“Weapon Final blows matching subclass damage type” shouldn’t keep getting pushed when Match Game is still a thing.

“Weapon Final blows matching subclass damage type” shouldn’t keep getting pushed when Match Game is still a thing.


Match Game might be nice if it didn't get paired with Extra Shields so much. Pick one, please, not both.


At least Hot Knife doesn't apply to the fuckin exploders.


Luckily hot knife is usually only on in empire hunts and is not a gm modifier. Don’t know if it’s on certain strikes on Master but it’s not a lot if it is


Fallen saber had hot knife in gm iirc


Nope, just master.


Nope, both seasons it’s been gms, it’s had Arach-No as it’s Enemy Race a modifier


I think it did too, but thankfully it was only Solar Shanks and one or two Void Servitors. All of the Captains were Champs so no arc shields. Plus Shanks are squishy so popping their shields with Solar at least did a fair bit of damage to them.


Fallen Saber, it also turns up in Legend+ Lost Sectors lmao


Yeah Fallen Saber master I remember has it and yes I forgot about legend lost sectors


>Match Game might be nice if it didn't get paired with Extra Shields so much. Another pairing that makes things more annoying: Equipment Locked. Yeah yeah, I realize some people think of it as characteristic of all tough non-raid content, but still...


I would be incredibly happy if match game just leaves


Match game works in 3 player activites where you can coordinate, but it feels like dogshit in solo stuff


K1 Crew Quarters Legend Lost Sector shanks, I'm looking at you.


Ran it with hard light lol... Shields? Where? Explosive bow + hard light + rocket launcher and dmg super. Easy 5 mins mark.


On one hand: I agree, hard light makes match game a joke. On the other hand: people feel that match game is so unfun that they run a specific exotic gun to get around it.


I have always had a soft spot for hard light, and it's definitely great as *the* anti-match game, but it can be a bit of a setback devoting an exotic/energy on that


It just feels like a super weak gun even compared to other energy weapons. I'm just shooting tissue balls at people in the form of a gun.


Yeah, its nerf was pretty rough. I get that it was very popular in pvp, but damn they neutered it.


That goes for all 600 autos. 140 hcs get to run rampant while 600s were gutted.


600s still have a faster optimal ttk.


It’s one thing to coordinate elements, it’s an entirely separate thing to do that while building your kit around one element. It’s the reason I haven’t made builds revolving around elemental wells yet I simply would rather have more elemental coverage due to match game


I’ve only done it with Stasis with the Ager’s Scepter on my Shadebinder build. Even then, it’s only used in raid encounters and public events most of the time now


Id use hard light if it didnt give me a seizure, between the fov and recoil on console its been pretty unenjoyable since its debut tbh


Have you used it recently? It got fixed a while back and feels fine on console.


If the fix was sometime after shadowkeep, then I need to go back and check it out.


It definitely was after Shadowkeep


Am excited to give it a shot then, thanks!


Idk I see it as the tool for the job when you don't necessarily have the other options just laying around. You run the took that's best for what you need, usually you need something to burn bosses as quickly as possible so you run that. But if some presents itself that's more of an obstacle than just burst DPS, you use that. I don't see how using hard light to overcome Match Game is any more of an indictment of the system than using DPS meta weapons to kill bosses quickly.


Yeah that's true.


Or machine guns.


Once Arbalest gets anti-barrier it’ll be the meta weapon this season and perhaps into the future, it’s a special linear fusion that ignores all shields and can stop barrier champions. That frees up your energy and power slot to be whatever you want.


I'd recommend this if you're at light for it!! Some parts are in Korean but you can still see the run https://youtu.be/-3BfJFtcehw


Overload now/Salvo/Lament is your friend. Pair it with Slowva/Nighthawk/Cuirass Thundercrash and you can delete the boss instantly too, gets my runs down to a decent 2.5 minutes on average.


Run an arc auto rifle and a void heavy (probably sword) Kinetic can be almost anything special. I recommend witherhoard,tho anything you are comfortable with is ok Uh shanks? Perdition is all Vex iirc


Oh shit, I don't know how I got it that wrong. I was thinking of K1 Crew Quarters and said Perdition. Oops lol


for all the legend LS that feature Fallen, I bring a sword fuck those captains after that uh probably a kinetic solar autorifle super for the boss I only learned the Perdition LS name cause it is a step on the Chosen campaign that I redid last week


You are probably thinking of Concealed Void, but you are right


I was actually thinking of K1 Crew Quarters lol, I was much more wrong than you thought


Seriously. They could slightly bump the base shield resistances to elements that don’t match as compensation


It just needs to be reworked. Instead of forcing an element, just give an element bonus damage as an incentive to use a weapon of that element, without locking everything else away.


You mean what matching the shields normally does.


i would be incredibly happy if they reversed the unneeded rework to verity's brow. fuck the new one, it was a fine exotic and totally uncalled for.


I agree matching elements to your subclass is dumb and annoying, but these builds are mediocre at best anyway so you can safely just run normal guns in content that is challenging. Also master vog and gm are champion heavy with very few shields in general so you can actually get away with more focused 1-2 element builds there. Master nightfalls might be the only place it’s really frustrating but even then you can just power through the couple shields you aren’t matched for with your heavy or super.


Master Nightfall is identical to GMs in terms of enemy placement and shields


Nope! The modifier that gives solar shields to regular Shanks is never active in GMs. In some strikes, the "extra champions" modifier can causes a shield type to disappear, because it makes EVERY enemy with that shield type into a champion. For example, I believe there are no arc shields in GM Fallen Saber because all the captains become Overloads. And there's at least one strike where void shields disappear because all Minotaurs are Overload, though I don't recall which one (Glassway?)


In fallen saber you have an arc captain outside during warsat phase on gm.


Oh yeah. But strictly speaking you don't have to kill him. You can just chain invis or freeze/blind him until the enemies despawn. But I like to run Chaos Reach in that strike so I can just melee or grenade him too.


Yes, that is correct. But Master also has extra champions so they also don't have those shielded enemies.


Oh man, I always forget that Master also has extra champs because I never run it. It's either Legend if I just want 100k, or GMs if I want to gild Conqueror/farm shards/farm Adepts.


Are you sure? Iirc last season GM dropped hot knife while master still had it


That might be an exception, however I can't say if any master nightfall had hot knife modification.


well it is kind of rare cause it's fallen specific I want to say glassway


Master will usually have an annoying modifier that isn’t included in gms (eg. Attrition, Togetherness)


There are significantly more shields in Master than GM content because GM doesn't have Extra Shield modifier.


All GMs have Extra Shield modifier but it's grouped in a general icon called GM modifiers


Every GM I have ever ran had significantly less elemental shields than the Master version so IDK what you are referring to exactly.


That's often because of champions converting enemies that would be shielded.


Is it? I admittedly don't bother with doing much Master since it's not (IMO) worthwhile when GM is active, so I assumed there were a couple less champions, the way we have the jump from legend to master.


thats false. some elemental shielded enemies in master become champions in GM




Font of Might is really strong.


Honestly pretty over their obsession with putting match game on everything. It doesn't make stuff more challenging. It just forces me to hold on to otherwise unwanted weapons just because of thier elements.


But that’s the point of match game. (I hate I too)


I'd play match game all day if it meant I didn't have to deal with Champions.


**SOME** of the champions aren’t bad. But the overload Captains and pick a Taken can go fuck themselves.


What I'd rather see is actual mechanics tied to each element and then enemies & environments that are particularly vulnerable to an element's mechanic or status effect. So maybe arc damage creates a lightning AOE, solar creates a burn DOT, etc. Then you have enemies with mechanics that favor one element over the other but don't force you to run a particular element - a boss with shield drones that can all be killed by an arc lightning AOE, or a boss with a quickly regenerating shield that can remain down via a solar burn DOT, or an extremely fast boss that chases you around that is vulnerable to slow and freeze from stasis. Or have environmental mechanics that react differently to each element, so depending on your play style you might, as an individual, prefer one element over another - maybe you want to create a big arc lightning AOE to wipe out swarms of adds, or a void debuff on a miniboss that you're having trouble taking down fast enough, or a solar burn DOT so you can do damage while in cover. Point is you're not forced to use purple guns for the purple shield guys, but you can choose to use certain elements based on your play style and what particular mechanic/status effect would benefit you the most. It looks like they're heading that direction with Stasis weapons and the light subclass reworks, but I still think the actual enemies and environments need updated to have deeper connections to elemental mechanics & status effects. *And* elemental weapons need to have some of these mechanics intrinsically baked in - a stasis hand cannon without a stasis perk is indistinguishable from any other hand cannon, which needs to change.


Agreed, this shouldn't be a thing. I get that they were probably between a rock and a hard place, having to open up the kinetic slot to stasis weapons to keep the energy slot from getting overcrowded, but pigeon-holing exotics to match your subclass is a bad look. Especially when, as you say, most of the content where this kind of stuff matters, will have match game enabled.


The matching element thing that Bungie is pushing makes me think that they’re setting up more weapon and class synergy with the light subclass reworks coming with Witch Queen like we currently have with Stasis and Agers Scepter. I just think that Match Game as a whole needs to go.


>The matching element thing that Bungie is pushing makes me think that they’re setting up more weapon and class synergy with the light subclass reworks coming with Witch Queen like we currently have with Stasis and Agers Scepter. I just think that Match Game as a whole needs to go. 100% this, they even said they're planning on adding effects to each energy type to make them more unique akin to stasis, rather than purple flavored damage, and orange flavored damage.


This on Elemental Armaments is exactly why I haven't hopped on the elemental well train. It's not even entirely due to Match Game, it feels just a little too restrictive to me. I want to use a build around my weaponry and my subclass to complement it, but I'm restricted to having to match my subclass with my weapon. Not a fan, would prefer if wells were created simply matching the weapon you kill with.


You don’t need elemental armaments to make a well build. I personally have never equipped the thing once and my build works fine. There is more than one way to make elemental wells. My two favourites are ordnance and melee wellmaker as at least one of my weapons almost always has demolitionist on it, and there’s loads of ways to recharge your melee fast


I currently run a hybrid well and CWL on a stasis hunter - melee wellmaker (with 100 str and melee kickstart), elemental charge so I become CWL x2 when picking up the well, high energy fire and, when it comes out, stasis shards counting as stasis wells with either headstone Vulpe or Ager's Scepter since Revenant super is one I'm willing to sacrifice to the weapon.


A neat elemental well build for top-tree voidwalker and Contraverse Hold is 2 Heal Thyself mods + Elemental Ordnance + Elemental Charge + Supercharged. Turns your buffed up vortex grenades into powerful self-replenishing healing grenades, and doesn't require you to do anything special. You could replace Supercharged with Taking Charge or the new Seeking Wells mod. The way Heal Thyself works is one mod heals for 25% per CWL stack and will keep consuming stacks until you reach 100% health or there are no more stacks left, whichever comes first. Heal Thyself x2 heals 50% of your health per stack of CWL, so at most you only need 2 stacks to reach 100% health. Elemental charge gives those 2 stacks back to you since the wells created by elemental ordnance on grenade kill will match the subclass. You also receive some ability energy from the wells, which is nice if Contraverse didn't completely refill your grenade, so its really an easy and passive build to use.


The only elemental well thing I like is the melee one that drops all matching your subclass on melee kills.


Just use osmosis this Perk is insanly strong and people still dont use it


It’s not the fact it’s a bad perk it’s just there’s normally way better perks


I've come to love osmosis, its really nice.


Don’t use a build that requires using a matching element for that activity.


just remove Match Game. it does nothing but restrict my loadout and it's irritating.


I believe that is the point. It’s a constraint that you overcome.


Yeah,half the fun is figuring out the ideal loadout for every GM it would be a very boring game if I could roll the hardest content just with my favorite weapon set ,no changes


Ever heard of raids?


What the fuck are you on about? How are raids relevant to Match Game's place in the game?


Besides needing a good DPS and add clear tool, what restricts your loadout in a raid?


Nothing does thats the point.


well, I've never played one. why?


Then your critisicm is pretty invalid. Kinda hard to ask for the removal of something when you havent even played the entire game.


Ok, I have played raids and GMs. Got all the raid titles(except Rivensbane but I'm getting there) and gilded grandmaster every season it came out. I also think Match Game is shit. Not to mention, Match Game isn't even IN raids a majority of the time. So your question means absolutely nothing and this fake qualifier you've put up is completely irrelevant.


Never claimed raids had matchgame.


Then what exactly are you claiming?


This post is saying elemental synergy perks are bad because one activity has match game. Ive done GMs with mantle of battle harmony and its fantastic. This opinion is dumb


First off, a ton of activities have match game, not just one. Secondly, it's not saying they're bad, it's saying that it's annoying to have two completely contradictory things being pushed in the endgame at the same time. Thirdly, you can do GMs with anything you want, that doesn't make them good. Last season me and a friend did a GM On 720p, the lowest fov, the lowest graphics settings, and with controllers as a joke. We completed it but I'm not out here saying it's a viable way to play.


i mean, gatekeep much?? I grind Nightfalls and Legend Lost Sectors pretty regularly and I have to build around Match Game there. it's not like I'm actively choosing to not Raid, I just don't have a full Fireteam and my friend and I don't like LFG.


Thats not how gatekeeping works. If you review a book after reading half of it and a fan says your review is pointless is that gatekeeping?


you know, that's some bulletproof logic. you're right, Match Game actually is my favorite modifier now. thank you for enlightening me.


Shocking how opinions can be different


What the hell are you talking about. Your train of logic makes absolutely no sense. That's more like saying someone's review of a book is pointless because they haven't read an entirely unrelated book written by the same author. Raids and Match Game have nothing to do with eachother. Like, I can't wrap my head around the way you think. Also, I've done pretty much every piece of content in the game throughout its entire lifetime, and I also dislike Match Game.


Im sorry people get so mad about differing opinions. Still doesnt change the fact that what i said wasnt gatekeeping.


It literally was? You told him he wasn't entitled to an opinion because he hadn't played something that had nothing to do with what he was expressing his opinion about. It's not a hard concept to grasp.


I said his criticism was invalid not that he couldnt have an opinion. Read comprehension is a great thing. The point is this thread is fill of people crying about match game like its not only in 1 activity. People want to water everything down so its boring,and they havent even touched most of the game.


And most use Hard Light anyway


Lol no they don't. People prefer to use good guns


Hard light is IMO just a lazy solution. Yeah it works but it’s never the best case and there’s never usually 3 shields so you can cover it with your energy weapon and heavy.


I've been waiting for someone to say this. When Bungie pushed Elemental Wells at the start of this season with the same idea, it makes no sense to me just how restrictive they want us to play. In a master raid it's no problem, in a GM it takes a bit more coordination, but in a legend/master lost sector there is no chance you can pull out the right subclass to match the shields and the same gun type to deal with champions.


I actually do have armor and weapon sets for each subclass on each character, but I’ve learned from clan mates that I’m an outlier. In some cases I have several armor sets for the same subclass, like a entire verity’s and dawn chorus set up for bottom tree dawnblade.


Forces you to switch up builds and try different things.. easy way to make it hard mode of you can't fall back to your "ole reliable"


Here's a novel idea. Why not coordinate your builds with your teammates and have everyone work together to cover all the shields?


Yeah not liking this trend


This is why I always run Hard Light in Lost Sectors


Me who legit just brute forced a 1350 activity solo without using the right element


Most if not all content with Match Game requires you to bring in a premade team in. So I don't think it should be too hard to coordinate a loadout. I mean, I literally have never even thought twice about it.


The only time I find match game acceptable is for the devils lair GM with overload bow. 3 exotic bows each with very powerful abilities, now with unlimited ammo is alright. The rest can fuck off


Thinking about it, I realize elemental burns encourage me to keep several weapons of different element burns in my armory, some of us also like that aspect of the game - gives me reason to chase after certain weapons of certain elements. I suppose this is the underlying mechanic there wouldn't be much reason for many weapons to exist in this game if there wasn't elemental burns, it also makes us grind more. Match game is fine. But it could be BETTER. The answer isn't to take it out of the game as it will remove a pillar of the loot grind. They should rework it to become an incentive system instead. Maybe they should go with the "incentivize rather than punish" Instead of making players feel forced to run certain elements, make it so certain weekly Elemental burns have bonus damage in Match Game so people can use whatever element they want but at a cost to efficiency. It's essentially the same system of 'forcing' people but flipped around so it doesn't feel bad. Was this not part of the original game or am I misremembering.


I don't disagree with what you're saying and this isn't part of the discussion, but it's exactly why people who say "you're not supposed to keep one of every weapon" are wrong. It makes total sense to hold onto too many weapons for exactly this reason of having good versions of every element in every archetype.


Also, lots of players are collectors by nature anyway, might as well add reasons for people to keep a huge personal arsenal. I really think Match is mostly fine, it just needs tweaking so it's not a pain point.


I hate match game anyway. Wouldn’t be sad to see it just removed.


Pretty much until they give arbalest antibarrier and it becomes the easy ignore matchgame option.


Personally I like that taking weapon elements into consideration for builds finally means something after 7 years, instead of something you ignore for the most part.


Yup. And for all the people saying this doesn't make it harder but does make it more annoying, what it's really doing is forcing you to decide between running suboptimal but versatile loadouts, or strong specialized loadouts but having to depend on your team for coverage. It's the same thing with the champion mods. The point of this stuff is to make it more appealing to give roles to your teammates and then coordinate with them in order to be optimally effective. People act like they're forced to run all of the champion mods and cover all of the elements, but they really aren't.


All these cool builds are totally unusable in high level match game contents. Why bother building them for low level content when any primary can kill just as good without.


101% agree. I saw all the alignment effects and just said, "Well looks cool but useless." Even the most basic Nightfalls always has match game and usually multiple types. One person taking one energy type is a *bad idea.*. Now if they get rid of match game, very different story.


Just put on a primary with osmosis. People sleep on osmosis.


I like it but it's still difficult to utilise since match game activities have champions and if you are running solo lost sectors you will have to change weapon which removes the element from it. And requires you to throw your grenade to activate it so it can feel like to much work to run it unless you are out if other options.


Look for a Last Breath, from Prophecy, with Demo and Osmosis. Judgement can roll the same if you want a Hand Cannon.


Traveler's chosen has been great for me this season with the catalyst giving osmosis and unstoppable sidearm.


I forgot travelers chosen existed. Never used it once I got it. But it being an exotic can make it less viable since I can run soemthign else that is more dps and a legendary side arm, at least for solo stuff anyway. I would like to try using something like that for end game if I had more time to play.


Understandable. I don't mind using exotic primaries now, especially with the ammo drop changes with them. I'm fortunate enough my legendary heavies can pump out enough DPS to make up for not using an exotic heavy. Having a god roll cartesian coordinate is fortunate too.


I got a scathelocke with it which was OK but I had to keep swapping to overload as using my melee was too risky most of the time.


It's so annoying when you see an exotic you want to use but are limited to a handful of energy slot primaries if you want to use them. It just sucks that as a HC user I can only (effectively) use Nezarec's on Bottom Dollar, Igneous Hammer on Promethium Spurs, and Vulpecula on Verity's Brow. Why did I farm VoG for a godroll Fatebringer if I can't even use it with the exotics I like?


Get an Osmosis/Firefly Fatebringer so you can use it no matter what subclass you’re using and open up your energy slot to whatever you want. Elemental wells have made Osmosis S tier


Honestly i change weapons and subclass to often, changing all my mods to?! Its to much effort




How are solo players supposed to do anything in this game? Like seriously you now have four different elemental types and on top of that you need two or three different weapon types for the Champions too (Overload, Barrier and Unstoppable) it's so insane. Theres no way a single weapon can also do a dual role in one category as well, like Athrys Embrace throwing knife being able to stun both Overload and Unstoppable even with Thermoclastic Strike (yes I know it technically can but you have to wait for the buff to go away which is 30 seconds) Having both of them for a fire team sure, all players have to run other stuff from one another to ensure fast success but damn if it's not annoying otherwise


You need to keep around one weapon of each element. The problem may be storage space,but this season I carry around one assault rifle per element,and last season I did so for scout rifles Not really for stasis so far but that may change One of each chest piece for each element so you can add a resist mod for each element may be overkill but can make the difference in certain lost sectors


Just get rid of match game. I don't mind matching elements for mods and builds, but all this emphasis on crafting your loadout for the activity is becoming nauseating. Champion mods wreck my loadouts enough in these activities, and I don't need match game on top of that.


For real, constantly micromanaging my shit is just tedious.


Are we really at the point where people are struggling with match game...


No, we’re at a point where Bungie is pushing a gameplay loop that makes match game a struggle.


He out here struggling with match game. somebody get this man some help.


People just want the whole game on easy mode.


I'm probably the minority here but I enjoy the changes. Some of the stuff you can do with "weapon final blows matching subclass type" is geniunely strong. Combining and elemental wells build with Verity's Brow for example. The trade off is that you cannot use your subclass to cover an extra element. You should either coordinate your team to do that for 3 or 6 player activities. I haven't seen a lost sector with more than 2 types of shields anyways, and the same goes for high end Nightfalls where most of the shielded enemies are replaced by Champions. I think the only one with the rainbow is Corrupted (and maybe Proving Grounds depending on which minibosses you get?). Regardless, I think a lot of the subclasses are in good enough shape that if you want to run it in a GM, it would be very much viable. The only exceptions seem like Arc Staff and Behemoth to me. I get that restrictions might be annoying but they push me to create different builds and use different subclasses and weapons, so I personally enjoy them.


It's all restrictions to a point where I'm happy with taking charge and high energy fire for 99% of the content. Armour affinities, mods and exotics that need matching weapon energy type with subclass. Champions mods fucking up my arms every season and almost half of my armor's energy slots devoted to get the special and heavy ammo I need to shoot my guns. You can add as many mods as you want Bungie but very few people will bother with them unless 1) they allow absurdity broken builds, 2) you create a loadout system to save builds with mods.


... so the game is so good now the only thing to complain about is a mechanic that has been in the game since D1... damn imagine having to bring certain weapons for endgame activities.


Are we gonna pretend like match game isnt only in 1 activity and raids dont exist?


> like match game isnt only in 1 activity that's just plain false


Master VoG and Nightfalls. And unless you are even on Master difficulty you can completely ignore shields.


that's already two. and counting all NFs as one activity is questionable at best. you're also forgetting higher tier Nightmare Hunts, Empire Hunts and Harbinger.


Old content that no one plays isnt relevant. And all nightfalls are one activity. They are called Nightfalls my man.


nice work of moving the goalpost


Thats not moving the goalpost lol.


First you say match game is in only one activity. Then you yourself name two. And then you arbitrarily decide what content is relevant, despite that not even being a question. There's more than 1 activity with match game. Therefore, you're wrong.


I corrected myself and named 2. 1-2 year old content being irrelevant isnt arbitrary, its a fact. Go on LFG and count the barely even 3 posts for these activities. Im glad you learned some debate terms from youtube but maybe learn how to use them. A direct response to a statement isnt moving the goalpost, but nice try.


doesn't change the fact that these activities exist. And Harbinger still gives pinnacles so it's not irrelevant in any way. the discussion was never about relevance. It was about them existing in the first place, which they clearly do.


1.) Not everyone has a full raid team. And a lot of Guardians have social anxiety, so LFGing is a lot of work and isn't fun for us. 2.) It's in 2 activities, if you're gonna be an ass about your point, at least be right. 3.) If you love match game so much, explain to me why it helps the game, cause it literally doesn't. At best it forces you to use your heavy before you would like to, at worst it fucks you over cause you joined some randoms in an LFG and no one had arc damage.


This post is claiming matching subclass perks are bad because one activity has a modifier that requires elements. When you can still run one element becayse most Nightfalls only have 2 shields and you have a fireteam. Shield in matchmade nightfalls can be easily shredded. This opinion is bad.


And yet you think yours is good? The idea that nightfall strikes and raids are at all comparable is laughable.


Not really, they're both designed to be more difficult content and require you to pay attention to your entire build


Yet one of them has extra puzzles, wipes and is much longer. It’s apples and oranges, sure you can find similarities, but if I want to do a strike a raid won’t cut it.


But the core idea remains, be difficult and force you to build your character


I honestly think there are better ways the force you to build your character. But I guess you’re right, I still don’t like match game tho.


If you have a better idea then this sub is the place for it, all you need to do is try to be constructive with it


I don’t know enough about game design to really come up with a not shit idea. Also I appreciate you not being hostile :)


Never said they were. Im literally just talking about what content affects your loadout. Im sorry you cant comprehend this simple idea.


I wouldn't mind match game as much if you could reroll legendary weapons to have different elemental affinities. I'm hoping this will be a thing with the weapon crafting in WQ


Match game is the most restrictive modifier in the game and I hate it


*laughs in Ager's scepter and mantle of battle harmony*


I mean, I guess? There are plenty of perks that don't sync up with certain game types or play styles. “Weapon Final blows matching subclass damage type” works fine in horde mode PVE stuff like Alters or seasonal things like Astral Alignment. I can see how it can be annoying to get a perk you don't like while farming for roles, but that's just normal destiny. I hate head seeker. Let's get rid of that one first.


This doesn't make sense. If you're setting up a matched type build you can still have at least one weapon of another type. If you have 2 teammates there is enough opportunity to get all the types. Bungo is making more build options. You have to choose now you can't just have everything.


Imagine having to change your build for a particular activity...


This is how we make content harder


I have been saying this for a while Initially match game was introduced for endgame pve loadout restriction Now that job is done by champs mod for that season They could literally remove elemental shields and elemental affinity on weps i swear


This seems like a great opportunity for Bungie to introduce weapons that feature more than one damage type. It would be cool to have a weapon that shoots stasis and solar.


no one tell him there are already 2 that do this...


While I agree it's not to difficult to build around. And wells are stronger then charge with light imo. As they should be cus u have to jump through more hoops. U don't have to go all the same element idk why people hyper focus like that isn't not needed. I normally will use just 1 weapon that matchs my subclass normally special or primary. Espically after presious scars went from dogshit to s teir in pve after the bug was fix. A hard counter to attrition which is hands down the most ass modifier is worth it imo.


Bungie: “We hear you, it isn’t fun and doesn’t make sense to ask for weapon kills of contradictory burns. We are therefore replacing the bounty with the following: “Kill 100 Powerful Enemies with Kinetic sidearms, bows or SMGs. Additional progress for enemies killed while under leveled in Grand Master Nightfalls.”


It’s a shit mechanic period. The “””buff””” to Veritys wasn’t a buff lol


That's why elemental wells suck in every slightly higher end content


except that there's plenty of well mods that spawn from just killing things or grenades or explosions just normal stuff no type required.


Seems like an outdated modifier right now. While we're at it, get rid of grounded and healing wells. I wanna move around in a movement shooter without being one shot and my recovery stat shouldn't be useless in some random nightfall.


Eh. I am ok with ignoring some suggested builds. Just like I ignore bad strike modifiers or nightfalls.


Match Game should just be removed honestly.


I completely stay away from these exotics, not just because of Match Game, but because between sunsetting restricting your choices and the constant need to switch weapons for bounties, they are often a wasted slot.


Sunsetting when?


Ya not big on this trend. In fact I'd like the opposite. Effect triggers if final blow of weapon element not of your subclass


I've pretty much entirely stopped using verity simply because I want to use weapons that are different elements from my subclass


Well 1), There are no stasis shields yet, so its 3 damage types, when it's concerning matchgame. 2) its not contradictory, its a decision to make in your build and your approach to the activity. You lose some flexibility, and trade it for power. You build around your strengths, or you build around your team. Not everyone is going to be running "matching subclass" builds, and if you are, you can try to build it around each light-subclass. This is stuff to discuss with your fireteam, you can, and absolutely should, build around eachother. 3) In the case of solo content, which is usually lost sectors in this case, i've found heavy ordnance and other burst damage to still be effective on match game, when combined with stasis. I'll usually run one weapon of a particular type of damage that is either frequent, or on enemies that have some sort of natural damage resistance where the shield just makes them to tanky to deal with directly. Champions are easy once you figure out their tricks.


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