I have seen a lot of questionable content in this subreddit, but this post tops it all.

I have seen a lot of questionable content in this subreddit, but this post tops it all.


Ancient Egypt was autocratic af. What the actual fuck is their definition of capitalism? Lol As an aside, Ancient Egypt and legalist China were eerily similar to communist/ fascist regimes with the amount of control they had over their people.


Did Albert Einstein agree with the part where Marx said money is the jealous god of Israel?


Or the part where he called Engels, a Jewish N word?


He wasn’t calling Engels that. He was calling Ferdinand LaSalle that in a letter to Engels.


Oh yes my apologies, the actual statement goes: “The Jewish n***** Lasalle who, I’m glad to say, is leaving at the end of the week, has happily lost another 5000 in an ill judged speculation” A letter to Engels in 1862.


That TIK video where he breaks down a lot of Marx's writing and reveals all of the antisemitism in it is YouTube gold.


I’ve never seen it but i am certainly going to now


Do you have a link ?




Isn't Marx jewish himself.


What’s your point? There was Chinese guy that advocated for white supremacy in China at one point.


yea hes ashamed of it


Einstein was super fond of Stalin


The funny thing was the pyramids were a public works program for workers after the harvest was over. They were paid for it.


>Ancient Egypt was autocratic af. What the actual fuck is their definition of capitalism? Lol Amusingly enough tho, there's a theory that the Pyramids were basically welfare projects for skilled laborers in the off season.


I understood it to be volunteer work being performed during the flooding of the Nile. From [worldhistory.org](https://www.worldhistory.org/article/1073/jobs-in-ancient-egypt/): >Part of making a living, regardless of one's special skills, was taking part in the king's monumental building projects. Although it is commonly believed that the great monuments and temples of Egypt were achieved through slave labor - specifically that of Hebrew slaves - there is absolutely no evidence to support this claim. The pyramids and other monuments were built by Egyptian laborers who either donated their time as community service or were paid for their labor.


Oh, don't you know? Capitalism is when you do stuff. The more stuff you do, the more capitalist it is. And if you do a real lot of stuff, that libreterianism.


Ancient Egypt was the land of “shut up I’m literally god”


Capitalism is when bad


Capitalism is when heirarchy


This isn't even a very good comic. There's no real story or joke to it, they could have just as easily just said all of this.


Commie “memes” are usually walls of text with no punchline. Maybe because they just don’t have any sense of humor to begin with.


I have been told that the left cant meme


I’m seeing a bunch of Strawman’s too


Yeah Malloy makes fucking awful ‘comics’. They’re basically just a wall of text with a drawing in front of it


What the fuck does this have to do with introverts


Not only is it not introverted, it's not even a meme


where’s the funny


There is no "funny" in the comics from that subreddit.


Even though the Bible never says that Jews built the pyramids, every time a Christian/Jew mistakenly says that the pyramids were built by Jews/slaves you’ll get a flood of Reddit atheists saying “no they didn’t! The pyramids were actually built by well paid craftsmen!” I wonder if the neckbeards will have the same reaction to this “comic”.


They won’t, because most of said reddit atheist neckbeards are also communists.


damn Republicans must have really infiltrated that college in Germany that I went to. I guess all these years studying economics and my profs explaining in detail why marx was an idiot must have been propaganda.


Hmm, yes. I too wonder how they could have infiltrated that many European colleges and universities.


Mind if I ask what college that was?


What is introvert about any of this?


The fucking moron who makes these comics thinks introvert means deep thinking person. He's a scumbag and he thinks putting these rantlets into thought bubbles on a stick figure makes them a comic


Nothing at all.


Why should I care about Einstein’s opinion on politics or economics? He was an expert in neither. Just like I don’t care about Cardi B’s political opinion, or how LeBron James thinks a knife-wielding criminal should’ve been handled.


BTW, Einstein had a lot of patents and was a millionaire (billionaire if inflation is accounted) mainly from his royalties. He never made any of his stuff patent free.


Einstein also was famously quoted saying that just because he's an expert in one field (physics), it doesn't mean that he has the knowledge to comment on other subjects. Even he recognized his own limitations in expertise, despite his own preference for a more socialist society.


Or how you never ask for an economist's opinion on physics.


Here comes my hot take. Einstein wasn’t a very good scientist. He was an extremely gifted person, but he got very set in his ways and tended to ignore ideas that conflicted with his worldview. Einstein was famously very critical of quantum mechanics even as many of his contemporaries were embracing it as a new branch of physics.


That sub is owned by the Olivier Malloy guy. He's extremly obsessed with Trump and Republicans to the point it's worrying and feels like he has some sort of God Complex. He also attributes everything negative to him and everyone that disagrees with him as Trump supporters. Weird weird person


why does the economic opinion of a physist mean more than that of my actual econ profs lol


Because people just see the word "Einstein" and think "wow smart wacky hair genius dude!"


Yeah and Albert isn’t a economic major


They label anybody that is not fully left-leaning a fascist. That's what ideological extremists do, blaming anybody who disagrees with them with the most extreme designation. Communism and fascism are two sides of the same coin.


Wait aren’t the democrats the ones who turned the school system into a state-owned monopoly?




To clarify, are you equating white and Jewish populations with "imperialism"?


The workers on the pyramid were highly respected and well paid