Found on r/teenagers

Found on r/teenagers


Average American teenager


i can’t believe americans hate america more than any other humans in the world, it’s so fucked up by leftist marxist propaganda


Communism teaches you to hate yourself and everything you own. That way when the state comes to take your shit you'll hand it over oh so proudly, as opposed to putting up a fight just as our founding fathers intended.


mate, i couldn’t have said it better myself


America is such a horrible country that it's the #1 choice of nations people want to emigrate to. All these brown people must be really stupid, wanting to move to a white supremacist country. Either that or it's the tankies who are stupid. Hmmmm


I'm sorry, but the propaganda in the US starts from the other side.. From Trumpist to Fox-News, Britbart and a whole lot of other people shouting that everything they don't like is socialism... Obamacare = socialism, Universal Healthcare = socialism, Denmark = socialist. Teenagers pick up on stuff like this and only after that do they go in echo-chambers. Ironically there's almost no true big scale socialist movement in the US and yet there's a lot of teenagers that are brainwashed.


Well said. A bunch of people now hate public roads because they think it’s socialism, and a bunch of people now love socialism because they beleive it’s public roads.


Yah, I’m an American teen, and it sucks how most of my generation is socialists. A lot of them are just socially progressive, and see the most progressive people saying they are socialists (AOC *cough*) and then, even though they don’t understand shit about economics, say that socialism is good


I wonder how many of them of them think that socialism is when the government does stuff? Hell when I was a teenager I would have also answered false too.


This is one of my biggest pet peeves when talking to people about socialism. Socialism doesn't mean "existing government" it's insane to me how people think anything apart from complete anarchy is socialism. Government existed for thousands of years before Marx and Engels. It would be like saying anyone who isn't Christian is an atheist. It's a complete lack of understanding political theory.


The problem is that in the US the republicans are insane and say it's socialism everytime they don't like an idea.


I guess where they got it from GOP saying x is socialism and some young people actually think it is and like the idea. Coupled with progressives like AOC and Bernie Sanders calling themselves socialists.


[This is awesome he knows Marxism](https://youtu.be/rgiC8YfytDw) Yeah, I also went through college believing capitalism "with socialistic bands" was the best mix we could have, but then again I was going through finance and didn't believe in value for the sake of value. Having greater GDP but more starving people doesn't view as a healthy society to me. Found about democracy within Marxism after college and don't see compelling arguments for private corporations. (as a capitalist myself)


I fear for this generation I really do


Hopefully its just a phase Hopefully...


When I was in high school it was a meme to be a communist. The hats, hammer and sickle hoodies, etc. That was in 2015.


It always starts off that way, Poe's law in action.


It still is. There are so many people claiming to be socialists or communists, ranging from edgy Discord LARPers, to white girls who preach for social equity while worshipping Stalin and Guevara, to kids who are sincere in their belief that Mao did nothing wrong and will dunk it out with people who say otherwise in real life and on the internet alike. Source: am highschooler


95% of middle school and high school is pure unadulterated cringe. Everyone above the age of 25 looks at most of those kids in that age bracket with disgust when those kids are trying to act cool and edgy in front of their peers. No one is impressed or persuaded by their thoughts or actions besides the people in their own age group. Me and my friends and everyone else I knew did cringe shit back then, the difference is your generation has to post everything on the internet for the world to see the stupidity and cringe that they indulge in.


Yeah, that's the issue with it. Kids being cringeworthy and acting silly is one thing, but now that it's broadcasted on the internet for the whole world to see immortalizes that period of time, so people can't forget about it years after. It's a mess, I have already seen it happening with older zoomers to a small extent.


The vice-principal at my high school had a picture of Che Guevara on his wall. One time when I was getting in trouble and he was annoying I asked him why he had a picture of a communist killer on his wall and he got upset and tried to ask me if I knew who I was talking about...


When I was in middle school ^


We had that in high school in the oughties as well


Kids need to get out and be kids and stop concerning themselves over changing the government. They are too young and inexperienced to know what’s good for the country.


The worst I've seen is on TikTok. A girl was talking about all the theory she recommends reading and in the comments was, "I'm only 13 and find Marx hard to read. Do you have any recommendations?" OP told her to use the dictionary lmao.


The meme won’t fucking die, it just evolved from memes to beliefs.


I'm guessing it is. Teenagers went through a whole anti-sjw phase a couple years ago and a Ron Paul libertarian phase before that. This generation, like every other will mature and grow out of their edgy political beliefs.


Every teenager "discovers" Marx and thinks they're a communist


I recall Jordan Peterson discussing, with a guest on his podcast, how people tend to fall in love with the first set of seriously thought out ideas (or what would appear to be, I know I'll have triggered a few there but you get the idea) they take the time to read deeply into. Unfortunately many simply stop there, in that they may continue to learn about a topic but from only one angle or fall into an echo chamber for short.


We should really get them reading stuff like the constitution and federalist papers then


But Ron Paul is actually based


Gold isn't money


yeah fiat currency that government can print non stop is much better










As an official currency? Yes it is. Deflationary monetary policy is much worse than inflationary. Not close.


They're called lolbertarians for a reason


Requiring a driver's license? What's next? a license to make toast in your own damn toaster?


That debate (or whatever you’d call it) was the funniest shit I’ve seen in a while


That's why they're called lolbertarians


Wow. 20 downvotes and 4 up for the same comment on the same thread.


The libertarian phase sounds pretty based tho


I mean, there were a bunch of those edgy Ron Paul types who are now Qanon adherents, so maybe not.


Teenagers? The handful of qtards I've seen are all boomers. Zoomers were born too demoralized for something that involved.


I heard a saying (in spanish) that kinda goes like this: When you’re young if you’re not a socialist you don’t have a heart. When you’re old if you’re not a capitalist you’re a fool. Now, I don’t mean to say Capitalism is the only way, there are plenty of good systems that derive from capitalism or even blend good things from both sides. But you get the point.


Very similar to what I heard: "He who is not a socialist at 20 has no heart. He who is still a socialist at 40 has no brain" or something like that.


General research supports this both social conservative and mildly economic. It’s important to think as distribution curves so the average shift slightly to the right economically because people get more conservative with their money. They have more wealth in general and they need to plan for or are actually in retirement. A good way to see that is in baby boomers who were very liberal much like todays younger generations. Boomers being stereotyped when they were kids as a “hippy generation”. Today look how they are stereotyped? Then socially speaking that is more just the definition of “conservatism” - staying the same. Every generation is going to viewed and is generally going to be rather “conservative” as their social norms are challenged by new generations. Older generations are going to be “nostalgic” and think, generally, fondly of the “old days”. That’s going to be true, generally speaking, of any young generations reading this and how new generations will view you - you old farts ;-) So back to distribution curves this the overall view or shift of the entire population slight right. That doesn’t mean any individual has to be anywhere specific on the curve. Someone may be radically right when they are teenager and then through some life event (e.g., become homeless after health crisis) shift to the radical left.


Yeah don't worry about it, younger generations have historically been supportive of socialism since the second half of the 19th century. Marshall Józef Piłsudski, hero of the Polish Soviet war, even said "the one who wasn't a socialist when young will be an asshole when old".


Time to be an asshole when old, then.


Well, a lot are also influenced by Elon Musk, they care for the whole GME thing. So you have people who love capitalism there And statistically, only 30% of every generation ever amount to anything. I'd say they have potential


I do kinda hate the whole “most people don’t amount to anything” mentality because it acts like living just a basic, normal, mostly okay life is considered “nothing”. I see that as an absolute win imo.


Nothing wrong with a basic, normal life. But we're talking about the destiny of this generation and that's where the 30% come in


Well, according to [this](https://www.forbes.com/sites/bernhardschroeder/2020/02/18/a-majority-of-gen-z-aspires-to-be-entrepreneurs-and-perhaps-delay-or-skip-college-why-that-might-be-a-good-idea), most zoomers are entrepreneurial, actually.


it’s looked like this for 3-4 years now, problem is that the internet has radicalised so so many in this next generation, meaning there are a near equal amount of tankies in the zoomer generation. hard to explain in one comment but the best i can explain it is that r*tards will coming in even more shapes and sizes for the a good portion of the foreseeable future edit: censored word


I'm sorry, but it's ridiculous to suggest there's an equal number of tankies to capitalists. Liking Bernie-esque '''socialism''' =/= tankies.


I will say though, as a zoomer, I’ve seen a fuck ton of people I know on social media straight up denying genocide in China and begging for China to invade the US and “save” us all lol. Got into a debate with one of them over Stalinism once, that just got me an Instagram block lol.


Like even though some may not be full on tankies, there’s a decent group


right. i suppose i mean to say that this generation is extremely easily impressions, even with all the information out there. many people who aren’t tankies could easily become them, especially with the echo chambers of tiktok, reddit... social media in general.


And they still think socialism is cool.. don't worry.. :)) It's because words are thrown around without any clear explanation or definition. And it doesn't help that everytime a common-sense law tries to pass there's the alt-right media there to tell you how socialist it is. It's like those youtuber's selling communist mugs on the internet.... So cool to support communist, just 50$ a mug..


Yeah generation z is full of socialist and alt-righter. It is terrifying that my generation completely abandoned reason.


Yeah many people I know are either very conservative or Commies


AbAnDoN rEaSoN! kNoW oNlY wAr! Also as a gen z i resent that


Can confirm. I’ve met gen z kids that just open conversation with “I am a gay pagan witch! Kill all straggots! Kill all Nazis! What are your name and preferred pronouns?” I thought this stuff was only on the internet, but I’ve literally met someone who claimed to have DID and that part of her “system” is a furry. The other half of gen z are right wing anti-vax COVID isn’t real type people. We need help.


They’re either edgy anti-sjws who watch Sjw cringe comps all day or emo anarchists who wear a hood around and have a daddy issue


Eh, I don’t. My beliefs are far different from when I was 18 to now (30). Hell, I couldn’t have even properly defined capitalism and socialism as a teenager, let alone explain the key nuances within both. I just hate the question itself and what it’s teaching teenagers. The fact of the matter is that we live in a society that blends both. It’s not an argument of capitalism vs. socialism. It’s an argument of what elements of both can we utilize to ensure we live in as free and fair of a society as humanly possible while maintaining a strong and competitive economy.


Very much agreed. If the question on the board didn’t lead to a discussion that most western societies are a blend of many systems, then the teacher failed.




well yeah my brother's "ironically" racist and there's an openly gay dude at my school who wore heeled shoes to class so yeah we got lots of personalities but only the people who work hard are going to have a good life unfortunately


Unfortunately as in *"it's a shame that some won't be given sustenance to live well"* or as in *"it's a shame that some won't put the effort to live well"* ?


the latter. one of my classmates is just smoking weed and borrowing money that she doesn't pay back, going nowhere fast


Don't worry. Some millennials are doing the same. I had a coworker lament that his roommate spent 1000$ of his monthly salary on weed, sits around watching msnbc, and calling anyone to the right of him the devil.


well if that doesn't sound like my class lol. we all have our lots in life ig, some people just make theirs worse


One kid is going to be a lot more successful than the rest of the class.


If these answers reflect how they do in class, he’ll be the only one passing this class


I mean, unfortunately he got the answer wrong. Meaning the teacher is a tankie. This implies that the poor kid was standing up for what he believes, despite knowing he'd get the answer wrong. The other kids likely don't have a stake in the game and just want to pass. I'd say at most half are actually tankies. Most highschoolers just don't care and parrot their teachers.


Wow, good eye. Didn’t even catch that. How much money would you be willing to bet this is one of Richard Wolff’s classes?


R/teenagers sucks


I think you can just apply that to reddit in general


As a teenager I can confirm idk why I’m still on there


Wasn't there that one time arr/drama found out most of arr/teenagers was middle aged men? Wait i found it here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Drama/comments/djdmd9/we_banned_all_of_rteenagers_and_it_turns_out/


I remember back in September when the whole Cuties drama was still a pretty big deal, there was this guy on r/teenagers giving it a positive and then it was revealed he was 40.


🏴‍☠️Drama is a gift


Back when I was a teenager like 8 years ago that place was actually awesome. Once it hit like 100k subscribers it started to go by the wayside


I always sort by new there because i can find good conversations and less shitty memes that way. Its that bad


"I have commited several war crimes in Bosnia".


Hang on, Carla del Ponte wants to know your location




That whole sub is the most cringiest thing I have ever seen on reddit (Ironically, it's more cringier than r/cringe itself). It's basically about bullshit questions and stupid "dark jokes", which aren't even jokes to begin with.


Anyone got the link to the post. I’m interested in what the comments say...


[I gotchu ](https://www.reddit.com/r/teenagers/comments/o27xh7/dear_liberals/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf)


There was someone saying that social security was socialism




The worst part is that false was set as the correct answer


Yeah that also makes me wonder if this teacher is a commie and the students are just putting what they know is the correct answer. Kids are left these days but I don't think that high a proportion is socialist, albeit it is a sample size of one class room so it's possible.


Absolutely. My social studies, leftist af. Our school has a total of like 2 left wingers. We do similar stuff, but all of our identities towards the teacher are merely puppets. We disagree with 80% of what he says, but its not worth it to go and disagree and risk losing a grade.


When you're young and haven't worked for money, you want other people's money. When you're older and you have money, you want to keep your own. Students have been poor commie fucks forever, and most grow out of it. The circle of life.


We keep expanding the different supplements we provide and allowing the average age at which people get real jobs to keep growing. They vote for more of this, and that average age keeps growing. It's a self feeding cycle that'll grow until it becomes too top heavy, when it'll collapse.


There is a non idiot among us


It's because most teenagers in America is fuck'in dumb


Not just America sadly. I know someone here in the UK who’s part of a group in their college (high school for the Americans) that’s I believe called the *college name* socialist party


Nah dude, teenagers in general are fuckin dumb, it’s just that age, ya know? I’m still a teenager, I’m dumb as hell. But, I’m getting less dumb with time, it’s just a phase we all go through


A big problem right now in the US is that the right has been so successful with socialism scare tactics in their messaging that people think any economic policy to the left of anarchocapitalism is socialism.


Post me on r/lewronggeneration I don't give a fuck but I'm genuinely scared of what my generation has become. It's either someone is an edgelord Nazi fuck or a Twitter communist/socialist or some random pedo that I encounter, it's disappointing and scary man


Exactly. Most people I know are either overly offended asswipes who will get scared at the sight of cheese, or they're overly edgy assholes who have lost all of their humanity. It is very disappointing.


Is that a kahoot? What was marked as the "correct" answer




I fucking hate zoomers. -A zoomer




The question is: why is this question bias?


Part of me is hoping the teacher is just trying to point out that no single system is objectively “better” and that people should respect each others views but I highly doubt that’s the case…


This is why we should raise the voting age and/or require some kind of civics course before allowing just anyone and everyone to vote. Dumb kids right out of high school, with zero life experience, can change the course of politics in a country by simply treating it like a popularity contest.


Nah, I disagree. If someone's an adult they should be allowed to vote. And tests to vote might sound good but the execution is often anything but.


I don't think adulthood automatically grants you wisdom. Idk how old you are, but I remember 18 year old me and I didn't know anything. I voted for someone because he seemed cool and everyone was voting for him. I agree with the test. It's problematic. What's on the test. Who designs the test. Etc. Leaves too much open for the governments interpretation. However, some form of a civics exam, reenforcing our countries founding ideals would be a start.


It doesn't grant you wisdom, but IMO the guiding principle of democracy shouldn't be that everyone is always smart but that the only moral form of government is one that exists by the consent of the people it governs. That can produce bad governments but so does every other system at some time or another. Humans are deeply flawed. >However, some form of a civics exam, reinforcing our countries founding ideals would be a start. I honestly just can't imagine a scenario where this isn't in some way eventually taken advantage of.


That seems very undemocratic.


You’re a fool if you think the amount of dumb people decrease as age increases


No obviously not. But s certain amount of life experience goes a long way. Also, I did mention some kind of test or qualification. Obviously there is no perfect answer.


Not very libertarian of you friend


Wait until they get their first paycheck.


For me it wasn't the first paycheck, it was truly being on my own. Having to pay my own bills, decide what kind of insurances I got, and understanding that your time is most valuable. Turns out I wasn't so okay with free handouts once I realized I was making it on my own because ME, MYSELF worked hard for the things I wanted.


We need to keep correcting their false definitions of capitalism. It’s simply the right to spend the product of your personal labor on systems and equipment that create goods and services for others, in the hope that those goods and services are worth more to society than the wealth you risked. It’s nothing more than the free market applied across time.


Lets put those shit stains in a socialist country and see how they like it :)


I mean these are kids so they’re probably libertarians and “putting them where they want to be” would probably mean somewhere like Rojava or in EZLN territory


Socialism gave them their shitty schools, this particular one has just gone full circle


Honestly, this picture shows only kids trying to score an extra point in a lefty teacher's class. Notice how there's a chechkmark near the score. Teacher has set this test with this one option scoring a point. Kids probably know what their teacher supports and just want free points tbh.


“We will take America without firing a shot. We do not have to invade the U.S. We will destroy you from within....” - Nikita Khrushchev


It'll be over once they'll get their first paycheck, I promise Side note: notice the use of google chrome, a product of one of the biggest corporations in history


Shouldn’t both answers be right since this strikes me as more of an opinion question


lol yes teens, who live in lovely little suburban neighborhoods and gated communities - none of which who have EVER visited a communist country; and if they did, they went to the tourist part of town. Never seen a communist country first-hand, and I'll bet you they ignore everyone who comes FROM a communist country and dismisses their complaints with "I'm sorry they took your farm/slaves" like the sociopathic smarmy fart-huffing cunts they are.


They just think that way because that’s what the “cool” guys do . Memes affect their lives what they meme is who they are . Because there are lots of memes about communism they think it’s what the popular kids do . So in order to get some attention they do this but in the inside they are still the same they are just weak because growing up they had a lot of attention and now it’s gone they are feeling something empty they are seeking attention that’s all. And if these kids were thought what bad was done by communism rather than the good they would change . It’s the bad parenting and education system. No one just wakes up one day and decides to be a communist. They are made to be so


If these worthless little brats think I am going to pay more taxes because they are too stupid to get a real degree they are insane. Go to school for some worthless art degree, go 200k into debt, then expect the working class to pay for it. Thats the only type of socialism these entitled little brats actually want. The don’t know what real socialism is like. Real socialism isn’t shit like “UBI”. You actually have to contribute. This is just classic gen z entitlement.


And would they be able to define either? No


Socialism is when the workers own the means of production. Capitalism is when there’s private ownership of the means of production there are markets.


Just wait until these cats get there first taxed paycheck


Can I write it off as a donation to the dprk?


Hope this was just an ungraded debate question. The only time I’ve had to deal with this kind of stuff was in 9th grade. We were having an election and our social studies teacher was a massive socialist. Weirdly pro China as well, he taught us how western individualist values were selfish while eastern communal values were better


If you ever come across a teenage "communist". Tell them to ask the Russians if they want to go back to socialism.


And this is enough proof that China has way too much power in our media. It’s time they become the new Cuba and we start a Cold War against them.


I detect a little communism


While they're enjoying the capitalist invention, Kahoot, which was designed to make quizzing more fun and interactive lmao.


That one kid is prolly their class topper.


Sadly abortions missed 21 fetuses


That kid’s going places.


The issue in the states is the gross oversimplification and misunderstanding of the terms, they just point at the scandi countries and are like socialism good, like no that is not the full truth, it’s dangerous


I saw the post and most upvoted ones seem the ones against socialism


Who’s gonna tell them about the condition people went through in Socialist Romania?


Good job commies. You've managed to convince some dumb impressionable teenagers. Sucks that you still haven't been able to effect any real political change in America despite having 100+ years and the entire Hollywood-media machine cranking out non-stop propaganda. It's cool, maybe in another 100 years. 😂


I’m crying, my future looks gloom


There is one very based kid in that class to stand out like that


Why were you on /r/teenagers? Libertarian?


Because I am a teenager.


What a low level question. This is just straight-up rote propaganda.


POV: You have never lived under socialism.


Yeah they don’t work or pay taxes. Lol.


I’m tired of seeing communist shit on r/teenagers.


Well hey even if this generation is fucked if all these idiots want communism *they can have communism* and see how bad it is


Real talk. This is because the poor handling of capitalism in America. Capitalism IS failing people if you just look around. Massive amounts of wealth are being created even through recessions for the top. The rich continue to get insanely richer, while the middle stagnates for decades. The average person no longer feels like they are part of the economic system. They feel like the benefit all goes to the rich, which the math says it is. So when people feel rejected and abused by the system, they start looking for alternatives. This IS a symptom of government favoring the rich every step of the way. If we want to retain capitalism, we have to get it working again for everyone, and not just the rich. Else, the kids are going to start looking for alternatives that they think will be more fair.


Based and Nuancepilled


I agree, but the minute you try to get the economy more balanced some yeehaw cousinfucker in Congress is gonna be like “tHaTs SoCiAlIsM” (even when it’s clearly fucking not) and before you know it the entire Republican Party is against you


Everyone sees what's going on. Especially on the right, it's like the narrative is ALWAYS, focused on making sure the already well off rich, remain protected and doing well. It's almost like there is never a conversation about focusing on increasing working class people's incomes and doing better for them. It's always centered around making businesses and the rich doing better. People may not know how to say it perfectly, but they intuitively know they are getting screwed. And in return, you get people turning to alternatives that promise to fuck them less. Ironically, Europe doesn't have socialism like we insist they do. They just aren't 100% on the side of rich and business, but also consider worker's well being. America really needs to start including workers well being on the agenda as well, if they don't want a real socialist takeoever


Crazy how often people want an alternative


Well the boomers were hippies and look where they are now


Isn't politics banned in school? Atleast here it is.


whats the link to the original post


I mean it is if you're a lazy unskilled deadbeat moron I guess, didn't know they are so prevalent tho


I remember the original post was a guy straight up saying that he was the one guy in favor of capitalism in AN ECONOMICS CLASS


The western education system at its best. And ppl think police department is the worst, smh.




Find the commi.




mightve been that socialist convention


what’s the context for this Kahoot game? I’m curious if this is just a shitpost or if this was in some school or university somewhere


Ooh controversy


Our society is going down the fucking drain.


Family and I are Eastern Euro, i can't stand western commies and socialist zoomers. If only they lived in the eastern bloc then they will see.


I don't understand why you seem to think socialism = dictatorship. "a political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole." For many people, that's why democratic socialism is appealing. It's hard for us to help each other. If we already have capitalism that involves selling our labor power to another individual, it's useful to have a representative government that tries to support us when we have to sell our labor, rather than having to constantly incentivize the people we sell labor to for the sake of trying to convince them to pay us more. Also we are all supported by government handouts anyway. The roads I drive to work. The healthcare I am able to purchase thru the marketplace bc healthcare thru my job is hard to get. The loans and grants I was given for college. The checks on my employers who have always done everything in their power to take advantage of employees. As a child, it's government handouts that helped me survive as my mom and live in aunt were very disabled with the only available treatments deeply expensive. Everything I earn today is only possible because of the help I received, because of the people who fought for a government that would give me that option. Hell I only was able to go back to school because of being given free community college. By the government. So... Yeah I wanna support that. I wanna support people like me. I wanna support others. But my day to day paycheck can barely do anything. So I pay taxes and try to vote for people who will utilize the whole in a way that benefits everyone.


Socialism can't lead to anything else but a ruling elite. Since it doesn't have the concept of private property for the means of production, distribution and exchange then whoever rules the "community" rules everything of the above. Think of Amazon being the government and everything in your country belonging to them. There's no other way socialism can be implemented, people have tried.


How surprising… a generation that grew up seeing the ramifications of our dictatorship of capital without the overt anti-socialist propaganda of the post cold war era are less enthusiastic about being serfs to the ultra rich.


Socialism produces rich folks, why would it? The people that are in charge of the means of production will basically own everything, even if on paper it belongs to the state.


Isn't capitalism an economic system and socialism a political system? I thought the whole "no money only slavery" thing economic system was always called communist


socialism is an economic system where "the workers own the means of production" aka in practice everything is government property with small exceptions. centralised and planned economies are socialist economies.


Ah okay, thanks for explaining!


It’s also supposed to be a transitionary period where more stuff keeps getting added to the list of government owned institutions until the whole world decides to go to communism (moneyless classless society). In practice that means imperialism


Non-planned economy with worker self directed enterprises is another possibility


That's closer to capitalism since it assumes workers have direct property over their enterprises. It also implies a free-market.


It´s collective ownership in general.


Socialists was top down control of government. Sometimes they use capitalism but it is always incredibly regulated.


Thx for explaining :)


That’s not socialism


Let's go, this generation is looking brighter than ever.


Socialism is different than communism. For example Germany and sweden are socialist


Those countries both have private indutry you moron, socialism isn't when government does stuff


German here, we are not a Socialist country.


No, Germany and Sweden are capitalist countries.


**No, they are not.** They have nothing in common with socialist countries... They are extremely liberal, extremely free-market countries. This is the problem, people talk shit like this and teens without any knowledge think that socialism must be great because those countries are doing great..


Socialist no, social democracy yes.