Can I Get an F(eh) in the Chat for the Marth Fans out there

Can I Get an F(eh) in the Chat for the Marth Fans out there


I'm mean it's an F because someone didn't meet the minimal requirement of having his Null-Follow up from Genesis Falchion, but okay.


Yeah, but that what happens when Harmonic Lief kills half your Back row supports, but you'd think at least Shining Emblem could finish the job 😔


I mean, Seiros is bulky as fuck with her DR, have anti doubles and is in her bonus season and Marth have WTA disadvantage and no even the half of his effects and not kind of support from his teammates if he didn't got the NFU.


Oh yeah for sure I'm not doubting Bonus Seiros's Validity and the whole "Killing his Backline" thing didn't help the case for Marth either but I'd thought With 82 atk and 73 spd shining emblem would guarantee the kill


But for that 82 atk there's like 54 def + DR from Seiros' side


I have a couple of instances in which a Brave Marth tried to tank a dragon in my defense and failed. Definitely worth the F (though why didn’t you activate NFU? Don’t tell me you kept him away from allies at the start of the turn).


It really doesn't get any worse than Bonus Seiros season, Pour one out for all my homies 😥 (my seiros Btw)


Hes nearly die from my Serios with Dull Close and Study Impact (tested) if not bonus season but i always beware of her tho. Still if it a Bridal Catria buff to Serios i dont think he survive. But still i like him being with Ashera