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Seriously, Hope she's not a medical doctor who still holds a licence to practice.


She’s a DO. See people claim there’s no difference between MDs and DOs. And then you have this…


What is the difference? Honestly don't know


Osteopathic medicine is more “holistic”. So like this lady doesn’t use drug…


Oh like oils and stuff, gotcha.


That is not true in the least. DOs takes the exact same classes as an MD, the only difference is they take more classes focusing on osteopathic manipulation. OM is a specialty that can be seen as chiropractic work on steroids. The reason DOs are seen as "holistic" is because they are taught to treat the whole patient rather than the just the illness. DOs still prescribe meds, do surgeries, and act in the exact same capacity as an MD. I'm not defending the Karen in the video, but you're exceptionally wrong about DOs.


Most keys are brass. They are not magnetic.


So the vaccines give you brass magic?! Sweet!


*The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.*


Under the spreading chestnut tree, I sold you and you sold me. There lie they, and here lie we. Under the spreading chestnut tree.


>Though use of this phrase is not very common, nevertheless we may find it in our everyday life, in politics, and in business. [I'm so glad the first link in Google made an excuse for me not recognizing that rhyme.](https://literarydevices.net/under-the-spreading-chestnut-tree/)


Paywall click bait


Sorry, it was a paywall - here is a better one. https://www.google.com/amp/s/fox8.com/news/coronavirus/cleveland-doctor-tells-ohio-lawmakers-covid-19-vaccine-can-leave-people-magnetized-interfaced-with-5g-towers/amp/


JFC...even if the protein had a metal attached to it(fucking...what!???!...no..) there wouldn't be nearly enough material in your system to fucking "magnetize" someone... These people are beyond fucking bonkers...


And keys are brass so they aren't magnetic


Another ignorant religious idiot.


Can we just kill off all the boomers already please. Honestly, I'm so tired of this shit.