactly. It's essentially a full lawn of natural 'flowers' (weeds on any other lawn) and natural grasses (more weeds for other lawns). When it's mowed short it looks like most other uncared for lawns just not as green. But when the flowers grow back it looks almost exactly like the patch in the photo only the entire property. Again, I thought it was the most hideous lawn I've ever seen in my life until it was explained to me. I just didn't understand what I was looking at. But now I love it and respect the hell out of her keeping it as-is.


It’s actually way better for us if we leave clovers, dandelions, etc., but a lot of people think it looks weird. Personally I don’t like this persons patch of weird grass, but I’d love a yard of it. It looks way nicer and more colourful than a ‘normal’ lawn.


OP plz deliver on the pic!


Yep yep gotta see this


And why only that rectangle?


Aesthetically pleasing to the owner I’d assume.




Me: “Lemme get that HOA violation” Barber: “Say no more.”


Good point! Join the folks over at r/nolawns to learn more about the benefits of letting it all go natural


Agreed. The whole yard would be better if it looked like that lush patch. The mown part looks like a sad monoculture that does nothing but "keep property values high", take up precious water, require mowing which needlessly wastes fossil fuels, destroys the soil, and does nothing for pollinators. I hate grass lawns, this is the hill I will die on. This lush green hill, surrounded by dandelions, clover, and native plants. EDIT: Also, check out r/permaculture


We have a /r/nolawn lawn at our house but... > The mown part looks like a sad monoculture that does nothing but "keep property values high" I mean... That's pretty important.


Sorry, I put that in quotations for a reason and forgot to link why this is a misconception. I don't have all the statistics but a quick rundown as to why other plants add more value both financially and ecologically in comparison to grass and other non-native plants: 1 - Trees are more valuable from a financial perspective: > According to a study by the USDA Forest Service, healthy, mature trees add an average of 10% to a property’s value. 2 - Native plants cost less to care for, increase your property value when matured, and allow you to save money wasted on water consumption and can prevent water damage: > An Ecological Services study shows that it takes $3,000 to maintain an acre of native plants over 20 years and $20,000 for non-native plants (which includes most grasses used for lawns) > Native plants can improve the ecological value of your home. They provide food and homes for butterflies, bees, birds and other wildlife > Native plants can increase property value because they often require less maintenance because they naturally thrive in their native region. > Native plants can direct runoff water underground, preventing water from seeping into your basement or damaging your foundation during rainy seasons.


Big same, as a biologist, I always cringe when I see a mowed lawn. Sure enough, you'll have to mow them eventually if you don't want a forest but once or twice a year should be plenty. Only thing more annoying are those yards that are only gravel with one poor overcut, non-native shrub.


Anyone who says grass does nothing but bad things doesn't live in the country where high grass is known to attract ticks and snakes. I don't check myself for ticks after walking around a suburban lawn, I do after walking through my country friends mowed once a month at best yards and regularly find ticks. Even people a hundred years ago who couldn't afford grass and its maintenance knew to keep the weeds down. Raw soil is preferable to high weeds, though it has its own issues.


I only have time to point out issues with two of your statements, but will do my best to explain: Ticks: There are plenty of plants that grow low and are more beneficial than grass that requires mowing. Ticks can live in short grasses and woodlands, and a manicured lawn will not protect you considering there are species such as the brown dog tick, which is known to be able to reproduce indoors -- an area typically inhospitable to grass. Bare Soil: Raw soil is not preferable to high weeds when you take into consideration that fact that bare soil quickly absorbs heat, becomes hot during the hot season and becomes cold during the cold season. Vegetation acts as a thermal insulator and significantly affects the soil temperature. It does not allow the soil to become either too hot during the dry season or too cold during the rainy season. Bare soil increases risk of landslides and erosion. Bare soil and monocultures like grass typically require the use of pesticides, etc to achieve growth and those chemicals then get pulled into the watershed, which in areas such as Florida (USA) is driving the growth of toxic algae blooms and red tide.


Imagine lawn the designs that are crafted like (short) crop circles! 🤯 I think I'm gonna get into landscaping now.


Also know in the industry as a Kid-N-Play


So.... a flowerbed?


There used to be a guy here who planted his whole yard in marigolds. It was glorious, but he would mow it down after all the flowering was done and then it was just little stubs until springtime. I’ve got a big chunk of our yard with tons of cosmos that reseeds itself and I love it.


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and I would've gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you meddlin' bots.


Good bot


Good bot


That's not a square.


Thanks! -Bees


We all know you just ran out of gas


You could always, you know…. leave the whole thing natural…?


That's very heavily dependent on where you live. Lots of neighborhoods won't let that stuff fly, especially if you're in, say, a historic downtown or HOA. But that said, there's lots of other ways to do that. You could plan your yard decoration around including natural patches. Maybe your ornamentals slowly transition/fade into natural areas. That's cool because it gets a neat witchy vibe. Oh, and! It'd be fun to use area plants for your ornamentals rather than just whatever from wherever. There are a lot of pretty cool ways to do this that aren't, well, what looks like grandma's burial plot in your front lawn. EDITED for clarity. I'm real shit at writing. And also thinking in full sentences. It's a mess everywhere you look, captain!


I understand if you didn't have a lot of choice, but I don't get why people choose to live in HOA communities. Nothing about that sounds positive or worthwhile. Living in California, I should be able to remove my grass as it is just a complete waste of resources.


A lot of people really don't have a choice. You can't buy many houses in my area that don't have an HOA or metro district with high fees and lots of rules. Heck one metro district in my city covers about two neighborhoods that take up about 1/3 of the new side of town


Do you not get grasses and weeds that grow 5 feet tall?


seriously. I'd let it all grow out if I wanted my yard to be filled with spiders and ticks.


Some people prefer a landing strip


Why not leave the entire yard looking like that?


Ah yes! The science of fertilizing insects


What will the neighbours think!!


I don’t understand why we consider the earths natural state as an eye sore


An intrusion of chaos in our delusion of order


Well said


That’s deep bro


I don’t really mind it, I just think execution was kind of poor here. It’s an off center, uneven rectangle randomly placed in the lawn. If it was a strip that spanned the whole lawn or framed the perimeter or something I think it’s look a lot nicer. If I saw this I’d think “oh his mower ran out of gas” not “this is a cool way to change up your lawn”.


Well, I mean it would look nicer with the entire lawn all flowers or all mowed grass. Having a weird rectangle in the middle just looks dumb.


Me: *never pull weeds in the garden and let nature do it’s thing* You know I’m something of a gardener myself


I can’t help but assume there’s a body in there :/ very specific patch of grass right??


explain that to the hoa




Thank goodness


Fuck HOAs


What is hoa Thanks for awnsering!


"homeowners association"




An opportunity for your older busybody neighbours to dictate what you do on your own land. Think a condo tennant association, except they legally have control over the neighbourhood, and can get you evicted for things like not painting your house the right colour. They should be illegal


It's a system in 'Free America' whereby you can get evicted and have your house taken from you for having grass above a certain length or painting a fence a different colour.


That’s a rectangle…


Quite possibly a rhomboid


Cut lawns originated as a status symbol for the aristocracy, to prove that they had enough money to waste on maintaining it. Let that sink in for a moment. Now we waste fossil fuels and countless hours of work (and money) on landscaping. Why? “Cuz that's what everyone else does.” If people want their yards to look manicured, more power to them. There's a wide variety of gardens, rocks, natural species, moss, clover, etc. to do it with that don't waste water or fuel, and don't need to be fertilized. Save money, time, and CO2.


But how else can I show my neighbors I’m better than them than grass? I don’t want to look like some poor person growing tomato’s in their yard.


Cultivate bees. Release them on your neighbors. Assert your nature preserve yard dominance.


Yes and no, honeybees are not that good for the ecosystem. But asserting dominance over annoying neighbours? Anytime, with pleasure. :)


> honeybees are not that good for the ecosystem lolwut


We leave it long and most of our lawn is clover. Guess who's yard wasn't an inch long and brown this summer? I grass way harder than my neighbors


Fancier garden? [I didn't miss the joke. But for those who actually think that way.]


Every time I cut my lawn I always think how stupid, futile and ridiculous it is. Then I smoke a joint and enjoy the mow. Mowing your lawn on drugs is an underrated experience, (just don’t do it in sandals).




Idk about that, if my neighbors or I don't mow our lawns our grass will get super high and full or bugs (e.g. mosquitos). Plus it looks nice..


> Now we waste fossil fuels and countless hours of work (and money) on landscaping. Yes, and it happens at a huge scale (basically millions of front lawns, several times a week). And then there are leafblowers, which have the worst possible *energy to result* ratio. They're a total calamity. The freakonomics podcast has a fascinating episode about that.


My neighborhood’s HOA would not like this, but I think it’s a good idea.


That's grass left for like 2 weeks in the summer, that's not what grass looks like when you leave it alone completely. Maybe I'm being grumpy but devoting a big chunk of your garden to one singular boring plant then not mowing the middle bit for a few weeks, that don't impress me much *shania guitar noises*


Yep. My damn sunflower forest that never goes away sure does make the soil nice. Every time I pull them. They keep coming back. And they are not small. https://i.imgur.com/sUDiARs.jpg


The porn star landing strip version of a lawn


My girl likes to leave a lightning bolt


Yes but does it prevent your pensioner neighbour's from complaining about it every day?


I feel like leaving your entire yard like that would not only work better, but also look better


Here’s an idea plant a garden of flowers ya dunce!


Mow the flowers, to plant more flowers? I'm with the OP


Mrs Truscott and I have a beautiful garden ("yard"" in N America) , and have had one for forty odd years. There is a boulevard front and back that I mow now and then. What I've noticed is that the boulevard attracts no bees. If you want bees, grow plants that bees like. Bees, and hummingbirds, like flowers.


Stop fertilizing the bees. Hashtag grammar


Ignore the downvotes, I also had a chuckle.


Notice how natural plants look 1000x better then the cut grass around it?


Leaving the whole yard natural is even better


If you make it just the right size people will think it’s a grave. /s


So basically don't spray 2D4 or weed controls on your lawn. ​ Got it!


And ticks OFF the neighbors!


There's a corpse there, isn't it?


Nah, there’s a body under there. Y’all not fooling anyone


My borough has code enforcement and they’d be around with their tape measures to check the length/height of my rectangle of natural plants lickity split!


*land of the free*


Yeah, everyone is talking about HOA's but practically every city, township, borough, etc has regulations on this.


Why not just the whole yard


Why not just leave all the grass natural then?


Put a tombstone on one end to complete the look


Unfortunately a lot of people have HOa that would flip their shit if they actually try to preserve some kind of biodiversity in their yard. God forbid A home owner enjoy wild flowers


Sad that it’s come to allowing only a space for natural plants. People are so weird. Let it grow! All of it!


How about just letting your whole yard be natural plants and not planting stupid monoculture grass when you could sew it with wild strawberries, clover, dandelions, prarie grasses, wildflowers, etc. and make a yard that's easier to care for, more drought resistant, and promotes healthy biodiversity.


I leave a yard of natural plants


And it’s pretty too! :)


You can clean that up with just a few stones and maybe get some targeted wild flowers to put in there that are even better. It will look more like a piece.


Maybe try not cutting the grass so damn short while your at it. Holy shit. Did you take the wheels off and just drag the mower body around?


Tell that to my HOA and have them understand it.


The HOA has way too much power. Are they good to have? Yes but they shouldn’t have as much power as they do. When it comes to basic stuff like taking care of a lawn and making sure everything is safe that’s very understandable but sometimes they can do petty shit that makes you want to punch their teeth in


My neighbor would be telling his wife "Looks like he didn't leave enough time before kickoff again"


Ah common you made it this far. Just do the whole lawn now like this


This looks horrible


It also looks like shit


This spring my husband took over the lawn care, pregnancy, and has been slow to mow the lawn. I would do it every Saturday. He does it once maybe twice a month. I was getting tired of the lawn looking overgrown and weedy, as we had just moved into a nice neighborhood, from the country, and although we don’t have an HOA our neighbor is verrrry picky about her grass. It took months but he finally admitted he liked annoying the neighbor who, after he started mowing, would come out to critique him. He only mows because I want it done and I like the grass clover mix we have. He wants to reseed the whole thing in clover to be an ass.


I mean you could make it look better though, no?


That’s a rectangle


I'm sorry but that just looks ridiculous.


Why not make the whole plane out of the black box


I just leave the whole yard like that.


Lol. Just rewild the entire yard


If I would have such nice flowers, I would not touch it at all 🤷🏼‍♂️


Also let's grass seed making for a thicker lawn


Or dont just mono culture grass species in your lawn in general. It doesnt make sense, we have these lawnscapes to simulate that we have pasture for grazers, but we get manipulated in to thinking lawns should just be one species of grass, and then we go ahead and salt the earth with inorganic fertilizers and antibiotic pesticides in order to maintain a system that doesnt exist in a natural setting, and then wonder why our lawns are torn up by crows looking for opertunistic shafer beatles in the spring, why the lawns dry out and die in the summer without copious ammounts of watering, wasting our time and resources, and why the lawn is a noxious anaerobic puddle in the fall and spring. But yes this lil patch helps a bit too.


I mean just let you whole lawn grow natural and don’t be such a boomer about it


That’s a rectangle my guy


Or you could, like, just have a garden, instead of a weird patch of grass


Why not make that the whole yard, then? Lawns are such a waste.


Or you can leave your whole yard natural and it look and feel like a meadow instead of a skint putting green.


What is HOA?