Hi there! 21 F trying to learn not to hate her face might need a bit of help 🎃🖤 Been pretty bummed out lately, seems all my friends get compliments and people wanting to date them and get their numbers but never me 😀wonders if I’m that bad ? Anyways got my hair done so I felt good !

Hi there! 21 F trying to learn not to hate her face might need a bit of help 🎃🖤 Been pretty bummed out lately, seems all my friends get compliments and people wanting to date them and get their numbers but never me 😀wonders if I’m that bad ? Anyways got my hair done so I felt good !

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My only guess is that they might figure you’re out of their league? Which, don’t get me wrong, you totally are. You have a beautiful smile, killer makeup, amazing hair… you’re a goth punk dream. Hope you have a gorgeous day.


Oh my god nooo haha it’s maybe the opposite that’s why i don’t get these interactions lol but thanks so much for thinking that ^^ it’s very sweet. This compliment is the best haha 🖤🎃 thank you again for being so nice ! Hope you have a great day ^^


I wouldn't dismiss the person's post above That was my first thought too Very pretty


This is exactly what’s happening. Your attractiveness is intimidating.


Seriously, this is likely the issue. Think about it, do you initiate the conversation with people you are interested in? One of the biggest secrets in life most people don't ever realize is 99% of people in earth are all insecure, self conscious and a lot nicer than most of us expect. Everyone waits for someone else to make the first move because people don't like to risk rejection. You are literally so attractive people legitimately feel they aren't good enough for you.


Bro you literally look like a model, relax


Don't be silly, of course you are dateable and I would even say that you are levels above what most guys could dare to go for. That might be a reason why guys don't dare go for you 😉


This is definitely more than I deserve to hear but I’ll take it because I feel like shit so hey 🐈‍⬛😭 thank you so much for such kind words like I don’t even know how to react because I’d never think that of myself in a billion years 😀 thank you for thinking that I guess ☺️🖤


Are you serious, nothing wrong in having standards and if you really wanted to, I'm sure you could have guys drooling over you, if you really wanted. I mean, look at yourself, you should be more confident about what you see in the mirror. At least from what I saw in the video. And I'm 35 and have seen plenty of pretty girls 😉


it suits you haha , cute smile aswell have a great day


Thanks so much again! Gotta screenshot all that positivity for the other bad days to come 🤣 im so grateful for this ! Hope you have an amazing day too (:


Hey, I totally get you! Literally went out last night (my 21st birthday) with some friends and by the end of the night my single friend was getting some heavy making out with someone he barely knew, while the other friend had his girlfriend with him, so it was slightly awkward for me. But what you have to remember is that everybody is different and that you do look good (which you do) and that clearly the people who aren’t asking you out or for your number don’t have good taste or know what they’re missing out on!


Oh damn I’m glad I haven’t been in that situation yet lol I’d cry and run away to hide 🤣 especially on your birthday I’m so sorry ! I’m sure you’re also a pretty amazing person, and you’re completely right ! It’s just sometimes hard to remind oneself when you’re feeling shit and it always happens like 🧍🏻‍♀️🧍🏻‍♀️ thanks so much for the reminder and positivity it makes my day 🥰


You look great.


Thanks a lot 🥲🥲 I needed that today haha ☺️


Honestly you look absolutely gorgeous. Hair nails and all of that you’re the complete package


Thank you so much 😭😭 I fear my answers will look very copy pasted but they aren’t ! That compliment really made me feel better about myself for today 🥰and thanks for noticing the little things lol! I’ll screenshot this for the rainy days ☺️🎃


Awesome! I’m glad you could save this for later! Be confident! ❤️


Honestly I'm on a lot of femboy subreddits so I know for a fact that SO many people would give their kidney to look as half as good as you. You're your own worst critic, there's nothing wrong with you


ARGH send the cute fem boys my way! But I’m truly sure they look good and yup this positivity applies to everyone but myself lol but thanks so much for the much needed kind and reassuring word s☺️I’ll try to be kinder to myself but it’s mostly hard when I don’t really know what I look like (yay dis morphia) 🍂😀 anyways this truly made me feel more confident for at least today and it’s all I needed ^^


1st of all you look incredible 2nd If not numbers Maybe we can get to know each other through chats 🤷‍♂️


Thank you so much for thinking that 😭😭 it’s such a kind thing to say! And sure we can chat if you’d like and become friends ☺️I’m always happy to meet new people


I like your smile at the end.


Thank you! 🥲I don’t usually smile cause my mouth just goes >👁——-👁< so I’ll try more often ! ☺️


I'm sure a lot of people look your way and find you very attractive (I do!!), maybe they are just intimidated by the great style and sense of self you display!! Your hair looks great, and your makeup really complements it! I think compliments go a long way and you deserve some today. Hope you feel a little less bummed by the end of the night :)


Your comment was so incredibly nice and I’m running out of things to say to express my gratitude because I definitely didn’t expect such a wave of positivity and kindness for my good old boring self 😅 I can’t do anything about hating my face but hair and style is something I have control over so it feels great to have someone say they like it so thank you for being so observant and nice to me ☺️☺️it truly warms my heart hehe I’ll try to be kinder to myself 🥲🥲 it reallly blows my mind that you would think this about me lol I’m starting to think all the people in the comment section are paid actors 🤣🤣


Maybe rbf? I have it and it can be intimidating


Wait thanks because same ! I also am terrified of men so I tend to glare at them with murder on my mind 🧍🏻‍♀️ lol


Are you Melanie Martinez?? 😂 You are adorable and very pretty!


You give me total Melanie Martinez vibes and I freaking love it!!!


You look great! Seriously 😍


I would usually be like “no but thanks” but I’ll try to just take the compliment for once so thanks a lot 🥰it’s very nice of you


I love you


Damn son that was fast 🌝😳


They have some competition (lol)/ I hope you get lots of compliments and love going forwards 😊


Thank you so much for such positivity and kindness ! I can only hope this goes back to you in some way very soon ☺️ truly made my whole day! 🍂


Honestly as a 20 year old. If I saw you out I’d have to stop you immediately because I wouldn’t want to lose the opportunity. I think you look stunning babes. :)


Thank you so much your comment is so freaking wholesome 😭😭 everybody is so nice and I’m like overwhelmed by the positivity and my mind goes like : yeah they’re just being nice they don’t actually think that 🥲🥲but I’ll freaking take it !! Thank you again ☺️☺️ I really hope you are as kind to yourself as you were to me ! 🥳


Well I meant every word 😂 absolutely though I try to stay positive. Hope you have a great one!


You're insanely beautiful. Everything about you is wonderful. Look at how proud you are of your new hair. Wear it and wear it fierce my friend. You are stunning.


Thank you for this !! ☺️well even if I don’t like my face my hair is something I can do something about lol so I tried my hardest 🐈‍⬛ thank you so much for the compliments, I’ll try to force my brain into thinking I do deserve them 😭😭 thank you again !




I’ll try to not say “ I don’t think so but thanks” and just take it so !! Thank you for thinking that 🥰


You look very beautiful and fun. Sometimes our perceptions of ourselves is much harsher than how the objective world sees us. Unfortunately, the more negative we are, the more it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy with how we treat others and expect to be treated. Just a thought. In any case, you’re beautiful!




I can relate. But youre alot better looking than i am. Youre actually cute! Im a 32 year old schlub male schlub


Thanks for the compliment ! I know it might sound hypocritical or ironical coming from me who has like 0 confidence in myself but yup this negativity only applies to me so: no matter what you look like or think about yourself, there’s always someone who will see the positive and good and beautiful in you like this post proves so! Don’t sell yourself short ☺️


you're really pretty, bet loads of people would love to date you just try mak8ng the first move


Send me your phone number


your beautiful dear I don't understand why some men can't see that but there nothing wrong with Way you look I'd take you in heartbeat 😘


You kinda resemble doja cat


You are cute. It'll happen.


In the clip you are smiling and adorable. I saw someone else mention it, but I'll repeat, rbf. I am told I have a very mean rbf and it keeps people well out of range, so it's possible your the same? I dont see it in the clip, but it could be under normal circumstances.


Thank you! I was not planning to use this video anywhere but then I remembered this sub Reddit and you might be right ! I tend to be very guarded and mean looking around men because they scare me but when I’m with my friends I’m very bright and joyous so yeah 🥲🥲 please ask my number too lol. I’ll try to work on that! But thank you for thinking this, getting compliments from a woman hits different 🥰🥰it feels very warm


Well, warmest of hugs to you and best wishes in every regard. Finding out your resting b**ch face is the cause of your struggles is hard, when you don't realize your doing it! But, for what its worth, I'm also gonna day your cute enough to risk the rbf in my opinion, so anyone worth your time and worthy of your number will absolutely risk it, I think. I know I would!🤣🤣


I mean I’d rather be this than because I look like an absolute swamp monster that nobody would like to touch even with a stick 🤣🤣🤣 it hurts my pride less lol. I’ll try to keep that in mind and truly again your comments make me so warm and fuzzy inside so thank you!!! 🥳


I can absolutely assure you that no one would ever think you are a swamp monster. I'm willing to bet on it even.


Will you be my friend


Really pretty


If I knew you I'd ask for your number. You are very pretty.


You are super cute! The hair, the lip stick, eye makeup, and fingernails all looks gorgeous on you! You seem like you would also have an exceptional personality that I could vibe with. Honestly if I saw you in a crowd with other girls I would probably be more nervous to talk to you over anyone because you're aesthetic is what I'm looking for in a woman.


Your comment sounds so genuine and wholesome and yet again I’m overwhelmed by this post’s response and your kindness ! Thank you so much cause you have no idea how better it makes me feel and how ill cherish this compliment! Not me screenshoting it for the many days ahead where I’ll feel like a piece of trash lol (better laugh than cry🤣) thank you again!! ☺️


You are so very welcome! And it's my most absolute pleasure! And I know how you feel about needing the complements on bad days. I'm currently going through some major life altering depression myself. And I figured I might post myself to this sub reddit and some others to see if I couldn't get some positive comments myself and make myself feel a little better. Unfortunately some of the comments I received weren't exactly what I was looking for and kinda mean but oh well it is what it is. Again I am very pleased/ happy for you that you have received such an amazing response from your post!


What??? People are so FUCKING messed up. I now it’s ironical since I’m a bitch to myself but this hatred is only for me lol so I’m truly honest when I say no matter what you look like or think you look like, there’s always someone that’s going to see the great things in you. Ultimately it’s hard because before allowing yourself to be loved you gotta love yourself and it’s freaking hard but we’ll both get there ! I’m convinced you’re a truly wonderful and nice human being and you deserve some of this kindness back ! Keep your head up!


How could you hate something so pretty?


HAAAA— such a smooth talker 😭😭i don’t even know what to say at his point !! Thank you so much 😣 I cant believe you’d think that !


I would date you I think your gorgeous im a 42M


Looking super cute! As a 21 M I would totally ask for your number


probably the most beautiful of your whole friend group 😍


You look beautiful


Great aesthitic!!


You're absolutely beautiful and really look innocent to which is cute


Well you are far from ugly. Honestly you look pretty attractive, so I am curious as to why people aren't reaching out. Try your best not to let it get to you though.


Wrong town honey that’s all


As long as you’re true to yourself and value your own integrity then the right people will come into your life. Maybe it’s best to not have to go through heartbreak and toxicity. So just know that you’re still young and will experience and learn new things on life along the way. I’m feeling the new look btw, looking like you’re about to walk into the set of Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetl.... Oh no, he’s back. 😂


You look pretty hot


ur gorgeous


You are not bad, you are just beautiful girl with soft look in eyes. But you look like strong independent woman, so men are scared from strong women. That is why they are afraid to approach you and compliment you. Simple men like easy girls, you are far from easy.


Thank you so much ! Well I hope someone will go beyond that one day lol but thanks for being nice and thinking that ☺️


Very sweet


Thank you!!




Omg I— thank you so much 😣😣😭idk how to react angmoee


You’re cute af. I’m sure a lot of people are intimidated out of talking to you.


Man that fuckin smile is something else. But in all honesty you look good asf.


Maybe they are just incredibly shy? I say that as someone who most definitely would be if I saw you in person. You are very cute and look like an awesome person to be with.! Would most definitely swipe right or super like on a dating app 😂


I’m not used to being complimented at all but being called cute is even weirder for me so huh thank you so much it makes me happy ☺️ people usually tell me I’m headstrong and stuff so it sucks to never be considered cute either lol ^^ so it really made me happy to read this !! Man if only i had the confidence and courage for datinn apps 🤣🤣maybe we would have matched !! You look so awesome just from this message only, you’re so wholesome! Thank you so much for making my day that much better ☺️


I don’t blame you for not getting on dating apps. I’m trying to also get that confidence, hence being on them. Hell, I only just started getting on Reddit and commenting on peoples things. It’s scary, but I have been kinda bummed myself lately so I’m trying to improve myself! Also, I just peeped your profile, if you still like anime and video games, I most definitely would have super liked you! 😂 I hope things get better and you receive all the wonderful compliments you deserve!


It’s my turn to compliment now mouhaha 😈 running to your profile as we speak it’s too late


I absolutely still love anime and video games ! Bummer with uni that I don’t have time to play anymore especially after moving out I really miss it !


I can relate so much it hurts. I have a fancy, expensive ass computer I built, that I no longer can play because I’m working long days, hitting the gym, and now taking care of a puppy. The puppy makes it worth it, but still 😂


I mean it’s all worth it tho ! But gotta make some room for hobbies too and relaxing but yet again… I’d take the puppy over a raging game of league any day 🤣🤣


For sure, I’m actually trying to squeeze some time and get back into art, so definitely trying to make room 😂 Oh man, you’re a stronger person than I if you play league 😂


I pride myself on being a supportive kind player most of the time, 12 years made me into the dalaï lama 🤣🤣


Can I have your number?


Looking good to me


Hair looks great. Love the lipstick and nails also.


Oh my god thank you ! The thing I can control are these so it also feels great to have someone liking them so ☺️ty !!


That smile took my breath away tho.


I’m— I’m already very overwhelmed because I’m never getting compliments at all but that’s one of the ones I never ever get so I’m even more confused as to how to react 😭😭 I’m so glad you found it pretty because I sure as hell don’t lol smiling for pics is a nightmare to me lol ^^ it made me feel so special and pretty to read that so thank you !


You Are A Very Beautiful Young Lady With A Lovely Smile, Love Your Lipstick Color ⚘


You're extremely cute, and I like your style. The split hair dye suits you really well.


You’re absolutely beautiful, if I was younger I would totally ask for your number and ask you out


Oh my godthank you that’s such a sweet compliment ! ☺️well I’m glad !!


You are a pretty girl 🙂 your hair looks great 👍


Thank you so much !!


If I saw you I’d ask you out over the other girls any day.


Okay I mean my friends are gorgeous and I’m so happy or them but thank you that would make me feel great lol 🤣🤣 waiting for you !!


I like your face. You have a cute nose.


I think you look cute! Love the hair btw


Thank you so much ! The hair was definitely a confidence boost for me so I’m glad people like it ☺️ again im never called cute by people so I greatly appreciate it lol thank you !!


Love the jewelry!!!


Ummm you are freaking adorable, I would love to take you out! Even if just as friends!!


The word adorable makes me feel so damn shy and happy so thank you so much !! I’d love to have friends taking me out too lol ☺️☺️🍂thank you !!


Your hair is adorable! ✨


You're so lovely especially your smile. Brightened my day and my heart.


I would not approach you, I would be afraid that you have a boyfriend and 10 men lining up and I, well, it's just me


You ***just*** got your hair done like that? I would have thought it'd take a while to grow into that kind of good-looking form. You wear the shape very well. It was a good idea to style yourself this way- you look great.


Thank you so much 😭😭I actually got my bangs done yesterday ! I hated the way she styled my hair so I just did it myself this morning lol ☺️ thank you so so much ! I have no other words to express my gratitude or how all these comments and yours included make me feel !


That's incredible. Don't get me wrong: I absolutely believe you. You did a beautiful job and I don't believe anyone else could do better. You must know yourself fairly well.


If it makes you feel any better, I never had anyone hitting on me when I was in my early 20’s while all my friends got attention and it made me feel terrible. However, it was because I didn’t feel attractive. I was also subconsciously was choosing clothing/makeup looks/etc. that didn’t really suit me because I was so disconnected from what I actually looked like. As I built confidence I got more and more attention, and now, in my early 30s, I get tons of attention and interest. You’re definitely beautiful, you just have to believe it.


I can't ask you out because I'm married and over twice your age, but you are pretty. Maybe it's a matter of confidence?


I would def take you on a date :) you're really cute


They may be intimidated thinking someone so pretty is already taken, likely by a big scary boyfriend.


You know what? I’m not going to compliment. I’m going to ignore this post and continue believing someone this good doesn’t exist.


You know I have been thinking about this for 2 years now and my belief just keeps gettings stronger and stronger. Belief that generation Z is so incredibly overflowing with unrealistic beauty standards and it is literally lives of so many people even when they are absolutely gorgeous (exhibit a: you). After a lot of thinking I came to a fixed place of mind that if some people can’t accept us for how we look, they probably aren’t even the people we should give a shit about. No matter how hot they are, because if we keep expecting the ‘hot’ people to hit on us, we’re doing nothing different. You are gorgeous and absolutely beautiful, and no guy choosing not to approach you should define your worth in any means. Keep your head up queen.


Your comment is so freaking nice and thoughtful and is everything I think about literally everyone but of course it doesn’t apply to me lol and I know it should so I’m working hard on it! Bht sometimes we need a little reminder and your comment made me so happy because it did the trick!! It’s really hard tho sometimes because being touch starved sucks especially for 21 years lol and it’s getting long but yeah I shouldn’t let it define me ! Thank you so much for being a kind soul and taking the time to tell this to me !! Thank you so much and I hope you’re feeling great and have. A nice week end 🥰🥰


Noo youre really pretty! I think you mentioned it in another comment but I struggle with dysmorphia too, recently it’s been getting better though, I hope you can start to feel better too! I would say it’s probably because you look intimidating but definitely not because of your looks!


Ummm that face is beautiful miss


No way, beautiful face like that with pretty eyes. Let me know if you ever need positivity.


Absolutely stunning and love the lewk 💕✌


Thank you so much ! Spooky season really makes me feel a bit better about myself lol ☺️


Love the hair! Love the smile! You seem like a really fun person to be around! :)


There is nothing wrong you are very attractive.


Hi sorry you feel thst why about yourself. First things first i think you are beautiful secondl beauty is a matter of opinon. Everyone likes something different and everyone is beautiful in someones opinon.




OH MY GOD THANK YOU ! You’re too kind to me but thank you !!


also very pretty<3


You look great😍


Thank you so much ☺️😭


you're so cute it makes me want to smash objects. I don't understand it, but I know it's a good thing. I'm just hoping the devs nerf you in the next patch


There are some things in this world I will never understand. One of them is how someone as good looking as you doesn't also get people asking for your number?! Your hair, the haircut and the hair color-job, is phenomenal and your make-up is on point! And a cute smile! Keep doing you and the lucky one will come along and snatch you up. Then you'll get compliments every day! ^^


HAAA your comment is simply adorable and too nice to handle im just running out of ways to react because I’m so overwhelmed ! It’s such a foreign idea to me that someone would think that while looking at the same face I spend hours in the morning to scrutinise and criticize in the mirror ^^ really puts things in perspective and I’ll try to be kinder to myself because of it !! Thank you so much for taking the time to write these words because they mean a lot to me !! Thank you really ☺️🖤


You’re so cute! I love your makeup/style. Your smile at the end was 😍😍


It could very well be a personality issue, as your looks aren’t the problem.


Just wanted to pop in to say: Your makeup is on point, your hair looks super cute, and your smile at the end is absolutely adorable! You will find your person just for you eventually, for now you keep treating yourself to fun things. Because you are 100% worth it 💕




All of the people that don’t wanna ask you out probably feel too nervous to talk to you, because you’re so pretty


Looking good


I don’t know why girl u cute asf . I would def wanna get your number


I adore your split-dyed hair!


Oh my god thank you !! It was a big choice and I felt really bold doing it lol ^^ I was so scared to regret it but I’m glad you like it as much as I do ☺️☺️


It’s definitely a bold move! I’ve got split-dyed hair as well (black and lavender) and was also super scared but tbh it makes me feel like such a badass. I hope your hair makes you feel that way as well because it looks phenomenal on you!


You are gorgeous!


You're very cute. I would see you in public, feel the urge to chat you up, then just assume you're taken or wouldn't be interested and go away.


That’s so sweet to say ! I wish people in real life felt like that too lol ☺️ but it feels great to read that hehe thank you so much ! I’d probably be a stuttering mess lol


You're very beautiful


Thank you sm 😣😭😭🧡


I can't imagine anyone not complimenting you regularly. Your hair is fabulous. Your face, the thing you don't seem to like, is a ray of sunshine to anyone with eyes. You have full lips with a cute and quirky smile that is contagious, expressive eyes. You are just plain ole gorgeous. Don't doubt yourself. Look in the mirror and say, "Damn I'm pretty and I don't care if anyone else believes it or not!" Because you are...


Your comment is simply what I think anyone would like to hear in their life ! It’s so freaking nice and WHOLSOME and I don’t even know how to respond because when I read these comments I can’t believe they are addressed to me at all 😅😭😭 but thank you for seeing in my what I fail to see, it makes me so happy and fuzzy inside to read this and I can’t comprehend that someone would feel that way looking at me bht I’ll take it !! Thank you for this ☺️🥰


Makeup is lit 🔥


Thank you so much ! I’m really not good at makeup just average but I’m a fan of lipsticks lol so I’m trying !! Ty ! ☺️


Very welcome


Is that a ruby pendant? Honestly you're redonkulous attractive. I adore how you do your hair and nails and and and and and. You're totally dateable, loveable and all of that. I would l, the person above me would, their mum would be thrilled bout it. You bad in a good way. Like a bad ass! Like a goth punk princess badass! Yeah totally.


I love your hair! It’s very hard to pull off the both sides being two different colours but it suits you perfectly! You’re gorgeous! You’re not *just* cute, you’re pretty hot, girl! 🔥🔥


You’re absolutely gorgeous and so freaking adorable girl! If I didn’t have a bf I would def get to know you and shoot my shot :)


HAAA uhu huh— this is so freaking adorable I’m blushing 😭😭 I’m too late 😵‍💫 but that’s one of the most wholesome comment j got lol thank you so much for saying this !! I’d definitely flirt back🤣🤣🥰


You're very cute. If I met you, I'd think you were out of my league. I'd be too shy to ask for your number. Don't assume people not asking you out is any indication of your worth. Based on looks alone, there are a lot of people that would love to date you. Work on that confidence and self-esteem. You're hot shit. Act like it.


HAAA this comment is so wholesome and nice and reassuring thank you! It’s really hard to see myself as anything but average or bellow average and what you say is absolutely true ! Just have to hammer this into my tiny skull 🥲 so thank you for reminding me that I shouldn’t base my worth on others ! Ironically, these and your compliment helps a lot too so thank you 🥰


Damn! That lipstick suits you fine.


Thank you so much ! It actually makes me feel much better because all the mean comments mentioned how it was ugly and didn’t suit me lol INWAS like— but that’s the only shade that I love 👁👄👁🤣🤣 so thank you!! ☺️


You have a cute face though 🥺🥰


No no no. They're just worried you're going to perform a ritual and steal their soul. But me, I don't have a soul. Soo... how you doin?


I really like your style honestly, it suits you very well. You look very punky/gothy, and trust me, that is a compliment!😁


Well I love your style and your face is amazingly beautiful so I would totalli ask for. Your number nervously on the street and if I got it I would be jumping all over for it hahaha so yes you are gorgeous


Haaa just imaging the scene gets me all giddy !! That’s so cute !! I’d probably stutter and say very stupid shit, the only time in my life this happened I said I was 18 instead of 20 and made a very cringy joke out of awkwardness lol so we can both jump together ! 🤣🤣☺️☺️ thank you so much!


Some might assume that you are too good for them, like I did. I would be dead nervous and probably shaking just by talking with you. Don’t take it in the wrong way, I find it difficult interacting with girls and if they have a cute smile (like yours)…help me god. Hence i use reddit :(


Don’t worry same tho! I’m here for the same reason lol, I’m saying I’d like people asking me out but I’d probably run away out of shyness or start stuttering nonsense 🤣🤣 so I guess it makes us two ! It’s reassuring to think I’m not the only one like that lol as interactions with men are so foreign to me it scares me a bit 🥲🥲’ thank you for the kind words !! ☺️


I want to help but I can't tell what your face looks like because there is too much makeup. Looks good though


10/10 would date


Thank you so much 😭😭it makes one lol ! Let’s gooo haha


Omg doja cat vibes !


I love your hair it looks so good short!


Hey opus 😜


Yo, you are stunning, honestly if I had the chance I would love to take you out and get you a drink.




Your beautiful


Okay, I have no advice because I’m dumb, but you’re EXTREMELY pretty.


Don’t worry I’m very dumb myself 🤣🤣 and this comment is more than enough to cheer me up and it made me laugh so thank you !! ☺️


Like the eye makeup a lot


I am obsessed with your makeup, and I can tell you’re gorgeous without it as well!


Thank you so much ! I’ve gotten a few people saying they really thought it was bad and changed my features and my dysmorphie got worse after lol 😣so this comment means a lot to me you have no idea ! Thank you!!


You give me Melanie Martinez face vibes ✨🥰


That smirk of a smile is absolutely dazzling, have a fantastic day.


Followed just in case you post your cute face again


I think you are hot. If I was your age I would definitely notice you ☺️💝💐❤️


Oh my god thanks for the sweet compliment ! 🥰 I’m glad to hear that lol that’s make one that wants me haha !!


WOW you and your friend (from your FreeCompliments post 7 months ago), are freaking cute. The pair of you would definitely be intimidating to walk up to. I'm WAY too old for either of you, but even in my youth, I would have assumed I didn't have a chance (both of you being WAY out of my league) and just kept to myself. But I was a choir/theatre/science nerd, so I guess me keeping to myself isn't that surprising.