Ive been powerstancing since i started playing, shields are by no means needed Just become rolly boy


I like this. I'll embrace my path of the rolly boy.


Dual curvies and Im a proud rolly boy 🙋‍♂️


It's not. Shield is very good if you're not familiar with the enemies you're facing, as well as to abuse Guard Counter for free heals/FP and massive poise damage


Guard counter for free heals? 🤔


Guard counter deals huge amount of poise damage, poisebreaking pretty much everything mid-sized in 1-2 uses. You can crit off that and if you have ASsassin's Knife you can heal indefinitely


Not impossible at all. I don't think I've used a medium shield or greatshield outside of specific PvP builds where I was experimenting with them. Maybe right at the start of the game when I figured out guard counters, but that was it. The small shields offer great utility of course for parrying in various ways but not actually for shielding behind. You can also put the parry skill on an offhand weapon and get good with that. As for the knights: parry 'em and follow up with a stab (the Misericorde which you will find in Stormveil is particularly good). Or get good at dodging around them (and dodging away from their storm stomps). You should also be making use of your strongest ashes of war to damage or stagger them. Don't forget jumping heavy attacks!


Hey this is some good info. I hadn't thought of getting a parry weapon in the offhand. Also, when you say "making use of your strongest ashes of war to damage or stagger them", do you mean applying it to my weapons for the extra damage? Or is there a use for those things that I hadn't realised?


Just make sure you are using the whole set of tools available to you. I.e. you can pick up various shouts and stomps that will let you do damage/stagger the enemies without getting too close. Even something like the [Glintstone Pebble](https://www.reddit.com/r/Eldenring/comments/tnddeu/theres_been_a_lot_of_talk_about_bleed_being/) ash of war you can buy from Rogier in the Stormveil chapel is ridiculously powerful.


I came from many years of playing monster hunter so my dodges are on point. Didn't use shield even for a second. If you can dodge it's not necessary at all


It's certainly possible. Two YouTubers I follow are playing the game without a shield and both are about average to above-average players. You will need to learn how to dodge those delayed attacks because that's a fairly common attack you'll see. So, it is do-able, you just need to learn the timings for those delayed attacks, and level Vigor. No, no. That number you just thought of is too small. Higher than that.


Haha noted. No vigor is too much vigor, is what I'm getting here.


3 run throughs with no shield. But guard counters are awesome


Hm... well to answer your immediate question, no, you don't *need* a shield. On the other hand, if you're not using a shield, it's usually good to go all-in on that playstyle. Usually you'd use a weapon with good reach, high DPS, and/or stagger to balance out the lower defense. That would mean, usually, using a fairly large weapon, or dual-wielding two same-type weapons for L1 DPS. However high-stagger short range weapons can work too, like a small club. You're using a broadsword, which is a good weapon, but generally pairs best with a shield in PvE. Simply because a lot of enemies have more reach than you and you can't stagger a lot of them. A shield allows you to close in or back off in a safer way, mitigating some of the problems with short reach. Still... you can definitely do fine with RH broadsword + LH finger seal if you work spells into your combos to out-reach things or stagger things, but it will be a bit more complicated. Personally I find it to be a fun playstyle, but I would say that it requires more thought on what spells to pair with the sword--moreso than most other options. It is just as viable with the right setup, but finding that setup takes some experimenting. I guess it's just up to your preferences with how you want to proceed.


Nice breakdown, this is kind of what I hoped the situation would be. I don't mind a bit of extra challenge as long as it's ultimately still viable. I don't know why but I love the broadsword. The swings are really satisfying somehow, and of course it's quite fast which is handy. I use the fireball spell a lot at the moment, very useful to soften up bosses to start. Also the projectile and subsequent buff you get from Sacred Blade (I think that's what it's called) ash of war help a lot. I will be interested to get some more interesting and useful spells though.


Pump some more vig. No souls pro here either but I've beaten the game a few times now without using a shield once.


Ahh that's good to hear. Yeah I heard somebody else say the same thing about vig yesterday. My stats are spread way too thin because I wasn't sure which build to go for at the start, so I might just farm for a bit and pump up the vigor.


I’ve only used my lil pot lid for parrying. Never blocked a hit in my 200+ hours


Wait there's a pot lid shield? I don't use em but I need that.


Welllll it’s not really named Pot Lid, but it’s a small round wooden shield that oddly enough negates fire damage. Red Thorn Roundshield. I bought it from the nomadic merchant in the weeping peninsula


Dang I was excited. I love the warrior jars, but the jar shield doesn't look like em so it's not really my forte.


Ah yeah. It would be cool to have the wax lid as a shield


Honestly disappointed by the lack of jar related weapons. The cannon is fun and I use the hell out of it, but some kinda hammer or jar shard sword/axe would be dope.


Maybe in the DLC


no not really. There are still a bunch of rollcatch attacks in the game that will shred you, but that would've happened with a big frick off sheild anyways. Just heavily invest into vigor, trust me you WILL need it for endgame.


Shields help, but are not the only means of fighting. 100% doable without one. You can evade just about any attack.


Not really. I've almost never used a shield in 170 hours and I'm just like you, far from a pro but not that bad. Don't worry and keep playing the way you like


I been using a medium strength build with a shield and even though i have the good endurance to block multiple attacks, i find myself dodging alot more late game. Bosses just get faster and start hitting heavier.


This is the first souls game where i haven't used a shield. Sounds like you need to level up vigor. 40 + will help you with most of the game.


I use a shield and it's not just magically stopping everything. Like those knights, will still mess me up with my shield. I give up damage for having it and I often wonder if it's worth it. Sometimes it's a life saver but other times it's useless.


Shields are the worst way to play tbh, the damage output of powerstancing is invaluable, so playing shieldless is hardly a handicap.


I tried power stancing with the broadsword and another straight sword, but it didn't seem to increase my damage much at all. Maybe because I hadn't upgraded the second sword? But still, the L1 attack was literally doing 2 HP more damage than the R1 attack, which seems a bit low?


Obviously not upgrading the other sword is gonna make it seem underwhelming, and besides the helpfulness of it extends to being able to deal more damage per swing once you reach bosses that give short enough openings that one swing is all you'll be able to dish out. The thing with shields is that while dealing extra damage is always useful, shields will eventually become more and more situational as you run up against enemies who deal massive stamina damage. There's pros and cons to both, but in the end I feel like most of the time it will benefit you to drop the shield in favor of another weapon, either for powerstancing or to offset a weakness of your mainhand weapon.