My Predictions for the 5.5 Refine Update

My Predictions for the 5.5 Refine Update


I’m always afraid of the of the first combat refines; but realistically they’ll definitely do it for at least one of the refines


I'm happy to see some refine predictions that look pretty realistic. This is definitely the power level I am expecting. And I'm a big fan of the Ryoma refine. The only refine I don't like is Alondite. BK and Zelgius already have the firepower to blast through pretty much anything with Black Luna. Their popular Slaying/DC/SpecialFighter build frequently allows them to OHKO on their first counterattack. So extra true damage really doesn't buy them much. The only damage effect they would want is the ability to negate %DR. What they really want is a refine that can help get their special charged as fast as possible and survive long enough to proc it. Special accel, damage reduction, or just extra bulk would be greatly appreciated. They also lack any form of sustain, and an HP regen effect could be lore-friendly since BK had Renewal in PoR/RD.


All I'm asking for is Slaying on Alondite 😭


Looks pretty realistic! I like your Ragnell prediction Personally I predict Alondite will have a slaying effect, like how Ayra’s blade got it


Wow, that's the best DC refines prediction I've seen in this reddit, they really look legit and makes sense to the weapons/Characters they're based on. Nice work ;)


First combat effects are disgusting, especially for units like Camus and Hardin. Camus needs serious help to catch up to the current cavlines, and Hardin is supposed to be a consistent tank. Neither of them would benefit from this.


I don't understand why so many people are predicting alondite to get extra damage when he's already got probably the best special in the game. He's got damage handled if he just gets a slaying effect. The only weaknesses he has to cover after a slaying effect would be some form of sustain and a way to not get one shotted.




Zelgius/bk needs slaying it goes so well with his prf special just like ayra's.


I want Ragnell and Raijinto (and maybe Alondite and Gradivus) to be able to have a new, separate weapon exclusive to the L! versions (or Zelgius/each version), but they still can use their base-form. For names, I'd say "Dawn's Ragnell" and "Bright Raijinto". ("Scarlet Alondite" or "Crimson Alondite" because of his alt. redder armor and Gradivus would just be a situation like the Falchion where it's only a different refine where the Awakening characters have one effect and Marth has another and Alm has a separate one) Only thing is, I think they include that in the update notification if they're adding a new weapon, so likely not gonna happen... Still excited no matter what! Also, Raijinto needs to have a "Calculates damage using the lower of foe's Def or Res." Even if it never deals magic damage in Fates, it still is lightning after all.


Hmm, for Alondite I'd still think that due to Black Luna, both units can't really benefit from noteworthy sustain, so I could see a Special-based heal scaled on unit HP%. The extra damage that can matter against tanks fit better Ragnell, too. Unsure about nullifying unfavorable CD manipulation, I could see Guard somewhere + something that does revolve around Specials and/or damage scaling on enemy Def. As stated in other theorycrafts, Gradivus only working once per phase may not be to everyone's taste. I'd see a debuff/boost and some sustain. Raijinto is simple but it could work. Still, I feel it may be more likely to revolve around follow-ups. Same for Siegfried, but I could expect some complaints for sure.