I thought there was enough evidence for both of those attrocities.

I thought there was enough evidence for both of those attrocities.


Germany: We’re sorry about the Holocaust Canada: We’re sorry about the Native American kid gulags America: We’re sorry about Hawaii and the Trail of Tears Australia: We’re sorry about the Stolen Generation India: We’re sorry about the partition violence against Muslims Turkey: Armenians totally don’t exist and totally aren’t verifiably one of the old civilizations like Iran and India, but they deserved it anyway China when asked about the day when absolutely nothing happened at Tiananmen Square, Beijing:


Mongolia: Songs praising Genghis Khan


To be fair to Mongolia, it’s pretty much the only thing about half the world even knows them for. Relative obscurity is a fitting karmic response.


Yeah, apart from the fact that a sizable portion of Mongols (living in Mongolia, China and Siberia alike) still being nomadic (because it’s not like they have any good reason *not* to), living in yerts and moving around on horseback


Nanking was literally raped by CCP several times after 1945. Mao's classic quote, " Nanjing is the capital of KMT, a big city of more than 500 000 people... You should kill more (reactionaries)..."




Do you know Chinese? Ihve only seen that quote in Chinese before.


[idk about Nanjing but they starved out Changchun](https://www.google.com/books/edition/China_at_War/HHCbDwAAQBAJ?hl=en&gbpv=1&dq=siege+of+changchun+death+toll&pg=PA249&printsec=frontcover) and Shenyang


Unfortunately I only have it in Chinese. > 南京方面,據二月三日柯慶施同志給饒漱石同志的電報,已殺七十二人,擬再殺一百五十人,這個數目似太少。南京是一個五十萬人口的大城市,國民黨的首都,應殺的反動分子似不止二百多人……南京殺人太少,應在南京多殺。 > > 『對上海南京鎭反工作的指示』 1951.02.12


The [Japanese government’s official stance](https://www.mofa.go.jp/policy/q_a/faq16.html) has always been consistent: > “The Government of Japan believes that it cannot be denied that following the entrance of the Japanese Army into Nanjing in 1937, the killing of noncombatants, looting and other acts occurred.” [Every major textbook writes about Nanjing](https://www.sankei.com/article/20200324-ZS3ITUPKXFPRRGR2CIVMLO5P54/photo/TZIRLG4XRZNUPPQVSQ3IVRM45I/), too. ___ [Tiananmen Square, on the other hand…](https://www.rfa.org/english/news/china/liquor-04022019114046.html)


China seems to want every leader of Japan to give them a tearful apology for the rape of Nanking. Which it was terrible, yeah, but Asian countries all fucking hate each other and I don’t think direct apologies are common, though I could be wrong.


Not a whole lot of countries have apologized for wars, and even fewer have apologized for past colonialism. But Japan has. There is even [a page on Wikipedia listing all apologies Japan has made](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_war_apology_statements_issued_by_Japan). (See also: [House of Representatives 1995 resolution](https://www.mofa.go.jp/announce/press/pm/murayama/address9506.html), [Murayama 1995 statement](https://www.mofa.go.jp/announce/press/pm/murayama/9508.html), [Koizumi 2005 statement](https://www.mofa.go.jp/announce/announce/2005/8/0815.html), [Kan 2010 statement](https://japan.kantei.go.jp/kan/statement/201008/10danwa_e.html), etc. etc.) ___ That being said, it is true that issues concerning Japan’s past remain very sensitive and hyper-politicized in today’s Japan, and the situation is even further complicated by its often-rocky relations with China and Korea (both of which also admittedly politicize these issues to their own advantage).


Generally, it's not because they don't know it happened or to save themselves from embarrassment. There is nothing really embarrassing about current leaders apologizing for something that happened a century ago. It's more about liability. If you acknowledge it, you might have to pay reparations.


Germany did far more contrition for their WW2 wars crimes. The Japanese still teach none of it in their schools and still deny raping all those Korean women. It's not exclusive to Japan, England does it too, but it's still gross. Of course the CCP is going to deny all their human rights abuses if they see Japan getting away with it.


The CCP will deny their human rights abuses whether or not Japan owns up to Korean comfort women, tbh


> The Japanese still teach none of it in their schools I literally just posted a link showing how every major textbook writes about Nanjing. I have personally read a dozen of history textbooks used in Japan, and even the one used in 5th grade writes about Nanjing. > still deny raping all those Korean women. https://www.mofa.go.jp/a_o/rp/page25e_000352.html https://www.mofa.go.jp/a_o/rp/page25e_000343.html


"and other acts"


I’m guessing this meme was removed lol


from the creators of "yoghurt genocide" as a defense...


That’s pretty funny when you consider these things absolutely happened. In a crude and fucked up way ofc


Monsters have something in common.


Balkans:singing about their war crimes