AMC Stock Float History

AMC Stock Float History


Wow, thanks for putting this together! Very informative, clear/ concise data. I don't hold a position in AMC either but definitely have friends that do. Going to have a look at your other post now! Thanks for sharing


Glad you like it! Definitely see a trend of increasing float and decreasing short interest 😬


Does this look as if there will not be a major squeeze coming in you’re opinion ? It seems retail owns most, if not all, of the float at the moment but there are still major players shorting this stock. Thanks for putting this together, definitely gives another perspective, which I always like to see!


Boy I wish I knew! But I haven't really followed the stock close enough to opine. Others on Reddit have really strong opinions about AMC, as you can imagine. Maybe check out some of the other subreddits and see what people think about the prospect of a squeeze.


Yep, wouldn't be a place I would be putting my cash


I think the long term prospects are dim. Debt will inevitably catch up in a few years and without being able to issue new shares because the vast majority of "apes" are against it and if they issue regardless expect a mass exodus of holders. Short term I don't know, seems like a constant pump and dump which is slowly channeling down but with "meme" stocks you can never tell when a group of whales will jump in and pump it beyond expectations for the hell of it. Seems like a good short if it ever goes to $60 again.


Anyone has any idea about the huge ddifference between WsJ numbers on short interest vs yahoo finance , in Feb and March?


I think it probably just depends on their data provider.


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This is interesting how do we have 83.14M in November and 448.74M in float in July? What are your theories? Is it being traded more right now or is it synthetic shares?


If you look at their financial filings, AMC says in a recent prospectus it issued approximately 450 million new shares between January 1, 2020 and June 2, 2021. They've been wanting to issue more but they don't want to anger people on this site too much!!


Because AMC's management doesn't have any interest in helping the retail share holders. They essentially issued a 5:1 stock split, except then took 4/5 shares from everyone and sold them to raise capital to pay themselves bonuses.


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