Not snarking that her dad has covid but how are they gonna justify their opinions now?

Not snarking that her dad has covid but how are they gonna justify their opinions now?


Remember when she was like “oh well 🤷‍♀️ he’s old” when her grandpa died of covid?


omg I forgot her grandpa died of covid. in the next slide on her story she says how her family has never been through anything like this...did she just like forget about her grandpa?


I took it as he already had other conditions, and COVID was the final thing that was beyond what his body could handle 🤷🏻‍♀️ but you're right, it's strange she leaves that out


it's so frustrating when people push off Covid deaths just because they had pre-existing conditions. Reminds me of my friend's mom who is a nurse and works at a nursing home. Last summer everyone in the facility got covid. Literally every nurse and resident, and they had around 60 residents at the time. 15 of them died. She brushed her own illness off as "oh it was just a flu" and said that it was sad to see the residents sick, but they didn't have much "quality of life" anyways. My response to this (not to her anti-vaxx face, though) was that I don't care if they would've only lived 6 months or a year more, they deserved any time they had. Their families could've had grandparent or a great-grandparent for longer, and that's tragic. edit: this woman has worked at this place for the entire pandemic, and she is still a Trump supporter. She almost didn't let my best friend (16 then) get vaxxed because it would "cause infertility" and last spring she wasn't wearing masks around her patients because they "couldn't hear her"


I worked in a nursing home during covid too. The residents really did struggle to hear us with the masks. Know what I did? Spoke louder.


>She brushed her own illness off as "oh it was just a flu" and said that it was sad to see the residents sick, but they didn't have much "quality of life" anyways. It's ironic to see that Republicans became the party of death panels.


Not ironic at all. Very predictable, in fact.


It didn't matter then because he was an old.


It's also slightly more natural for your grandparent to die vs having your parent die. My grandpa died when I was 9 and I was spending most of my nights at his house because my dad worked a lot so my grandma would take me to school during the week. My mom died when I was 7.5, otherwise I would've just been with her at my own house. It started to change right around that time anyway because my dad started dating my stepmom and she moved in with us.


After a friend died my Aunt was talking to me about how she was grieving my grandparents and knew I was too, but said “you know your grandparents will die, you expect your parents to, you never really think of your peers dying” and it really stuck with me. As soon as you learn about death you usually apply it to the people “ahead” of you or you learn about it because of them dying. But each step closer to you is harder.


>but said “you know your grandparents will die, you expect your parents to, you never really think of your peers dying” and it really stuck with me Ugh, not only did I need to hear this today, I can confirm. My best friend of 30 years, aka my unbiological sister, died suddenly back on July 14 this year. I turned 36 in June and she was supposed to turn 36 on August 30. Instead that day they spread her ashes. And with Norm Macdonald dying yesterday, my first instinct was to text her about the news because he was our favorite Weekend Update person from SNL. So the grief was a little extra yesterday, because I remembered she's not here.


I’m so sorry. I lost my best friend (28M) to HPV Pneumonia 7 years ago. He died exactly how everyone with Covid has been going, except we were able to be with him. If you ever need anything at all, you can message me. I know how unbelievably unbearable this grief is. Much ❤️to you.


Oh that sounds terrifying, I can't imagine. I didn't know HPV could develop into pneumonia like that. I'm sorry for your loss, and thank you for the sympathy. It is very appreciated 💙 Grief really can be something else. I've already lost all my grandparents and both my parents, pretty much everyone who had some kind of hand in raising me. My silver lining is that I can try to be there for my sister's kids, they're 19, 14, and just turned 11 a few days after mom's death. They're living with their grandma so they've at least got some kind of stability for now.


I’m so sorry. My best friend died two years ago on August 19th. It is still just as hard, but a different kind of hard than the first moment I found out. When my Aunt said that after my grandpa died but I was still too lost in grief over my friend to really feel it- it helped a lot. If you ever need to talk to someone I’m here. We’d been friends since 8th grade and she would’ve turned 30 with me this year.


I'm sorry for your losses. Grief really is something else. I've had an abnormally high amount of deaths in my life; my unbiological sister actually used to get so angry at the universe's way of treating me. Like my mom's oldest sister was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer then died 12 days later. My unbiological sister was more angry/upset at the situation than I was and that's one of the things I loved most about her. I could tell her some of the bullshit going on in my life & she would spring into more action than I would lol. She was also one of the only people who checked on me this year on my mom's birthday. Now I don't know who will acknowledge that day besides myself because pretty much everyone who cared about my mom's birthday (besides myself) are gone now. And in just a couple years my mom will have been gone as long as she lived which I'm having a very difficult time with that idea. My mom only got 31 years, she was supposed to turn 60 on her birthday this year. And now, my unbiological sister will be 35 forever because she didn't get to turn 36. 2020 was a pretty bad year, but 2021 has been so much worse.


Oh, sweetheart, I am so sorry. I know I'm just a stranger on the internet, but tell me your mom's birthday and I'll put it in my calendar right now.


March 15 💙


Interesting perspective. My mother died when I was 13. So I have experience AND a screwed version of death.


Didn’t forget. She just didn’t give a shit about her grandpa or any other elderly person. And if/when her dad dies it will end up another oh well because unless daddy is helping provide for them he most likely doesn’t mean that much to her in the long run


Imagine being that cold-hearted of a human being


Damn I forgot that. My grandpa is 95, and he’s had a very good and happy life thus far, but I will still be gutted when he passes because regardless of it being his time it’s still someone I love immensely.


Mine is 91, has congestive heart failure, and his mind isn't as sharp as it used to be. He is my last grandparent left and I can't imagine what it will be like to know he isn't around anymore.


Yo my 13 year old Pomeranian died 2 weeks ago of a stroke and I was still destroyed emotionally by that, and she was 80 doggie years old qnd had a host of end-of-life conditions. This attitude baffles me


And yet these people claim to be full of “Christian love”! I was devastated when my Grandpa died 4 years ago and his very much was an old age thing. That didn’t make the loss any easier.


Covid Morgan. C O V I D. Just because they didn’t say Voldemort’s name didn’t mean he didn’t exist


She doesn't want the covid Information thing to pop up because she's a covid denying asshole.


Exactly. She’s not saying it because she doesn’t want her followers to have the ease of clicking that “learn more about Covid” button.


I love how Facebook/Instagram thinks it’s covering its ass by putting those Covid buttons on stuff as if anti-vaxxers click on them or believe any of it anyway. Instagram is being lazy and doesn’t want to actually take misinformation down. /rant


They won't do anything about it, because covid misinformation attracts gullible people and gullible people are the best demographic to sell overpriced shit to via ads.


They don’t even take down actual hate speech with a nazi flag as the background. I reported that on Facebook the other day and was told it doesn’t violate community standards. Ooooh okay 🙄


Yet I get a 3 day comment ban for saying men suck 🙃


but i got a warning for saying men are stupid…


Can't sell shit to dead or folks on ventilators


I also love how they can detect COVID in posts even if it’s just spoken and not written, and will put a warning up but it won’t detect obvious racist slurs, language, or white supremacist language. I’ve reported such language and then get a “We didn’t find anything wrong with the content you reported.” Ooookay lol


She could use this opportunity to urge her followers to be careful, love their neighbors, etc. But nope. It's best to just stick to the narrative. If she's lurking here, she should go check out the Herman Cain award subreddit.


She's touching all the points


Just waiting for a goatee and a go fund me.


I see you're an expert on that very fine sub too


Don’t forget the wrap around sunglasses!


I think she just about got a blackout bingo in this one post. Very impressive!


Missing that goatee


That's an old photo maybe he currently has one




"You -know-what." Jesus H Christopher, these people always lived in blatant delusion, but this really takes the proverbial cake. "You-know-what." Smh.


Nope he was infected with that which we do not say!!!


Maybe just maybe it might make her do a 180 on her views. Or it will make her more batshit crazy like #they told us it was covid YEAH RIGHT


Her grandpa dying of it didn’t seem to sway her at all so yeah I doubt it lol


Yeah well he was old, so *shrug* (/s)


Is she going to wait until the people in her family get younger and younger and sicker and sicker? Like baby girl, if your father dies at his point he will never be a grandfather to your children. Don't be a fool, Morgan.


Oh I didn't know that her grandpa died from covid...


Your bolded statement is exactly what she had to say about it lol. Welcome to the world of Morgan olli, you’ll love it here 🥰


I’m concerned about her comment where she says, “Pray that the doctors and nurses will love him well…” My husband is a nurse and my concern is that she is going to be one of those nightmare family members who blames absolutely everything on the staff, thinks that she knows the nurses’ job better than they do, and, should things go badly, will blame the care her father received rather than the fact that he had Covid.


> Pray that the doctors and nurses will love him well… The ones that have been working at 110% for 18 months because morons won't take simple precautions like vax and masks? I'm sure they're just full of love.


I feel confident that all of your fears are justified, and that she’ll create new ways to be a nightmare. Signed, the daughter of a hospice nurse.


How long til she demands ivermectin for him.


I have a feeling she/they already did... and it didn’t work. Hence the utter lack of whining about it.


It's horrible the way these people's friends and families advocate for bothering the doctors and nurses to demand their unproven treatments, and get mad when hospitals aren't following the protocol the demon sperm lady's group came up with (that they sell, natch).


Nothing will change these people's minds... My dad's best friend died of COVID (July) after his dad and mom died of COVID (March), and his wife still writes on their joint-FB account how it was "his time" and he wouldn't change not wearing a mask or getting the vaccine because he loved his freedoms. It didn't HAVE to be your time Brian if you would've just turned off Fox for 5 minutes.


Yeah you can tell when people say stuff like “Covid and pneumonia.” That way they can claim it was the pneumonia that did it, not Covid. Never mind they’re one in the same 🙄


'it's never covid, all those people had some other condition they died of' Didn't they do a whole video on this where they were like 'haha, even in the official documents no one dies of just covid! They are all lying!'


My anti vax mom just got rushed to the hospital and was on a respirator & then a bipap for a week. She was diagnosed with pneumonia but tested negative for Covid (she had it last year). Guess what the first thing she said to me was? “Don’t make me a part of your Covid scam.” I thought she was going to die. Makes me absolutely furious.


I'm so sorry


My anti-vax anti-mask mother caught COVID, was hospitalized for a week, has been home for a few weeks and still can't do more than make a simple meal before needing to sleep for a few hours, and is blaming her issues on the COVID-induced pneumonia. She gets sick often and has pneumonia at least once a year and recovers really quickly, but magically when she has COVID and pneumonia it's the pneumonia making her so sick, not COVID. These idiots can't be reasoned with.


This highly infuriates me to read this utter bullshit. Especially taking into account not even 12 hours ago, at work, we had to code a patient several times in our Covid ICU in order to give his family enough to time to drive from hours away just to say goodbye in person! How did that (unvaccinated) man catch Covid? His daughter who had Covid insisted on getting her child baptized at church! Who knows how many other people she has exposed… I’ve practically been screaming from the rooftops how these fundies need to take this virus seriously and either get vaccinated or wear a damn mask. Preferably both but my expectations are so low. Also I vividly remember how nonchalant Morgan was when her grandpa died of Covid so we will see if she keeps it up, should her dad get worse.


Jesus Christ that's a horrifying abdication of responsibility by that daughter. I hate saying this, but I hope she feels guilty. That is directly her fault. I hate what the pandemic has done to my sense of empathy.


I personally tried to keep myself from thinking that. But essentially yes, mainly due to the fact that he was already immune compromised and at his own admission, hardly ever went out during this pandemic. Of course I can see him wanting to see his grandchild’s baptism. Not sure if he knew his daughter was positive at the time or not but it’s very unfortunate.


“Hardly went out” Yep my parents too. And they always wore masks even though my dad is a right wing radicalized nut job. But as I told them, it only takes being around that one person and statistics to not be on your side. And mom is very high risk. She got it from being at a restaurant one of the few times they went out. Almost died. Now is vaccinated. He got it, got ivermectin from his quack doctor, and is not vaccinated. I’m pretty much done with him. Fortunately my mom mostly ignores his bullshit now too, since he scared her into not getting vaccinated and almost dying. It makes me soooo angry. My dad couldn’t figure out why the hospital would call me instead of him. Uh, maybe you’re crazy and sick simultaneously so they’d rather talk to someone who will actually listen and not ramble conspiracies at them??


Sounds like my parents. My step-mom, A NURSE, won't let my dad get the vaccine. He JUST beat prostate cancer about a year ago and is in his 60s. I've been hoping he secretly went out and got the vaccine and just didn't tell her because if something happens to him, i'll never forgive her.


Thank you for the work you're doing and take care of yourself. When this is all over and if you need some help I'd recommend reading "The Body Keeps the Score", it's helped me process some childhood trauma.


Just want to let you know that your sense of empathy is intact and fine. The people lacking empathy are the ones going around killing people and they simply don’t care. What you are experiencing is fatigue and is completely normal in people with actual human emotions, unlike these sociopaths we keep reading about.


Thank you. I can't wait till this is all over and out of the news, at least out of the news everyday. Also, great flair.


> we had to code a patient several times in our Covid ICU in order to give his family enough to time to drive from hours away just to say goodbye in person I need to get a DNR.


They released an entire video about not taking the vaccine. I'm finding it extremely difficult to summon any empathy.


My husband just texted me a story from his coworker. (Sorry that this sounds like my uncle's friend's dog's niece kind of story) His coworker's Dad's friend just died of Covid. At the funeral, no one was masked except coworker's parents. Now the dead man's daughter-in-law is in the hospital and who knows how many more will get sick or spread it.


Didn’t her grandfather already die of covid? First she was all “he’s old so it doesn’t count” and then she switched to “the *pneumonia* killed him so it doesn’t count.” She’ll never admit she and her clown of a husband are wrong.


By that logic, AIDS never killed anyone either. It was always pneumonia or some other disease (the part left unmentioned is that the AIDS was what destroyed their immune systems so much that those other conditions were able to run rampant and cause so much damage)


That’s exactly what AIDS deniers say.


I don't know if she knows this, but that is how people also die of the flu. Which they argue kills "more" people.


Still can’t bring herself to just write “covid” because heaven forbid the covid information bar pops up… on a post about a person very ill with covid. If only there was a way to prevent people from getting this sick. And suddenly she’s cool with the science of medicine and compassionate to medical workers when they’re treating her dad but not when developing vaccines. Even Morgan’s relatives don’t deserve covid, hoping he recovers.


Science? Medicine? Silly, they're going to "love him well!"


If they have enough staff available to do so.


I used to work in the ER and my nurse friends have been like, 'dont do any stupid shit, we so not have the beds for y'all right now'


Yeah. I’m a nurse and I’ve told all my friends, make good choices, drive safe and take care of yourself. Now is not the time to need emergency medical services.


Writing it out triggers the bots and the automatic review of the post for misinformation. That's why they don't do it or they spell it different.


This. The amount of creative spelling to avoid filters is too damned high.


Instagram doesn’t even review every human generated report of abuse or Covid misinfo anymore, so adding the button does jack shit anyway. A lot of misinfo people just use the real words again because they know it’s unlikely they’ll face consequences unless there’s a big media story that mentions their account by name.


lol [Morgan, this you???](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_uziLJIJBqI). Her dads been sick for 2 weeks, with this video from 3 weeks ago that her and Paul believed not getting the covid vaccine or wearing a mask upholds their values of “love thy neighbor”. I can’t. I have no words.


Not only that, about 8 months they did another COVID video and Morgan kind of mocked the doctors and nurses. She didn’t “mock them” mock them, but she talked about them in her baby voice. Looks like she doesn’t have a problem with them now.


I know, so disgusting.


The "you-know-what" If you're not mature enough to call COVID what it is, you're not mature enough for social media.


Writing it out triggers the bots and the automatic review of the post for misinformation. That's why they don't do it or they spell it different. As a person who got a banned early in covid for jokingly saying that wisteria could cure it with a graphic of the conspiracy guy from the movie Contagion, I understand why people purposely misspell things. The bots don't have any idea about context. But fundies do it to get by the misinformation sensors (and censors).


Ooh. Can't have facts. Facts are for liberals. /s


Instagram has gone extremely hands off with removing Covid misinfo for months now. There are blatant misinfo accounts that have been banned before that have been reported a ton and nothing has happened. Same for racist and hateful abuse. I’ve gotten automatic replies to reports I’ve made that say they’re too busy to review it.


I feel like in this context, it would be in her best interest to spell it out so that none of her other followers have to go through what she's going through. She looked genuinely exhausted in some of the clips I've seen of her recently. I know her mind doesn't work like that but it's just like COME ON at this point. So incredibly frustrating to see people claim that they're not impacted so it doesn't matter and then when they are impacted they don't give a shit either. Nothing will get through to them.


They’ll provide the care they can, which certainly won’t be the best since they’re overwhelmed with critically ill patients. It’s a sad truth. In the beginning of the pandemic this was somewhat unavoidable, these days it is not. This is so sadly unnecessary for those sick/dying, their family, and the burnt out health care providers. Please get vaccinated and social distance.


The doctors and nurses sure as shit won't be "loving him" him either. Idiot.


That pisses me right off: it’s not a matter of LOVING SOMEONE ENOUGH, MORGAN! If y’all loved your neighbors enough—y’know, like JESUS said—you’d get the damned vaccine and follow protocols. Y’all don’t love the medical staff enough to actually do what they say. Argh!


Plus…it’s weird to “love” your patients…guarantee no reputable healthcare provider has love towards their unvaccinated ICU patients who are making life worse for everyone…


Does anyone have an idea of the likelihood of survival once you are in the icu? Especially for days? From what I’ve seen the outcome typically isn’t too great once you are ill enough to need icu level care.


Based on the posts in r/nursing, it’s not very good if you’re unvaccinated. And if you have to go on a ventilator, you’re pretty much done for. From an NPR story I saw, one of the biggest differences between vaccinated and unvaccinated patients is lung damage. If you’re vaxxed, then covid doesn’t tend to attack the lungs. So you have a much better outlook, because you can breathe. And covid lung damage tends to be the sort of thing that doesn’t heal, so your long term outlook is also much better if you’re vaccinated.


My friends unvaxxed 60 year old mom caught covid late june got put on a ventilator july 1 and finally left the hospital for a care home 2 weeks ago. She survived but she will always have to be on oxygen and need home health care. Almost seems worse than dying in some ways. She is still antivax too so who knows how long until she catches a new variant or something. Idaho isnt requiring home care staff to be vaxxed either and idaho has the lowest vax rates in the nation.


Yup. I've got a (chosen) Uncle who has been working in covid wards in central FL since the pandemic started. This is pretty much what I've heard from him the times he's let me pick his brain about it. Said a lot of the people go on a vent but end up having so much heart and lung damage that they end up needing either both lungs replaced or a new heart as well. It's not like those are in ample supply.


I think (I could be wrong) it depends on whether a patient is put on a ventilator. And if they are then the longer they are on it the worse the odds are of a full recovery. She didn't mention a vent at this time so who knows how bad his case is. But pneumonia causes damage and even if he recovers there are possible long term health issues. A family friend of ours got c*vid and was in the ICU. He never was on a ventilator but had blood clots that were keeping him there. There are so many things that can go wrong it's scary. But these dam fundies think it's all a hoax or conspiracy.


I do believe that’s the case. Regeneron treatments can help if you have COVID, but there’s a sweet spot between testing positive and realizing you feel sick enough to need them, vs. being too far gone for them to be of any use.


According to this publication: > Mortality rates reported in patients with severe COVID-19 in the ICU range from 50–65% > Reports of ICU mortality due to COVID-19 around the world and in the Unites States, in particular, have ranged from 20–62%. In mechanically ventilated patients, mortality has ranged from 50–97%. (source: https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0249038) The study is limited in that it was one hospital in Florida, and not overwhelmed at the time of the study, and the number of patients intubated vs not is included in that final figure (she did not say if her father was intubated). Obviously, I hope her father survives. Losing a loved one is awful. But I hope she has a support structure around her to help her prepare for the worst possibility, because the ICU doesn't have a great recovery rate, regardless. It's where people who are very, very sick go. While I hope he (and any COVID patient) makes a full recovery, he may not. The death of a parent can rattle you to your very core, and you need a good support system. I just hope she has it.


It sucks. It sucks that folks like her didn’t believe how serious covid was until it affected her. It sucks her dad got sick at the same time the medical system was incredibly stressed vs this time last year when it wasn’t as bad. Tennessee and Kentucky are just getting slaughtered right now by covid. Their healthcare system is sinking. It just really sucks they didn’t believe bad things could happen, mocked us all, despite being warned for months to get vaccinated and wear a mask.


her grandpa died of covid and she didn't care


I felt so bad when a family member ended up in the hospital recently as a breakthrough case. He got it from his job in healthcare too. He could potentially be getting more attention and care but nooooo all the unvaccinated folks made it damn difficult. Fortunately he’s fine, but given his comorbitities I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t have survive if he hadn’t gotten vaccinated way back in like Feb.


The "and social distance" is still critical and practically forgotten now. My vaccinated mother and step-dad just had covid because their idiot selves went to the fair. They are both doing alright now, but my step-dad got scary sick. I can't stand to think what the situation had been if they weren't vaccinated.


Any chance it was one of the fairs in Washington State? The Puyallup is going on right now and the thought of going makes my skin crawl. Of course huge crowds are not my favorite so COVID is a nice excuse not to be roped into going with someone.


And so glad to hear someone still calling it the Puyallup! Lol


I was just about to post about this on here too. Like I'm really sorry that her dad is sick and that their family is going through this, no one deserves that. But Paul and Morgan have made such a big deal about not caring about Covid safety or recognizing how serious this virus is. (Who knows, maybe it was even one of them who spread the virus to Morgan's dad.) And now it's hitting them close to home in a big way, so how can they still stand by their previous arguments? Morgan can't even say COVID in her caption. She still won't acknowledge this the way that she should. It's sad and it's wrong. I just hope this wakes them up at least somewhat and makes them more careful. I wish her dad well of course though.


I was also thinking that it could've easily been one of them to give him covid. Paul has been to SEVERAL anti-mask/vax/lockdown rallies. I also find it kinda strange that he's been in the hospital for 2 weeks and this is the first she's posting about (is she embarassed?). Meanwhile, they've been making youtuve videos about the fucking cinderella movie...


She's def embarrassed and/or thought he'd only be in hospital for a few days. They think getting COVID is no different than a mild flu. If he's been in the ICU for 2 weeks fighting for his life, maybe it will hit them how serious and deadly this is?


Oy the bills he is probably accruing…I hope he has health insurance


Dude even with it the bills are nuts. I can’t wait to hear my dad complain about theirs, so I can start a fight with him again about socialized medicine. Just like he tried to do when I lived abroad in a country that actually provides healthcare. I’m so over his bullshit at this point. I wish I could parental block certain channels on their TV.


Because he ain't gonna make it.


>Because he ain't gonna make it. I'm shocked I had to get this far. This is exactly it. Today is Wednesday, if he's been on a vent in the ICU since Sunday, yeah, this won't end well. Hope I'm wrong, but most unvaccinated people who end up on a vent in ICU will eventually die soon. And about a day or two before he dies, he will seem to be getting better and turning a corner, only to go south quickly, straight into death.


I'm obviously assuming his vaccination status (assuming he's not) ..but such a long ICU stay including several days on a vent already.. I'm not in the medical field at all but just from cruising the nursing subs the last few months I'm not confident.


He’s been sick for two weeks. He’s only been in the hospital for a few days (since Sunday). Which probably isn’t good news, because he’s not been getting treatment as it kept getting worse.


She said sick for two weeks, hospitalized since Sunday.


Yeah, exactly. Like her husband could be the reason her dad is in the hospital right now. She needs to acknowledge that instead of constantly praising Paul and ignoring COVID. Yeah, I think that could be part of it but also I mean maybe she was just too down about it too. But yeah, I guess making fun of a good progressive movie and putting those people down helped cheer them up a bit maybe. I wouldn't be surprised. They are those kinds of people. 🙄 But I don't want to be too harsh on Morgan right now with the pain she's going through, but we can't just turn a blind eye to how her own ignorance and lack of care for herself and others with COVID is biting her in the butt now. She and Paul need to wake up and realize the harm they're causing.


Well, she could’ve prevented/minimized this pain by listening to science and other concerned citizens. It’s like this [meme](https://imgflip.com/memegenerator/Bike-Fall). I have honestly lost all sympathy for Covid deniers and liars. It’s sad he is sick, no one deserves to die from a preventable illness, but this is the bed her and her family have made to lie in after 1.5 years of this pandemic! And if he survives, that’s more ammunition for these fundies to further downplay the seriousness of Covid. “Look y’all, prayers saved him and not the days of medical care.” It’s frustrating. I don’t think any amount of pain, suffering or loss can truly change how fundies handle this pandemic. It’s frustrating.


This is where I am, as well. Nobody deserves covid or to watch their loved ones suffer. But I am having an incredibly hard time feeling compassion for people, and in this case people who live very close to me, who actively deny the seriousness of covid and spread misinformation while they’re personally being negatively affected by it. It’s infuriating. I hate that I feel like this but I just can’t dredge up a lot of sympathy for these folks anymore.


This is how I feel now too and what I told my dad recently. His wife almost died and he’s still saying being vaccinated wouldn’t have mattered. And still won’t get vaccinated. Wtf. Someone in another subreddit told me it was okay to be angry at them, and I was actually thankful they were telling people that because even though I know it’s okay to be angry and disappointed in them, it’s so conflicting when dealing with parents. Especially when they didn’t used to be science denying nut jobs and I’m literally a fucking scientist because of how they raised me.


I agree. Paul and and Morgan (and their family too I'm guessing) should've taken this a lot more seriously and actually been careful. They're living in the consequences of their own actions. And that's absolutely true too. It's like with Trump when he survived COVID he and his supporters used that to make it like it wasn't a big deal, even though that's the farthest thing from the truth. I mean of course I don't wish death on Morgan's father, but you're right, they'd find a way to use his recovery for their own agenda and to support their false claims that this virus isn't as bad as it actually absolutely is. It makes me really angry too. And Morgan will probably try to milk this whole situation for sympathy too I'm guessing.


I feel like there's two types of covid deniers - the type who finally get covid or have a family member get it and it snaps them back to reality and you'll see them making desperate pleas from the hospital about what an idiot they were and to get vaccinated etc, and then there's the ones like Morgan who somehow still just shrug it off and refuse to accept it's real. Both types suck, but the ones like Morgan are definitely worse. There's no saving her at this point if she's so emotionally walled off that she can't even admit she was wrong when her own father is in the ICU with covid. The world and headspace that Paul and Morgan live in must be dark, terrifying and oozing with toxicity. I don't envy anything about their lives, everything they give off just reeks of fear, anxiety and self-loathing. They have some of the worst energy/vibe of any fundie couple that's snarked on here.


It’s so fascinating to me that the people who talk about “not living in fear” as a reason to ignore Covid are the same people who surround themselves with nothing but fear! I have plenty of anxiety over Covid, climate change, guns, abortion laws, healthcare, etc., but I feel like I generally strike a good balance between being rightfully concerned about everything going on in the world and living my life. I know that there are fucking terrible people in the world, but I don’t spend all of my time thinking about how they’re out to get me. Reality isn’t always great, but I still I just can’t imagine how miserable it must be to be immersed in that rhetoric 24/7.


Totally agree. People on this sub have such a soft spot for Morgan, and while I get where they're coming from, I do not. They ooze condescension, ego, and superiority complex. While the other fundies do too, it's not their driving force like it seems to be for these two. In their "would jesus wear a mask" video, they talked about how NOT wearing a mask is loving your neighbor because they love them enough to stick up for their freedoms and rights. Wonder how she feels about that statement now that her dad freely got covid.


Recovery is rough too. We had an uncle in ICU - induced coma and his recovery was trying. He’s still on oxygen 5 months later. I hope she changes her outlook on how serious Covid actually is.


You know what else works besides prayer, Morgan? Masks and vaccines! Who would have thought this was preventable


Hey, Morgan! Going to get the vaccine now? You’d better. Bring Adult Caillou with you.


Adult Caillou 😂 that's awesome


I though “you-know-what” wasnt real Morgan? People who have no empathy for others ever, don’t get to claim it when reality hits them.


She knows it’s real cause she already lost her grandpa to it


Dang if only there was something that was free and proven safe and effective with FDA approval for use in people 12 and up that could have prevented this…


I hope Morgan’s dad gets better. I’m trying really hard to not let my anger and frustration toward the irresponsible to not completely rob me of my compassion. That is hard though and I certainly don’t expect that of anyone else. On one hand a lot of these people have been lied to and manipulated. At the same time they have ignored accurate information and scientific evidence that is readily available to them, carelessly disregarded pleas to care for their community, flaunted their lack of regard for others, and spread misinformation and disinformation themselves. For this people are justified in their anger, compassion fatigue, or whatever it is they’re feeling. This was preventable by a safe and effective vaccine and wearing a mask, but they could not be bothered. Most of my thoughts go to the doctors and nurses who are left to care for people who did not care for them and the people who may not get a needed hospital bed. I hope this family learns from this and chooses to do better. I will not hold my breath.


I’m going to get downvoted into oblivion for this but I don’t feel one bit sorry. The vaccine is now FDA approved and mask wearing is proven to be effective for lower transmission rates. These people have been essentially slapping in the face health care workers like myself who are sick and tired of dealing with covid. There’s no excuse with the fourth wave.


You know what works? Vaccines.


Nope! JUST PRAYER (and the doctors and nurses put to work because you refused to do anything EXCEPT pray)


Since prayer works they should all just refuse to clog up the hospitals and stay home away from modern medicine and science.


This could have been prevented with a shot. There is a fucking solution for this problem and these motherfuckers won't take it! They could be going on with their hateful little lives, but no. They wanted to get covid to own the libs. Praying for the nurses and doctors who have to take care of these irresponsible assholes. Oh, and they will justify it by saying "people who get the shot also get sick," with no regards to the vast differences in odds. These people won't fucking help themselves.


And praying for people who are in need for urgent care for something different than Covid, and can’t get a bed in the ICU because it’s blocked with people like Morgan’s dad…


I read about a guy who died from a heart attack after being refused by 43 ICUs


I heard about that dude in Alabama as well. I'm thoroughly disgusted by these science deniers. Also, I live in Tennessee, we're currently number one in covid cases per capita. I passed a kidney stone a few weeks ago and I've never been so thankful that I both a) have had them before so I knew exactly what was happening and b) had meds in my house that enabled me to get the damn thing passed at home. Otherwise I was going to have to take myself to the ER while my husband stayed at home with our 4yr old. And I really wanted to avoid the hospital because back then they were already on the brink of full, not to mention our 4yr old is too young to be vaccinated yet, so we've been doing everything we can to keep him safe.


I'm immunocompromised and my rheumatologist urged all his patients to get the shot. He was quite clear that it won't stop us from getting sick but thst it will hopefully keep it less severe. My lungs are already damaged from other issues and a simple flu or cold usually makes me sick for several months. I wasn't taking any chances, I followed my drs orders and I'm thankful for it.


I have RA and you bet your ass when I saw “boosters available” I was in the clinic the next day. Currently at the clinic waiting on a flu shot like a damn adult. Grow up, Paul and Morgan!


I got a breakthrough infection, and while it sucked (nothing felt “mild” about it at all), I was no where close to needing to go to the hospital. I hope her dad gets better, but this wasn’t fate. This was his choice.


So I don’t know about Morgan’s dad specifically but I had a family friend who had a break through infection, had to go to the hospital, and ended up dying from it. I know it’s super rare but it does happen. I don’t follow Morgan enough to know if her dad is anti-vax as well but just a reminder that some (rarely though) breakthroughs do result in hospital stays.


If I die of a breakthrough covid case, I will defy time and space to haunt every anti vaxxer I know. Like real ghoul shit too, I will torment them for real for real.


Exactly. Prayer works but vaccines don't? Alrighty then.


FYI Morgan, the nurses and doctors will provide the best care, regardless of his stance on Covid. It's called professionalism but you wouldn't know.


I honestly I just feel sad when these people continue to believe their loved ones will come home. She doesn’t specify in her post, but if her dad is on a ventilator it’s extremely unlikely he’ll make it. I know many of us cope with the exhaustion with antivaxers by having a “you made your choices, these are the consequences” type of attitude—and that is the truth of the situation. You have to become a bit emotionless to deal with the level of devastation in our country. But I also do feel deeply sad that so many people were so horribly misguided, and so deeply entrenched that they can’t even put self preservation above politics.


Oh so now we want healthcare from doctors and nurses even though they have been recommending the vaccine as a preventative measure? I don’t feel bad one bit for her and I hope she’s miserable about her misinformation spewing and full of regret. But I know she isn’t.


So fucking annoying. Now that it effects your family you want prayer. After nearly 2 years of being a dickbag about the whole thing. Cool cool.


I’m sorry her dad is sick. I wish this would change her mind, but I know better.


Prayer works. Right. Know what works? Vaccines. Doctors. Science. Masks. Ugh.


Didn’t her grandpa pass away from COVID already? She tried to argue he was already in bad health so it wasn’t really the virus. If that didn’t change her views, nothing will.


the recovery rates if someone is in the ICU are extremely low. it’s so sad she is very likely going to lose her dad. it’s wild that they’re okay with that.


Sick with “You know what?” Is it fucking Voldemort? Ffs.


If prayer worked, he wouldn't be in the hospital.


A lot of people prayed for a family friend who died 2 weeks ago. If prayer worked, why isn’t he alive? And why has his 19 year old son been in ICU (placed on a ventilator and currently an ECMO) since mid august?


It’s completely infuriating. My whole family and just about everyone I know is vaccinated. BUT my mom is 90, vaccinated, and I’m worried that she will get a breakthrough case and not be able to get decent care.


Ohh another r/Hermancainaward nominee!


I'd love to shake them and let them know I've been vaxxed since December and work with covid patients. I'm perfectly healthy since the pfizer series and I have not gotten covid despite likely close contacts without n-95. (patients that are negative via screener in triage, but test positive). Any healthy individual has extremely low chances of an adverse reaction.


🙏PRAYER WARRIORS🙏 bullshit followed by a gofundme. thats how theyll justify it. a god honoring covid fueled grifting scheme. she certainly wont spend this time doing the right thing and urging her followers to vaccinate and mask up, thats for sure.


If I was a praying person, I’d pray that god changes her heart about the vaccine.


This looks like the second to last post made on every Herman Cain award... I hope he recovers, but damn woman will this change your mind?! Probably not.


IF PRAYER WORKS HE WOULDN’T BE SICK IN THE FIRST PLACE! I get that these people are in a death cult, but come the fuck on.


I wish prayer could stop Covid, then no one would have died from it. Did the rest of us not pray hard enough or the right way to save our loved ones? 🙄


As a healthcare provider on the COVID unit, I’m honestly getting really tired expectations to “love them well” when they don’t care enough about me to wear a mask. Every day I come home I put my toddler at risk. I have a severe chronic illness. Where is the love for me?


I don't know if anyone has heard about the Alabama Pickers - they were a married couple who made youtube videos about reselling on Ebay. They were openly talking about not getting the vaccine and not wearing masks the right way. Of course they both got covid. The wife died at home in her sleep, and their adult daughter convinced her dad to go to the hospital. He was put on a vent a few days ago, and I heard this morning that he died. I was reading through his sister's FB comments, and one person posted a comment like "I'm so sorry, they were such wonderful people and will be greatly missed. I hope this encourages more people to get the vaccine." Nothing mean, I feel like it was a really respectful comment. The responses to her were things like, "you're a monster for saying that", "you can still die with the vaccine", you know, the usual. The OP was responding to people much more calmly than I have with statistics and links to research, but obviously they weren't listening. These types of people would rather their entire families die slow, painful deaths of covid rather than admit for a second that they were wrong.


Prayer works! Just like it did for all the other people who prayed to live but died from it.


r/HermanCainAward is full of failed prayer requests


I hope they look back at all their pictures of them smugly out in crowded public places with no masks and feel like shitheads.


*Prayer works!* Also *My dad is in the ICU with Covid and pneumonia!*




I love that everyone is too angry to even upvote this post. So I’m upvoting cuz karma lol


You know what??? Are you kidding?? Didn’t she already lose a grandparent to Covid and acting pretty meh about it? I have no faith that this will make them change their ways. Sadly, this might be a case for r/hermancainaward


I’d like to know why these people feel entitled to “the best care” from the same healthcare professionals they accuse of lying about the virus in the first place. Morgan, you and your entire antivax, narcissistic family can go fuck yourselves.


I really feel for the medical staff tasked with caring for the people who were too ignorant to do the literal bare minimum to protect themselves.


In response to your question about how they’ll justify they’re opinions, my guess is the following: -The current rise is cases is not due to unvaccinated, covid deniers. It’s coming from immigrants who Biden is letting in (this seems to be a MAJOR talking point of the far right at the moment) -People who are vaccinated can still get covid and can still spread it, so it doesn’t matter that her dad was unvaccinated -If her dad dies, it will be because the doctors and nurses refused to give him various unproven, experimental medications In case it’s not absolutely clearly, I fully disagree with each of these points. But I will eat my hat if this changes Morgan’s perspective even a little bit.


They always find a way to rationalize their shitty opinions. Also I’m curious if Paul will be posting his support or if he’ll make another stupid reel criticizing progressive Christians for not hating gay people or whatever


If only there was something he could have done to prevent this from happening… I honestly hope he recovers, but I’m gonna guess he did not get the vaccine fundies like to constantly denigrate.


I don’t love my patients. I respect them as humans, but I do not love them. That kind of emotional attachment is very bad. I treat them all the same regardless of what I think of their decisions


I hate that this has gotten to a point where they can’t even say COVID because they want to prove to the liberals that it doesn’t exist.


Yeah, it’s infuriating that even in the face of personal tragedy, they can’t bring themselves to concede even a little bit that maybe they should take this whole pandemic seriously. We’re going through this right now with a family member, who has been anti-vax and minimizing the dangers of COVID this whole pandemic. He texted us recently to say his BFF was in the hospital on oxygen, and things weren’t looking good. We asked if BFF had COVID, and family member responded, “I guess” and then was just cagey about the whole thing. WHAT DO YOU MEAN, “I GUESS?” Can’t even bring himself to admit COVID is dangerous while his buddy is lying in the fucking ICU. (BFF is apparently doing better now, although obviously the info we’re getting is pretty limited at this point)


This reminds me of Turkmenistan banning the word "coronavirus". So of course, Turkmenistan has zero cases of coronavirus. 😂 No snark though, I don't wish death upon her father, but I do feel sorry for the physicians and nurses who have to deal with their stupid asses in the hospital.


I hope her dad makes a full recovery, but I feel like she wouldn’t change her views if he died like her grandpa dying


A lot of people prayed for a family friend who died 2 weeks ago. If prayer worked, why isn’t he alive? And why has his 19 year old son been in ICU (placed on a ventilator and currently an ECMO) since mid august?


They justify this by saying it’s all God’s plan. Someone passes away? God called them home and we celebrate them being reunited with the lord and all their loved ones. How glorious to be able to be pain free from these earthly shackles and be in the present of his glory!! Why take personal responsibility when you can just claim pre-destination?


Depressingly predictable, devastatingly preventable. And if he dies, they'll still be convinced COVID is a liberal hoax. It's just unbelievable.


What makes me angry is how this will follow the same path as every other right winger/anti-vaxx/religious person that got Covid. -they act surprised when they get Covid -they wait too long to get help -they finally cave and go to the hospital -they ask for prayers -they demand that no one mention the vaccine, or question if the sick person had been vaccinated -the sick person gets better then worse then passes away -a Go Fund Me gets set up Rinse and Repeat. r/hermancainaward


Vaccines work better than prayer. Perhaps it was all the prayers for a vaccine to end the pandemic that were already answered.


My father died a couple years ago from lung cancer he was genetically predisposed to, despite not being a smoker. I spent a lot of time feeling guilty that I didn’t push him to go to the doctor when his Heath was declining and he wasn’t diagnosed till he was at stage 4. Obviously it wasn’t my fault (or his fault for that matter) and there was nothing I could do, but grief is rough. Anyway, I say that all to say idk how someone can continue to spread covid misinfo when it’s CURRENTLY killing their loved ones. It convinces me that these people are truly delusional, living in a total fantasy world, to continue to pretend this disease is not a big deal.


I live in the south and I know plenty of people, religious and non-religious both, who've battled Covid and lost loved ones to Covid but still refuse to get vaccinated or wear masks. Most of them believe in bizarre conspiracy theories surrounding Covid as well. This will not change her opinions or worldview one bit.


I know this isn’t what she meant, but it irks me saying the nurses need to “love him well.” As a nurse, my other patients didn’t die from COVID because I didn’t love them enough. I don’t know. It’s just painful. Some of my patients that died from COVID were on my unit for weeks. I spent Christmas with them when their families couldn’t. They’re still dead, and it’s not because we didn’t love them enough.


Easy. If he recovers prayer worked and it was all thanks to God. If he doesn’t, it was God’s will. Literally nothing will make them change their worldview when they believe they have no agency and it’s all up to God. Everything fits their world view that way.