I saw a post about the original Karen from 1957 but Carolyn Bryant Donham might be the original Karen. She falsely accused Emmett Till of offending her in 1955.

I saw a post about the original Karen from 1957 but Carolyn Bryant Donham might be the original Karen. She falsely accused Emmett Till of offending her in 1955.


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That’s not a Karen. That’s way beyond being a Karen.


A demon


Even demons aren’t that level of evil.


She also likely accused him for nothing more than being bored and wanting attention from the males who ended up attacking Till. Got away with it too, spent her life free and happy; only admitted to falsifying the allegations of sexual misconduct well into old age. She should die prison but is somehow 87 and free.


Ew shes still alive?!


No, she offered on her death bed that she made it up, this was back in the early to mid 2000s like 2002-2006 I believe.


She is still alive and they are currently hiding her right now. She never passed but many thought she was.


You’re right, I stand corrected, i should have looked it up. Mandela effect in full force there, could have sworn when I heard it she was dead.


I hope her grave is desecrated every goddamned day for fucking ever.


It would be fitting considering that the family of Emmit Till had to buy a bullet proof memorial sign because for decades people would shoot holes in all the previous memorials. He was a child who never had the chance to experience life while his accuser was a grown ass woman who knew exactly what she was doing and got to live a happily racist ever after. I'm not religious, but I sincerely hope she burns in hell.


I honestly don’t disagree with that


Go on...


I saw your comment in my notifications. I live one county over from there. Damn.


Every time I see her brought up, the men who kidnapped, tortured, killed and desecrated Till’s body are *barely* mentioned as an afterthought and not enough of the ire is directed toward a literal fucking lynch mob


I think it’s because she instigated the entire event, likely fully understanding her community, anticipating what would happen and how it would play out. Further, she also testified in court to the veracity of her fabrications which led to the acquittal of the attackers by an all-white jury. Of course the attacking mob should be castigated by society as well. Carolyn Bryant Donham was the key instigator, the excuse for social violence, and cultural-community justifier in Emit Till’s death.


Probably because they’re dead and got kinda what they deserved (they deserved so much more but it was in God’s hands). Shorty after they literally laughed on a magazine interview about how IN DETAIL they did what they did to Emmett Till, both of the men got cancer and it quickly took them out like it was nothing. It literally came out of nowhere and made sure they were dead immediately. I’ll never forget the pressure that came off of my chest when I read they both past from less than pleasant natural deaths and suffered prolonged pain.


I hope it was cancer of the rectum.


This made me laugh


It's a really shitty way to go.


Glorious work there God/Buddha/Satan/the witch on the corner street who read the article.


I still can’t believe they laughed over the details of what they did to a 14 year old with a magazine interviewer. The fact you can still Google and find it today. I read it like a couple of years ago and found the article so hopefully you can still find it. The magazine was discontinued or something I believe but yeahhh. I’m not googling it for my sanity because I swore I would never see any pictures of his face voluntarily again.


I think it goes with out saying that if she’s a demon then obviously the fucking lunch mob are terrible fucks too but apparently not to you? So let’s just be clear for u/macaronisalad the lynch mob and the lady are demons and shit stains on society happy?


I think what they mean- and I understand this, because I've seen the same- I've seen reposts of this information on Reddit before, and while I'm glad that they gave a name and gave to the person who started this shit, no one has yet properly started to hold the people who MURDERED Emmett Till accountable. You know- the people who really went through with lynching a child? Who all probably went on to spawn their own families and further continue a line of awful, awful people who probably to this day may be full on racists who have not nearly enough concern for something their literal recent ancestors did? All I'm saying is that reparations are in order, names be given out, education to occur. And it skeeves me out that all people can talk about is assaulting her and yet not say anything about the white men who ultimately, as well, got away with it but who especially did it as part of a patriarchal white male dominated society. You wouldn't have had that response without the context of the time being that white women were property. You think they considered themselves social justice warriors or some shit, killing what they thought to be a literal rapist? NO. These were white crusty ass old white southern males who treated women like property, black people as lesser-thans who couldn't even use the same facilities. What they did is even more horrible because I don't think you could predict even a territorial animal to act the same way these so called human beings had chosen to react to a child whistling at her. ACCOUNTABILITY!


Yep, seen her picture and name multiple times, but do I know the names and faces of the men who tortured and murdered the child she accused? No, which seems a bit strange to me. Surely they are just as/more accountable and their faces and names should also be shared along with hers...


Not the full telling, but a short and informative read from a credible writer with insight: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/01/27/us/emmett-till-lynching-carolyn-bryant-donham.html


Article is behind a paywall for me. Anyone know a way of reading this article without creating an account?


No. She was likely considered an upstanding christian woman.


And? She was still as close to an actual demon as can exist.


Most upstanding Christian women are close to being demons as any human can be


um wtf?


Most of the people in the south, back right before the Civil Rights movement, were seriously fucked in the head. The people responsible for Emmett Till’s death were found innocent by an all white jury, and right afterwards defendants admitted to kidnapping and murder, which most of the people were fine with


i’m not sure why you’re explaining that to me, but thank you?


You’re right, that’s a KKKaren


Seriously. She’s the devil. Lying so a young boy could be tortured and lynched. Karen???? Like fr fuck off, this is on another planet.




It’s a Carolyn


This woman admitted that she lied about Emmet Till sexually harassing her or whistling at her so extensively, that she can’t even remember what really happened. In 2007, a grand jury chose not to indict her for her role in Till’s murder. She’s in her mid to late 80’s now. I wonder if we’ll even know when she dies. [Here’s ](https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nytimes.com/2017/01/27/us/emmett-till-lynching-carolyn-bryant-donham.amp.html) a good article on her.


They should’ve indicted her. Made her pay a fine at least, community service, SOMETHING.


Hey its america. Stop thinking rationally, especially when there is a black guy involved.


Shit you right




I’m usually against doxxing but I hope this bitch gets found. I don’t care is she’s 88, she should be slapped in the fucking face and assaulted.


Especially with what happened to him because of her!


Kick her right in the pussy!


Cunt punt.


Should be protestors 24/7 marching in front of her house till the day she dies


> community service, SOMETHING. Make her work the fields


I hope she dies alone, slowly, and painfully, and that her body is not found until it becomes a gooey malodorous mass that seeps through the floor and makes the whole house reek of death and decomposition, so it can finally reflect how putrid of a human she was.


Nah man. Some poor bastard would have to clean that shit up. Hopefully she gets lost in the landfill or something. That way she is already with the rest of the trash.


I like this option too. As for the cleaning, I would honestly just torch the place and build a park instead. With a statue of Emmett and the story behind it as a final “fuck you” to this bitch.


Now we’re talkin baby!


But before that, can somebody fly down there and kick her in the pussy?


> “The circumstances under which she told the story were coercive,” Dr. Tyson said. “She’s horrified by it. There’s clearly a great burden of guilt and sorrow. What kind of bullshit is that?


I wish she was imprisoned and had to spend the last few years of her life regretting it if for nothing else than the fact that she's in prison for it


The fact that she's still breathing is criminal


Ehh sometimes people like her long for death. Honestly she belongs locked up in solitary confinement with pictures of Emmett Till posted everywhere for the rest of her life.


Please put up the new HD photos they’ve taken since the 2009 autopsy too. Not just the old fuzzy photos. She deserves the DETAILS to haunt her.


Couldn't find a single thing about that anywhere online


I’m not gonna Google it because I don’t wanna see his face again but they pulled Emmett Till from his grave twice for autopsies. I read about it in books when I was reading about the investigations and I googled it a while ago where they did say they pulled him up again in the 2000s (I swear it was 2009; it was right before 2010 I believe) and they took HD photos of him and said he was preserved and looked just like he did back in 1959-1960 when it happened and he was buried. You can also search for the HD photos of him on the autopsy table and the photographer got VERY close (made me sick and I vowed to never look up any of the photos up again) so you can see the hole through his head where they shot him through like somewhere around his ear and it went straight through. You can also see his eye sitting out on his face and how the top of his head is caved in completely from them hitting him in his head. It’s awful and I wouldn’t wish anyone would have to see that no matter what.


May she roast in hell!


We can roast her on Reddit! The bitch looks like ET! Ol' animorph face havin' ass. I bet her breath smells like old hot dog water!


Her eyebrows are so far apart you could land a plane on her forehead


Let's try. In the name of science. Anybody know a pilot?


i went on a date with one once, i could try and get ahold of him if y’all would like


My brother is a pilot :o


Ol' Sid the Sloth face havin' ass!


Not just old hot dog water, *moldy* hot dog water


Hell wants nothing to do with a shitstain like her, they have higher standards.


lol there is no punishment harsh enough for people like her


The real devils rejects


She's still alive


Rest in piss


Weird that people like her and Sirhan Sirhan are still alive


She's still alive?!


Shitloads of people who are super racist and protested against desegregation are still alive. Scary to think about.


Yeah she in her 80s now




There are Nazis who had a role in the concentration camps who are still alive today, [really old but still alive](https://timesofmalta.com/articles/view/ex-nazi-camp-guard-93-gets-two-year-suspended-sentence.806925). We may like to believe these are events of the past, but these events are still within living memory! If so many cops act like murderous racist pigs today in America, imagine how they acted against minorities a few decades ago when cameras weren't everywhere and the internet didn't exist.


Wow. I never thought of it like that. I just figured since the murder of Emmett Till was so long ago, that everyone involved was dead.


She’s a horrible trash person. Did she ever acknowledge what she put into motion?


According to [this](https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2017/01/how-author-timothy-tyson-found-the-woman-at-the-center-of-the-emmett-till-case), she admitted that she felt “tender sorrow” in a rare interview. She also said she liked the advances in racial equality, and that the old white supremacist system was wrong. Too little, too late imo, but it’s something. It’s a lot better than her ex-husband, the guy who did the killing, who admitted no guilt and wanted to just “let it die”. For what it’s worth, everyone involved had their lives go downhill. Their businesses were shunned by black people (ironically their main customer base), so they had to move. The two killers both died of cancer, and I hope they went out in the longest, most painful way possible.


her evil put the civil rights movement into motion. i hope all her racist friends and acquaintances find an opportunity to thank her personally for that.


And she's still alive too.


And has recanted her story in recent years too


The annoying thing is she’s hiding and refuses to take pictures. Like a coward


She is a coward and an awful lying racist!


Yup will probably be a piece of shit right up to the end.


I’ve noticed evil people often outlive those around them.


Of course they do it’s sheer fear of what’s awaiting them after death. Good people can go peacefully.


The devil doesn’t want people who may try and take over, so he keeps them here longer


The devil is not interested in killing evil ppl. He already has them. Which is why evil ppl prosper and good ppl suffer. Evil ppl live longer and good ppl die young or die horribly. The devil came to destroy good, not evil.


The devil is a human construct


It's usually a painfully lonely existence.


That’s why “boomer” is sort of an epithet now. Many of the good ones died (Abby Hoffman in the 1980s as an example)


Donham was born in 1934 Huffman was born in 1936. Neither was a boomer. ​ Christ, if you're going to come after the boomers how about your figure out who they actually are.


You missed the whole point of what Abbie represented to the baby boomers. It’s a gray line and he is certainly part of the 60s experience that made the baby boomers. Use some perspective instead of some artificial delineation. Do you remember when Abbie died? All the write ups were about that generation. Not about people born in 1930whatever.


The good die young


And living in Raleigh, NC


Posting about her on reddit might kill her.... it happened a couple of times now. Harper Lee is the one I remember.


What did Harper Lee do?




Original Cunt


This is the face of evil.


Someone needs to break out a ruler on that eye gap


Why do the most racist people look like HP Lovecraft's fishpeople. Like damn sis was your mom a Deep One or are you just inbred.


She is a fucking bitch.


My theory is the first karen was the chick in the bible who demanded john the baptists' head because he refused to bone her.


If you go back further, you can find Jezabel. That’s the fucker who convince king Acab to kill a man, because he refused to sell his grape orchard to the King. She also killed everyone she didn’t like. She ended up dying by being ravaged by a pack of wild dogs while alive.


I mean, if we're getting biblical, the first Karen was the guy who tossed a couple of people out of his garden and cursed them with sin for eating a piece of fruit that gave them knowledge, who went on to kill literally everyone several times for dumb reasons.


You’re… not wrong


Anyone else see that TikTok of a nurse talking about her elderly patient was a seeing a "little black boy" in her room in the hospital-- he was haunting her (or it was her guilt manifesting). She admitted to accusing him of "touching" her in the 1930s (Louisiana), his house was burned down, he was castrated and lynched. The woman was lying, she did it because she envied the boy's sister's dresses.


What thinking about this TikTok. I hope Emmett Till haunts this vile woman in her last days.


Apparently complementing a black girl's dress was too hard for that bitch. Or even just asking where she got them and simply buying it was too embarrassing! She honestly deserves to be haunted by that poor kid's spirit.


Fuck that bitch and every bitch like her.


Truly a monster, just like the deplorables who tortured and murdered Till.


[phyllis schlafy](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phyllis_Schlafly) has entered teh chat....


"The US military shouldn't be policeman of the world.... unless communism!"


Good god, she founded [The Eagle Forum](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eagle_Forum). That is one nasty group of Karens.


Holy shit, that’s Karen as fuck


there is a really great podcase called behind the bastards and they did an episode on her: [https://www.iheart.com/podcast/105-behind-the-bastards-29236323/episode/part-one-phyllis-schlafly-the-mother-70553705/](https://www.iheart.com/podcast/105-behind-the-bastards-29236323/episode/part-one-phyllis-schlafly-the-mother-70553705/) ​ they called her the mother of all culture wares...


I learned about her from the pbs special on the women’s rights movement in the 70s. Great watch, and fuck that cunt. Edit: documentary is Makers: women who make America


I love that podcast! I just started listening to it last week. I’ll queue it up.


They were still investigating it fairly recently but decided not to charge her, probably because she’s old. She purposefully got a CHILD slaughtered and suffered 0 consequences.


That’s not a Karen, that’s a Kraken.


The best comment


She’s a despicable, evil person. I hope she suffers in whatever comes after this life.


It’s always bothered me that in the early 2000’s when I was going to school we had a Mississippi studies class and this story was only given a footnote. Hell I don’t live far from where it all happened, but didn’t really find out anymore until I did my own digging in college. Her last name now has become a slur (as it should be) and from what I remember a lot of her extended family changed their names for protection. Retribution will come their way.


There's a really good piece written in The Atlantic about Till. The author interviewed Till's cousin who was with him that day and they go to the barn where he was tortured and killed. [Article](https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2021/09/barn-emmett-till-murder/619493/)


Heartbreaking. Thanks for the share.


The young man was 14!!!! C’mon.. she’s evil.


Not “young man”, “child”. She had a child murdered because she wanted some dick.


She had him murdered because she was, and is, a racist.


… also because she wanted attention from the men in the neighborhood (she ended up marrying one of the murderers).


She was married to Roy Bryant from 1951-1979. They were married when he and JW Milam killed Emmitt Till in 1955.


I stand corrected


Unfortunately white people have been falsely accusing black people of stuff like that long before 1955… the 1921 Tulsa race massacre was started because a white woman complained about sharing an elevator with a black man.


Holy shit. THIS is that fucking Karen!!?? Thank you for giving us a face to despise. Fuck you, you ugly-ass racist bitch. A smart incredible boy died for your lies. Died horribly from torture and disgusting mutilations. You deserve prison. Fuck this boss level Karen.


What still trips me out about Emmett Till is that if he wasn't killed, he would be 80 now. The vile racism that killed Emmett Till is not as far in the past as we think it is. In many places, it's still fucking alive.


No, the woman that said a black teen had tried to rape a white woman because she heard a scream and it led to the Tulsa Race Massacre was way before this.


I'm not an expert, but I'm pretty sure if we want to find the mother of all Karens, we have to go back way further than 1955. Still, Honorable mention.


s-tier Karen for sure


Racist. She's a racist, first and foremost. A liar, second. Not every Karen is a racist, but every racist is a Karen.


What a horrible human.


Still alive too, reportedly


She looks every bit as vile as her 21st Century counterparts.


You can tell by looking at her there is absolutely nothing going on in her head …. Except maybe hate


Bearing false witness. Where have i heard this before? She's looking up from Hell going, "What???".


Unfortunately she’s not six feet under just yet


87, still alive, had a full and happy life, no consequences


White women have quietly benefited from racism for centuries. https://medium.com/@dtwps/unique-ways-white-women-enact-racism-57af128a03f7


This is beyond Karen and bordering on murderess...


She wasn’t the original Karen but she is one of the all time worst. Definitely deserves a place of dishonor in the Karen Hall of Fame


Is she rotting in hell yet?


She looks like a pelican lol


What about the Temperance Movement? They wanted to speak to alcohol's manager.


At least that was a reaction to a real problem, an epidemic of alcoholism and domestic abuse. It was a stupid solution that didn't work, and that should have been expected.


I hope she steps in melted ice puddles for the rest of her life and her walker is slightly uneven. And I’m not talking noticeably uneven. I mean you can’t tell if you’re just shifting your weight or it’s just uneven.


Wow. Malice just radiates from her eyes.


They called them Miss Ann’s in those days, I think.


Fuck that raggedy bitch


Ugly ass racist bitch.


Stupid cunt


Back in the segregation days


Her eyes just look evil


Disgusting woman. When they tortured Emmett they gouged his eyes out while he was alive. She’s burning in hell right now.


I wish. The vile bitch still walks the earth.


OMG I thought she died! Thanks bro.


Just to put this in perspective. Her actions got a 14 year old black child brutally murdered for something he never did, with the knowledge that her position in society would do so and kept that to herself for decades. Could you be more of a redditor, calling this woman a Karen? Like can we not? I think her actions are deserving of a bit more than to be labelled with a ridiculous internet meme name. It's so silly and disrespectful. Shove your upvotes up your arse.


She didn't falsely accuse but she still took it in the worst way possible and made the worst possible decision


She absolutely falsely accused. She admitted it a few years ago. She knew if she told her husband, he’d kill Emmett Till.


It’s amazing that someone so beautiful outside can be vile and disgusting on the inside. She is evil incarnate.


Beautiful?! She looks like a snake with curls.


Bahahahaha I suppose you’re right. I did say she’s evil incarnate, there’s a special place in hell for her. I hope she gets flayed over and over again for all eternity.


She stole her broccoli casserole recipe 8 years prior...and claimed it was hers *she claimed it was hers*




Haha, by the downvotes, I guess no one caught my reference, too obscure sorry guys, no disrespect. Lubalin (Internet drama part 2) it’s on yt you can look it up. I didn’t expect downvotes. I thought someone would put Careful who your friends are Or something to that effect. Ha. Enjoy it it’s a great track imho




This wasn’t done for male attention; she was, and is, racist. Don’t make her out as a self-imposed damsel in distress.




She was the best argument against the #BelieveAllWoman movement a couple of years ago.


At least she admitted it


The Ur-Karen


Yeah she the OG. Stuck with her lie til she was on her deathbed too, if I remember correctly. Edit: Just saw that she's still alive, so I might be thinking of a different racist bitch.


However her life ended, I hope it hurt. A lot, and took ages.


Sadly, she's still drawing wind. Something about being that evil tends to keep people going.


Karen Zero has been found. Well done.


Wasn’t she told to say what she said in order to “justify” the kids brutal murder and then recanted???


The Ur-Karen…


If there's a Hell, I hope this bitch is tortured the same way she got Emmett Till tortured for all of eternity.


hope this bitch burns in hell


Even Hell wouldn't want someone that disgusting. That, or they will build a special Hell just for her. Although, I don't know a torture appropriate enough for her. Perhaps to experience what Emmett did for eternity would be a start.


I have a sneaking hunch that "Karens" were around as far back as the Neolithic age.


She does have the face of a Karen ngl


i wish she at least saw some jailtime. so disheartening to know that bitch killed someone with a fucking lie