Any reason to expect profitability to go up short to medium term?

Any reason to expect profitability to go up short to medium term?


not really no




Not reason, just sentiment. Takes a hike or a crash to make the gas fees as crazy as the previous time, people freaking out and panic buying or selling are the ones that drive the gas up.


This. We profit from pumps, we profit from dumps.


I prefer pumps, but dumps are the one that brings the real gas as people are more likely to rush spend against losing, than profiting.


Only until mid july


Things can’t get worse so gas could go up or china could shutdown more farms.


Shut em all down! China has ruined enough stuff, we need a W


YES. Add more GPU's. Or sell them.


I mean there’s barley anytime next month eip 1559 and all gas fees will be burned that would normally go to us. It was especially high around the time eth hit 4,400 and Tesla was planning to accept it for business, gas was just insane, no I wouldn’t count on it in the 30 days or less we have


So after 1559 it's just a straight 2 coin block until it goes fully POS right?


Yeah and no gas fees, supposedly the option of tipping remains but we’ll see how that goes


I'm new how does tipping even work? We don't see that in our results right? As in can we tell if a block had tips in? My pool just shows me the various amount of coins in each block and mev. Is mev a tip?


My guess is it’s open to the devs mevs whatever, based on if they get lucky on a block like 10 eth or something, and they’re feeling generous, complete guess as I didn’t include that in my projected profits from the start I guess and am not entirely sure


So if I'm using a sight to calculate profits and set the block to just 2 coins that should still work after the change correct?


Yes I believe so


Cool I'm really hoping they don't get POS fully up until the long estimate of mid 2022 lol. Hopuif it comes faster another coin will still be profitable lol.