*is now dead

*is now dead


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Went down a rabbit hole on this once. One of his quotes during his protests: “It’s not my job for your health. As harsh as that sounds, but our constitutional fundamental rights protect that. I care about freedom more that I care about your personal health.”


That is something about freedom a lots of people don't seem understand: my freedom ends where yours begin. Thats most important if you want to have a functional society. This is the reason why we see so mich idiotic behavior in this pandemic. If you set freedom as your greatest good, but dont define it properly you will get this mess


Americans used to have an idea of what civic duty was. That’s all but gone now.


My grandmother had tons of recipes that used little sugar and flour. She came from the generation that rationed for WW2. AN ENTIRE GENERATION that sacrificed for the greater good of their nation. And these fools won't wear a damn mask.


Kinda makes sense that their kids are now the old people screwing everything up. The knee jerk reaction to growing up sacrificing for the common good is placing a high priority on the individual when you’re in control of your own life. When boomers were in their 20’s-30’s they were called the “Me Generation”.


Still pisses boomers off when I use that term lol.


We would never have been willing to do that for the more recent wars. Coincidentally, we didn't win those.


I was taught this concept in public school and it has stayed with me for five + decades. Right-wing media is sabotaging democracy by creating millions of deadhead bozos like this. Our individual freedoms are not infinite. Free speech does not include the freedom to yell Fire! in a crowded theater, endangering others.


Dead heads would never behave so selfishly.


Deadheads are kind music lovers who are generally quite considerate. 😆


just to let you know, the yelling fire in a theatre thing was negated by the supreme court. I don't think it ever was official.


You lost them at wanting a functional society. They are the main character in their story and the rest of us are NPCs.


Wise words Mr. Toast. I think we are all better off for them. To be clear, I’m being silly not sarcastic. Well put.


I haven't heard of the saying "my freedom ends where yours begin" and can't wrap my head around what that is supposed to suggest. Could you please elaborate?


I'm free to do what I want until I affect someone else, then we must balance our rights so neither is more impacted. I used to work with someone who smoked. He was surprised that (even though I'm allergic) I didn't nag him about it. I explained that as long as he's only affecting himself I have no say in what he does. Once in a while he would be too close to the building, so the smoke came in. I'd call out "you're affecting me", he'd chuckle & move further away.


Not OP, but a good example is that you have the right to walk around and swing your arms around all you want and throw punches in the air. As soon as you connect with someone, you’ve infringed on their freedom and lost yours.


I’d argue that you lose your freedom to do that once another person feels that it is creating a dangerous situation. An out of control act like flailing of arms shouldn’t need to do actual harm to someone before ‘freedom’ comes into play. Like there has to be some buffer, and I’d like to call that something like ‘mutual respect’ for ones freedoms. And this is something that also is lacking. Of course I agree with the first point too. Got to have an understanding that freedoms are not limitless.


Well now he doesn’t have to worry about either.


He really should have said, “I care about my freedom more than my health or my family.” Now his kids get to live without their dad. These selfish pricks are leaving behind a generation of shattered kids.


Maybe their kids are better off not having such an asshole for a parent? I'm sure it doesn't feel like that to the kids, though.


This is why young people are all starting to become more socialist. Cause they are starting to see the lies of these right wing lunatics.


There's a lot of space between socialist and right-wing, though.


And now a child gets to grow up without a parent due to this stupid shit. It’s sad cause it was so preventable.


It’ll be interesting to see if any of these avoidable deaths from staunch anti vax/mask breaks through the bubble for these other deniers.


My mom is anti vax (though ironically only the covid vax) because she thinks it is all a big conspiracy and covid mortality rates are a lie. There is no convincing them because they think it’s all fake news.


I get being skeptical of the vaccine. I'm skeptical of the vaccine but I still got it! I did my research and waited a few months and after reading through what I could find out about them I decided I didn't want the jj one. But come on.


Lol, I love self induced eliminations😃.


Would his death be considered a suicide?


Imagine being his kids and growing up and finding all of this as your fathers “legacy”.


Yeah. I have a feeling there is going to a be a lot of resentment from his widow and kids. Choosing to own the libs and die vs. do the bare minimum and live is going to leave some scars for those kids.


Couldn’t have happened to a better guy


Except that’s where he, and millions of others like him, are wrong.




Japanese constitution has “Right to live”(Not a strict definition,on the spot).I’m not familiar with details of American constitution.Do you have similar one?


The American Declaration of Independence declares that we have unalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.


Thanks! So those people are abandoning their rights to life🤷‍♀️ (Or they remember only when they want to go to hospital)


Possibly. I think ultimately people conflate their actual rights with “the right do whatever I want without consequence, no matter who else it affects”


He’s outta ICU… “ Jessica Wallace said her husband got sick in late July, but “was so hard-headed.” “He didn’t want to see a doctor, because he didn’t want to be part of the statistics with COVID tests,” she said. He then tried unproven ivermectin — a livestock dewormer that has been denounced by the FDA — high doses of vitamin C, zinc aspirin and an inhaler, the Standard-Times reported.” [https://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/ny-freedom-defender-caleb-wallace-dies-covid-20210829-4m7co2w6p5dkje3gh77zx6252a-story.html](https://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/ny-freedom-defender-caleb-wallace-dies-covid-20210829-4m7co2w6p5dkje3gh77zx6252a-story.html)


He's a statistic now. Newsflash to these goobers. COVID-19 does not care what you want or think or believe.


Yeah, out of the ICU and to the morgue.


And on top of that he's now part of the Covid death statistics. It's like karma and irony decided to team up and whack the guy over the head with a metal baseball bat over and over. The only people I feel sorry for is his family, because they lost a loved one.


My step mom is a nurse in a hospital. She says their beds are FULL not with old people but with young idiots who didn’t get a vaccine. Good luck getting treated for anything else as so many people are in there coughing themselves to death.


Oh no! Anyway.


Lmao your profile picture makes this comment funnier.


I feel the 2-eyed mike wazowski face effectively encompasses how I feel about everything all the time, most of the time.


It really does 🤣


Spoiler alert >!He died!<


More like: Man who opposed mask because he thought it was hindrance to breathing, had to be fixed with one so he could breathe


I’ve heard that death also hinders your breathing


Oh no! Anyway...


I wish they were able to get some more words from him right before


Unfortunately, we are going to see more and more of these posts in the weeks and months ahead. Smh


Unfortunately? Seems like we are thinking the herd of idiots.


Yeah but at the expense of medical staff's sanity.


And their family.


I’d agree with you if these anti-vax/anti-mask covid supporters were the only ones effected. Unfortunately, covid doesn’t care who it targets. I’m more worried about all the kids who can’t get vaccinated yet.


And patients that doesn't have covid but can't for obvious reasons share room with someone with an airborne infectious disease. People who have unrelated conditions is dying because there's no room for them in the hospitals because they are stuffed with mouthbreathing sheep who believes anything they read on the internet as long as it serves an anti-establishment narrative


Yes but think about the friends and families. Not all of them would be dumbasses. and the med staff who have to deal with seeing another patient dying?


r/hermancainaward collects them!


I upvote everywhere I see this. It's important for that sub to grow, if anything for the historical record.


Yeah, he ded now


Aaaand the wife has a gofundme set up to pay expenses.


He leaves behind a pregnant widow. As much as I want to make fun of those idiots it's tragic


I agree. Three children and a pregnant wife. I feel so sorry for her and those kids. He basically committed suicide in the most public and stupid way possible. It’s sad she has to suffer for his mistakes.


For the kids, yes, it is awful. However, you can bet your ass his wife shares similar views. Shared, in the past tense, if she has any common sense at all.


Oh dog 🤦‍♀️


One less moron walking around infecting people. Wish he had stuck to his convictions and drowned in his own fluids at home instead of taking up valuable bed space in the hospital.


I believe he left a pregnant wife and two daughters. The wife vaccinated and somewhat disagreed with his "passion". I read an article about him just the other day. Yes a moron but I feel for his kids born and unborn. The fks who made this political should be held responsible.


What sucks for his family is that if he happened to have life insurance they will not pay out anything more than likely.


And they shouldn't. I hope her go fund me gets pulled. She had choices. Not to be with someone actively endangering her kids and herself. She chose poorly.


Yeah it definitely sucks. I remember my husband didn’t want the shot at first, he was one of the ones saying “I don’t know what’s in it, there’s no studies blah blah” ( he has congestive heart failure so I understood his apprehension but if he got Covid he would probably not make it). I say him down and told him if he didn’t get vaccinated then his son and I would not live in the same house as him. I made him an appt with his cardiologist and he explained all the pros of the vaccine and he got it. He always wore his mask though and would quarantine pretty well. But yes, she had the choice to leave and not support his demented ass.


Honestly, the kids will probably be better off raised by their mom with a brain, and not being poisoned by this cunt. As shitty as it is, it's probably for the best.


Blame the people pushing anti vaxx not the dumbasses who believe them


Blame them both. I’ve been listening to the same bullshit they have, but I haven’t bought it. I’m vaccinated, and I feel guilty about thinking about the third vaccine because I know that people in Third World countries and even people in second world countries need these vaccines and we need them to be vaccinated because they could be currently incubating the variant that will push through our vaccines. We all need to be vaccinated, here and abroad. I feel selfish considering the third vaccine, but if I don’t, I’m at risk from these morons. It’s a real conundrum for me because I am a thinking person and these idiots refuse to think clearly


Well said. It is even more of a conundrum because in most of those countries the people would gladly take the vaccine and wear masks but they have no access. Unfortunately these privileged idiots do neither and are trying to stop anyone they can from doing it. I would say screw them but as you pointed out it puts everyone at greater risk.


As these morons have repeatedly stated, they have the freedom to make their own choices. It was THEIR own choice to listen to these daytime right wing radio con artists. No one forced them. The blame lies on both the messenger and the moron who chooses to listen to them.


Is he not one of the people pushing anti vaxx?


Oh... I read it wrong. Yeah this shit deserved it. But dumb people and gullible people don't fully deserve it.


He made this political. He's the same kind of dumbass who is against abortion but screams, "my body my choice". I don't feel bad for his wife. She supported him going out making a fool of himself. Actions have consequences. And well, well, well, if it isn't the consequences of his own actions. The only one I feel for is the kids. They didn't ask for this.


That's why I said the only people I feel sorry for is his family. And while I do believe the people making the pandemic political are partially responsible for where we are now, I also believe in personal accountability. This guy was so selfish because put his political beliefs ahead of his family. And because of his actions, his children now have to grow up without their father. You know your political beliefs have gone too far when you start putting them ahead of your kids.


good points. The sad thing is that, as in this case, by the time they realize (if they ever do) that they have put their political beliefs ahead of their children it is too late. This is way, way out of control now. These stories are far too common and yet .... there are still imbeciles like this guy who are harming those they claim to care for most.


We need more stories like this to kill off these morons and to scare their followers into taking precautions! Every time one of these douche bags dies he’ll gets more crowded and the earth is more livable


Imagine how many people died because of him . Sad about wife and upcoming kid but not sad that he died . Hopefully it will be a wake up call for a lot of people


You would think it would encourage more people to mask up and get vaccinated but there are a lot of stupid selfish people out. Hopeful less soon.


It’s funny, I’ve seen a lot of these type of stories lately, or the classic “I regret not getting the vaccine” and yet I’ve sent none to people I know that are anti vax. I already know it’s going to be something along the lines of “how do we know it’s true” or “seems made up” or just some other bullshit. question everything, unless you agree with what they’re saying


Same , one of my friend asked my to put a spoon on my arm to see if I had become a magnet . Blows my mind that educated people fall for those


Last year or so really showed a lot of people’s true colors. It’s unfortunate


I’d add mislead to that. Stupid, selfish and mislead. I is very sad.


Wife claims that she and him are NOT anti-vaxers. Because he was just against government control and telling him what to. Well, the Mortician gets the final word in now.


That’s somehow worse than anti vaxxers. You like the vaccine, you believe in it, but you just won’t get it because it’s the government telling you to get it?


Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Thud.


He must have been Sicilian


Is there an r/unexpectedprincessbride ?




Go over to "NoNewNormal" and you'll find them jerking one another off harder than ever. "What, just because we're fucking dying and being laughed out of our jobs, homes and lives we should change? Just because literally every piece of credible evidence is against us we should give up!? No thanks, I'm no sheep!" Literally the absolute bottom of the barrel over there. And by that, I mean the ON the bottom of the barrel, not IN the bottom of the barrel.


People forget that the echo chambers we hate for allowing the breeding of misinformation and antiscience also exist right here on Reddit.


Thoughts and prayers




I'm not sorry for him, it's his fault


Good, more air for the rest of us. I’ll be quite happy to see all these idiots get smacked with karma.


I am Jack's complete lack of sympathy.


They shouldn’t help him he deserves to die from being an idiot


The very definition of karma


Good. One less.


I'm sure his wife meant "not [doing well](https://pics.me.me/you-finished-second-grade-i-hope-you-can-tell-if-60187295.png)," but in this case, her actual words "not doing good" are accurate too.


I knew his last name was Wallace, I hoped his first would be William so I could say, 'THEY TOOK YOUR FREEEEDOOOM'. And his life. LOL.


this made me lol like FR fr


Covid 1 = idiot 0


The only thing too bad is that his wife now has to deliver and raise a child on her own. Apart from that: LOL.


DARWIN AWARD!!!!!!! Thank you sir for removing yourself from the gene pool what do you have to say after making it to the top? Oh yeah nothing you can't talk anymore


unfortunately he is ineligible for the award because he has kids already and at the time had one on the way.


Well fuck you disappointed me and made my day


Nature is wild!


My response to people like him: New Jack City "See Ya And I Wouldn't Wanna Be Ya / xavier Anderson https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQ-blA8DiUY


"not doing *well*"


So who thinks the Leafs will finally get the Stanley Cup this season. Because I'm done feeling sympathy for things that don't change.


"Not doing good," is perfectly grammatically correct in this case.


chickens be roosting


I have a very evil idea that probably will get me lots of downvotes. But I heard hospitals don’t even have enough equipments and beds for covid patients, mostly owing to those selfish and stupid morons. So maybe we should prioritize those who actually follow social distance, wear masks but got covid, and this kinda of anti-Vaxxer/masker can be put on the waiting list until there is room for them


Good. Bye bye Caleb. Evolution can be a bitch when you’re stupid.


He used ivermectin to treat himself. I wonder how many times he shat himself. I definitely enjoy hearing when people prove themselves to be full of shit.


his stupidity killed him ffs get vaccinated


good riddance


One less idiot


I love it. The joke writes itself


Instead of F he gets C. C, we told you.


1 down, millions more to go unfortunately


He ded


Lol bye.


Why did they feel the need to specify that his wife is pregnant? I mean, good for them, but it seems kinda irrelevant


Growing up without a father is kinda relevant.


[Let's all remember him...](https://youtu.be/CdqMZ_s7Y6k)


The irony


Good riddance


Let's organize an annual Caleb Wallace "Freedom" March!


Even if he was a fool it's still a damn shame. If he only could have been convinced he was wrong it would have been avoidable.


I believe he is in a karma no sorry coma.






Ding dong....


Oh no... s/




Thinning the herd as far as I’m concerned. Dying to own the libs, WooHoo! I wonder how his wife feels about his stance now? Honest to God I couldn’t have stayed married to someone that dumb. I’d have left when all of his bullshit anti mask crap started.


Darth sidios iron pic


The government made him sick in a ploy to silence the truth /s


Feel bad for his wife and kids this was so preventable


It’s like… the problem is sorting itself out. Mother Nature is restoring balance by killing off all the ignorant people.


Ummm. Uhh. Yeah. That's...to bad?


Anyone else have a stroke reading the headline?


I'm sorry but I have no sympathy for him or any of the others who won't get the vaccine shot or wear a mask!!


Not one to wish death on anyone but the world just got a little bit better.


Boo fucking hoo.


Good. I keep saying, let's just let darwinism take it's course .


This does put a smile on my face


…but …but …but …God will heal.


Probably will get downvoted but that’s karma for him. Stills awful that he left children and a wife


Well! I hope all you libruls have learned your lesson! All ya socialist, communist, fascist, arborist, gymnast, cardiologist and stuff Democrats!


Weeding out of the stupid


Thoughts and prayers


Oh wow Texas big surprise /s


“I heard you were dead.” The Duke of New York.




He fucked up and now he gets to go into the forever box


Good another one bites the dust


Always glad to see the herd being thinned out.😉


buh bye!!! See you, wouldn't want to be you! Especially now! :D


Well lesson learned right? Maybe now they will listen to the guy with a phd and not the one with a ged


He dead yet? Hope so, one less.


Yeah hes ded


It’s because he wasn’t smart or safe!😂y’all are dumb


Claims to be pro-life…




Aww, shucks. Carry on.


Should of wore a mask…


Lol he definitely deserved it




Not celebrating here. But this was a man that said, “It’s not my job for your health. As harsh as that sounds, but our constitutional fundamental rights protect that. I care about freedom more that I care about your personal health.” He quite literally didn’t care if he killed people.


Hypocritical? This dude was out there telling people covid is no big deal and thereby making people spread this shit around among the old and weak. He killed himself by it and there's one less toxic human around to indirectly kill the vulnerable.


You obviously don't have to work around someone who is loudly unvaxxed and unmasked who frequently makes jokes of spitting and coughing at you.


He did that to himself, and his inability to spread his asshatery will save lives.


I’m so insulted by a pupkin head


He’s a moron and now he’s dead. 🤷‍♂️


Lots of people praising this and making fun of him. That's disgusting but unsurprising from the left


Is everything political over there? Even breathing ?