Amex Amazon Business and Platinum Casio World Time AE-1200WH Kershaw Pub Carbon Blackfox BF-719 G10 Bean Gen2 Nitecore Tiki Kingston Datatraveller 64GB Stainless 3.1USB Range Rover Sport Key *edit and a Mandalorian Executive Producer challenge coin (fake of course, but this is the way)


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I carry my Kershaw pub with me everywhere but the shower and I love it, it’s a really good knife for the price. How do you like yours?


It’s great, like it was made to sit in jeans 5th pocket. Only little niggle is that I have to keep tightening the main torx bolt up, little bit of threatlock sorts that out for a while longer but it’s still a recurring annoyance. I even looked if there was someone who could make a Damascus blade copy to fit it but got £300+ quotes, could just buy 10 of them for that. Also emailed Kershaw to see if they would consider it but got a negative, definitely my favourite UK friendly carry knife.