I simply don’t believe this guy.


Yeah. A BB gun somehow got a weapons charge? A switchblade, yeah that's illegal in almost every state. A taser? That's not illegal in any state as far as I know. I'm a gun guy. I've never gotten a weapons charge or had a cop even really care


A taser is illegal in Michigan without a ccl. Although that is the most assbackwards thing I have ever heard of as we are an open carry state.


What the actual fuck...that's just idiotic. But some laws are relics. A switch blade or brass knuckles is illegal in my state, but concealed carrying an unregistered handgun at 18 without a permit is legal.


That gun law is based, the knife and knuckle law not so much


Wait, what? So a semi-auto is perfectly legal but a taser is not? Are autos legal as well?


Autos are federally regulated by the NFA, so there’s basically a baseline that they require a $200 tax stamp and a federal background check to buy. So a state can only make them harder to get than that, or ban them entirely, but can’t make it any easier to get. If a state has open gun laws like that, normally it won’t restrict autos beyond that baseline. Then again, nobody ever accused laws of being logical.


>A switchblade, yeah that's illegal in almost every state. Nah. The only universal law about automatic knives regard interstate sales... And it's a law that is never enforced and no one cares about it. For example, Benchmade just makes you sign a piece of paper swearing you work in a profession that is exempted from the law... And that's it. There's no legal penalties for lying on the form and the only one who can possibly get in trouble with this law is Benchmade. BladeHQ doesn't even care. They ship autos all day long. Some states ban or heavily regulate them, yes. But even states like California allow them to be carried so long as their blades are... Two inches or shorter, IIRC. So it all depends on his state. But most cops don't give a fuck about pocket knives. Really the only police department that seems to have a consistent problem with knives is the NYPD, because... You know... It's the NYPD.


Meh, fair enough. After reading about it I was wrong. Most states it's legal. Just somehow Missouri has convoluted laws about it. I need a gun permit to concealed carry one, but don't need a permit to concealed carry my pistol.


Sounds like a Euro projecting himself onto this case Source: Am Euro. In my backwards ass country switchblades are illegal, as are tasers. Guns are legal but they're really hard to get. The part about a BB gun is most likely bull but I could see it happening in a larger city. Someone I know from airsoft got their new BB gun confiscated and allegetly destroyed, because he opened it in the parking lot of the post office he received it at. Was diddling with it in his car and got cops called.


Yeah, here in the UK switchblades (and any knives with a blade over 3in) are illegal to carry without reason (ie purchased for the kitchen). And tasers are just flat out illegal


Growing up in Texas, in Boy Scouts we had kids carrying upwards of 20 switchblades and butterfly knives. My sister carries a knife wherever she goes. They let my dad on an airplane with a Swiss Army knife once because it was a “multitool”. This amazes me.


Yeah, the story is inconsistent. How did they even find him in the woods, and why did they send so many cars when one would have been enough? This is clearly fake and gay. Also, knowing r/GenZedong, the average age of their users is 15 and none of them left their houses or did stuff in the real world ever since they discovered communism at the age of 12, so there's no way an user there got apprehended 3 times by the cops.


Holy shit what? I've had 3 different town ships show up for a bad head light. It doesn't say where he's from but this isn't that crazy at all. At least for me being American growing up. I know the one about cops searching people's cars is a big thing. A lot of people don't know that they are not legally allowed to search your car with out probable cause and they use that to weasel there way into doing it. I've had it happen to me at least twice and was lucky that my history teacher in high school taught me never to let cops search my vehicle. This post may or may not be complete bs but the examples he gives aren't wild and would depend on what state you live in.


Don’t get me wrong, our country has trampled upon our our constitutional rights many times, but never to this extent.


It’s true I was the police car.


It’s true, I was the taser, BB gun and switchblade


I was the BB. Sorry for entering you without permission, don't cancel me


I was the sandwich.


it's true. I was the other 19 police cars, simultaneously. This guy showed up before me. Our pronouns are wee/woo


Its true. I was the sandwich. Hel\[


Most believable story on reddit


Yeah I’m almost certain this is made up. The “20 cop cars show up in the forest” part kinda gave it away. What police station in their right minds would have 20+ cops sitting around doing nothing and then send them all to a random dude/gal in the forest? An absolute waste of resources, and time. Also “almost shot me”, what does that even mean? Did they shoot at you? Was their finger an inch away from the end of the trigger? There isn’t really an “almost shoot me” they either shot you or didn’t.


To be fair, even when my fingers off the trigger in rest, it’s probably less than and inch from the trigger itself 😅


UH OH. Every gun is close to firing. Which means we must….. *ban all guns!*


Oh fuck. Sorry guys. 🥲 What if I cut my index finger off? I’ll mail it to you. Would that be acceptable means of gun control?


People keep saying this isn't realistic but I've had this happen to me several times growing up smoking weed or fucking around. I guess yall don't know about suburb America because one little thing happens and cops come from multiple town ships.


It’s not even a convincing creative writing assignment. It’s just plain bullshit lmao.


20 cop cars to arrest a random person in a forest?! After seeing this line, you know that this dude is truly faking all of it and the users in r/genzedong are just sheep who just fall for such fantasy tales as long it fits in their anti-America/West narrative.


I would say that under that post, but as all members of this sub should be, I got banned from good ole' genzedong


I decided to browse it for a minute and saw a post saying that if there was an election between Stalin and Putin right now that Stalin would win. Thing is that A Stalin has been dead for a while and B I don’t doubt Putin would win anyways. They act like loving communism makes them your local Russia expert


There are probably more people in America that like Stalin than people in Russia that like him currently. That says a lot


This kid let the cop search his car and had a problem when the cop finds something? There is a word for people like that and the word is stupid.


This is the only part of the story that I find believable. You have to really know your own rights when talking to cope, and have the balls to actually defend them, while most of the time the cops will do whatever they can to *imply* you don't have those rights (without explicitly saying so in most cases, to avoid liability) and wait to see if you'll actually say something. Which, if the person being stopped is terrified, is more of a "hindsight" thing than something most of them think of right away. Was the guy naïve? Yeah, if he didn't make up the whole story, that is. Does that detract from the fact that there are a dozen layers of BS surrounding US law enforcement? Not in my book


>Balls to defend them Important to note: don’t fight it at the stop. Deny search, but don’t resist them if they’re going to force the issue. Defend your rights in court where you won’t get killed for it. Record everything, and then sue the city and the cops for violating your rights. Don’t get yourself killed unless you have to.


True. Someone who panicks at a clearly illegal search, thinking that the illegal substance they have is about to be found and they're fucked are more likely to panic and end up in a situation where a cop panics as much or more than them ends up dead. The ones that survive end up telling me about their fleeing and aluding, evidence tampering, resting arrest, whatever else charges way after the fact like it's some "well they were right" shit thinking they can't ever beat the big bad system. These days, moat motherfuckers just don't chase the case because it can be a bitch to find but if you really DO NOT give them reason to search and don't give them permission TAKE THE CHARGE for NOW. They have to drag you to court pissed that you didn't ruin any chance at sympathy you might get that might get you past a judge who might listen but if you just take the "sweet deal" that you're offered instead of the maximum sentence, as it always seems when you want to be free. They have to explain, in detail WHY they believed what they believed and unless you really did do something they can't really, they just RARELY have to. MAKE THEM. The problems there are will go the fuck away a few settlements in for smaller places but always worth it. Cops need to make it home and that justifies a lot of shit, but I don't care if it's some guy they know daaaamn well is always runnin around with some dope and they're positive it's in the glove box but the way they know technically violates his 4th amendment and they know it, they don't know SHIT. They know what anyone else does and deserve to know zero more in the eyes of the law, so in any sense as long as they claim to be in service of the law. Sometimes the best thing you can do for your defense is shut the fuck up until they ask to search, say no and NOTHING ELSE along with "Id rather you did not search my [person/vehicle]"and if its threats past that just "I'm not comfortable talking further without a lawyer present" which either A) na fam, they DO have your number but it's not going to hurt you to say this and go quietly and the second half will help you in the moment as well as with the judge or B) ayyy we getting outta here at MINIMUM. Be cool, do not react to ANY form of antagonistic actions and be better off in literally every way, win your case and if they take it too far all the better for you and no degree of fighting back ever made it *safer* for a citizen. This is mad long at this point but for real beat the cops at their "own game" if you choose to let it mean "has to uphold rights above all" and win in every way because you can't beat em at their "own game" means the part where they can legally retaliate with more force than you. Just a PSA to help criminals and everyone else too.


That's a fair way to look at it. Those damn commies just make me see red.


Exactly. If the police come to your door and ask to search your house for drugs, you ask if they have a warrant. If no, you tell them to get the hell of your property.


My doormat says come back with a warrant lol


They aren't going to ask for your permission to search if they have a warrant. Just say no. If they have a warrant they'll do it anyway.


No, the story gives serious made-up vibes.


I admire how they think communism justice system is fair


Being shot in the nearby alley is justice comrade! /s


And as a minority in America, I own an AR-15, a Franchi SPAS-12, multiple handguns, the majority of which have over 10 round capacity, and have zero criminal charges against me. Because I didn't get into altercations, shoot guns (even toys) at or near people, or otherwise break any laws.


Right. If you read up on how to legally buy, store, and carry weapons, as Rittenhouse did, you can avoid prosecution on weapons charges. But if you just randomly buy and carry weapons without any regard to what the law permits, you risk being arrested and prosecuted.


It's also local laws. For example, I live in Texas where now I can walk down the street with a loaded pistol and no permit, and I'll be perfectly fine. My daily carry is two pistols, in fact. This fellow, I would assume, probably lives in an anti-gun area, and while Socialists and Communists seem to like guns, they still insist on living in (and voting for) politicians who enact extremely strict and harsh gun laws. In those cases, yeah no shit you're gonna get slapped out the ass with weapon charges. In my case, I simply refuse to live in Commiefornia and always insist on voting for politicians who value freedom. Of course, Communists don't like freedom regardless of their stance on guns.


>(even toys) To be fair, if something is obviously a toy and your immediate response is still 'that kid deserved to be shot and killed', thats kinda fucked too


True, but, for example, in the case of Tamir Rice that everyone talks about, Tamir removed the orange tip and the gun otherwise looked like a real handgun if you looked at the photos. Incidentally, that's why toy guns often are colored bright orange, blue or some other "non-standard" color, as well as having that orange safety tip. That tells people that it's not a real gun. Tamir Rice obviously didn't deserve to die, but it wasn't a case of a racist cop just killing a black kid for no reason, it was a case of the kid accidentally doing something very dangerous and sadly getting killed for it. Incidentally, I learned the 4 rules of gun safety as well from playing airsoft, well before I fired my first real gun or was old (and rich) enough to buy real firearms.


You make him sound so sinister when you word it that way


Yeah, probably, but there's a reason behind those designs. lol


A SPAS-12 you are a lucky man


Cost me $3000. lol




It’s an older style gas system so it’s not auto regulating or adjustable like modern gas shotguns, but so long as the ports aren’t clogged, the necessary parts are replaced, and you run the right loads (minimum is 1300 FPS and 1 1/8 oz shot in my experience) it runs perfectly fine. Though if you want to fire it with the stock folded from the hip like in all the video games, you’ll need a bit more power as the action could short stroke with lesser powered rounds if there’s no solid backing. Of course, it’s a convertible shotgun, so any rounds or situations where it’s not cycling properly, just switch to pump and be on your merry way. I wanted it not only because it looks cool but because I have a built in backup gun in the event the semi auto starts messing up.


Sending 20 cops over a BB gun in the woods….. yeah I call bullshit.


Bet it’s actually a white kid that posted that


Yeah, this really has a big r/AsABlackMan vibe to it, starting with the fact that it's obvious bullshit from start to finish.


Come on kids, today we’re going on a magical trip to a place known as “The Mind of an average r/GenZedong user”, where fascist dictators with chubby little friends, communist dictators that indirectly cause major famines through bad policy making, and domestic terrorists that are supported by Democrats, are all saints because, umm… no one actually knows why.


"Domestic terrorist supported by Democrats" Who?


Antifa is by far the most obvious example, set cities ablaze across the US under the flag of “equality” around the same time as the elections, but now they’ve been rather quiet even though not very much has changed under Biden so far, and even some of the big stuff that Joe said he was going to change have only changed slightly


I mean, yeah, some affiliated with the Democratic Party had supported Antifa protests but the Democratic Party as a whole didn't. Biden, using a big example, never endorsed those guys: https://www.factcheck.org/2020/10/meme-spreads-misinformation-on-presidential-endorsements/ And the majority of these guys of Antifa are Marxist Leninist or anarchists, ideologies that don't support neither of the two parties of United States. Because of that, while they are anti Trump, the big majority don't have loyalty with Biden.


That is all true, not everyone apart of the Democrat Party supports Antifa, but like you said, there are Democrats who do support them, and although I don’t like to use the “If you don’t actively try and stop the spread of (insert generic ideology or idea) then you are supporting it” arguments, but I think that when it comes to domestic terrorist groups and all stages of government, and especially if the government has the recourses to handle the threat, this argument could be applied, as it is the governments job to protect their citizens, so by not protecting their citizens they are essentially saying that they don’t believe that what is happening to their people is harming them, as such indirectly supporting such groups by doing nothing to stop them, and from what I can see Biden didn’t exactly do very much to try and stop Antifa, unless he did and I just haven’t heard about what he has done, as such invalidating my argument


Unfortunately, that sub is unironic. They actually approve of Stalin. They actually defend North Korea. They actually want authoritarian one-party states. Most of the people who use that sub are living in the West and are just frustrated with the way things are and just want to support anything that is opposite of what they have. While I can understand that frustration, the problem is that they often ignore (or sometimes even deny) that places like the Soviet Union or Cuba had some severe problems as well. My family is from Russia and they lived under Stalin, Khrushchev, and Brezhnev; whenever I try to talk with a modern communist about life there, they tend to either deny the problems that existed there or blame them on other countries like the US. Also remember that GenZedong in particular is a shitposting/meme subreddit. While they do support the content they upload, GenZedong is an echo chamber to reaffirm preconceived notions about the US/China/Cuba/etc. It is not a place to learn.


Sounds like they're good to grease the treads of the American tanks


The bb gun one sounds fake af. 20 cop cars??? Where tf does anywhere send 20 cop cars to a person with potentially a gun


There’s a chance the real story is he went maximum sovcit and started screaming quotes from black’s law dictionary at the cops for half an hour and making every supervisor in the department come down to tell him he is in fact being arrested


how did you make this post without wifi




Kyle is literally half Hispanic


That's literally not true. This has become a right wing talking point, but the reality is that neither he nor any member of his family has ever self-identified as Hispanic. He was pulled over by the police last August, and the policeman thought he looked Hispanic, and gave his race as Hispanic. That's where the whole "Rittenhouse is Hispanic" thing comes from. https://meaww.com/is-kyle-rittenhouse-hispanic-teens-race-described-different-in-separate-court-cases-white-caucasian


Yeah I mean it doesn't seem to be the case or it would have probably popped up earlier but more importantly it would have only confused the matter earlier on. Like it's a white dude with 3 white victims. I'm not sure what him being Hispanic would do but it would have been pretty separate from any "overarching narrative" or whatever people might say. It's kinda outta nowhere but also goes nowhere really.


Big r/thathappened energy


If any of that was real then every defense and civil rights attorney within 100 miles would have a throbbing erection just aching to defend this guy and drag him in front of a press circuit.


100 miles is 191588.1 UCS lego Millenium Falcons


100 miles is 160.93 km


100 miles is 160.93 km




*Sees post* *Post is made on GenZedong* And there goes any credibility. I’ll take 500 dollars for things that never happened Alex.


MFs just make shit up


He didn’t mention the Uzi as well as the half pound cocaine




The BB gun’s name? Albert Einstein.


Assuming this is real... (big assumption) So this person is complaining because they were arrested and charged. So was Kyle Rittenhouse. So there was no difference. What happens in court is then based on the evidence. I'm sure this person didn't have $2m bail or face punishment of life in prison for their charges, as Kyle did.


Wi-Fi disconnected


And then everyone clapped.


While minority are disproportionately treated in America . This story is incredibly unrealistic. If it was one cop car I might believe it but 20 without it being a major headline in atleast local news is incredibly unlikely especially for a BB gun in the woods.


This would be a gigantic fourth amendment violation.


No one gets a weapons charge for a BB gun.


"Stalin aproves" ​ LMAO


Honestly, I believe this guy. Mostly because I doubt he can count higher than two, so when three cop cars came to arrest him for being a drugged up dumbass, he thought it *must* have been twenty.


I guarantee he lives in an democrat Antigun state


I agree, banning tazers, switchblades and bb guns is stupid. Glad you agree with me that we need more lax weapon laws.


This is probably an exaggeration. With benefit of the doubt that they probably arent owed (since reddit is anonymous), they probably have \*a\* weapons charge that was BS- I can believe the switchblade story honestly.


Anyone care to explain to me why what happened this kid is weird? Where i am from all these 3 things would lead to a criminal conviction. Is it just different laws or is he a whiny basterd


I doubt any of those three stories actually went like that, if they’re even true at all. On a final note, you can obviously tell they know jack shit about the Rittenhouse case.


Idk 360million+ people in the US some utter bullshit is gonna fly under the radar, especially if nobody is going to make any sort of political gain. The country is a big place and there are still some dark and dusty places. Res’s for instance, go to one and it’s like going to a third world country. Quite frankly an Indian reservation is a bad neighborhood that spans a very empty couple hundred square miles, racism and abuse of power are pretty widespread and not just from white people.


Totally happend, I do believe children from zebedong.


Communist countries have much more forgiving laws guys and don’t forget they really treat people of colour equally !!!!


I believe this happened, but not to this guy.


So because you were mistreated by cops you want another mistreated, yup that's justice.


I’ll take shit that never happened for $800 LeVar


Did LeVar get the job? I didn't hear


I think just for a minute


His stories remind me of a time where I punched a hole straight through my middle school bully and then all the other students picked me up and carried me around on their shoulders cheering my name and throwing me a party to celebrate my strength and bravery… ahhh good times.


Twenty cop cars for a BB gun in the woods? What is this? El Camino?


Dosen't say what state... wonder what sate would have those kind of restrictions?


r/GenZedong is absolutely not satire, unfortunately


I don't really understand what his story has to do with communism being better than capitalism but if he is under the notion that capitalist societies are less tolerant than communist ones then he should probably read up on how tolerant of minorities China is or the USSR was for that matter.


This is definitely cap


Lots of issues here: first off, if you’re shooting anything in place you’re not supposed to be, people are going to call the cops, and the cops will show up armed out of caution. Another thing this individual doesn’t seem to realize is that fighting is usually illegal and most U.S. states have restrictions on concealed knives, especially switchblades (gravity knives and butterfly knives are also usually covered infer these laws) last off, the police don’t need a warrant to search your car. It’s gone to court numerous times and every time the judge has ruled that cars can be searched without a warrant, so the police did not illegally search this person’s car.


OP your wifi disconnected because it cant handle such levels of bullshit


I saw someone on here talk about how this is a satire sub and they post there all the time. That’s what’s sad. You can post satire and they won’t notice.


You’re right OP, cops are definitely trustworthy 100% of the time. I know you only read OP’s post on Reddit but you obviously know so much more about his story than he does.


When the hell did he imply that cops are 100% trustworthy?


Legit this story is bullshit, because what fucking police department in their right mind has 20 police cars on standby to arrest some black kid in the woods Legit that part alone legit is all you need to see that this is bullshit


You can dislike/distrust police while thinking that a story about 20 police cars showing up to the middle of the forest is bullshit, especially because (though I haven’t fired much) the BB guns I have fired have been relatively quiet


To be fair, this does sound a whole lot like US public schools


Tell me you're not American without telling me


I am American and went to public school, where kids got expelled for having pocket knives in their backpacks when no incident took place, and for taking jet-alert (caffeine pills), and cops got sent to the school for kids vaping, among the many other ridiculous things that happened during my time there. Not sure why this is getting downvoted, it wasn’t supposed to be about racism or anything like that, just the general zero tolerance woke nazi-ism that suspends kids for defending themselves from bullies and so on


Because you're acting as if any of those situations ever had dozens of cops responding. A knife might have got a cop to talk to you and maybe cite you, the caffeine pills would have gotten at most a cop to do a field test on them, and vaping would again get the police to inspect for nicotine. But you weren't ever getting guns drawn for those.


Dude it's an offhand, facetious quip, not me seriously defending the commie or legitimizing his tale. How did a sub that makes fun of communists lose its sense of irony? I thought the two were synonymous. Even if you didn't think it was funny, I would hope you could at least tell it was meant humorously.