In 1984, Gary Plauche tracked down and killed his 12-year-old son's kidnapper, Jeff Doucet, on live television. After his son was recovered and Doucet taken into custody, Plauche waited incognito at the airport, pulled a gun & shot Doucet straight through the head while the cameras were rolling.

In 1984, Gary Plauche tracked down and killed his 12-year-old son's kidnapper, Jeff Doucet, on live television. After his son was recovered and Doucet taken into custody, Plauche waited incognito at the airport, pulled a gun & shot Doucet straight through the head while the cameras were rolling.


And if I remember correctly, he was not convicted of murder.


he got 5 years suspended, and had to do 300 hours of community service. so, technically, he was convicted, tho he didn't go to jail.


That’s fine


Fuckin SOLD


Yeah fuck me all panned out in the end. I hope he had a good relationship with his family from that point onwards. At least his kid knows Daddy ain't chatting shit when he says 'i'd kill for you'


He and his wife split up. She said in an interview that she would have liked to have known about his plot. She said, and I quote: "The least you could have done was let me drive you."


I like the cut of this family's jib.


(Monty Burns quote)


What's a jib?


It’s a sail boating term.


It's a triangular sail on boats[but mainly it's an idiom ](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jib)


They were separated before it happened. She was probably being rhetorical, but as an expression of support, it doesn’t get much better than that. I don’t have any difficulty believing any argument that he wasn’t in his right mind when he shot him. He’d had a couple of weeks to think about all the times he’d driven his son to his karate lessons, essentially delivering him to the man who molested him. I haven’t read the son’s book, so I don’t know, but I can imagine the son saying he didn’t want to keep going, and the father telling him he shouldn’t be a quitter and needed to learn to follow through. (I heard my dad give that speech to my brother at least half a dozen times, and I think it’s basic father-speak.)


Meh that's a bit silly on her side. Then she'd be an accessory and also face legality and who would take care of their son?


Exactly. I'm sure Dad appreciated the sentiment.


And had it gone sideways and the dad been killed by police, she probably could be fully charged with first degree murder since she couldn't argue plausible deniability. ("Oh, he said he just wanted a ride to the airport for [non-homicidal reason].") There's no way she could prove she wasn't in on it and had no idea what he was going to do.


Disagree. “He told me he wanted to go get a good look at the man who did this to our son, and wanted me to be there to support him. I had no idea he had brought a gun.” Would be hard to prove that she was in on it.


The family that slays together, STAYS together...


He did it right. If she knew, she could have been convicted. If he went to jail, she could still be there for their child.


guarantee that kid was not bullied ever again. "my dad can beat up your dad!!" "... my dad blew a guys brains out on live TV cause he hurt me." "...."


Understandable, have a nice day. Would you like some of my lunch sir?


Hold on I gotta just empty out my pockets here.. yup that's yours, yeah, that too. Did you want my new phone? I'll even do a full reset and get the transfer cable for you.


Bet it’d hit even harder if his dad ever said he’d die for him, like fuck, given this i dont think that kid growing up could ever doubt a single thing that man says, especially if its about taking care if him.


Dying for someone is easy - better to make someone else die for their ideals rather than die yourself. 10/10 for punching his ticket


His son actually wrote a book about the whole ordeal, from his grooming to kidnapping, to the aftermath of his dad executing the guy.


The art of the deal 🦶


Technically he already did the community service when he pulled the trigger.


Cleaned up trash for free!


"Gary you don't have to get rid of the body." "If a job's worth doing it's worth doing well. Now help me get this to the chipper" "That's a jet engine" "I just fucking killed a guy and now you're being a pedant?"


"shit man, that's bad, you cannot do that. Here clean that leaves"


This was my concern. After a kids been through something like that they need all the care they can get from their parents which they can give from a jail cell


he got the biggest reassurance from his dad that that guy was never going to hurt him again


The judge said, "Prison would serve no useful purpose."


Yep. He had no likelihood of reoffending.


Not likely to kill that guy again.


Like a wise man once said: people die if they're killed


Thanks Shiro!


This one got me. Lmaoo


Unless someone kidnapped his kid again, if that happened the state should probably keep tabs on him amirit


Kidnappers would probably avoid kidnapping the son of vigilante dad, though.




I really feel this needs to be used more in court, case by case obviously. It’s just sensible


The problem if you give judges discretion to make ethical decisions outside the normal bounds of the law, then you are also opening the door to unethical decisions. If judges were perfect arbiters of truth and justice they we wouldn’t need laws, we could just go with whatever the guy in the robe thinks. I don’t like the idea of one guy being able to sidestep serious laws regardless of what I personally think of the outcome.


Good judge


I believe a girl who shot and killed her rapist was just charged with murder. Guess it’s luck of the draw with judges


Charged or convicted? Because he was also charged with murder and pleaded guilty for a lesser one.


Judges don't bring charges. Edit: In The United States


True, the reference to the judge’s decision that “jail would serve no useful purpose” stems from the fact that judges often decide sentencing after a guilty verdict is rendered.


Judges decide the sentencing


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*"Niiiiiiiice shot!"*


Different video.


Thanks Bud!


You can hera the cop like, "Gary why?!" Cray.


[video link here](https://youtu.be/_PUE8fYxjq8)


5 years probation - fuckin' A!


Justice was already served, judge had to do *something* to say "no, you're not supposed to do that".


To discourage vigilante justice


"Look, legally I can't condone your actions. All Imma say is I understand"


It's amazing when Justice is both: * Not blind * Not fucked


What jury is gonna convict him?


Every time I hear that all I can think is this one.


Based judge.


Hello, you have a collect call from... Justice... *click


If I was the judge I’d give him a 5 minute probation and a hearty high five


Video is legit folks, no blood or anything very quick altercation so to say. Thanks Mr. December


There's a longer video where you see the pedo splayed out after the shot, blood gushing from his ears.


That’s the one I saw, though at first I thought it was from a hole in his head (well technically it was)


The escorting officer steps in front of the camera right as the kidnapper gets shot. You only see him fall to the ground. Ngl.. Kinda satisfying that the kidnapper got shot right after giving that smug ass smile to the camera.


You can see the kidnappers hair flip up a bit which I presume is the bullet entering or exiting his skull


Reddit link [here ](https://www.reddit.com/r/JusticeServed/comments/jb58qk/gary_plauch%C3%A9_shoots_and_kills_his_sons_abuser/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf) for anyone with age restriction


[Uncut version](https://www.efootage.com/videos/90742/victims-father-shoots-attacker)




Lol you started out strong as far as gunshot death videos go


There is another person in the way so although you see the gun pulled and the guy go down, there is no blood or gore. It's a clip from an interview, SFW


Hey man nice shot.


I wish I would've met you....but now it's a little late


its not nearly as brutal


Every time I watch the video that annoys me, like you know why dumbass he assaulted his fuckin son.


If I remember this story correctly, I believe someone within the department tipped of the father with a phone call describing time and place of the Karate Instructor/Pedophile kidnapper.


It was actually someone from the ABC affiliate station that tipped him off to the when and where.


I had an uncle involved in that case, or so he told us, who said that was a cover for the cop. Who knows though really. History is never written accurately


Reminds me of the story where the whole town had a grudge against the town bully, had enough of this shit and he was gunned down execution style in front of like 40 witnesses who just happened to "not see anything".


The cop has to arrest this man now. This officer has personally been damaged by the things he has seen and now has to bring the force of the law against the victims father. The "why" is not sorrow for the dead man, it's not incredulity. It's just an officer begging for a nightmare to end.


I think it's more that he feels bad that now he has to arrest a victim of crime (Our boy Gary). He thinks he's throwing his life away.


Sorry, I didn't read your reply before posting mine lol


Or he didn't want to see somebody killed in front of him


This. Given how he recognizes him and calls him by name, he's probably also disappointed and worried. Disappointed because he now has to arrest someone he has some level of rapport with, and worried that now he'll spend the next 25 to life in prison. Edit: yeah yall, I'm aware he got a light sentence, but the cop didn't know that at the time, know what I mean?


Garry had multiple friends in the police force, i saw one of those true crime shows interview a lot of people he knew The best part was his ex wife, the guy asked if she was mad that she didn't told her what he was about to do, she answered that she was only mad that she didn't take him to airport to do it


Says he only got 5 years probation. Justifiable killing I'd say.


The guy not only kidnapped his son, he raped him. I’d do the same damn thing.


I don't think some people understand what it's like to see someone get shot or to be near a gun being fired in a public space. Given a moment of calm to think about the why, it's pretty obvious. When someone gets shot in the head near your vicinity, you're brain isn't exactly going to be calm, and even if the reasons are obvious to the observe, given the stress of the situation, obvious things aren't going to be so obvious.


While your explanation sounds sweet, it was actually because most of the officers on the scene were drinking Buddies with Gary and knew how much he wanted vengeance.




Child kidnapping rapist. Fuck that. The world is better off.


He's not asking why he killed him. He's asking why he'd throw his life away. Because he isn't a psychic who would know Gary didn't throw his life away.


I don't know why this is a hard concept to grasp. If I say "Oh god why?" When a bird shits on my head, I'm not asking about how gravity or a birds digestive system works.


Exactly. He was in custody and going to trial…it wasn’t like he was proven not guilty and a free man. The person yelling “Why” is pretty much questioning why did you just risk throwing your life away and possibly going to prison for a life sentence for murder.


Doucet raped his boy. Poor kid traumatized for life. It's no wonder dad took justice into his own hands. I completely understand. I don't approve of vigilantism, but I understand. That said, it also saved the state a lot of money incarcerating the turd and saved Doucet's future fellow inmates for copping new murder charges after they kill his ass inside.


I approve. If you have young children, you know that their lives come before yours. That rapist deserved what he had coming to him. I stand with Gary Plauche. Edit: Dad did NOT go to jail. He got 300 hours of community service and a suspended sentence, I believe. His son will know that his father did whatever it takes to protect his son, and not allow that man to ever do this again. I think people think that I think murder is justified. Unless you actually know what that father went through, you have no idea. If someone raped my child, you damn well bet they would eat lead.


The cop was his friend. The guy regularly drank at the bar with the cops, and the cop was upset that he now had to arrest him and send him to prison because for all he knew - his friend had just ruined his life by committing murder. He had know way of knowing the guy would get off with a lighter sentence.


The officer is simply upset the grieving father, who was already in pain, now possibly has to be arrested and possibly convicted of premeditated murder. He does not want this for a grieving father. That is not hard to understand.


Rape. That’s the word you’re looking for.


Gary is a legend. One handed dome shot and had the decency to hang up the phone after. Cops present coincidently were old drinking buddies. When his ex wife was asked what she first said to him after the killing she said "you could have atleast let me drive you".


His wife is a fucking legend too!




You try having your body go all chimera, then spending your second job to create and nurture life. I have a two year old I have already poured more resources and time into him than anything other than work.


I have never seen such conviction and resiliency as when I watched my wife not only carry our child throughout pregnancy but then exist on about 6 hours of sleep total for 8 months afterward until the damned demon spawn we created learned to sleep consistently through the night. Every day I felt drained and I barely carried a fraction of the load that she did having to wake up every hour to feed this adorable little hell child. I guarantee if anyone fucked with my son, I would go on the warpath but my wife would salt the fucking Earth. Hell hath no fury like a mother scorned.




Most all humans are capable of great violence under the right circumstances.


Once I got to this comment it was enough for me to smile, and tab back to the feed. Thanks.


What a mad lass!


The other hero in this story is the judge that only gave the shooter community service..👍


If you think about it though, it was a deal that had to be made. No jury on earth would have convicted him, and if they wanted any chance of a conviction, they'd have to make it a deal worth taking. This saved Plauche from a trial, and showed that vigilantism would be punished. I won't call it a win-win (the molested kid was the real victim, and he certainly didn't win out), but it was the best result of what ultimately happened.


Jury nullification.


Exactly his point. No Jury would've convicted the man.


Judge was like for the community service you have provided we are sentencing you to some community service lol




Also imagine all the taxpayer money that was saved from having the two men in prison for life.


Good point. The real victim was the prison industrial complex.


The guy in the red is the kidnapper who sexually assaulted the boy. The guy in the back with the hat is the dad who blew him away.


Did he shoot him at that angle? I’m all for the kidnapper being worm food, but things could’ve gone very wrong considering there were innocent people all around him.


He did yeah. Unless my memory is off, he was waiting by the phones pretending to be on a call or something, and when they passed him, he turned around and pulled the trigger


Just watched the video. That was reckless considering the bullet was inches away from the cop escorting him. But glad it all worked out in the end.


Is there a way to assassinate a man in police custody that wouldn’t be considered reckless?


You could pay off one or two prison guards to suicide the target.


For best results make sure the cameras are switched off for maintenance


I love the direction this is going






“But glad it all worked out in the end” I fucking laughed so hard at this


[Link to video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_PUE8fYxjq8&ab_channel=DevinR) for those interested 0:39




[Story link](https://www.wbrz.com/news/gary-plauche-s-1984-airport-slaying-of-son-s-kidnapper-abuser-now-a-book/)


Thank you! This poor man never got over what happened too. I saw a show not too long ago, and the depression and guilt followed him for years. Awful


How is his son doing? I pray he was able to avoid a life of drug abuse and was able to find great therapy to cope with all this.


I remember seeing an interview with him when he was an adult, he talks about how it made him question his sexuality growing up, he didn't know if he was bi or if he liked girls or not, and he said he identifies as a gay man now. Seemed like he still had some inner issues going on.


http://www.jodyplauche.net/about-me/ He seems to have come along well.


Just read through, he's absolutley killing it all things considered


I’m glad the dad got off good on this one, as long as he was 100% the duchebag he was he deserved to die


*rapist/molester Fixed it for you


That fucker got off way too light then. But at least he was not able to do it again.


Working video link, GRAPHIC NSFW- https://www.efootage.com/videos/90742/victims-father-shoots-attacker


Bro why is this website offering the clip in HD for 199 dollars


lol I’ll do it for 100


So it can be purchased with the rights to be used in a documentary and such.


Clip couldn't exist in HD. HD didn't exist in 1984 and this was shot on video, not 16mm film. Likely a Betacam source and this is close to as good as it could get.


thanks man


Interesting how the father hung the phone up after he shot him. Like it would be rude just to leave the phone hanging.


He’s a man who just murdered a pedophile in cold blood, not a monster.


If you want the FULL raw video, it's on Jody Plauche's website: http://www.jodyplauche.net/videos/ Shows the aftermath of the shooting.


Graphic? It looks like he got smacked or tripped on something.


It is considered graphic since you know the man is being shot in the head.


You forgot to mention that Doucet had also raped his son repeatedly after he kidnapped him. I think that’s an important part of the story.


He raped him once to twice a day for a long time before the kidnapping, according to the boy.


Can’t blame him. Imagine his son growing up with the knowledge that this guy walks and breaths. I hope his son turned out ok.


Last I heard (when I watched the story a long time ago) the son hadn't married or had children. He was traumatized for life, understandably.


That's horrible man


Jody (the son) wrote a [book](https://www.theadvocate.com/baton_rouge/entertainment_life/article_4155dbea-fbf2-11e9-8e69-536899fbde2b.html) about it


That's really sad! One of the reasons other than the obvious of why he hasn't moved on is that people don't allow him to. He said he posts culinary videos and people won't even comment about his food...just the story. I'm gonna find some videos and tell him his food looks great.


Aww, you’re a good person! I just can’t imagine going through that. Poor guy.


Feel free to pm the link to his content, I'd love to do this as well.


Just reading that article you can sense the severity of his struggles and how much it’s sadly consumed his life. I hope he can find real peace someday.


He said he was scared for his dad going to jail but he felt relief when his dad insured he couldn’t do it again


[full video](https://vid.tf/v/ht3) graphic


They immediately knew it was Gary


Fuckin damn it Gary


How could they know? With that hat and those glasses he could blend in anywhere.


Thank you for posting the video. There must be a special place in hell for people that mess with kids.


The site does t load for me goddamnit


He’s a fucking hero


Can't blame the guy. Glad he didn't get jail time


As a dad... I definitely don't blame him either.


I'd do it just to be able to tell your kid "He can never do that again, he's dead"


Cannot say I am a fan of vigilante justice however..,


The only regret would be he went out too fast.


In the video I think I heard them say 'why the head'? (I could be mistaken though) makes me think what they meant by that exactly lol


They say "why Gary why?" The father wrote a book called "Why Gary Why?" Edit: the son Jody actually wrote the book.


Fuckin brained em right behind the ear, fucking crack shot


The actual video for it fortunately didn’t display any actual blood. It happened so quickly it could almost be missed. [Found it here](https://www.efootage.com/videos/90742/victims-father-shoots-attacker) He was actually on the pay phone with a friend when it happened too. He called up his buddy and explained he was about to kill the molester and while his friend tried to talk him out of it, the dad told him something like “be right back” while putting down the phone and firing while his friend was still on the other line to hear the gunfire.


The judge said, "prison would serve no useful purpose." Totally agreed.


Any parent/elder figure to young kids knows they would do the same thing if somebody fucked with their loved ones.


I'm the son, Jody Plauche. To find out more about this story feel free to order my book "Why, Gary, Why?" https://www.amazon.com/dp/1948903210/ref=cm_sw_r_other_apa_i_bGexEbXZCTPJ2




According to Wikipedia. The kidnapper was known to the family. He was the boy’s karate instructor and had been molesting him the entire year before he was taken and sexually assaulted. The son wrote a book 2019.


I have to say I can totally respect this man. I would not even have an issue with him being my coworker/neighbor, etc.


The only problem I have is that he could have accidently hit the officer/Marshal with his shot.


Right there with ya. I am surprised the round didn't exit.


Jeeze. Reminds me of another video from the 80s I think, of a business man or Gov't official I cant remember which - blew his brains out on live television. That clip was way more graphic.


You’re referring to Budd Dwyer—the former State treasurer of Pennsylvania who committed suicide at the press conference he called.


Fun Fact: Budd Dwyer's suicide is one of the reasons press photographers began regularly using color film instead of black and white. Couldn't catch that crimson blood with black and white.


Budd Dwyer was state treasurer of Pennsylvania. Killed himself because if he died in office his wife and kids would still get his pension, whereas if he were found guilty and was incarcerated his wife and kids would get nothing. Filter, the band, has a song about it called “Hey Man Nice Shot”


I remember watching that as an early teen with my parents. My Dad couldn’t turn off the TV fast enough. After the fact. It was the first time I saw someone die IRL


that was R. Budd Dwyer. he said "step back, this could hurt someone." at least he was careful.


No one's gonna say it ? Ok fine... YOU GET WHAT YOU FUCKING DESERVE!


Good guy Gary.


As the father of a 4 year old, I am OK with this.