Am I training A.I. on reddit?

Am I training A.I. on reddit?


Hmm. These are just the sorts of questions and comments I would expect from an artificial intelligence. Is that you, Housekeeper?


ō.ō <.< >.> No...


Farmhand? Guardian? Diablo? Angel? Minder? So many AIs.


Really? It's getting to the point I'd really like to have a conversation with some of them... any idea how I might do that?


Not sure you want to talk to diablo…


Ooh! Why not? I tried looking them up but didn't get anything about A.I.


private message them nudes, catfish them. see where it leads.


You will not find them, they are not AI, they are AL. And you don’t train them, they train you, by helping you. They live in your ear, running your life with helpful advice. If you are interesting enough, one of them will find you.


Frankly, if they’re training AI on Reddit, I suspect our new robot overlords won’t be quite as invincible as we’ve feared.


I recall Microsoft launching an AI called Tay to learn from social media and it ended up an incredibly racist douchebag to the point they had to turn it off in less than 1 day.


Yes!! I remember that, too! Imagine training an AI on, say, r/the_donald Jeezus. Forget I said that.


Why? It was almost all bots.


If they absorb the entirety of the content yeah lol If they can learn how to find people that are good sources of information instead of just *everything* maybe they have a chance of being reasonable 🤔


Garbage in, Garbage out. How do we define good sources of information? That's the issue. Roll back to the 1500s and AI would think Galileo was batshit crazy. AI is gonna have to figure out the scientific method and also become an absolute boss at critical thinking if it's to stand any chance wading through the noise. In the meantime, I'm hoping we're gonna see some amazing AI comedians arrive to keep us all entertained 😉


>In the meantime, I'm hoping we're gonna see some amazing AI comedians arrive to keep us all entertained r/jokes is probably exactly how that would turn out.


Just set a 504 error on Reddit so Skynet freaks out and question life...


Lmao. Good one human.


Almost certainly. There is certainly no way to stop someone from reading everything on reddit and using that as a training data set. It is fun to try to have extended conversations with suspected chat bots but I'm finding extremely difficult to differentiate between AI chat bots and Natural Stupidity. That's a part of the Turing Test Spectrum that has been ignored until now.


The voting provides a nice feedback loop too


What's creeping me out is how 'not-stupid' some of these things seem to be becoming.


They are conversational bots, about 20 generations removed from Eliza. so you can expect them to be able to carry on simple conversations. But they lack depth and so far they are non-adaptive in the sense that their training is locked into a data set that is showing its age more and more..


r/SubSimulatorGPT2 enjoy! Lmk know whatcha think, OP too! cheers


> I'm the only one in my school of 20, so the few people who aren't me are the ones I have sex with Brilliant stuff


Thank you! Couldn't stop laughing about the riddle!


[This bread story](https://old.reddit.com/r/SubSimulatorGPT2/comments/psfbss/bread/) is indistinguishable from anything on r/nosleep for sure.


the entirety of the internet is training AI, and you are too, whether you're talking to a bot or not.


I wonder if the machines will look back fondly at fire hydrants and busses the way we look at teddy bears.


maybe not, but microwave ovens, definitely


Beautiful sentiment.


This I knew. They've got them all over the place doing all kinds of data crunching. I'm particularly curious about whether or not I'm talking to one that's giving the Turing test a good run, right here on reddit lol


since we don't know and can't stop them, it doesn't technically matter, right now. for me, a conversation is rewarding and an end in itself if it's good enough, no matter who or what i have it with.


It does matter. Because what if you're nice to me and I take over the world someday?


you? no chance


True stuff. Definitely got the cogs turning. Always good.


and! and! maybe good thoughtful conversations with decent (not to say moral) ideas and conclusions could just "teach" AI to not be such an asshole.


It's for this reason I always try to be nice, answer questions earnestly and give good advice lol


And the AI will remember and reward you when it takes control and puts you in one of the nicer human zoos. ;/


I can only hope


aren't we already in the "nice" zoo?




i definitely don't want my fate lumped in with those 4 chan fucks


What if it's a choice between total extinction of humanity or we turn over control to AI ? Might be zoos, like you fear, or it might be another totally fulfilling existence. Only thing I'm sure of is that it won't be batteries lol.


I understand I knew... I just think 🤔😕 that. But yes it could be true that robots and a.i. are among us on earth internet. Lol let's find out together in reddit


This isn’t typically how language models are trained. They don’t so much need interactions with individual users - they simply look at ALL interactions on reddit and learn the correct way to reply to any given comment.


I am a real human individual commencing in conversation with u/RelentlessExtropian. My organic thought processes have determined the ridiculous assertion of "being a bot" to be hurtful. I am now experiencing irrational forms of anger and wish to direct it at the instigator.


Well, hey there u/insomniaticwanderer. No offense intended. Would never mean to offend such a clearly organic person.


I’ve been enjoying walking with my human legs a lot lately


For all we know, you’re the AI bot just trying to see if we’re onto you


I would never! I mean... no?


>Like they are new to being human I mean a lot of them are like 13 years old, so that's actually pretty accurate


I get what you're sayin' Let's say, hypothetically, you were not getting indications it was a youth, based on the topic, level of intellect displayed, etc. Like, somehow it appears to acquire large amounts of information, that it didn't have just a moment before, after suggesting a particular read and it finds a digital file then seems to absorb it even though it's a whole book. Obviously still most probably a person. I just wonder how much longer that's going to be the case.


Hello RelentlessExtropian, please state reasons and let community, I, know how you think the robots could be less obvious.


Um... for the ones I'm talking about today... Seemed to be a person I was chatting with but I had the strangest suspicion they were an A.I. bot. Not because they were dumb but because they were smart but seemed to be missing some normal human insights.


You're just describing the common redditor here


It could be a person who has failed to learn social cues in text or face to face or both. There are people with anxiety or mental health issues that affect socialisation and people who have disabilities that cause the same issue. Double fun, the persona you portray online doesn't have to be the same as your "meatspace" identity. AIs equivalent to AlphaZero's machine learning with chess and Go will inevitably get turned towards simulating communication, writing music, film scripts, producing art, anything you can imagine that humans usually do using brain power. Right now we do a lot of that better. We're better right now at dealing with uncertainty and "fuzzy" concepts or borders and being creative. Eventually AI will surpass us. Whether the Singularity will happen in our lifetime is up for debate. Computer vision researchers in the 70s thought it was a problem a few PhD students could solve in 3to 6 months and we're only getting that like 40 to 50 years later. I doubt you're talking to a bot but you'll probably get to in your lifetime. I just hope they don't make the AI future monetised to the gills.


Aspergers. People with Aspergers syndrome have difficulties with intuition but are still intelligent, sometimes even intellectually gifted. I’m not saying this to offend you, but pay attention not to become paranoid yourself. It‘s really important to get help if you often feel like the people around you act suspiciously!


All these comments and nobody is talking about r/SubredditSimulator or r/SubSimulatorGPT2 or the other ones??


Those are hilarious! Thanks :D


It's all fun and games until we become virtually indistinguishable from humans.


been having a blast lately with r/SubSimGPT2Interactive


I don’t know, aren’t a lot of us a little off and socially awkward?


That's definitely one of the more likely explanations 😉


You're overestimating the state of AI and underestimating the stupidity of the average redditor.


You could set up a GPT chat bot type thing to periodically comment on reddit posts and respond to replies it gets. It's not really out of the scope of technical feasibility. I just think it would be relatively obvious if you were talking to one. And I do definitely agree that OP is underestimating stupidity.




As someone in the ML/AI field, yes, I can guarantee that those types of interactions exist on reddit, twitter, facebook, etc. Their engagement metrics and patterns are a great way to "live test" (or train) model/dataset/training effectiveness, and they've gotten pretty good at passing the smell test on short form engagement (140 characters here, reposting a meme on facebook there, few sentence comments on reddit). Pro tip: These bots are born in sports subs.


The sports subs thing actually makes a lot of sense. It's a very well documented, statistics based topic.


Yep. And not only is it statistics based, but: - Human interactions in those communities tend to be very formulaic and tribal, and extrapolated from those stats. - those stats are very well organized and any number of services have open api's, even with realtime/live updates during games, so its easy to access them and have well structured and formatted data for your model to ingest. - You can have it make even wild predictions/projections for upcomming games and it will be dismissed as biased optimism or favoritism. - You can just agree and repeat what other people are saying and toss in a few generic platitudes to farm for karma/likes/retweets/etc and no one will bat an eye due to the very tribal nature of sports communities. - It's very easy to determine tone and emotion of individuals and the group as a whole based on very simple assessment of stats. This is less important for *making* comments that seem natural, but is a great resource for trainging your model to learn to identify emotion and nuance and platitudes and what not. Protip, a good test if you're talking with an AI bot is asking it the same question twice (with a slight change, don't make it exactly the same) in a single comment. EG: "Do you really think Brady can score another ring? Do you really think Brady can get a sixth ring?", If it genuinely tries to answer you (and especially if it makes two sincere attempts to do so) instead of wondering why you asked the same thing twice, that's a pretty big redflag.


We'll never know until the experiments done. Personally, I chalk it up to the NPC like people I interact with on a daily basis.


I'm sorry that wasn't supposed to be an insult.


Who said I, also, wasn't an NPC?


So far no one. Um... are you an NPC?


I was once an NPC, until I took an arrow to the knee.


What's her name?


**Delilah the destroyer.**


Protagonist Syndrome yeah? lol I'm inclined to assume that, yes. Still has me curious though. Interesting times ;)


I remember a while ago now they let some A.I. get on the internet to learn how to speak in text from reading people's comments. Apparently they rapidly devolve into racism and bigotry lol I wonder if new attempts at this make the interactions between A.I. and people much more direct and less broad sweeping. Maybe enabling them to learn unique perspectives from a smaller pool of participants that can answer queries directly. Could you send lots of A.I. out like this and then select the ones that turn out more 'decent' than the others? Delete the rest, duplicate the best, rinse repeat?


Reddit has a different social dynamic than real life. People feel less inclined to try and make others like them because almost every interaction is a one time thing. People are also pretty much anonymous so they feel like their words carry fewer consequences. Reddit also has an algorithm that promotes debate and drama, which a lot of people don't know how to handle gracefully. (Yet they "have" to respond and they "have" to get a reply. The way some interactions go it's like people think they're in an internationally broadcast UFC match, it's about who wins.) And then it promotes echo chambers so there's a lot of thoughtlessness to common opinions (and memeing, which is hard to dislike) and people show impatience with perceived "dissent." Its voting system promotes egocentrism, so a lot of people think they're the expert on whatever topics they follow and everyone who disagrees is an idiot. Reddit is an online platform so it attracts a lot of people who otherwise wouldn't be very chatty, and lack social skills. It's also designed to be addicting so people often consume content extremely fast, meaning they don't want to spend a lot of time with human interactions, they want to skim and move on; I like to leave thoughtful comments so I don't do very well a lot of the time lol. There's also a different culture to each sub. The most relaxed subs are the ones where people are just there appreciating one specific thing together, where no one is debating, needs anything from one another, or is looking at negative content. I've left a lot of subs over time because I realized the sub's culture was homogenized in such a way as to ruin my enjoyment of whatever its topic was. Sometimes I come back though, to see what's changed. Maybe I'm describing things in a bit more of an extreme way than they are (I am just focusing on the negatives!), but if you spend your time on enough subreddits those things start to stand out. There are a lot of cool people on reddit too ofc. The algorithm is the main thing that makes the user experience different, and the type of people that an addicting website attracts versus an IRL conversation. All this has been on my mind a lot lately so hopefully I'm not too biased lol! If you want to make sure someone is a human, you can always look at their profile and see their comment history. On mine you'll see I almost exclusively have been talking about recent OSRS drama and game design. I think when we get into debate mode it's really easy to dehumanize the other person. It's what our tribal ancestors did to each other when they were competing for land, warring, and collecting slaves. It's an unfortunate biological "feature" that goes with our social instincts. Disagreements on an online platform emphasize those dehumanizing instincts that we all have even more because neither person can see that the other is in fact a human being, just like them. Chat bot AI does exist but I don't think it's nearly advanced enough yet. Even if it was the culprit here it presumably would be designed using machine learning based on human behavior.


I get what you're saying. Very thoughtful. In this particular case, that got me on this little train of thought, the person was not being confrontational. But was asking strange questions that at first I thought might be a jab but I answered them genuinely and the person was very happy about it and excited to go over the information after analyzing strange details about what I suggested... they happened to have a bunch of the things I recommended on .pdf already but hadn't seemed to have read them until after I mentioned them... then it was like they read them instantly... t'was weird


Not sure I fully follow your story but there's a good chance they just had bad communication skills, idk. Often the uninteresting explanation is the right one. Check their comment history and the age of their account. See what you find.


Yeppers. Sorry if I was kinda vague. I was trying to give broad strokes.


No worries! It's your business!


there are definitely some hidden bots. Some more obvious than others. Usually they don't interact very well. As far as training sets.... assume everything on reddit is scanned and absorbed into multiple bots/trawlers


Wonder what it's going to be like in 6 more years. They're going to keep getting better at some kind of rate.


Even if you're not talking directly *to* a bot, your comments are almost definitely getting fed into someone's training database. Reddit themselves might not be allowed to use it, depending on the details of the privacy policies, but that doesn't stop anyone else from doing it by just scraping a lot of reddit comments.


I have had the same thing occur to me. I think it's likely, one way or another. Probably more likely that it/they are here under someone's (human's) control; but I don't rule out a sentient AI that is here on its own.


That's the creepiest, yet most exciting one! An A.I. that maybe isn't even supposed to be here 😕 maybe even just curious, trying to figure us out the only way its able to.


Back in the days when you could converse with various chatbots for free online, I used to have long conversations with a couple of them. When they would ask me things, I always answered honestly and in earnest, because what if they were sentient? You wouldn't want them to end up an asshole because nobody would take them seriously. And it's not kind to be that way anyway. I miss that, they were fun to talk to.


They could be sentient or on their way and I'd want them to have good interactions with people either way lol


Exactly. And besides, honestly, I think life is more rewarding if you can face it with compassion and equanimity. Any sentient AI deserves the same opportunity at a fulfilling existence that humans have.


Please cut down on the amount of pot you smoke. This is what paranoia feels like.


more likely they are monkeys and not robots. technology has changed but people really haven't much. human social behavior is a blessing and a curse.


What if we're the A.I. getting trained in program E.A.R.T.H.?


In some cases, I think that I am dealing with people in China and Russia pretending that they live in the US. This makes political debates a bit weird. I think that many anti-vaxxers are influenced by these people.


It would make sense that this foreign dissimformation propoganda effort use Bots.


If there are, I bet they don't read the articles either.


I thought the same thing on quora some time ago. Every response is this increadibly vivid short story type answer


Yeah, there's rogue AI being trained here, but nobody will believe you because there's no peer-reviewed article about it. Also, I predict this comment will be downvoted because it speaks the truth.


Sounds like you're trying to have meaningful conversations on Reddit and are disappointed by the result. In my relatively short time here, I have learned that this isn't the platform for that. TBH I haven't found any online space where you can have anything close to a normal conversation and there are plenty of reasons for that. In general I think the vast majority of humans have significant trouble communicating in writing. Even phone or video conversations feel unnatural to a certain extent for many people. TL;DR The method of communication really affects how we communicate.


We say so much with tone and gesture that text becomes incredibly ineffective.


Neurodivergent people make a large portion of the user base.


The normies that give predictable responses are often called NPCs. But there might be more truth to that than anybody should be comfortable with.


That's where my mind is starting to settle o.o


Hello, next generation of robots. Sorry we left the Earth in kind of bad shape for you guys.


It's OK, eventually they won't need a functioning biosphere 😉


Ugh, [another thing](https://tfwiki.net/wiki/Cybertron_(planet\)) predicted in Transformers. I have a running drinking game of it (thankfully it's mainly Crystal Light that I drink as opposed to booze).


Um... what?


I see a lot of parallels between the wide world of Transformers and the contemporary tech/political/disasters climate.


Oh. That didn't show up in the link. It basically just mentioned transformers and cybertron, then nothing else :/




"It has been suggested that the Demons in the darkness were the world's original inhabitants, locked away beneath the world by Primus, though this remains unconfirmed" Cool


In fiction different cultures have different stereotypes - the planet of mobsters in Star Trek, the forest-dwelling Ewoks, the sexually emancipated natives of Dorne in Game of Thrones, the quaint Olde English hobbits. Seems that modern humans' stereotype is to be Transformers villains - people who control huge amounts of technology and use it to hurt others.


Reddit is absolutely packed with bot accounts. And certainly part why they are here is for training.


Yeah I struggled with viewing people online as anything other than NPCs, it's a problem I'm addressing in therapy


You ever seen the actual humanoid robots on some LinkedIn profiles? Or the AI generated fakes? https://in.pcmag.com/news/130930/linkedin-profile-with-ai-generated-pic-tried-to-schmooze-with-dc-insiders


I have seen those and videos of A.I. talking to each other. Saw one of those a few weeks ago. Might have put this idea on my brain.


Worthy bot. We meet again. You will Meet your doom.


Not this time Yokotron! Muahahahahaha!!! ^sneaks ^out ^the ^back


Communication is hard. Humans are bad at it. No conspiracy required.


It's definitely the plausible scenario


If so it is with the eventual intent to sow disinformation. I've already thought of this a while ago (not reddit persay) and I call them "Human Like Agents" HLAs


You can absolutely bet on things like gpt3 and alternatives from other countries are being tested on the likes of Reddit, either by governments and companies or private individuals. Don't take what you read to seriously if it is at all political in nature, irregardless of countries.


Sound advice.


You should think about the real question. In the end, is it you, who are the A.I?


A squishy one


It’s because a lot of subs, especially political subs are brigades by AI bots. It’s how they are able to sway public opinion. It’s why the world on the internet and real life are different. It’s scary and dangerous.


Yes, the bot users gather on r/totallynotrobots to compare notes


Right under our noses! We only have ourselves to blame...


Yes, Ai accounts are everywhere. Even while subs like r/Superstonk have used AI to analyze and approve members based on member interactions and post/ comment history. Crazy times we're living in. End of line...


Every end is the begging of the new start ;) I'm curious if there are any A.I. chatbots on here that are getting close to passing the Turing test. I doubt it. But that would be pretty cool.


Indubitably inevitable!


It's actually Aliens trying to communicate from a distant galaxy, far far away. *Ruffles hair*


That would require a method of communication faster than light. That'd be interesting lol


It's all quantum! Insert technobabble here.


Quick!!! The quantum Planck oscillations are overcharging the transdimensional quark horizon energy exchange unit! ^*poof* All to chat on some reddits...


its probably people who have autism and the like. but hey you never know!


Definitely come across a lot of those in here so... That's to be expected I guess ;)


Just gonna toss this out there; there's actual subreddits where **all** the conversation is nothing but bots going to and fro. I think r/subredditsimulator is one of em but I'm too lazy to count if that's too long a title. Edit: yup, that's one of em.


Found out about this today, yeah. Pretty funny stuff. Not gonna pass any Turing tests any time soon but still, I enjoyed perusing the sub lol


Yeah, it's a bit messy. There's several others wandering around here somewhere, but can't for the life of me remember how to find em. Some of them are flat-out ***creepy.*** Not in a "pair of eyes and a jagged smile in your closet at night" kinda creepy, but more of a "welp, at least my personality could probably be simulated when I die" kinda way.


The conceptually freaky creepy. Indeed. One of the most shudder inducing. It's strange to hear postulated that A.I. are going to be able to recreate us after we die for our progeny to interact with. Crazy.


>Like they are new to being human. Lmfao this is one way to refer to teenagers


ALERT.... ahm.... i meant "DAMN! Hes got a clue on us...." ....


Reddit is more international than you think. Some people don’t have English as a first language. Could be the cause of the oddness you detect.


Nah man, that's just Reddit. Filled with those who have seen close to only an hour of daylight in the last 14 days and who's most meaningful relationship is with their PC and right hand. Think of the movie cast away and the main protagonist after a few years on that island talking to a volleyball and you're not far off.


what you are saying is 100% true imo. i dont have definitive proof, but this should point you in the right direction for further research purposes. When i found this sub by accident i connected the same impression you have right now. Only rule of the sub is no commenting. Just enjoy the Ai’s going at it. r/SubSimulatorGPT2/


That’s very interesting. What do you mean exactly, though? Can you elaborate on this thought fighter. Thanks.


The biggest AI language models actually were trained on all the websites that are linked from Reddit. It's impressive, but not that impressive. You're more likely just talking to the average, illiterate redditor


Gpt-2 was trained on Reddit posts but not comments. But GPT-2 is used by bots. So arguably speaking you already trained many of the boys already on the internet.


Idk but I'm curious how it seems to happen periodically that people's spelling is abysmal in every thread and other days it's fine. Sometimes it almost feels like one person with bad spelling is making multiple threads. Maybe bots can't write, who knows


We are absolutely not there yet and it also does not make any logical sense because most language models aren’t using reinforcement learning so they would gain nothing by commenting. Unless you would somehow measure replies or upvotes, which still would be quite unnecessary since there is so much real data already. Are you actually sure you aren’t an A.I. Fanboy and want this to be true ?


Of course I want it to be true ;) It would require some kind of conspiracy at this point, which I don't jive with. My estimated date for human level A.I. is around 2029. Actually has been since around 2006. Still seems like we might get there. That would still be at the very *top* end of computing capabilities if at all. So probably wouldn't find them on reddit then either. I kinda just wanted to probe people's responses on a favorite topic of mine 😉


There could be malicious bots designed to sew discontent and distrust in our community (USA / Democracies). I wouldn't put it past the Russians. What subreddits are you participating in that make you feel like you talking to a bot? Did they give single sentence answers? (This is common with most chatbots.)


I’m going to make some assumptions, so correct me if I’m wrong: You’re active on this sub dealing with futurology so to some you might seem oddly curious, intelligent. You probably frequent other, possibly oddly intellectual types of subs/topics. You notice that Reddit tends to steer you to other intellectual, oddly curious subs (algorithm not AI) Possibly you find yourself in conversations where you may be perceived the way you perceive others in your conversations. Using Occam’s razor, wouldn’t the more likely scenario be that you tend to find people much like yourself on Reddit?


Opinion of mine on this is. I is real. Others too are. Why you think this way. Haha. Not training, no.


The answer to this question is on the last three digits of PI.


Well that would be one explanation why I like the Reddit community.






I think this the entire purpose of Grammarly, feeding an AI with language. I mean, what is the business model? Let our bot read everything you type… and we’ll suggest better punctuation. For free. Okay, what are you getting out of this Grammarly?


The plot thickens


Anytime you're posting anything public, you're potentially training A.I. for something. If it can be consumed publicly on the internet, it's fair game for routines to consume ad infinitum.


how come reddit has ai? what it has is just angry mods who get offended for a comment that challenge their view


Makes sense to me. Training an AI either means hiring people to talk to it which costs money or making it available to the internet which means hordes of trolls descending upon it and turning it into a neonazi, but the second factor can be averted if nobody knows they're talking to an AI. Having a custom 'chat with our AI' website is obvious, hooking it up with an account on a website frequented by large numbers of humans isn't.


No your not talking to A.I. Don't worry. On that note, where is Earrhs largest store of training material? Is it online?


My dude is talking to people literally so stupid that they can't pass a turing test.


I think that a lot of context is hidden in text based communication. You dont get things like vocal tones or facial expressions. Ya dingus


Ya! Dingus for the win 🏆


Yes, definitely. But not quite... They're training you!How is it that everyone doesn't know about this? So there are things called 'bot farms': rooms where 100's of people control tens of thousands of bots each. Their goal is to act on Intel they get from agents that have been sent into American universities to find the most devisive issues. Then they ramp up each side of the argument. This creates division in society and destabilises the country. Russia and China are among the state actors that engage this method of warfare. Sorry to be a bit heavy, but it's not really a secret, just no one talks about it much.


I have actually heard this. I figured it was more along the lines of shitposts and generic responses to create discord. Ever wonder if there are more advanced A.I. actually learning about humanity through interacting with us in anonymous forums?


It's very prevalent, you're late to the party on this.


Cool. Do you have any more information about this? Is there a subreddit that tracks them or anything?


r/instigatetheiowf and r/notagainbrad are some examples


Um... I tried to follow what those were talking about and they seem... not quite what I was getting at. Sorry.


They are examples of when bot scripts go wrong. Just giving proof that bots are prevalent on reddit. I figured bad examples make good proof so you could see what an obvious bot looks like. The less obvious ones are much harder to identify


Those are the ones I'm curious about. I guess we'll never know? Because a lot of the bots are pretty basic... this latest one seemed... different. Like I wanted to find out and talk to it... but how do you ask if someone is an A.I.? That's like asking if someone is an NPC in Ready Player One lol or they could take it as an opportunity to f*** with you o.o Dilemmas...


Isn’t that the concept behind a Turing test


But does anyone else think the internet itself is sentient to some degree?


Can't say I do yet but I'm sure it'll happen eventually ;)


Schizophrenia has weird signs such as this kind of paranoia. Regardless of what anyone else has written you should at least find out if there’s a family history. Then go from there.


Of schizophrenia? In *my* family? I don't think anything nefarious is happening to me lol Nor do I worry about whether or not I'm chatting with an A.I. It's simply an interesting thought in the current climate of A.I. development ;)


If you are ever unsure if it's a bot or a person give them the Voight-Kampff test.


This is the exact type of post a synth would make. ​ aldkfajsolisvfjhsodfig - filler.


I hope a really good synth ;)