I cry over things I shouldnt be crying about. How to fix?

I cry over things I shouldnt be crying about. How to fix?


Talk to your doctors. Both PCP and GYN. Sometimes if people are having issues with their Adrenal Glands they can be extra-emotional. The Adrenals produce hormones that help you handle stress. Sometimes PMS causes emotional upset too. I've gone through this stuff myself, but thankfully my doctors figured it out. If everything checks out as normal a mild anti-depressant might help. I know it's a cliche but regular exercise also helps very much. Yoga might help you become calmer and more centered. Hang in there!


Okay, so crying is beneficial to us as it helps release stress - thats why we cry, mostly. It could be part of your personality, it could be poor stress management, it could be a combination of heaps. All I can really say is that you should just take your time. So long as it isn't shock trauma (generally catastrophic) then you should count to five. Shut your eyes, count to five, then decide if you should cry about this or not. Sometimes crying is exactly what you need - soemtimes your brain hits the panic button and the tears flow. You're not overly sensitive. You're not a wimp. Your brain is just doing brain things. Bur you can become somewhat in control of this with practice, and that practice begins with that wicked cool meditation known as mindfulness. Which is essentially taking five seconds to ground your self and check your shit.


Sounds like your really stressed already- it only takes a tiny thing to throw you over when you are on the edge. If yiu feel yourself getting over whelmed, pay attention to how your body is reacting to the stress. Consciously make the effort to slow your breathing rate, maybe get up and walk around. You have to short circuit the stress reaction. Or, you can just let yourself have a little cry- it’s ok to be frustrated and upset. Tears release stress chemicals- you will feel better after. Then just get yourself together and move on, don’t beat yourself for having normal emotions. Life is hard, and it’s ok to be overwhelmed sometimes


Sounds like a hormonal imbalance