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You need help, sometimes profesionaly, sometimes just a friendship based. According to your post, you experienced really hard things I guess so dont try to fight with it alone. We are here also profesionals should be away.


Honestly beautiful though sorry your depressed ty for sharing a pic


hi, my name is jona and i live in belgium ... smile, life is beautiful! you are very pretty and that is not given to everyone😉💐💐


You have nothing to be ashamed about. Your gorgeous. Chin up. Go hard or go home 🤷🏽‍♂️ :)


You are so pretty, I wish you could see yourself through my eyes, you would see that you are an angel. You are stronger than you think, please keep going and keep being the amazing human being that you are


I think you are pretty for what it’s worth


Depression is horrible, but please remember that you won’t feel like this forever, and you’re not alone


First of all, I'm very sorry to hear that and there is nothing wrong about being depressed, we all are at some point. I hope that you keep fightning and that you are seeing a professional to talk to as it helps a lot to start the process of feeling better. Depression is something some of us have to fight all of our lives but I hope you can overcome it and have it as something that you beat.


Focus on little things that you can accomplish and build from there. Maybe doing your nails is less intimidating than doing your make-up. You´re not disgusting and you have nothing to be ashamed of. What helped me a lot was having a pet aswell.


Well giving advice regarding your mental struggle is hard, even if I've been in a bad mental state myself. But you really look beautiful, girl! Maybe less social media and more walks can help.


You are soo beautiful!! Natural beauty like yours is soo rare, you are a gift to this world


Same here. What I do is I change every 2nd month my hair, my clothes, put new piercings or whatever. Everytime I change something about myself I find myself more interesting. It sounds maybe too simple but it works for me. Hope this helps ❤️


What is it that you see in the mirror? Help us understand what you see. From my stand point, you are beautiful, have great hair and cheek bones, cook great meals. The mind is powerful. When were you last happy? Try to get to that place. Wish I could give you a hug and take you to see a comedy at the cinema. Exercise, get sun light, and talk thing out with your doctor. Merry Christmas and love from the USA.


You are Gorgeous. You don't need makeup. We love you. You are beautiful. I wish i could just hug you and hold you in my arms... And make it all better. But no lie, you are beautiful. And i hope you have someone to talk to to help you deal with everything.


you are arguably the prettiest girl in the world


Remember that asking for help when you feel you are losing the battle with depression is just calling for reinforcements in order to win. Good strategy for victory. Don’t feel like you have to make yourself strong enough to beat it solo. Fight what you can, and don’t be ashamed to call in reinforcements when needed.