Fun Fact: The SEC Now Works for the Apes and Not Just Their Hedgie Overlords Like Before

Fun Fact: The SEC Now Works for the Apes and Not Just Their Hedgie Overlords Like Before


We’ll get an indication of who they work for, when the report comes out. As for me, I like the stock. Not financial advice.


If you fuck this up Gary, we're coming for your balls. The longer this drags out, the more fuckery we will find. We are watching 👀


He’s pencilled in on the “bad actor” column. I’ll pen it in if the report finds no manipulation.


I agree, the jury is still out. But God help this man if he reports no manipulation or no crime. This community is petty AF and will make his life a living hell.


It is a great and very liikeable stock, is it not? Quite simply my favorite. Not financial advice, but if you ain't on it, get on it, dawg gone it.... Like if you feel like it would be a good decision for yourself, ya know, not being advice and all.


I think that distinction _shareholders_ instead of _retail traders_ does make a huge difference in how the SEC now must treat this. IMO this is an important point. Well done OP!


Thank you! I was texting my padre earlier about DRS and explaining to him what it was, he is a long time investor but didn't know about it. Trying to explain to him the significant difference between shares that are DRS and ones that are not is when it suddenly occurred to me that we are officially shareholders now, otherwise we are just customers to a brokerage that is shareholding for us. Alas I didn't get through to him about GME, I don't think, trying, but he was at least happy that I was able to teach him something new, felt good too.


You really think it makes a difference? No way. We are the dumb money, regardless of who we buy our shares through. They aren’t going to roll over simply because of DRS. Wish it were so but it’s naïve to think so.




The SEC got their education inside a McDonald’s kitchen. If their best interest is to protect retail investors first, they would’ve pulled some strings a long time ago. This is for us to win by buying and holding.


Agreed, but I think the fact that DRS means we are officially shareholders actually carries far more weight than many of us even realize. It may be the difference between the SEC just saying they are doing something versus now having the law forcing them to do something. I know business peeps and lawyers really REALLY love word games.


I was gonna say. Street name does not equal shareholder. Certificate of share equals real shareholder and an actual fiduciary responsibility not only from SEC but also from GME.


We don’t have money. Our enemies do. The SEC works for them now (unspoken) and later, when they leave the SEC. This is reality. It should work the way you’re musing but, it doesn’t.


No, it is far more nuanced than what you think. There is a show they must put on and they all have a role that they must play in it. An illusion as big and complex as the current economic stage requires a certain level of realism to it. The actors themselves do in fact have to follow the laws when they are standing right before your eyes performing. If they are going to break a law they simply wouldn't do it in broad daylight you seem to think. They will either remove the law with a vote that will of course be guaranteed by either total corruption of all the voters or indeed some rule breaking that no one can see. Or they will amend the law to work in their favor. Why break the law when you are judge and executioner? Your being to pessimistic and allowing your lack of faith in the government to overrule your logic. Don't. The game they play is not as simple as you think when you do not give credit where it is due. Not to mention you forget that they can not let it become to obvious how corrupt they are and how much control they have. If they did, they lose all of it. The power of control only works on the population at large if they do not become aware they are controlled. If they ever were, the entire illusion will shatter and a Revolution will begin before you could finish saying that Hedgies are fucked.


You underestimate my level of knowledge in how the world truly works friend. You think politicians mere months ago saying they have no legal power to force vaccines on anyone only to do it anyway months later is not in broad daylight? It doesn’t matter when the media is on their side silencing or calling anyone that remembers that, a cuckoo or conspiracy theorist. That is just the first of 20 examples I could name off the top of my head. I can’t go on because of sub rules. Do they try and do things to hide their true agenda? Yes. Do they care about breaking the laws at the end of the day for fear of retribution? No.


I don't recall estimating your knowledge anywhere. I'm sure you know plenty of stuff about all kinds of things, even a bunch of shit that I myself probably don't have the first clue about. Knowledge is relative. I will refrain from commenting my opinion for the vaccine situation, I will say a lot more is being done there than you think in regards to breaching people's rights. You just don't hear about it since the news is all propaganda which I'm sure you know, but organizations and groups across the country are sewing. But your mixing up a political party as well as a totally different part of the government with one another. The SEC is not the same as the executive branch nor do they really even associate with one another. Different parts different kinds of corruption at varying levels. Some parts still like to be actually discrete about their manipulation, like the parts attached to the market. You seriously underestimate the masses if you think they would allow the fact the markets are fake to go unpunished if it became well known and clearly displayed. It really would be a revolution if everyone suddenly realized that their entire life is nothing but a lie built on lies built on lies. Edit: Seriously, the only reason why there is no revolution right now is because the truth is so damn hard to prove. If they made moves to blatant then the truth would be easy to show, but alas it is not.


We may have chained SEC to DRS bedpost now. SEC is more like forced to watch Apes fuck their WS overlords.


Well if they refuse to do their job and to do it fairly then they best just sit down, shut up, and watch. Just stay out of our way while we do what Apes must do to fix the shit they were created to prevent in the first place, not aid and abet. I mean, with all the pornhub they watched they probably will like the show anyway...


sec ain’t gonna do shit cept slap some wrists


Yeah, I don't expect them to do anything, but the thing is, that goes both ways. I don't think they will really step in to stop the MOASS either because partly for this reason of being shareholders. If the SEC does do such a thing they completely went against their original purpose of protecting shareholder rights, and instead aided the ones who caused the markets to crash, going against their intended purpose. If they do, they will have a reckoning like never seen before, and the markets will be completely abandoned by majority of investors everywhere from complete loss of faith in a fair market. Since Shareholders are on both sides, their sole purpose is to make sure everything is fair, which we all know they obviously don't do. But stay out of the MOASS way, whatever, deal with their corruption later.


Sounds like the trick after MOASS is to DRS company share anytime HFS act a fool and try and overly short a company. Then use our new wealth to sue the SEC and force them to enforce the law. Also, sounds like the first law we need to force into place would be one where retail has the same protections as shareholders.


Oh yeah, something definitely needs to be done, retail traders should already automatically be treated as if shareholders. That is what they made us believe we were, if we weren't then they should and must make it clear the stipulations behind being a retail trader vs a shareholder. Instead of making it obscure as possible to allow them to use and abuse retail. Retail is the back bone of the market, they think its okay to drain companies that give people jobs and a means to survive until they go bankrupt and then suck the cash out of the employees themselves when they are looking for a means to save money and earn. It is not okay. The lack of employment right now is not due to a worker shortage, it is due to worker abuse, there are plenty of people who need work but they wont do it with the current system being so broken. They drained the workforce of its will. No shit people don't want to go to work anymore when there is literally no hope of being able to ever escape your lot in life. They told us the stock market was a means to do such a thing, turns out unless your illegally insider trading, which most likely means your already financially well off to begin with, your chances of climbing up a social class are next to null. That is bullshit. They gave us false hope, and then spat in our faces and act like we are just dumb. Dumb? Idiots, we figured out what the hell your all doing. They aren't smart. They are liers, cheaters, and thieves NOTHING more. They aren't successful people to be inspired by, they are criminals to be locked up and used as an example of what never to do or become. Justice is coming for them, in the form of the very people they sought to drain until nothing is left. Well, now we will take back what is OURS. Their money? Is ours. Always has been. RAWR!!!! Sorry, I get heated thinking about how these people enjoy life and pat each other on the back for a job well done, when they didn't do jack to get where they are. It was handed to many of them one way or another, and then robbed from the people who ACTUALLY built this country from blood, sweat, and tears. 3 things they will never understand, but will learn about in a Cell real quick. Where they belong.


*Inserts Somali pirate meme: I am the shareholder now


They do? They've yet to do a single fucking thing for retail. The SEC can get FUCKED. They aren't on our side. Never have been.


We ain’t apes!! POWER TO THE DEEP FUCKIN VALUE PLAYERS! If Adam Aron,Charles payne,CNBC is ape!!! Then fuck you apes lol


> They have to “by law”… The fatal flaw in your argument.


All shares should be registered directly, unless you're daytrading.