Do you play DnD with friends or random people?

Do you play DnD with friends or random people?


I've only ever played with friends/family. Definitely prefer it over taking a chance with random people online.


Yeah I've come to realise this too. It's the people that make this game what it is for me!


Both. It's better with friends as you have a more personal connection with them but I have grown strong bonds with some players I've found on lfg.


Always with friends. I've sometimes been introduced to new people who join our group, but they too have become friends and we play as such.


For a decade or so after high school, I played with my friends. But, the longer I played with them, the more the edgelord high school roleplaying mentality grated on me. I eventually left the group, and, after a hiatus I started playing with strangers. There's less of an out of character connection, but the games are much more enjoyable.


I’ve played with close friends for 3 years, and now I have recently started a campaign in an online group with strangers. I am having an awesome time, which really gives me more motivation to play.


I've only played with friends and friends of friends. Doing it with random people has always seemed like too many unknowns.


I've never played with randoms and don't feel particularly optimistic about ever doing so. I am fortunate that if I ask for volunteers to play a game I run across a few of my groups, I can guarantee 5-10 willing and excellent players will offer to join.


I once played with the friends of my brother. But nowadays, most of my groups are people I found via groupfinders, then befriended. So it is both randoms and friends.




I joined an AL-ish group with a bunch of randos after shuffling around tables at the venue for a bit. The meant to be AL tables weren't much fun. Kids too young for the game, DMs not understanding spell wording lead to not letting me do a number of RAW things and the AL culture is that players should shut up after the DM makes a call. The AL-ish table is a lot of fun. I think one of the key aspects is communication. We point out things other's do that are annoying (not in those words) and we get better at those things. Most of the table likes to RP, so we do. Those who don't wait patiently til its over because they know we the rest do the same when they're doing things we're not into.


Usually only friends but I did pick up a session for a group of very new friends, like I've known them for a month and a week or 2. And we will have our 3rd session in 3 days


I've played dnd exclusively with random people, however they have all quickly become amazing friends and some of us now live together because of it. It's an amazing way of bringing people together!


Only with friends or friends of friends.




My current and first campaign is with random people I met in r/lfg and honestly it was one of the best decisions I took, I love every session and have a great time, being always excited for whenever we play. I made have been lucky with the group I got as I know that many dont end up working out very well, although I must admit that from the original 7 we were going to play (6 plus DM), 1 didnt show up for the first session, another stop playing after 3 sessions, we added a friend of the DM, another player quit, then a new player came but left after a few sessions, making just 5 of the original people staying (4 players plus DM) as well as the DM´s friend and our beloved cleric. Now this group of people are great, they are all nice guys who I have a lot of fun with it and makes me always excited to see what misadventures we get into next, like for example, we just stole a magic scroll from a College of Mages that can be used to summon an Eldritch Horror, evading it from getting in the hands of an Undead Cult, barely escaping from the Death Knight who has become the Archnemesis of many of our players.