What do you call the place where a dog sleeps?

What do you call the place where a dog sleeps?


Can you link to a picture or provide a more detailed description? Dogs can sleep anywhere their owner permits. It might be in their crate. It might be on the floor. It might even be on the bed. Or they might have a blanket or something designated as a "bed" of their own. If the dog is kept outdoors, it might have a shelter known as a [*dog house*](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doghouse) in the U.S. or a *kennel* in the U.K.


**[Doghouse](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doghouse)** >A doghouse, dog house, dogshed or kennel is a small shed commonly built in the shape of a house, intended to provide dogs with a sense of security and protection from various weather conditions. Numerous materials can be used, such as wood, plastic, resin, and hardboard. Doghouses are also used for other pets, such as rabbits in enclosed yards. ^([ )[^(F.A.Q)](https://www.reddit.com/r/WikiSummarizer/wiki/index#wiki_f.a.q)^( | )[^(Opt Out)](https://reddit.com/message/compose?to=WikiSummarizerBot&message=OptOut&subject=OptOut)^( | )[^(Opt Out Of Subreddit)](https://np.reddit.com/r/EnglishLearning/about/banned)^( | )[^(GitHub)](https://github.com/Sujal-7/WikiSummarizerBot)^( ] Downvote to remove | v1.5)


I don’t think it has a term for broad usage. A Dog bed is where a dog sleeps, or on the floor or the owner’s bed.


It depends on what you're talking about. If you have a small mattress for the dog, it would be call the dog's bed. If you have a small building/structure, usually outside, we would call that the doghouse. If it's just an area where a dog sleeps, then there's no special word for it. You might just call it the dog's spot.