I Want to add Your Characters to my Game!

I Want to add Your Characters to my Game!


Fearal Deathblossom the wood elf barbarian, dex based but with high str and con as well. He's taken four levels in bard recently, fights with a rapier and shield, and likes to enter combat with minor illusion going as a drum roll and unseen servant playing guitar riffs on a lute. He's on a gap century after being a village guardian for four centuries and intends to return to his wife and children when he's seen the world. Fearal keeps a leather cauldron of tea cooking whenever possible, putting almost anything in it up to, and including, hallucinogenic blossoms, bits of dragon, and his own hair.


YO I love this guy, he's definitely going to show up! I'll let you know how it all goes!


One other quirk that may be fun, is that he views everything as potentially edible once it's dead, and that showing respect to the dead is eating at least a token amount of them. It has had its major issues involving poison, blindness, and loss of HP, but it's still interesting to do and has revealed two major plot points to date.


I have a Dragonborn ranger that I am playing in my DND club. He is rather short for a dragonborn being 5"7 I think. He is of blue ancestry and mainly uses his longbow for attacking but will use a short-sword if he is at close range. His stealth skill is very high and he uses it to his advantage whenever he can. I sort of based him off of the rangers apprentice books because i was really into those at the time I made this character. Here is the character sheet if you want to use it edit: just realized that this version of my character dosnt have a backstory so if you use it you may want to think up one or just not make him very prominent in your story [https://www.dropbox.com/s/6rv9jtadquv82yy/Character%20sheetv2.pdf?dl=0](https://www.dropbox.com/s/6rv9jtadquv82yy/Character%20sheetv2.pdf?dl=0)


Molli Spriggan: lightfoot halfling rogue. Irish accent, dark skin, short dreadlock ponytail. Ex-member of burglar's crew in a major city. Now on the run and stuck in an unexplored wilderness with a bunch of yahoos--she's not happy about it. Biting humor but ultimately good-natured, doesn't drink. Crossbow, daggers, typical rogue stuff. Looking to get some tattoos in the near future.


Greg, the 7”5 chaotic neutral silver Dragonborn, with wings, with 5 levels in rogue, 3 levels in warlock, can talk to animals, has the mask of many faces, and is a powerful businessman.


Fox Company. Fonmac - Android monk, male, specialises in trips, throws and repositions. Clever, but not very perceptive, looks human but with RGB tattoos. Mildly claustrophobic. Plays chess and like trying new kinds of cheese. Kitch - Ratfolk alchemist/rogue, female, blows things up, sets other things on fire and makes useful things for the rest of the group. Inquisitive, friendly and has grey fur. Tests new alchemy discoveries on herself. Makes the maps and keeps notes of interesting things. Occasionally dissects things. Morven Hvalbar- Dwarf Cleric, male, vampire hunter, friendliest member of the group. Favourite food is goat, has a huge ginger beard and prefers using crossbows. Hates undead with a passion, donates money to orphanages. Cooks for the group and organises the finances. Nyack - Human gunslinger. Male. Stupidly fast, uses 2 revolvers featuring explosive bullets made by Kitch for 25gp a shot. Works for pay, hates slavers. Dark skin, grey hair and stubble. Least sociable member. Kills things with extreme violence. Very protective of the group. Mild gambling problem. Gorgutz Grimskull - Orc Barbarian. Walking slab of muscle. Not clever. Hates washing, drinks anything that might get him drunk. Collects heads of fallen enemies. Doesn't clean them first. Very friendly, but has no social skills. Once headbutted a Demon to death. Has full plate covered in spikes (for heads) and an Earthbreaker hammer, also covered in spikes. Hunts for everyone's food, but refuses to use ranged weapons.


Nester the Court Jester and his son, Almoné the Earth Elemental - Nester is just a traveling freelance performer wearing a classic fool’s mask. Traveling with him is his earth elemental son, who Nester raised from pebble to a full grown golem of stone.


I played a character named Darrion who is a Half-Elf Ranger in a one-shot game. He's in his late teens, he's super naive but has a heart of gold. He once saved an entire village of defenseless gnomes from a troll who was harassing them and intimidating them, only the "troll" was actually just a single orc. As a result, he has the Folk Hero background, can't remember what subclass though He genuinely believes it was a troll due to not having much experience adventuring, and he also thinks goblins and gnomes are the same thing, just that one of them is green His main weapon is a short bow, but he has a short sword and a dagger as backups, and he also relies on the Hunter's Mark spell quite often Overall, he's a genuine good kid who wants to do good things everywhere he can, even if he hypes up his own achievements without realizing it, but he has a lot to learn about the world


Kurt Kowbane, pansexual minotaur bard, college of glamour. Thick scottish accent and is using his adventuring life to come up with an epic ballad. Has been on the run from a lich that tried to harness his power to raise armies of undead, a fella by the name of Dave Ghoul. I cannot use this character in most of my semi-serious campaigns, for everyone's sake.


Elsa (alias, real name Aveline), half elf, level 5 assassin, bane of horny bards everywhere, hates men in general but doesn't let anyone know that. She's a serial killer who drifts from place to place and uses a seductive egirl thot persona to lure men to their deaths, selling their souls to a slime demon with flasks of corrosive demonic slime that consumes their bodies and souls. In combat uses a hand crossbow with crossbow expert, although she prefers to kill people before they even know they're in danger. Skilled in disguise and brewing poisons. Obviously might cause some issues with horny PCs trying to get laid meeting untimely ends lol. In our campaign she's also secretly (unbeknownst to her as well) the cast down and cursed god of death, doomed to have cursed life after cursed life of violence and misery trapped in mortal vessels in an endless cycle of reincarnation.


"Chef" - my halfling Totem barbarian He is the camp chef in a military. Very jovial and good-hearted character. The picture of an NPC, barefoot, shirtless with just a leather apron, 3/4 pants. Carries all his kitchen utensils with him as his "adventurers kit". When pushed you see his other side, his anger and brutality. Dual wields Meat Cleavers (handaxes), throws roasting spits (javelins) and Chef Knives(daggers or handaxes) smashes people with a massive mixing whip ( warhammer) etc. His backstory is that he was a ruthless pirate for years, who gave up his bloodthirsty ways and wants to put it all behind him. He was a notorious pirate who disappeared and is wanted throughout the civilized world, so he hides in plain sight within the military. If he is higher level he takes eagle at 14 so he gets fly speed during his turn and he leaps into the air to take down flying enemies, doesn't worry about the falling damage as rage=half. Let me know if you want more details.


Johnny Walker, a priest of whoever is the big box religion of your setting. Talks slow with a bit of a drawl, and carries a staff carved to look like a long rifle. Truthfully, he is a warlock of a Fallen Angel. Celestial Warlock. He grew up in the angel’s cult and serves his lord faithfully, he has no desires other than to serve his savior and Lord. Should the Lord ask him to kill himself or others he will do so readily. When ever he’s asked who he is a priest of he only says “The Lord” and lets others think he speaks of a god when in truth he speaks of the Angel. Agonizing blast, eldritch spear invocation, and repelling blast Invocation: spell sniper feat. He uses his spell slots almost exclusively to teleport far away, and will always hold back from the group acting as a sniper, harming the enemies of his lord, wether they be the party or the NPCs. His pact boon is the tome which is his “Holy Book”.


Admendor - High Elf Ranger. During her adventures she accuired a haunted sword. The "sword of Goddess Wrath" While in itself it is an awesome weapon it tries to covert to wielder to the faith of Kiaransalee. She does not knows what is happening to her and where those dark thought come from. But in a twisted way she likes it ...... ​ [https://www.dndbeyond.com/profile/Garalan/characters/57668414](https://www.dndbeyond.com/profile/Garalan/characters/57668414)


A Tiefling Bard. (I know, not very original) name Justin Credible. Who's sole goal in life is to make other happy. No matter what form this happiness take. Can be wholesome and pure or it can be dark and very disturbing.


I have a fairly young brass Dragonborn barbarian (path of the beast), Grakryx. He’s a chonker of a unit (7ft x 350lb) who’s in peak physical conditions (High Str, Con and Dex), good awareness of his surroundings, decent intelligence, and meek personality. He’s a guy raised in the wilds, with no knowledge over societal standards or etiquettes, and with behaviors and habits reminiscent to those of animals (kinda like Tarzan, to some degree). He’s good hearted, doing his best to help the “scaleless ones”, and has a good grasp over natural knowledge and hunting capabilities. He’s quite shy, and also self-aware of how his monstrous looks could intimidate others, even though he doesn’t want to. His only clothing is an animal pelt around his waist, and a furred spaulder on his right shoulder. He was raised by a dragon, his mother (whose draconic inheritance allowed him to “grow” claws, fangs, and a tail for the purpose of the path of the beast archetype), who taught him how to read, write, and gave him a short, generic education over the land. His only knowledge of the “civilized” world are the stories from his mother’s experiences. He never met his father, and only knows his name and an approximate description of his features (and that he is a human). He started adventuring to open up to new horizons, discover new places, and possibly find his father.


Name: Shard (Timothy before fracture). Race: Human. Class: Warlock. Level: 7. Shard is son to a paladin father and cleric mother, he's mentality sick, different voices in his head appeared fracturing his mind he talks with the voices as if they were family, made a pact with the abysmals. Was expelled from the religion and branded apostate, mother helped him flee while father wanted him dead. Wishes to see mother one more time, will accept his execution.


Could be fun. Morion (The Tower) Nebulous. Fallen Aasimar - Paladin, Eldritch Knight, War Cleric. He is a faithful servant of Talos, whose faith has led to Talos becoming more of his own identity. His family had been slaughtered by the Sect of Tiamat (Cult of the Dragon) but he has managed to get married to a Female Tiefling weapons dealer and has a Concubine Female Tiefling Sorcerer, Maccath The Red. Has a permanent Red Half Dragon henchman named Baroque, bound by use of a very strict, lasting Geas. Also resurrected Arauthator, who has vowed to help him if he ever needs it. Additionally has a Guild of soldiers he has been building up, with use of a coliseum and a constant flow of Fight Club events. His army is called the Storm of the Swordcoast and consist of an array of classes. And his much smaller inner circle, called the Hand of Deliverance, strictly Paladins and Clerics. He swore to eradicate the Sect of Tiamat and all dragons that cannot see to reason. https://www.dndbeyond.com/profile/Zechsian/characters/12463652


Franklin - tortle fighter with the voice of a 90 year old grandma from New York who has smoked a pack a day since she was 15. His face rarely shows any expression aside from a judgy turtle stare. He takes things very literally and deals with problems very directly.


I'm a dm, but I'll share one of my favorite characters. Orghorin Snothusk, Barbarian, half orc. Son to a retired general now blacksmith, Orghorin had a lot to live up to. His father expected him to become a general himself so he did... of the town guard. In truth, Orghorin wants to get enough money playing the dulcimer and buy his own tavern where he spends his nights playing the dulcimer. He doesn't like to fight, but will if it gets his world closer to peace.


str(8) dex(20) con(14) int(8) wis(20) cha(10) a tabaxi drunken fist monk (12) with the slasher feat and spore druid(4) with the magic initiate, (mage hand, eldritch blast, and hex), and rune knight fighter (4) he gets into fights at bars for about 1-4 rounds and then dashes 150 feet climbing straight up any obstacles. he basically acts like master Roshi from DBZ


I have found this build works great especially if you started with 6 levels in monk and branch from there


Amber Leafwalker Halfing College of Swords Bard. Born and bred on the dock to dock workers this shipwright learned the way of sword from her mentor during long stretches of voyages and was gifted a cold scimitar that is their most prized possession. Sarcastic bard that pokes fun at people that are too big for their boots. Also has an affinity for using for using fire bolt (gained via Magic Initiate feat) and accidentally blowing up her friends when she hits a black powder barrel. Amber has recently set off an a journey to try and make something of herself. ​ [https://imgur.com/gallery/NJVyjgV](https://imgur.com/gallery/NJVyjgV)


OzRog the colossus is a full orc from the wildmount campaign guide who is a lvl 4 fighter with the gladiator background and a tavern brawler. Cade van siglen is a lvl three wizard with a wand as an arcane focus and one arm is a prosthetic and powered by magic Last is findrel “fin” kestrix a combat medic rouge non magic user he is a support character who sneaks around the battle field healing ppl with medpack and positions If you want more detail I can send it


Elijah - Triton College of Lore Bard. He enjoys exploring old ruins and covering secrets long forgotten by people. Myths and Legends aren't just stories for him but fuel his curiosity and motivation to always learn something new. He spent a lot of time in libraries searching knowledge of arcane mysteries. He has hobby to paint and primarily plays violin.


Not a character Ive played but a fun idea for an NPC, a kenku parrot that acts much like the typical pirate’s parrot


My main character is a half-elf Magus, with some concepts of Thievery that he learn from his childhood friend. He also dabble in Necromancy, but he avoid talking about it. He has some Vampyre powers but with them come plenty of disadvantages. He mostly keep his past to himself, and try to avoid questions, but will force himself to be with others, as if to avoid being alone. He has good manners, is respectful of others and really open-minded, has good trading knowledge and can integrate himself well into poorer or richer groups. His default are mainly that he's a bit shy, under sunlight he will be sleepy and have no energy, and sometimes go missing at night. Some people's will sometimes wake up feeling more tired than they should, and if too much blood is spilled around him he will get berserk and attack anything ot anyone. He also has a phobia of blood, and use it to explain why he try to stay away from it. He's mostly okay as an half-elf, not ugly but not beautiful, with purple hair (Come from his mother side, might be a curse) and blue eyes. He love wearing black and mainly use a rapier, but also has a dagger in each boot and a few magic books in his backpack at all times. He also have a ring of light (It can cast a ball of light once per day) that he won in a duel. The backstory of my character has been worked and reworked alot, but luckily my DM accepted it since it was not OP, while giving plenty of working parts. His family on his father side have been a merchant family for generations, most of them having shops or small trading caravans, and his mother was an orphan ( had a whole plot about how she was a necromancer daughter, and it was why a Vampyre group have been trying to capture my MC). He has not seen them in almost two years, and they think that he died in a undead attack. He grew up mostly Lonely, reading books and self-learning about magic, until he accidentally he met a Thief that was stealing food from his home at night. After a few more random meeting with the same thief, they became friends, and she taught him about being a rogue. She also helped him grow out of his shell and become more fit and active. Then one day a undead attack on his city changed his life. In a whole night, all the dead of the city rose and in the chaos a group of masked necromancer tried to kidnap him, but he was rescued by his thief friend, who died in the process ( Another plot that i have in part explored ingame is that she was turned into a Vampyre by the kidnappers and now work with them). He was also semi-turned into a Vampyre (My dm agreed to it on the basic that i only had the capacity to feel living beings and control the deads, but would need to drink blood and go berserk if surrounded by too much blood. Also made ny character feel sleepy and un-energetic during the day). So now his family think that he's dead, and with a group of people trying to capture him, he's now wandering the world to master his powers and learn nore about the group after him.


Yea u wrote a wall of text, so won't be chosen, buy i still like sharing my character.


Volkhart ashmantle, a no-no sense sword and board battlemaster fighter with a strong affinity for helping people in need. Is in search of several family heirlooms lost when his adventurer grandfather died while adventuring. Currently searching for his grandfather's whereabouts


Al’Asha Calq of Ket - She was born of a landlocked country dreaming of oceans of blue her whole life. She wears an armor of aqua blue scales and has become a pirate queen with a great glowing trident she carries everywhere. Greycloak the mage - you see an totally unimpressive wizard running around the boat in the students robes of a wizard school. But when there is trouble he disappears and a menacing wizard in a dark gray cloak and robe of stars comes forth with a black mask on his face and glowing eyes to strike terror and fear in whatever threatens the boat. A wizard with a secret identity is what he is.


Hal is a female human bard who is secretly on the run from an arranged marriage to a man she's never met, from her powerful father - a King. She didn't discover she had a knack for a little but of everything - especially playing music - until she had to do it to earn money.


Drog, the Goliath Paladin Warlock. 6’7”, pale skinned, wields a maul and wears heavy armor with a holy symbol on the arm. Once the product of a deranged cult, Drog seeks out immense power to destroy it and prevent the cult from growing too strong. Very low dex, very high Strength and Intimidation. Also, slightly fractured psyche and can kinda sorta speak to the DM directly through his Patron. I hope he manages to get through more of a campaign than my group did.


My circle of the moon druid tortle, able loggerhead, is actually a first mate and how he was introduced to the party when they borded his ship to look for a missing Lords daughter who was kidnapped and taken to an island. Grumpy bustard, with 8 charisma, moans about everything. Talks in an Irish accent. Thinks of himself as an older more miserable thor, loves call lightening and is currently on a quest for gauntlets of ogre power to wield the hammer of thunderbolts. Cares more about the world than those in it. When the chips are down a fire elemental is his way out


Death domain cleric whose deity is themself because they aspire to become god of death. (His mother was given a boon from that God which transferred to him upon birth)


Foster Carlsberg, dwarf rogue. He's got an Australian accent, he's usually hiding in a barrel and is deadly with a light throwing axe (reskinned dagger/dart).


The Pantheon Priests. My players came up with the idea of an All Cleric Party (after watching the All Barbarian Party on YouTube lol). They are a family of clerics (brothers and sisters) that all specialize in different domains. There's the healer Ie'ah (pronounced Eye Aye Ah) Life Domain Cleric who is Non-lethal by choice with a bubbly personality, always has a smile (except that one time that we don't talk about). The Tank, Kade, the Forge domain Cleric that prefers to smash steel but has ZERO problems smashing skulls, with an edge Lord personality with anyone that isn't his family (trust issues from an incident when they were growing up) but when it's just his family and himself he's usually an upbeat kinda guy. The twins, Leon and Lucy, also the youngest of this party, major damage dealers as Tempest domain clerics with some homebrew abilities that allow them to channel lightning between each other as they run the battlefield attempting to cut the enemies in half. They have their own language that only they understand and have eccentric personalities that most people don't understand. And the oldest, Lani, is a Cleric of Mask, God of Thieves. She has a homebrew domain of shadows in honor of her fallen twin (a homebrew Paladin of Mask, Oath of the Shadow Lord) that they lost as part of their back story. Her personality is that of the protector, she doesn't smile much but is quick to cut someone down for picking on or making fun of her family (insert Dom's "Family" meme here). All of them have healing abilities to certain degrees but each plays their own roles in the party. The quest that they could do is one that my players done: a necromancer has stolen Arget's (the fallen twin, Paladin of Mask) body in an attempt to raise a powerful undead minion (Arget was a Chosen of Mask and many levels above the party when he was slain defending his siblings). Now the Pantheon Priests are tracking the necromancer in an attempt to stop him from raising their brother but keep coming up short from finding him due to one circumstance or another.


Yechik is an aarakocra tempest domain cleric who lost his ability to fly as a result of an accident during his tribe's rite of passage. He was exiled, left to death, but survived, found his way to a city, spent most of his life researching options to win back his flight, and has found the service of the Tempest Deity to be the most preferable one. So he had a holy symbol made, took up a warhammer and armor, and set out in the world to prove himself. He tends to keep eye contact for awkwardly long times, although is easily distracted by shiny objects.


These two are a duo who only work together, they're a part of a side adventure that branches off of the main campaign. I put them both into full google docs so you can do with them as you wish(skipped stats and all that). [https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fHHVtFt3RTD8dkeGMpDZXnMbeOomGGwQgz6WlAgmsTo/edit](https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fHHVtFt3RTD8dkeGMpDZXnMbeOomGGwQgz6WlAgmsTo/edit) [https://docs.google.com/document/d/1n9hSV4Gv1eJ-LoHJ7x86mzHvWxcEu8IzSXnyL-4knJQ/edit](https://docs.google.com/document/d/1n9hSV4Gv1eJ-LoHJ7x86mzHvWxcEu8IzSXnyL-4knJQ/edit) Both are leaders of a goblin tribe but if you want you can age them up and say they left to adventure(It can fit in their backstory.)


rain, the longtooth gloomstalker ranger! she's 8-10 years old, mute, with long white hair and tattered clothes. she was captured by a dragon as a baby and was raised in captivity. her moral dilemma is being unsure if the world was safer when she was in chains or if it's safer with her roaming free :D


Gravrock Ironhide, Goliath Monk (Astral Self). Chaotic Neutral His tribe sold him to a temple when he was a kid, where he was kept as an indentured servant. Only learned martial arts by getting it beaten into him by the other students and watching their classes until he was finally able to kick their asses and set off on his own. Doesn't trust the religious types or other monks Personality is very light-hearted, has sticky fingers (Urchin background)


Herbert Cornelius, the Elf Cleric of Santos. He's a dentist/toy-maker who revered the deity of light. Bernie is polite to a fault and always looking to spread the cheer of Santos, the All-Seeing Lightbringer.


Here is mine: Majdala, an especially demonic looking dragonborn looking like an unsettling mix between red and black, formely an elf. Magical Thief. When a lay cabal of demon hunters in employment of the Church ran out of demons to hunt, they created their own villians by abducting and corrupting mortals in heinous rituals , releasing them after the corruption turned them into nothing more than wild, demonic beasts. Majdala is their latest victim. Although she was a harmless librarian beforehand, the ritual allowed her to cast the few spells she learned from reading books and enhanced her reflexes, allowing her to escape before her mind was too far gone. From her previous form, only the right eye and left arm remain, which she both has to hide. The inner demon gnaws constantly at her mind and a place in hell is almost assured through her soul tainted with evil. She still tries to do the right thing when it doesn't compromise her activities to the demon hunters. The Hunters, in turn, seek to silence the one witness threatening their good time. Neither side has pity or understanding to spare for the other. Good at: Ambushes, arcane knowledge, hiding, theft Weakness: Being confronted alone, is a fiend for spell and class ability purposes, lack of physical prowess, distrutfull, an inner demon urging her to evil acts. Quotes: "Please... don't hurt me... i am not a monster... I am not!" "A dragon always dies at the end of a story..." "I am scared. I am not weak." Possible Quests: PCs being hired to find her on the ship and hand her to the hunters, she slowly befriending a pc from the shadows and sending the group against potential hunters, pc seeking a cure for her, she tries to rob somebody to help another character in need.


Toran Balsarson a 25 year old blue Dragonborn Babarian His father once abonded his clan when Toran still was a baby after Torans mother died in a Clan war. They found shelter with the dwarfes in the mines. Toran lived there until he had enough of being a outcast from the dragonborns. Now he is starting a Clan on his own with his comrades (neraphyra a tiefling warlock and ylland a water genasi druid). They are very different Charackters. Toran is always strictly focussed and panicking that nothing is going as planned and then throws everything overboard and rushes in. Neraphyra is a noble lady and hates hard labor and is always good for a joke. Ylland is neber focussed and is more interrested in studying the weather then anything else. To become a fully accepted clan in Dragonborn community they must prove themselves a steal a other clans Dragon horn (a horn gifted by a dragon) or convince a dragon to gift them a horn. For that they will pay a big sumwhich they gatherd over countless adventuers, to who ever helps them. (The party is lvl 6)


Kami: Eladrin Samurai/Bladesinger. She is a noble from a tribe of eladrin in the feywild and snuck away to go on adventures. She mainly uses her long bow, but has a katana (rapier) for close range. She loves using misty step to bounce around the battlefield disorienting her enemies. She has a high dex and int build, and uses most of her spells to heighten her combat prowess, while using a few as support or control spells. With her is a party of a samurai/vengeance paladin by the name of maverick and some other close friends (classes not decided on) from her tribe. She is lawful neutral, and feels that respect should be given absolutely to those in a status above yours, though she secretly believes that she should be above everyone. She is ruthless to those who do her wrong. I eventually will have her as a lvl 14 fighter + lvl 6 wizard.


Annaliese, half-elf horse enthusiast bard. Lore bard who took at least Conjure Animals (make a bunch of horses appear!) and Find Greater Steed for her magical secrets, then spends her days spreading the word about how good horses are, and her ninth level spell slots on True Polymorphs to make more things horses forever.


Jaya, the Halfling Grandmother Mark of Hospitality Bard/Cleric who treats everyone like her grandkids and gives them snacks. Carries her husband's old flamethrower for self-defense. Calls most people "dearie".


Kruppe the gnome herbologist wood wizard. Always making drawings in his notebook of any new plant he comes across. Lost his memory after getting banished from the feywilds and now is looking for a way home. Writes down all interactions with people because he is afraid his memory will fail him again. He's not even sure his own name is Kruppe, it was written on the inside of his one ring.


Craxalim Autumnkind, Firbolg Chef (alchemist artificer). A genius cook, and *severely* underpaid. Personality-wise, he's got kind old man vibes, he respects everyone and all living things unless they disrespect others or disrespect nature. The exception is if somebody tries to wake him up. His quest is to find someone who properly appreciates his skill, after working with some really annoying adventurers with no taste. He's also always on the lookout for rare ingredients he can acquire for cheap or in exchange for favors since again he is severely underpaid. His wis and con are his high stats, but he always wears a headband of intellect. At level 10, he has a +13 base to cook's utensils. He additionally can buff it further using flash of genius and guidance, for a maximum of +21


Kingswell zephyr, aarakocra swashbuckler. Pirate extraordinaire and lover of the high seas would be fit right in. He loves a drink though, so he’s not always clear in the head


Well there's my first character. Keith Jedrek, Half-Orc Battlemaster. 5'5" plate armor and greatsword. Just a guy with a good heart who wanted to get out of his nowhere town and make something of himself. Joined some mercenary companies before becoming an adventurer. The campaign fell apart so his story is unfinished. Was planning nulticlassing to paladin.


Leoran Aldergift: A Harengon Hexblade Warlock, originally a moon elf before a group of fey kidnapped him while he was a child, he grew up in the Feywild. Eventually he managed to Escape. Now transformed against his will he set out to reclaim his original form. He acquired his Hexblade powers after stumbling across a sentient magic item of Fey Origins. Male, Golden eyes, grey fur. He stands at 5ft and weighs 102lbs. He is of a neutral good alignment and is 200 years old (technically 208) of those 208 years, he has spent 38 as a Harengon. Renwick Aldris: A dhampir monster hunter ranger. Born to Selphie Aldris, and an unknown vampire. Renwick and his twin sister Seren were born during her travels, though whether or not it was willing is another story entirely. However, what ever the situation Selphie raised the twins along side their older half sister. Selphie tried her best to give her kids a normal life and for the most part she did. Eventually the Twins grew up and both found their selves both following the path of a ranger and growing apart. Eventually they drifted apart, however they do still get along and are on friendly terms. As the years continued, and Renwick entered his 30s, he found a woman and fell in love, they spent a tremendous amount of time with each other. Though one unfortunate night, in their little cabin in the woods they were attacked by a massive Bipedal wolf, easily standing over 7ft. Renwick grabbed his bow and eventually fought of the massive wolf creature, but not before it managed to get a large bite into his wife. Though she managed to survive, and all seemed well at first until the full moon. Once the moon reached its peak, Renwick heard the awful crunching of bone soon followed by a deafening howl. In his panic, and running on pure instinct from his ranger training he managed to strike her and soon restrain her with some challenge. Several claw marks later, his wife transformed back into her normal self. And they quickly got to work on finding a cure, every full moon he'd have to fight her back. Before he finally found a rumored cure. He told her to hold on as he set out to find the cure. He told his mentor to watch over her, and make sure she doesn't hurt anyone or starve, the mentor agreed on one condition. If Renwick's wife slew an innocent man, that Renwick would be the one to put her down, with reluctance he agreed. After setting out, he found him self wandering the world in search of the Bipedal wolf man that attacked his homestead. He is Chaotic good, red eyes with blonde hair and pale skin, he is 6ft 2in, 210lbs. Despite his dark history, he isn't an edgy character and is friendly. His ultimate goal is find the loup garou that infected his wife, slay it and cure her. As such he is well-versed in monster hunting. With his speciality is were creatures.


Thrux, true Neutral Lizardfolk Way of the Long Death Monk. Incredibly religious and superstitious, devout follower of whoever your deity of death/the afterlife is. Common is his second language, so a lot of the time he’ll try to figure out what he’s saying in Draconic before switching to Common. Was ostracized his whole life because he hatched differently from the rest of his clutch, and left his village at 14. Now 30, he believes he is incapable of forming attachments to people because of how he was isolated growing up. In the game I played him in, he ended up becoming BFFs with our super weird and quirky Wizard. She was the only one who made an effort to become friends with him, and named her first child Thrux in the epilogue.


Bocage, a tiefling bard that owns a tavern. He knows every story but he pays an ale or a plate of food for someone who tells him a new one. (he knows if you're bullshiting him) it has to be an experience from the player.


Heinrich - Human Valor Bard - Gladiator Background - strength build with a Great Sword. Spells focus on self buffs and debuffs/CC that support his weapon damage (Hold Person for auto-crits is a big part of the game plan). From an RP standpoint he's a Skald traveling the world doing adventures and spreading the word of his own greatness. Sings ballads about his victories. Backstory is that he was the 5th son of some minor noble house. No chance at the throne so he ran away from home and joined a gladiatorial arena. Kicked out because he was cheating by using magic. A lot of the bluster is over compensation for the feeling that he's not good enough/a disappointment to his family and gladiator buddies.


Admittedly I dm for a VERY high power level campaign right now where they all have two classes as we are doing gestalt , but here is the party. ​ Aster Al'tore - A large human man covered in armor and bandages. The eldest son of an evil king who is attempting to carry favors with demons and devils, Aster was born disfigured because of this. On a quest to cure himself or reclaim the throne. (fighter battlemaster / Paladin Oath of vengence) ​ Milo Mintleaf - Small, unassuming halfling man who stole the Oathbow from the previous wielder after visions from nature told them the current wielder was unworthy. On a quest to find who it belongs to, doesn't realize that person is him. ( Moon druid / Ranger beastmaster) Youko Swiftblade - Half elven women from a long line of smiths. Practiced in blade and magic she aims to restore her family by questing for a legendary blade that she can reforge and claim as her masterwork. ( Monk Kensai / Wizard Bladesinger)


"Eadan Henness” human oath of vengeance paladin hoping to gain enough strength, experience, and allies to go after a powerful chaotic evil arch Druid that left his face/head disfigured after casting heat metal on his helmet. He never takes his helmet off in the presence others, but may expose just enough of his mouth to eat and drink in company if necessary. Equipment: Plate armor of fire resistance, battle axe and shield. Has war caster feat if allowed.


Khan-Sinnh Chaotic Good Blue Dragonborn, Light Domain Cleric. Khan-Sinnh was born to a clan of sun worshipping red dragonborns. Their religion states that one day, the sun will be devoured by a great shadow beast, and due to Khan-Sinnh's blue coloration, they believe that he is destined to defeat the shadow beast and become the blue sun. Having been raised exclusively by this clan, Khan-Sinnh wholeheartedly belives all of this. Now he travels the world as an adventurer, fighting evil in preparation for the day when he has to confront the shadow beast. While in towns he gives sermons in an attempt to recruit allies and disciples. However, with only 8 charisma, his sermons usually go unheard, and the few people that do listen typically label him a madman. But despite the constant rejection, Khan-Shinnh is ever determined. I personally like to believe that one day he will become the sun but the character works equally well if you just run him as well meaning but completely deluded.


Silence the Tiefling wizard (ex warlock) who was tricked into a pact, got pissed, destroyed pact, learned magic and then dragged her party (a half elf ranger, a elf monk, and a dwarf barbarian) in a quest to destroy said god. She holds a grudge like no other and only saved the world by proxy. Though she’s a wizard she forgets that she only has a 13 AC and frequently throws things into chaos by losing her cool and charging into the fray.


El Diablo left his village in the mountain after its greatest treasure, El Corazón de la Montaña, was stolen. He’s off to punch the Red Prince in the face. He’s the greatest Luchador the world has ever seen, or so he says.


Tarvor Rustbeard a red bearded chaotic good mountain dwarf swashbuckler looking for new adventures. He's happy to share stories about the world but they tend to be about what other friends have done and gets a bit quiet when asked about his own exploits. With enough drinks in him he will mumble about cursed items, undead hordes and the importance of trusting the right people while rubbing the nub of his missing right ring finger. If he's not on an adventure or unwinding at the tavern he can be found strolling through the bad parts of the town. He usually has a bag or two of rolls bought from the town bakers as they close out their shops each night that he makes sure to hand out to the street kids having a hard time. In addition to food he is often handing out silver and gold coins to the ones with particularly interesting rumors of jobs or items the "found" from the less careful during the day.


Panzer, oversized (8'2") half orc barbarian (War Hulk? Middle finger of Vecna?) carrying a battle axe named Blitzkrieg. Seems like a giant growly guy you dont want to tick off but ends up being the sweetest, most innocent soul. Loves animals (cruelty to animals/children sets off his rage) Funny without meaning to be. Doesnt always quite catch sarcasm. Quickly befriends just about anybody and will SMASH those who threaten them. Hates Gnolls with a passion. Ended up owning a very nice bar and gained a horse with magical horseshoes. And has a lovely friend fairie dragon named Wish.


Forgot he once walked into a wig shop for some reason and became enamored with a giant white curly "Judges wig". Shop keep was just so like WTF let him keep it. Its his battle wig now.


A dhampir with one level in rouge named Dzeču (or Dzechu) Monti. He is a diplomat for two wealthy trading families, one being human, the other vampire, and was born only to fill this role. However, he does not know his parents, or the plot for him to be born, only beleiving to have been in the right place at the right time to get his position. He is rather timid, and wears the tattered clothes of a noble. This is due to mistreatment from the families, giving him the worst they can, and treating him as a servant when residing at either's residence.


Viktoria de Noctis, a warlock (of the great old one). The eldest daughter in the vampire family of the de noctis and heir to take over where her mother rules. Her goal is to convert and trick and manipulate people into believing into her to become her mothers equal or greater and take over the position. Cha/INT/STR/WIS being her strongest stats completely (in her game she had similar strength to a giant). Going around and recruiting NPCs and PCs to become part of her coven and talked into signing willing magically binding contracts they can't break.


Tephra, a high elf way of four elements monk. Uses a longsword and fire spells. She used to be a sentient sword forged by fire giants, but stole a wish to become humanoid. Now she uses the sword she used to inhabit to slay giant monsters.


Naxus beledros, an old(50 years old) water genasi dexterity based paladin of veangence who used to be a pirate hunter until his old ship sank by a kraken and he was the only surviver, now searching for enough money to get a new ship and slay the kraken who destroyd his ship. Use two short swords named : swordfish and sharkteeth