I just quit my job as a package handler

I just quit my job as a package handler


i think its good for every adult to try FedEx Ground just so they can get a better perspective of what it's like to be near rock bottom, every work related experience is better after this


work customer service and check back in


Already have. I'll take it any day over FedEx.


You havent done customer service or retail long enough. Ill bust my ass in the back of trailer before i ever deal with the public again


I did it for 3 and a half years. It would've been more if i wasn't let go.


I did it for 8. 3 for overnights. Now that was bottom of the barrel


Ditto here. Quit FedEx for customer service and never looked back once. You couldn’t pay me enough to deliver another full furniture set


Lol people suck too but dealing with people is a different level from feeling your arm tendons tear with every trampoline you pull out of the belly with 3 more trailers to go


team lift, my dude. you don't get paid extra to be a hero


Hah team lift isn't a real thing at my hub. We had 5 unloaders to clear 21 trailers on sunrise. You work by yourself or you have a guy out on the dock pulling ICs off the belt, you don't get help. If you're lucky the manager will jump in for 45 seconds and throw a couple smalls to the side. If you slow down then your 4 am to 9 am shift lasts until 1130 am


I hear you. Think about approaching management or your other unloaders to share each other's team lifts. Seriously. It's not worth it.


Haha this was my first job actually, really happy knowing it'll only get better.


>the turnover rate is over 130% Lol it's over 400%


Its only good in the office or when you're young and a manager.... The only people I've seen actually like the job were those who were literally trying to get a workout out of the job (unload trailers, IC's). Kudos to you quitting tho, better choices out there than being a loader


What we are all wondering, what is Fred Smiths plan for peak?


Create an 8th day and work it, even if it's a holiday


Hey man, do your time, a year or so as a package handler. Then move up. FedEX changed my life, it wad hard but I am happy to be here.


It’ll change even more when they move the 401k to 8% In January


No idea if thats good or bad I am 22. But I became a home owner with fedex, they paid for my cdl training, and come october i have a even better position ready for me (i am currently a trainer)


8% means if you put in 8% of your income theh match it for 401k bcuz they scrapped the pension plan mostly. It’s a huge bonus if you plan to work fedex long term. But ya my life has gone better since fedex. Was package handler and now linehaul coordinator.


Are you with Freight?




A good industry average is about 6% 401k match, 8% is actually pretty great. (This means they'll match up to 8% of your paycheck if you contribute up to 8% of your paycheck, or 100% of the 8% of your paycheck you contribute, this actually adds up pretty quickly especially if you work a lot of overtime) Not crazy high but they need more incentives like this to get people to stay. It's free money.


For Express, they replaced our pension plan with the match increase, unless you wanted to be grandfathered with pension. I ran the online calculator with a bunch of different scenarios and unless you worked less than 1,000 hours in a year, the pension plan was better every time.


Aldi is interested in hiring me. Good. Been at Ground for my 3rd week now. Already got a bad impression of some of the managers. People are quitting left and right and package volume is insane. If anyone needs to be replaced by robots, it's package handlers at FedEx because that's how they treat us.


Sounds cliche but it's a numbers game... And the hubs are completely inept and unequipped to deal with it .. how do they solve it.. Idk. Paying everyone more is probably a good start but maybe there is something about the work place culture that keeps people away..... I see turnover in all positions being a huge problem. No one is on the same page and new hires are left like ducks in the middle of the ocean on a life raft.... If you work here, do what you can, pace yourself, eat well and drink plenty of water... Pray before work every day because you'll need it.


Honestly they could pay me $30 an hour and I probably wouldn't go back for more than a couple months. The unload and loading positions just aren't sustainable these days unless you're doing it for just a couple hours. Can't count how many days I called off during the week just to let my arms heal for a few days. That and it is just a really boring job, mindless, in a way it can be therapeutic just moving and not thinking much but at the same time you get bored with it quickly.


Yep I got hired as a delivery driver at FedEx ground I didn’t even showed up for my first day…… went in for a step van road test and passed, it was more than enough for me to see how things would be. If you think amazon (sucks which I have worked for) as a delivery driver, ground is way worse. I had worked as a FedEx package handler in the past, I only worked 1 month, it’s crazy how they run things.


Eh, FedEx has its ups and downs. It all just depends though. I've worked in restaurants for years before making the switch. I'll do this ANYDAY rather than dealing with Karens inside a restaurant bickering and demanding free shit. Yes, theres way better jobs out there but that can be said about any career. 45k/year to deliver heavy packages and occasionally be in a shitty ass truck, I'm not gonna complain about, at least for now 😂


Yeah man I understand you. I worked at Mexicans restaurants my whole high school years as part time Lmaoo. Both kitchen and in front being a food runner. Weekends they had me full time 11 hours, it was crazy getting paid 10-11 bucks an hour sucks ass and being overworked. Since I graduated high school I have never worked in a restaurant again. Glad you liked man💯 I’m probably going back with an amazon dsp once peak season comes.


Damn brother. You made me cry of laughter with that first line. I’m glad this job motivated you to look for something better. You will find it. Good luck.


I did too like two days ago lol


At my hub at the packages handlers are making some of the Most in the building… for sure more than linehaul, ops managers and coordinator rn…. Covid pay, weekend pay, full time difference, and 25hr and 40hr weekly bonuses…. We are behind 63 trailers and they won’t let me come help on the 4 days off everyday…. I moved 500-600 boxes an hour before I moved into the office


Ivan can you please comment on the medical drug test policy Reddit. From Illinois


Oh damn, yea that sounds about right. That's kinda how those repeative factory esc jobs go.


Lol hell nah, work construction with your immediate family, tell me how it goes, FedEx is so easy actually, there’s tough days, but it really is super easy


I can’t wait to make my post like this


Yes! I have completed 1 week of this sht and I'm quitting today I'm scheduled to come in today 11p to 5am But I'm only going to show up to recover my things from my locker then going back home. Yeah I ain't sayin nothing I'm just leaving I have my main job in day time anyways so il be good. But I'm happy I atleast tried fedex out Now I know what they about.


I grabbed a scanner as fast as possible. Instead of busting my back, I work out my arms. My forearms are jacked now, from holding it in an elevated position for hours at a time. Seriously, try it, hold a glass of water up for more than an hour see how it feels.


You did a good thing quitting. Im thinking about finding another job as well and I havent been in the warehouse to see how the job is done.


idk ive been working for a few weeks and it gets better if you got people to talk to and learn a good way to pick stuff up. 4hr workout that you get paid to do and then boom you got the rest of the day to work another job :)


If anything, my experiences have taught me what my life will become if I don't get my life together. I learned a whole lot about my self-worth. I'm better than this.


Old post but I feel this. I just wanted to put in my dos cents but everything you said is dead on. It was my second day loading the truck and each time I’m told to do something different. I guess one of the team leads got really upset to where he throw his walkie-talkie at my direction. Reported his ass to HR and hopefully something gets done