I don't know why I made this

I don't know why I made this


Múspell thought he was playing the club penguin dojo game


Muspell you dumbass, dragon resists fire


Doesn’t that just mean both hit neutral then? Fire/Dragon and Ice/Dragon


Well obviously Nifl used dragon attacks :P


Muspell be like right back at ya.




Ice doesn’t resist dragon. Ice only resists itself and dragon only has Steel and Fairy not taking at least normal damage from it so it would probably be fairly even if both used dragon type moves


Nifl is a genwunner confirmed


*Le Charizard ice weakness*


Fire Man from Mega Man: First time?


I ally supported them


Side note, I think it would have been a bit more interesting if fire and ice were supper effective against each other


Pokemon also represents boons with red color and banes with blue, that has messed me up so many times the last couple of years.


Guess what I am the suck fuck who puts cancel affinity on muspell


Chad as fuck move bro


I forgot that skill exists. Does it still just cancel out color advantage to both people in a fight?


> Neutralizes weapon-triangle advantage granted by unit's skills. If unit has weapon-triangle disadvantage, reverses weapon-triangle advantage granted by foe's skills. So pretty much just reverses skills that cause advantage against colorless


It also reverses TA. So if a green unit with TA attacks a blue unit, they get a 40% boost, but if the blue unit has CA then the green's TA is negated so the green unit would only get the usual 20% type advantage boost


Unless there's some madman out there running TA in 2021 it won't do any good though


Cancel Affinity 4: Coming Soon™ (the first B Skill at tier 4\~) Reverse Affinity: Later™ (also grants Colorless an advantage against all, why? Why not!)


Blue beats red, uh? Our current meta begs to differ… ^We ^will ^always ^remember ^you, ^weapon ^triangle ^🥲


Actually for some reason muspell has a good chance of beating Nifl a lot of the time lmao. If you change his A skill that is


There's no ice here, only water. Scrub.


technically ice should beat fire anyway, since fire melts ice and the ice becomes water which puts the fire out. unless the fire is so overwhelmingly hot that it instantly evaporates the water.


Fun fact: Pokemon Red is buggier than Pokemon Blue in the US, because our Pokemon Blue is a slightly modified version of Japan's Pokemon Green, which had various bug fixes in it. So technically, Blue beats Red in Pokemon, too (until it doesn't). TL;DR: Muspell still loses lol


You got most of the right facts, but they're all mixed up. Red and Green were the original japanese games (thus why we later got FireRed and LeafGreen). Blue came out later with bug fixes (and I believe updated sprites?), and English Red and Blue version are BOTH based off japanese Blue version.


Yes but at the same time most ice magic is green, and fire magic is universally red.


Isn’t Gunnthra the only one with an ice related tome that isn’t blue though? Iirc her attack animation with it even uses blue magic circles


Exactly! Brunnya,Marianne and Bruno are all blue tomes and use Ice related tomes,Gunnthrà is the only exception.


Fun fact: The magic circle thingie that appears behind Gunnthra when she attacks is still blue, which makes her the only tome user in the game whose magic circle doesn't match their actual color as a unit (unless they added one while I wasn't looking).


> Fun fact: The magic circle thingie that appears behind Gunnthra when she attacks is still blue, which makes her the only tome user in the game whose magic circle doesn't match their actual color as a unit (unless they added one while I wasn't looking). Julia and Deirdre were added before Gunnthra was, and their magic circles are also blue. It should also be noted that the colors of the magic circles depend on the weapon, not the unit, so if Julia, Deirdre, or Gunnthra use a different tome, then they'll have green magic circles.


Probably for game balance since her whole country is ice theme and 2 of her sisters are already blue, and now her deity is also blue.


Maybe for game balance, but I'm not sure if it was really cause of the sisters (since Ylgr was designed waaay after the book 2's end as a unit). Personally,I think it was just so she doesn't meet competition with Reinhardt,since he was pretty dominant as a blue Cavalry and most other ones were dead on arrival cause they couldn't match his power.


Welp, I guess there's egg on my face now


Muspell: "Go Champion, kill Nifl's Champion!" Laegjarn, looking at the weapon triangle icon in the bottom right corner: 😕


With those icy heels of hers, it's clear that she had the higher ground.


Muspell is truly dumb. He didn't read tutorials. Red is weak to Blue. If he was a true boss he would be Green so Alfonse can dunk of everyone


If only he was colourless dragon like I read it first, then it would be nice because they'd be neutral to each other


It's the original Mega Man game all over again! ~~Fire Man is weak to Ice Man's Ice Slasher.~~


I'd assume cold enough ice would stalemate fire. That or put it out with water.