Ive seen the red plague spread to so many subs already


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It was right in front of us the entire time


As someone with ADD. No capitalism here. Just my dad's genes.


Same, ADHD hella bad, I’d be put to death under communism for not being able to stay focused for 5 minutes during my 14 hours a day work shifts.


Ah man it seems like you got it really bad. Hope you are gonna be ok


Thanks. I’ve developed coping mechanisms and thankfully am not working 14 hour days in a factory anymore. Plus non stimulant meds help the H part. I am convinced I wouldn’t be near this bad if I weren’t force fed adderal and Ritalin every day until I was 18.


I almost did Ritalin but i didnt. My parents found this great thing. Basically i took omega 3 pills and it helped both my ADD and tourette. And my tourette was actually cured!


I have the whole kitchen sink. I have autism, ADD, C-PTSD, and I think OCD too. And yet, this hasn’t stopped me from building a successful career in the finance industry. I did struggle to adapt to an office environment at first (to the annoyance of some of my employers), but my abilities to analyze and hyper-focus really allowed me to excel in my field. So I thank capitalism. (I’m still a liberal though).


You don't have ADD as it is no longer accepted as a legitimate diagnosis. There is only ADHD.


Great, thanks a lot capitalism


I am not really hyperactive though. Just normally active


[still ADHD](https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/health/conditions-and-diseases/adhdadd)


I also have ADD (or I guess that's what it used to be called), as I understand the usage of terms it's all called ADHD, but with a descriptive term like inattentive, hyperactive or combined. I guess it's kind of like how aspergers is just a part of what's now called autism spectrum disorder, because it's not that simple to put well defined labels on a person mental state. But then again, there isn't global government that says what terms to use, so some might say ADD and most will understand what they mean.


Make me think of of Michael Burry (the Big Short) who is on the spectrum. There's a deleted scene in the movie where he comes to terms with the idea he has Asberger's (yes I know the diagnosis no longer exists). His friend says. "who other than Apsies would actually read an entire bond perspective."


They hyperfocus I get due to ADHD has allowed me to get past my peers very easily and now I have a well paying job that accommodates me by letting me work flexibly on my own time. Thanks Capitalism.


As someone with ADHD and autism - the double whammy, I'm aware - I'm glad we have capitalism. I get bored of things very quickly and under our current economic system, I don't have to be stuck with one thing for the rest of my life. I have that chance to move between careers and projects. Is it easy? No, not always, but I have that chance, and I've used it to my fullest.


ADD is no longer recognized by the DSM as a legit diagnosis. There is only ADHD now. #themoreyouknow


Wait what? Crap I was gonna try and get back on vyvance


Vyvanse is good shit. That's what I was on before Mydayis. If you were diagnosed, that just means you have ADHD now lol.




As someone with all 3.(gotta catch em all) no capitalism here. Just my body giving me disorders and diseases out of nothing.


Hope you can handle those


“Neurodivergence was so accepted in the Soviet Union, that mentally handicapped people made their way into the highest tiers of government!”


Fun fact: in the Soviet Union a *lack of* paranoid/grandiose delusions [was considered a form of schizophrenia.](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sluggish_schizophrenia)


That's actually hilarious


Hilarious for anyone who wasn’t diagnosed…


well since everyone had to be a "revolutionary" I guess it makes some sense they'd think being laid back and mild tempered had to be some kind of disorder.




>was a diagnostic category used in the Soviet Union to describe what was **claimed to be** a form of schizophrenia characterized by a slowly progressive course; it was diagnosed even in patients who showed no symptoms of schizophrenia or other psychotic disorders, on the assumption that these symptoms would appear later. \[...\] > >It has never been used or recognized outside of the Soviet Union, or by international organizations such as the World Health Organization. It is considered a prime example of the political abuse of psychiatry in the Soviet Union. Sluggish schizophrenia was the most infamous of diagnoses used by Soviet psychiatrists, due to its usage against political dissidents. Try again, but maybe read carefully about it before


Well Stalin was a paranoid fuck, that much is true


They loved the mentally disabled so much, that they sent them to special camps out in Siberia where they can spend the rest of their days!


Which weren't a lot of days either.


They got to make cool things for Russian industry for as long as they wanted!!




On the plus side at least everyone is saying it's a stupid tweet


I think its both people who are "adhd is not a result of capitalism, this tweet is dumb but it kinda funny so..." *upvotes* And " Yeah fuck capitalism!" *upvotes*


I’ve got pretty bad ADD but a supply-demand economy has nothing to do with it. I’d still have to work under communism.


Probably in a gulag because the ruling party would probably call it a bourgeois excuse for laziness


No dude, you would get to be the commune poet.


Same but mine is pretty bad ADHD, not ADD.


You don’t like a delicious word salad once in awhile?


If ‘capitalism := anything I don’t like or wrong with society’ then even from their smoothbrained POV this isn’t a particularly deep format of thought.


yeah, no. living with autism is DEFINITELY a disability. things don’t magically become better because you think society is more accepting under communism (which it wouldn’t be). why the fuck are these commies infiltrating every neurodivergence sub?!


>why the fuck are these commies infiltrating every neurodivergence sub Well they haven't infiltrated every neurodivergent sub r/4chan doesn't have many of them




For real, I’m tired of the weird implicit expectation that my having Asperger’s means I’m obligated to be some kind of leftist radical. Let me live my moderate autist life in peace smh


More contagious than COVID. Fortunately we are naturally immune lol


A few things here: 1. ADD isn't even really a thing anymore. It's all ADHD now with three different presentations: primarily inattentive, primarily hyperactive, and combined. 2. Yes, they are disorders, even if we live in the perfect Utopia. I don't think the inability to motivate yourself to do basic tasks or being unable to understand social cues is really the result if capitalism, nor can they be considered anything but a deficit. 3. This is the problem with the neurodiversity movement as a whole, they are so far up their own asses about the social model of disability and radical self-acceptance that they literally swear off forms of treatment for these conditions. Like there are people who are saying that ADHD people should go off their meds or that psychotherapy doesn't work. In fact, I saw someone on TikTok try to claim that CBT doesn't work for their issues (they have OCD, a condition where CBT is THE treatment for the condition). 4. One of the things I genuinely like about r/ADHD is their strict ban on promotion of neurodiversity in their community, because it cuts down on shit like this.


As someone who was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult, finally getting medication was lifechanging. I feel terrible when I think about all the thing I could have accomplished if my family ever gave a shit about mental health when I was growing up. The thought of swearing off treatment seems insane to me. I have noticed a trend of nutty people online saying that you shouldn't seek professional help and should instead self-diagnose, as psychiatrists/psychologists are "gatekeeping" mental illness. This is so incredibly bizarre to me. I feel like a lot of (mostly younger) people today are just trying to collect mental illnesses like they're Pokemon cards. How many of these people have actual mental illnesses and are ignoring necessary treatment, and how many are just pretending to have a mental illness for online clout and putting out bad information? ADHD is absolutely a disorder/disability. I don't know someone with ADHD can try to function at a job and say it isn't.


Which medication, if you don't mind me asking?


I take Adderall. The only effects it has on me is that it makes me more alert (as you'd expect from a stimulant) and gives me the ability to focus my mind on one thing at a time.


CBT is the treatment for obsessive compulsive disorder? Sounds painful yo


CBT unfortunately has many mixed meanings nowadays lol


Yes it is. But also hot lmao (For legal reasons in case any of my fwb/future partners find this, this is a joke)


>there are people who are saying that ADHD people should go off their meds or that psychotherapy doesn't work. Prescribing meds is a much of an art as it is a science, so people often have VERY bad experiences with ADHD meds. I, fortunately, found a drug was extremely effective rather quickly. The opposite is true about therapy for me. I'm too introspective, so therapists never know how to even help me. Other people find immense success in therapy though. The correct approach to both therapy and medication for us ADHD folk regardless of circumstances is always, "try it." >One of the things I genuinely like about r/ADHD I was banned from r/ADHD for saying something good about Jordan Peterson. A nonzero number of the mods are fucking communists. Like, unironically.


Isn't that the one area that JP is actually qualified to talk about? I don't like the guy, but that's his field of expertise, no?


Not *technically.* He's a psychologist, but a psychiatrist. He's more qualified than not though lol. But I distinctly remember the person I responded to seeming like they could use some of his self help stuff. They were very much in a position that reminded me of my younger self 🤷‍♂️


Idk. I got a referral for a psychiatrist to test for ADHD and they said I actually needed to see a psychologist.


Psychologists evaluate I believe but psychiatrists write the prescriptions. Go get evaluated ffs, if you can get meds that work well it will change your LIFE.


That's what I'm doing. My first appointment is in February


Excellent. Good luck!


From their rules: > Don’t discuss hate perpetuators, including but not limited to: Pewdiepie, Joe Rogan, Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro, David Duke, Sargon of Akkad


Here's a story about one of the dumbest online discussions I've had: I was on a pretty left wing Discord server and got on the topic of transhumanism and how I want to maybe develop better mind altering technology, hopefully to cure my OCD once and for all, and the person I was talking to called me ableist and said "you only hate your OCD because it's unproductive under capitalism". Ok, so I guess the anxiety-inducing urge to Google random creepy short films and memorize every detail is capitalism's fault, and I guess my dog who gets pissed at me for using the bathroom for an hour is just a filthy capitalist. I'm still firmly left wing, but these people who blame literally everything on capitalism, and parade being more tolerant than thou even if they literally don't know what they're tolerating can fuck right off.


> Yes, they are disorders, even if we live in the perfect Utopia. I don't think the inability to motivate yourself to do basic tasks or being unable to understand social cues is really the result if capitalism, nor can they be considered anything but a deficit. Hard disagree here. At least with the 'pure deficit' bits, not the capitalism stuff since the commies are still far more oppressive. ADHD comes with the upside of being able to hyper-focus. Autism-spectrum can bring upsides as well. More importantly, *free and informed consent* to treatment is a moral requirement. > This is the problem with the neurodiversity movement as a whole, they are so far up their own asses about the social model of disability and radical self-acceptance that they literally swear off forms of treatment for these conditions. And, as long as they're not directly harming others that is their right. I have a deep philosophical opposition to the idea of being drugged into submission.


You ever feel like sanity is becoming a minority?


Only on the internet


No there's just a lot of people who find sanity to be one of the ways to say normal which to them means boring. Anything seemingly "standard" creates an aversion in people who really want to be different. Actually living your life "differently enough" for them is genuinely harder than just acting normally so they find things that make them different without effort. Different people were treated poorly in the past so since people seem to try and correct for that or at least are sympathetic towards it makes it a very tempting offer. Things like ADD are like bare minimum limits for being "different" so its an incredibly common one.


I think there’s definitely something to this. I think it’s akin to people who have pretty standard heterosexual tastes but then declare themselves “sapiosexuals” because they want to stress that they’re different from everyone else, in that they’re attracted to intelligence (as if intelligence wasn’t already a key part of standard sexual attraction for everybody else). If you travel in circles where being a straight, white, physically abled person is looked upon with boredom at best, and possibly outright disdain, it’s not surprising that people find differences to make sure the world knows “Don’t worry, I’m not one of *those* kinds.”


Pretty much. I grew up running around like a hoodrat and then in and around the punk scene, saying, doing and being anything but *normal* thinking it was a personality when I was real young. I can't imagine how cringe I would be if I grew up hella online like these kids so I feel kinda bad for em.


> *A time is coming when men will go mad, and when they see someone who is not mad, they will attack him, saying, 'You are mad; you are not like us.'*


No, those most certainly would remain disorders under other forms of government (with autism itself arguably being called a disorder as it is) all societies demand attentiveness and social cohesion, which is what these disorders make difficult. Please go learn some psychology.


Do people really think hierarchy just disappears under other political and economical systems??? They get fucking WORSE lmfao


Capitalism is when mental disorder


This makes me so fucking mad. Know what happens to neurodivergent people under authoritarian regimes? They get shot. Under capitalism, a non-verbal kid can communicate with an iPad, an attention deficit person can buy stim tools like fidget spinners, and a kid with a learning disability can copy files into dyslexic-friendly fonts. Anti-capitalism is ableism.


They’re right. ADD, Autism, ADHD as well as homosexuality are seen as “curable disorders” under socialism.


Curable by lead pill, administrated to the head


Based and lead-pilled


Man I wish my adhd was treated like a disease and not a "different way of thinking"


ADHD is advantageous though. Unfortunately for those of us with it, it's only advantageous under VERY specific circumstances 😭


Oh man I may not be able to pay attention to anything for more than 30 seconds but at least I'm slightly more creative. I'm sorry man but for me this illness does much more harm than good.


You don't ever experience hyperfocus?


I guess but it is a double edged sword for me as half the time it results in me focusing on something that doesn't matter at all when I should be focusing on work or trying to listen to an instruction a higher up is giving me


You're preaching to the choir 🙃 the only silver lining is that I genuinely enjoy learning and developed an insanely broad spectrum of interests. So, I would be fun at parties. If I ever went to them lmao


I have ADHD, this person has APD, they are not the same, and this person needs antipsychotics.


I hate the term neurodivergent I'm not a shitty YA protagonist I'm fucking autistic


Capitalism is when medical conditions have names


It's frustrating when these people bring up valid reflections and then jump on capitalism like that's the problem. There's absolutely value in recognizing different thinking, working, and emotional styles/needs, and trying to shove everyone into a cookie cutter box isn't helpful. But to claim that socialism is anything but compulsory hell for these very types of people is delusional.


Uh no. I live with 3 ADHD people. They have no ability to remember a goddamn thing. I have to serve the role of memory for 4 people. Its killing me. It is definitely a disability. Also, this idea that hierarchies only exist because capitalism is a fucking stupid take.


Oh damn 3? Yeah that sounds hard


I have ADHD, it’s def not a capitalism problem.


These are MEDICAL CONDITIONS bruh. It does not matter what environment you are in you are literally born with them. Go to China and NK, autism and everything exists just as much bro. I’ve been called ableist when I’m disabled I literally have what she’s talking about but people like her get accused of nothing? For saying autism isn’t something naturally occurring??? 😩


I am autistic and this take doesn't make sense at all. Loud environments, heat and bad textures are terrible for me, and I don't think they are dependent of Capitalism or not.


Under communism, you can't get fuel to heat your house, so...


Also why r there now communists on every single subreddit.


Capitalism is when you’re unable to perform basic life tasks because you have severe autism


boy i love it when meme subs just start posting political takes that aren’t even remotely memes and then this is endorsed and encouraged by the mods and userbase reddit is great


When people say things like this it’s actually indicative of them not being associated or ever being around anybody with these disorders. They’ve only been exposed to or larp the romanticized, more high functioning iterations and haven’t seen how bad these can be for some people


yeah good luck telling a communist you are "neurodivergent" they'll just send you to a camp and you can spend the rest of your life in the mines


That tweet is beyond stupid. I don’t even know where to begin with this.


As someone with ADHD, lmfao this person is so wrong.


Mental disorders are capitalism. Working for your daily bread is capitalism. Your dad rejecting you because you came out as gay is capitalism. After a certain point, why do these folks even bother trying to rebel against capitalism? In their worldview, it’s clearly under every rock. No matter where you turn, it’s there, ready to backflip and appear on your opposite side too. How can you hope to defeat a force that has the power to crush all its opponents and make your morning cornflakes too soggy simultaneously?


Hell, even the corner of the bed that you stubbed your toe on is capitalism.


I have debilitating ADHD. I went to find that post. Good news. >Yep without capitalism I wouldn't be plagued with *checks notes* inability to brush my teeth or start my hobbies That was the top comment. Turns out, they are aware of how ADHD works.


As an autistic guy w/ ADHD, I'd be put to death under communist rule for refusing to comply with the regime. I'm sure the Soviets treated the disabled and those w/ mental health issues very well /s


Not a hot take so much as an incredibly bad take.


The fact that they are even acknowledged and not marginalized is a main difference between now and communism. There still is a remnant in the romanian language about people having “a red stripe on their ID documents”, meaning they are branded as psychiatric patients. Any kind of issue that the communist party deemed “unnatural” triggered putting them into a large number of insane asylums in Romania. The state of those has been the subject of international blame for year after the romanian revolution.


They’ll literally blame anything on capitalism


Oh yeah because autistic people will do just fine hunting for their own food


I’m sure high functioning people with autism can


Yes. But there's plenty of other kinds of handicaps that... Do handicap people.


Some of us can. Though, please don't take this the wrong way, but functioning labels aren't really good to be used anymore.


I have high functioning autism that’s what i was told when I got my diagnosis why are the functioning labels good to use ?


Its not that they're terrible, but they're outdated. Doctors are moving away from this label because many supposedly "high functioning" individuals aren't as functioning during other days. And many people who aren't considered "high functioning" can function well in a few instances. Its just that they think it's a bit arbitrary for a spectrum disorder like autism you know?


Yeah but to someone who doesn’t understand it’s a good descriptor it doesn’t feel right to put someone who can’t even live independently in the same category as like elon musk These descriptors seem like a decent way of separating that


I disagree. There are days I can't do anything and would be considered low functioning despite the fact I'm practically not and was told "you're just high functioning" by others. There are those that can't live or talk by themselves yes, but the spectrum is so broad there's way too much in between.


High-functioning autists are the perfect capitalists - near total recall, no empathy. Just ask Musk, Bezos, Zuck etc


It's not true that we don't have empathy. And I don't even mean not all of us, I mean lacking empathy isn't really an autistic trait. We just take some extra work to understand why people behave the way they do.


Are you implying all autistics don't have empathy? Nah bro


nah not all but you gotta notice the trend.


its true!


They always find something new to complain about. Truly first world problems


always blame capitalism


As someone who’s actually Autistic: what the fuck?


How privaledged must one be to not understand the grassroots origins of much of mental health stigma... But sure tell me how Lithuanian public health not providing depression therapy but UK public health doing so has to do with capitalism. A capitalist can accept me in spite of my pecularities simply cause in the end, I do the job. A more social capital based system would be hell for me - social anxiety does not make friendships easy. In every psych evaluation Ive experienced, a key question gets asked: "does it negatively affect your life and how". The question is there to make sure that a person isn't there just for being different, but because of illness they need help with.


Jesus this is the worst fucking thing you can say about ADHD. Most people say this shit because they’re against drugs, but to the people that actually deal with it, it’s the only thing keeping us sane enough to get through the day.


People with “neurodivergences” would be the first people of many to end up in mass graves under communism.


Under systems other than capitalism you're not ADHD or autistic, you're just another pair of hands in the labor camp


Yes. And under communism is was call “daily beatings”. I’m not joking but my parents, grandparents and their friends who grew up in a communist country would hear adhd they would literally say “ants in the pants, beat them and they’ll stop that”.


This is a stupid take


Upon searching "Capitalism" in that subreddit, Communist shit dates back for a while. It's not a new thing. Sucks really, I'm tired of Communist bullshit being spread everywhere. Like I just think it can be improved. Why throw the whole fucking system out before even attempting to fix it?


As a rule of thumb subs with the word “meme” in their name have a decent chance of being complete shit


Growing up and seeing kids like me portrayed by soviet media as delinquents, outcasts and scum for simply not being able to be like other kids hit pretty hard. Someone oughta show this person some of that media.


"Fuck Capitalism" says the radical-chic.


Tbf most of the top comments are rejecting that sentiment


Yea that’s how every “psych” diagnosis usually goes “You don’t fit the bell curve for normal behaviors, also we decided what those normal behaviors are in a board meeting when we decided what to include in the diagnostic scholastic manual VI”


Check the comments, OP got called out and actually changed his mind.


As someone adhd, I don't think what country is gonna change the fact that it's kinda hard to focus on one thing


Hi there, I got Aspergers. My existence disproved that tweet. Fuck that.


She's right. Under communism those divergences do not exist when detected.


oh God I have ADHD this woman is just stupid


People hate on things in which they fit the bottom of the totem pole. Patterns everywhere Hating capitalism = the untalented, unskilled and frankly often Low IQ Hating the opposite sex = the ugly, the awkward, the social outcasts Etc


As a person with ADHD i say fuck communism


I’m autistic and the entirety of autism influencers on YouTube and Reddit are hardcore leftists. Really upsetting for me because I’m an accountant so I know how dumb communism is on paper.


So under communism these people get no help? That is one way to cut costs I guess, lol. Communist: "Cancer? No comrade, it is not a disorder or problem here!" Me: So you cured cancer? Communist: (laughs nervously) no, no - we just do not recognize them as a disorder here, your cells are just divergent here. Quick question: Didn't hunger become a "non" disorder in the first decade after communism took over, everywhere for the least favorite people living under it?


I have diagnosed ADHD and I couldn't disagree more. Capitalism governed by a democracy treats me fair, well actually gives me quite some advantages arguably due to my "ADHD traits" (free market ftw).




As someone with Autism and ADHD. Fuck communism


Fun fact: ADHD hasn't been officially recognized as ADD since 1987, when the 3rd edition of the DSM came out. In the year 2000, with the release of the DSM-IV, three subtypes of ADHD were recognized.


As someone with ADHD, that's bullshit. Fuck socialism.


as a person with ADHD and Autism, they're ACTUAL disorders, and these people will get pissed when others help them with Gender Dysphoria


Yooo I saw that post! Argued with a Stalin apologist in the comments.


Wow, using the mentally ill to promote your own agenda. I'm not a tool for their ideology! Don't bring me into this anti-capitalist bullshit. Why must they do this.


Kids now days stub their toe and then blame capitalism.


This twisted overthinking makes my head ache to the point I want to drown myself.




Hot take, this person doesn’t know what it’s like to live with ADD, Autism or ADHD


Hot take. Being anti capitalism doesn't automatically make you a commie.


What else would it make you outside of some variation of communist or socialist? Sure there's fascists, but I can't think of anything else.


I think it's very narrow minded to lump everything into two black and white extremes. Sociology goes way deeper than over generalized political ideologies.


Who said anything about black and white extremes? Not me. (In fact I even mentioned the famous 'third position' but we'll put that aside.) Actually, I'm completely the opposite. Far from being stark black and white, I'd say it's a very wide gradient of shifting amounts of support. It's entirely possible to be very critical of one or even both while still recognizing a preference even if very slight. There are some who would describe many of my own beliefs as being very anticapitalist, and I would agree, I am very critical of many things considered capitalist, yet a form of capitalist is still what I would call myself. There are both many forms and interpretations of both capitalism and socialism and just because a person might be partical towards some versions of one it wouldn't mean they blindly support everything that falls under it's general banner of association. I wouldn't call myself narrow-minded or dividing the world into extremes for that. Please don't mistake me for trying to argue with you. My question and conversation are both genuinely meant in good faith.


I'm just saying the world is not complicated than a "sliding scale of sorts" between capitalism and socialism. And the way we as a society view neurodivergence has way more affecting it than a simple difference of political ideologies between people. In other words I don't think this is necessaryaly a political issue but a more complicated sociological and cultural issue regardless of political influences in our society ( tho I will admit politics is a Part of this issue). I could imagine for example a world where 99%of people are autistic and the world runs and works for and around them for it is run and led by them. And this leading to neurotical people being an ostracized minority struggling to work this a society not built for them. Politics cant fix society unless people actually believe what said power is doing is actually right for them and thus many minority's of that our societies "standard" doesn't even get considered because politics mostly works on a macro level.


Oh it was never my intention to imply that capitalism vs. socialism is like the guiding foundation of the entire world/society. No, no, of course there's a lot more to how we humans process and view things that have nothing to do with either one of them. I was saying that when it came specifically to capitalism and communism themselves, i.e. economics, people would have to take a position somewhere along the gradient. If somebody says they are anti one of the two, then that is a direct statement that is exactly on the topic, and thus I was asking that if a person is against one side then where else could they fall besides the other, as I am unaware of any economic positions one can take that don't fall onto the gradient between the two. I agree wholeheartedly that how people react to and treat neurodivergent people is a very complicated and nuanced situation with a huge multitude of factors that absolutely transcends economic positions.


Yeah I can see what your saying. I would think that the nature of the two political spectrums would naturally push Neuro divergent people towards socialism.( Me included ) because the ideologies tend to have policies / ideas that would help bridge that gap of misunderstanding in society. Not that it would cure all these issues, just that it's the only direction To go on that two way scale to reach said progress or any at all. Unless you somehow push a doomsday reset button and try to make a whole new world lol. Ideologies however perfect they seem still would have to somehow replace or build off current systems and that's a whole different problem than "my ideal would be best". But yeah I think we agree.


That’s stupid as fuck I’ll have you know I have SQUIRREL… what where we talking about ?


Unnaturally red hair checks out


what fucking bollocks


Peak Maoism


Lmao wow people are fucking stupid


I’d argue they only seem to be ‘disorders’, on such a large scale, in America.


In other words, they are only disorders if you are required to be a functioning member of society.


I'm ashamed to have ADD, again and I didn't even have to forget something or do anything stupid.


“Irina, a mother, teacher, and the founder of the first online support group for families affected by ADHD, said she believes that a shift in the Russian psyche is necessary if ADHD is to be seriously tackled. In her opinion “having a neurologically damaged or mentally ill child is still shameful in Russia – it’s like having a child with a flaw. This is especially true when it’s not an obvious disability like Down’s Syndrome or Polio.”


As someone with ADD, I take offense to this. We’re not fucking disabled, just have a hard time focusing on one thing at a time


I'm proud of the commenters tho, all saying Yeah it's not capitalisms fault that my brain has a chemical imbalance.


Haha cool cool, having crippling bad social skills (one of our species only accomplishments) and being unable to focus is helpful




Absolute nonsense. So if I was in a Communist country I would have been able to stay in my seat and pay attention in kindergarten and my teacher wouldn't have complained to my mom saying I had problems? (True story. She was a dick.) Yeah, okay.


There is no way that is serious, if so I am fucking fuming. No person who is ACTUALLY diagnosed or actually knows any kind of mental health would agree with this take.


Availability Heuristics in Action.


wtf does this even mean


I’m so tired of this shit. First the lgbt places, now this. Fuck I’m so tired.


when having a literal neurological disorder is purely dependent on the economic system of your home country 😎😎😎


oh good


One of the funniest joke i've seen in days lmao.


No, under communism they're "medical eradications"


History really does repeat. These commies are rejecting science as a fiction of capitalism. They did the same thing in the Soviet Union: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lysenkoism


**[Lysenkoism](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lysenkoism)** >Lysenkoism (Russian: Лысенковщина, romanized: Lysenkovshchina, [ɫɨˈsɛnkəfɕːʲɪnə], Ukrainian: лисенківщина, romanized: lysenkivščyna, [ɫɨˈsɛŋkɪwʃt͡ʃɪnɐ]) was a political campaign led by Trofim Lysenko against genetics and science-based agriculture in the mid-20th century, rejecting natural selection in favour of a form of Lamarckism, as well as expanding upon the techniques of vernalization and grafting. In time, the term has come to be identified as any deliberate distortion of scientific facts or theories for purposes that are deemed politically, religiously or socially desirable. ^([ )[^(F.A.Q)](https://www.reddit.com/r/WikiSummarizer/wiki/index#wiki_f.a.q)^( | )[^(Opt Out)](https://reddit.com/message/compose?to=WikiSummarizerBot&message=OptOut&subject=OptOut)^( | )[^(Opt Out Of Subreddit)](https://np.reddit.com/r/EnoughCommieSpam/about/banned)^( | )[^(GitHub)](https://github.com/Sujal-7/WikiSummarizerBot)^( ] Downvote to remove | v1.5)


my ancestors fled to taiwan because they were built different my fellow retards would never do well under kommunism


Stay wagecucked, y'all


Based theory ngl


no its just stupid