Starvation 👏🏻 is 👏🏻 not 👏🏻 a 👏🏻 problem 👏🏻 in 👏🏻 America

Starvation 👏🏻 is 👏🏻 not 👏🏻 a 👏🏻 problem 👏🏻 in 👏🏻 America


Obesity enters the chat


It’s funny you bring it up. Poor people in America are fat. Poor people in communist countries actually starve


Party elites in communist countries are fat. Example: Kim Jong-un


He literally waddles


Give it a few years and he’ll be rolling around on his belly like a seal


Give him a few years and he is 6ft under.


What was that Disney movie with the fat people in space chairs




you can make the ‘wide Putin’ meme with him without changing his wideness


Oh wow. Just like a monarchy.


Well North Korea is pretty much a feudal monarchy.


Does NK have lordships and some form of knight? It needs both of those to be feudal.


I’d say that the lordships are the members of the inner party and the knighthood is the Order of Kim Il-Sung and the Order of Kim Jong-Il.


Wait, the order of Kim Il-Sung and Jong-Il is a thing?


Well they’re two separate orders but yeah. If you look at them they look pretty royal.


Well, I guess NK is a form of monarchy in everything but name. But its only been 2 generations. Kim might notbput a family member in charge after ge dies. Or, maybe something will happen.


Except monarchs are better in every way to a republican dictatorship.


Pretty much everyone except the ruling class in communist countries starve. Hell, if you’re really unlucky the government there might create an artificial famine like the Soviets did in Ukraine.


Poor people in America are fat because the cheap food is really unhealthy (this isn't a defense of communism) which is a problem in Capitalism. Capitalism by all means is better than Communism but obesity is a big issue with it and it's definitely a valid complaint against Capitalism.


Cheap food definitely isn’t healthy and creates cardiovascular problems later but isn’t weight gain mostly on excess calorie


I’d rather be fat than be dead from hunger.


I wouldn't say this applies to all countries. In Czechoslovakia you had to queue for bananas, got tangerines once a year and had to bribe the butcher to get meat, but you didn't starve. The food quality wasn't usually great, but the diversity wasn't so bad you'd commonly get health problems from it.


I honestly don’t know what you’re on about, I live near a homeless camp and they’re scary thin Edit: ya’all act you know more than you do lol. Must be nice


Idk I’ve met plenty of overweight homeless people. Thin people in places like that are typically drug addicts who don’t eat much. Same reason drug addict rock stars are paper thin.


Aside from choice (substances), medical issues are also a factor there frequently. (Poor sanitation can lead to near chronic digestive issues, living outside can make it easier to pick up parasites, IV substance use can both cause site infections and transmit a host of viral things... all of which can lead to drastic weight loss.)


Nothing is absolute. I have regular dealings with the homeless and I can tell you first hand they’re a product of their own decision making. There are resources available to them and they’re aware of those resources. They choose not to use them because it will get in the way of their drug or alcohol use


Poor people in America are some of the richest people in the world too lol


Don’t forget Pet obesity which is a serious problem in America.


In stark contrast to socialist countries in which pets are more likely to be a cause of obesity...


Yeah, but obesity can be caused by malnutrition. Very unhealthy foods are usually subsidized by the government, because they are made by big corporations. This makes them cheaper than healthy foods, so poor people choose to buy unhealthy food so they can afford more, leading to malnutrition, but also obesity.


Are you referring to sugar. I agree that we should not subsidize that. But the fact is that people are obese because of their food and exercise choices.


ironically there has been more famine deaths in communist countries...


"Famine" Planned




Some were. Some, especially in China, were the result of terribly stupid planning.


We’re getting to deeper levels of circlejerk and delusion that shouldn’t be possible


Trust me there’s worse


These pinkos would have LOVED the communist ‘utopias’ that were the Soviet Union & the Eastern Block, I mean, just LOOK at that economic stagnation and quality of life decline 🥰😍.


Omg could you imagine? No twitter or fancy restaurants and clubs, just 7.30-16.00 work, and then ideological indoctrination 🥰🥰🥰


Something something proletariat praxis. Art and beauty is decadence and decadence is counter-revolutionary!


They literally have no clue what capitalism is


Obviously, capitalism is everything they don't like. The more they don't like it, the more capitalist it is.


And If they really don’t like it, It’s fascism


I literally heard someone blame capitalism when it was a rainy day, and he wasn’t even joking


I once asked someone to explain socialism, they explained communism. They were a socialist...


Tbh almost all people who use the word communist use it interchangeably with socialist without realizing the difference


what is capitalism


A political system based on human rights, including property rights in which the over whelming majority of property is privately owned.


Capitalism is when poverty exists. The more poverty there is, the more capitalist it is.


God I hate that sub so much


I’m ashamed that the most karma I ever got was posting there. It was a Twitter screenshot I stole from Facebook. If there’s a hell, I’m going. It wasn’t remotely political though


Save a few clicks for everyone https://www.reddit.com/r/WhitePeopleTwitter/comments/8njqa8/total_middle_school_move/


r/nonpoliticaltwitter is a good alternative


Filled with White hipsters


As a white hipster, I'm disgusted.




So few people die from starvation in the US, they don't even track it. It's basically impossible. Our poor are obese. Meanwhile in communist countries, many poor people actually starve to death.


Exactly. They should have access to healthier food, affordable housing, etc. but saying they shouldn't starve is harmful if anything, since it just distracts from actual problems. Also, trying to stop poor people from starving is very much not a far left viewpoint. The far left viewpoint would be more that almost everyone should be starving.




Too bad junk food is cheap




Ig that's fair, we do need to do something about the obesity epidemic, but price of food isn't an issue that we really need to worry about. I recently started carrying around packets of peanut butter when I go out, and when homeless people ask me for money, since I'd be worried about simply allowing them to continue unhealthy habits, I give them peanut butter, since its very callorically dense, with good calories, but they rarely accept. Some do, ofc, this isn't a Jan on homeless people ofc, but I do think we generally have an issue with this.


"Capitalist hellscape" \- sent from my iPhone


People who can sit at home complaing about the capitalist dystopia for hours, really don't see their own irony.


"Hey maybe poor people don't deserve to starve" Okay, then go help at a food kitchen and give to charity. "Eww. Gross."


There are a lot of people who think they’re being empathetic when they’re effectively saying “Someone else should fix this problem so I don’t have to feel bad about my lack of action.”


You perfectly described the left’s position on taxes, climate change, and inequality. “It’s *the 1%’s* fault, *I* don’t have to do anything myself”


I disagree. In the end that's what politics exist for. You may disagree with certain policies, but politics have a far greater potential to affect climate change, inequality, poverty etc. than a single individual ever could.


I’m not disagreeing with you here. What I’m disagreeing with are the lies spread that “corporations and billionaires” are the only ones who have any part in destroying the environment, or can fully fund the government on their own. Air pollution for example is mostly caused by the masses of millions of polluting cars on the Earth, and for another example, even if all billionaires were taxed 100%, the government still would not be funded. I’m not denying the importance of politics, I’m protesting the abdication of all personal responsibility.


According to the EPA, transportation is only responsible for 29% of greenhouse gas emissions in the US. And the breakdown of transportation includes not only cars, but planes, ships, trucks, and trains as well. So air pollution is definitely not even close to being mostly caused by personal vehicles. https://www.epa.gov/ghgemissions/sources-greenhouse-gas-emissions


They hate charity and would rather the government inefficiently and ineffectively provide charity


but like… VERY few people actually starve to death in America.


Not even the homeless starve. On what planet are these assholes living?


Mars? It is red and has no food… or life.


Perfect Communist utopia


There are also no people, yet.


You can go to almost any local church and they will have some type of food bank for the exact reason of helping poor people not starve to death. These are the same people that despise religion too though so they dont want to "stoop to that level"


My church has a food pantry program. It's open to anyone who needs help. When someone signs up for the program, we immediately bring them an emergency food pack (20# rice, 20# beans, 24 cans of veg, 24 cans of meat, 2lbs of salt, assorted spices, and 1/2 gallon of canola oil), and then put them on our weekly delivery schedule (which includes fresh meat and fresh veg). Everything gets dropped off in plain brown boxes by volunteers in their own cars, so there's no shame of having to stand in a "food line", or having a "meals on wheels" van outside your house. We usually have 400-500 deliveries a week, but during the worst parts of the pandemic, we had over 1000 some weeks.


Props to your church man, thats amazing. I'll be honest i havent been to church in... a while lol.but whenever i end up with some donatable food i know im not gonna end up eating i give it to my mom to donate. Then they keep some for a small food bank to keep at the church for walk ins, then donate the rest to the county food bank, where you can basically go "shopping" (within limits im sure) for absolutely free. There's at least 30 churches in my county of ~200,000 people and multiple county food bank locations, im sure most of the churches keep a food bank for the poor too. Unless someone's completely braindead, they wont have to worry about food at all. All of this is probably true for the vast majority of the United States


“Religion is the opium of the people”. Than why have churches fed the poor while communists starved them


Thats also not even the full quote, copy pasting from wikipedia: *Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people* I feel like the first part is definitely not even anti religion, commies just love to quote the last part Idk, my interpretation may be wrong im kinda buzzed rn lol


I mean, the full context, at least as far as I can tell, is that Marx was basically saying that religion is just a tool used to control the poor


This is a pretty ridiculous reading. Clearly he’s saying that it’s a coping mechanism for people who otherwise have no hope, like a drug to numb the pain. I prefer valid criticisms of Marxism and communism to stupid ones.


I mean, to be fair, I’ve heard it interpreted my way and your way, but I do see your point.


Man that marx fella fucking sucks the more i learn about him. And i already thought he was a fucking twat


Not a single competent person in America actually starves


I don't think we should start labeling people who are starving in America as if they 'deserve' it for some arbitrary 'competence' level.


I hear where you’re coming from, but I believe it’s literally the case that nobody actually starves in America today unless they are severely mentally disabled or severely mentally ill to the point of being unable to take care of themselves, so I don’t think it’s a factually inaccurate to say.


I think you’re missing the point that legitimate starvation virtually does not exist in America


about 99% true. There are a not-insignificant number of cases of food insecurity in Americans, but it's pretty rare if that actually results in death by starvation. Most cases of severe malnutrition we see are a result of other health problems. Or the terribly sad cases where the parent(s) prefer to spend their money on drugs/alcohol instead of feeding their kids.


There's a reason it went from "starving" to "hungry" to "food insecurity". As long as you keep shifting goalposts, you can keep grifting the public.


I think calling it "grifting the public" might be a bit hyperbolic.


So is calling it starving


In 2017 approximately 9 million people died of hunger, in 2019 31 million people were not gaining enough food to survive


> 9 million people died of hunger Worldwide :p


Actual starvation maybe, but A) most people when using the term are also including food insecurity, which estimates put at around 10% of US households. And B) even if its just a handful of people, you are still painting it as if its entirely their fault


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Global_Food_Security_Index No Country Overall Score Affordability Availibility Quality & safety 1st Singapore 87.4 95.4 83.0 79.4 2nd Ireland 84.0 90.5 76.8 87.7 **3rd United States 83.7 87.4 78.3 89.1** 4th Switzerland 83.1 83.8 84.3 78.2 =5th Finland 82.9 84.1 78.6 91.8 ... 113th Venezuela 31.2 15.8 32.2 66.9


? Im literally not saying its capitalisms fault. I hate how reductive this sub gets sometimes where you either must be a commie who hates capitalism or you must never speak ill of a capitalist country like the US. Yes, socialism is terrible and obviously has a worse outcome in this area. That doesnt mean the people in the US who *do* starve only do so because they dont meet some threshold of competence decided by some rando on reddit. Like, are you purposefully misrepresenting my argument to make a bad faith counter? Or did you just not read what I actually said? Edit: Lol, they get an award for making a counter argument to an argument I never even made.


I think the point about competency is that someone who has starved to death is an isolated case of someone with mental health issues that did not get help for it or is an old person living alone with aggressive dementia. I don’t think he means they starved because they’re stupid.


While I’ve read it exactly the way you put it — doesn’t mean they couldn’t’ve worked better on their phrasing


Yeah they definitely could’ve been more clear


Not speaking clearly and understanding what your talking about is a big part of our problems today. Maybe start there


"Competence" isn't a value judgment in this context. It's probably the wrong word but it just means lacking any condition that would render one incapable of acting independently, such as a major disability or being a small child. People who actually *starve* in America are almost always abandoned, neglected or abused disabled people or children.


ew blue lives matter flag lol




Ok, unrelated.


I have always found it amazing they actually think these are the only options and that anyone believes they give a single shit about the poor!


Reminder: You can be against commies and also criticize the American government on poverty. You don't have a pick explicit sides.


Thanks for this gem of a reminder. You can dislike capitalism but hate communism more.


It’s easy to fall into the fallacy of false dilemma if not paying attention.


Nuance does not exist according to them


>late Capitalist hellscape Which is still better than anything ever produced by socialism.


"late capitalist hellscape" he says while sitting on his couch on his iphone


How reasonable


If you think starvation is a problem, go volunteer at a soup kitchen, its free besides your time. Crying about problems doesn't fix them.


There is a grain of thruth here - USians, on both ends of political spectrum like to label everything "communism". Besides that, Twitter is literally the worst place on the internet and WPT is a commie circlejerk


*Usonian USian sounds weird


United Statesian is a translation of the Spanish word for an American, if I remember correctly


The term for people from the USA is “AMERICANS.” God, it’s so fucking cringe to see people like you make up bullshit words like “USians.” Cry all you want about how “imperialist or arrogant” it is for US citizens to call themselves Americans or how “America is a continent not a country.” It’s never going to change. Get over it. Fucking snowflake.


I mean, yeah, but you don't have to be so aggressive about it.


Bruh, I don't care about your ignorant "muh Murica" attitude - I'm just not a native speaker, I don't know if shit sounds weird in English, deal with it "snowflake" EDIT: Just checked your comment history, and you litterally call Europeans "Euros" and "Eurotards". "God, it’s so fucking cringe to see people like you make up bullshit words" Yeah... This is some higher level of hipocrysy.


OP was unnecessarily aggressive but they are correct in that American is a perfectly good word to refer to people from the USA, because *no one* uses it to refer to people from the Americas generally. And note I said “the Americas” not “America” because most of the English-speaking world uses a seven-continent model with North America and South America as separate continents, and “America” alone isn’t the formal name for any place. It *is* a near-universally accepted shorthand for the USA. Just because American means something different in Latin languages and those languages have a word equivalent to “USAian” or whatever that doesn’t sound like fingernails on a chalkboard, doesn’t mean it’s imperialism or anything like that to use the words our way.


It’s annoying as hell. It’s probably one of the most beaten to death topics on the internet. In other languages like Spanish the term Estadounidense or “United Statesian” makes sense, in English it just sounds weird. And there are literally people who get offended over it. It’s insufferable at this point.


Are you trolling? You are literally the only person in this discussion that got offended over it


Have you seen America? Higher calorie food tends to be cheaper than healthy food. Obesity rates imply capitalism may even feed people *too* well


Selfishness is independent of ideology. Communists and capitalists alike can be selfish fuckbags who let people starve to death, and it turns out that charity works better to save lives than forced redistribution of wealth.


Poor people in America eat themselves to death


Food insecurity especially in children is a huge issue. People absolutely go hungry in America and a huge number of children go to school hungry everyday. Just because they don't starve to death doesn't mean it's not a huge issue.


I was not aware of this as someone who has never even stepped foot in the states. I always knew about the obesity ting but never would've even considered this. I guess times are pretty rough all over now day smh


Not a new problem. 10-13% of American households had food insecurity *before* the pandemic.


Yikes and and tanks for the info but does this count for severe, moderate or mild btw? EDIT: just asking so I can compare and contrast for my own country is all but the percentage you gave must be in the millions considering the size of the US n all


This breaks it down and defines what food insecurity means. https://www.ers.usda.gov/topics/food-nutrition-assistance/food-security-in-the-us/key-statistics-graphics.aspx




Yep, which is why free breakfast and assisted lunch at public schools are so important and already implemented in many states/counties. I’ve yet to see a single person who advocates them get called a commie though. Ironically, real twitter/Reddit social media commies seem to hate the people who actually fight for these policies. Calling them “literally fascists” and “corrupt imperialist democratic establishment”. Projection smh


This whole thread is people basically going "No one actually dies from it that I know of and I see fat people a lot so this isn't an issue in America." Working in the school district I saw NUMEROUS kids who were on food assistance programs and such because their families were so poverty stricken. Every weekend I'd see them bringing a big bag of food home so they would have something to eat until Monday morning when they would get a free breakfast at school requiring them to come in even earlier to get that. And the issues with hunger spread to other aspects of life. Had one student who was difficult to deal with, lashed out, and always angry. Come to find out the only time they ate was lunch at school. Got them the help they needed and once they started eating regularly they were a completely different student. Grades improved, attitude improved, their behavior was better, it was like night and day. All because they weren't going hungry majority of the time. It's fucking sad that keeping people fed is somehow looked down upon because the poor who can afford to feed themselves have shitty options for food intake and healthy eating isn't nearly as sustainable on a budget.


Hooooly shit fuck these people that’s so fucking disgusting


I guarantee you that a few posts down, there's gonna be a post saying that all Americans are fat


Two facts: 1. He never said that sentence 2. No one ever called him a commie because of that


1 he just did say that in the tweet 2 by it being posting in a sub named r/enoughcommiespam he was called a commie for it


A: “People always call me a conspiracy theorist when I call out the global pedophile ring. This is proof of the conspiracy!” B: “That never happened.” A: “1: I just did say that; 2: you just did call me a conspiracy theorist!” Obviously, qanon is a lot worse than OP. But this faulty line of logic is basically the exact same as what I wrote. It’s a strawman.


Lmao I just saw this and was about to post it here.


Motte meet Bailey


We are the most obese nation in the world and mother fuckers keep talking about starvation being a problem. Right.....


Actually Nauru is


Generally poor people are morbidly fucking obese in america


food stamps and soup kitchens exist. anyone can eat for free if they want to. the fuck is this kid talking about


America is the only place in the world where OBESITY is a problem. That's literally the opposite of starvation.


The great irony of fearing starvation and suggesting communism as a solution


[https://www.feedingamerica.org/hunger-in-america](https://www.feedingamerica.org/hunger-in-america) This is inexcusable in the richest country that has ever existed.


Need more context. What am I missing here that is so bad? I don't see anything relating to communism nor do I see anything relating to poor people starving in America. There's no need to put words in this person's mouth. Perhaps they were talking about people in other countries? I actually agree with them here, at least within the context which has been provided. Who honestly wouldn't? I mean, that would get pretty ducking annoying to get called a "commie" every time you happened to say some obvious shite that everyone should already agree with anyways. That said, this seems to be plain out irrelevant with poor reading comprehension at best or taking folks out of context on purpose and just acting in general bad faith for sketchy reasons at worst. Just remember that context DOES indeed matter is all....


Starvation is a problem for a minuscule amount of people in every country. I feel like this subreddit's slightly gone to shit, everyone gets hyper-defensive whenever a critique to capitalism is made.


Pretty sure a significant amount of people are currently starving in Venezuela.


That's the point though, this post is not about Venezuela or communism. It's about someone criticising the current implementation of capitalism, and doing so does not make them a commie. Should we not strive to improve the system we live in?


That's unfortunate. I didn't say otherwise though.


“Starvation is a problem for a minuscule amount of people in every country”. It’s obviously not true.


Fine, you got me. I forgot to include the words "at least". With that adjustment it's obviously true, if you wish to be willfully ignorant for argument's sake then I can't do much.


The US obesity prevalence was 42.4% in 2017 – 2018. From 1999 –2000 through 2017 –2018, US obesity prevalence increased from 30.5% to 42.4%. During the same time, the prevalence of severe obesity increased from 4.7% to 9.2%.—CDC. Excuse me as an American where the fuck are these guys living lmfao


The biggest dietary issue among the poor in the United States is obesity. Try again, bud. Not to mention the causes of poverty in the United States…..poor decisions and drug abuse. Sorry, if you’re too busy spending money on crack or meth to feed your family that’s your fault.


“Oh ya well according to Google on my iphone….”


To be fair, Americans rarely starve, but plenty of them go to bed hungry and wonder where they'll get the funds for their next meal. There are limitations to a lot of current programs, and "0 starvation" is the first of many victories we should strive. I don't agree with the post, because it's self-defeatist and a bit too hyperbolic to actually provide any commentary. But to nitpick their word choice of "starve" while ignoring that hunger is still an issue, just to a different degree, seems slightly disingenuous. Sorry if this comes across as overly critical or hostile.


But poverty is


...going down thanks to capitalism.


B-but rich people have money!!! I can't have money if they do!


Reeeee some random guy in Florida or something owns a mansion and a cool car!!! Im not willing to work as hard!!! We need the revolution now!!!!




American here. We all fat. Food in our trash cans is better than the finest cuisine in all of Europe.


United States of America…where our poor people are fat


There are definitely a good number of kids who go to sleep at night hungry. Who can't afford food or whose parents don't care enough to consider them. That's not a Capitalism thing though. Hell, we've got it good enough that we have an obesity epidemic we need to deal with.


It is a problem for the homeless but communism is not the solution


Willing to bet I've spent more hours volunteering at food banks than any of the people tweeting that shit


Late Capitalism = Mixed Economy?


She gets called a “commie” because she uses a phrase like “late capitalist hellscape” to describe the most prosperous time in the entire history of humanity.


Then why does the United States [waste 40 million tons](https://www.rts.com/resources/guides/food-waste-america/) of food? And [why does the united states rank 1st in obesity?](https://www.healthline.com/health/obesity-facts) Both of these things require alot of food. I would wager everyone in the US could be obese if we eat these 40 million tons of food waste


Are these old posts that are pictured? I always try to find them on the original subreddit they were posted to but almost never can


Late stage capitalism is such a stupid buzzword, it implies there’s is lifecycle when there isn’t any. There is no begin nor end. Yesterday’s capitalism is the same as today’s


Ok but healthcare is a serious issue though. I am completely for universal healthcare and education, or at least to whatever degree that can be funded by using our tax money to give back instead of bombing the middle east for oil interests.


The US government already spends twice the defense departments budget on healthcare, and that does not even cover a third of Americans. The US collectively spends the fifth most per pupil of all countries on education, even if it is below the UNESCO standard of 15% of the budget, which they slot in at 11.6%. At the state level, there is very little correlation at all between spending per pupil and quality of education. New York spends the most per pupil in dollar amount and generally falls in the 15th-20th range of rankings, Massachusetts spends the 7th most and is generally either 1st or 2nd, Utah spends the least per pupil (1/3 of what New York spends) and usually ranks just outside the top 10.


BuT mUh NaRrAtIvE oF oPpReSsIoN


Would you look at that, all of the words in your comment are in alphabetical order. I have checked 25,430,779 comments, and only 7,736 of them were in alphabetical order.


"Maybe poor people don't deserve to starve" NO SHIT!!! Just because Capitalism might fail in these terms sometimes this can be fixed way better than going full Socialist...


This guy 100% thinks Europe is socialist


Why would she post a black emoji when she's not black smh


"I'm so empathetic that I'm empathising with problems that people don't even have!"


Commies be like: Statistic and fact: I slepp One poor person exist: YOU SEE IT? CAPITALISM BAD AND THIS IS THE BEST EXAMPLE OF IT YOU BASTARD


Definition of 'starve' in this context: Doesn't have enough money to eat out all the time and is thus forced to *\*gasp\** go to the grocery store and *\*gasp\** cook their own meals sometimes.


Hunger is a problem in the United States. Not as large as if we were a communist nation, but food insecurity, particularly among children, is a big issue.


malnutrition though


It really upsets me that the internet adopted the far right talking point that any form of government assistance is incompatible with capitalism. I mean it's easy propaganda to spread your ideology but it's still incredibly frustrating that people fall for this bullshit.


They don't quite seem to realize that they don't get called commies for "not wanting people to starve", they get called commies because they support actual communist regimes, do they?


What does it mean to "deserve" something? My experience is that people use this word "deserve" to emotionally manipulate other people. How does one determine what another "deserves"? Does what you "deserve" override what someone else "deserves"? Here's a hypothetical: We're in the desert. We're both suffering from dehydration. The closest water source is 3 days in any direction. We have half a bottle of water, which if properly consumed, will get one person out of the desert alive. Who "deserves" the water? Does the person who had the foresight to bring the water deserve the water, or does the person who didn't bring the water deserve the water?


Not just America, but the West in general.


It will be Let them starve That is life


I got banned from that sub for saying 15 dollar minimum wage would put stress on small business owners. The reason was “hate speech” lol


I have a friend who unironically posted this


He’s not your friend. He’s your sworn commie enemy


Yea I’m not a far left lunatic I’m just empathetic! Everyone to the right of me has no empathy lmao can’t stand these jack offs