I wonder why they're delaying it? I asked for the physical copy for Christmas, hope they don't delay it again.


They get 10 days for whatever they need to do, maybe logistics, maybe enhancements through patching, maybe both


I enjoy being an adult, but damn do I miss asking for things for Christmas.


I am an adult lol. But my parents always offer to buy me something for Christmas between £50 and £100 so this year I asked for the Trilogy.


Yeah. I don’t live at home but they still do offer. I just usually decline. I said in another comment but I think I should have said that I miss being a kid on Christmas morning haha.


Haha, yeah I miss that too. Christmas morning doesn't quite feel the same when you're an adult.


I usually decline all gifts in exchange for an IOU. It's a lot better to ask them to pitch in when you actually need something rather than a gift for the sake of gifting.


Did your parents just stop doing Christmas when you turned 18?


Nah, I haven’t lived at home in years and I don’t really want anything to be honest. They still ask but I decline. I guess I should have said I miss being a kid on Christmas haha.


Kinda, yeah. But they still give me money for Christmas/my birthday. Even if I live in a different city and have a decent life of my own.


Yeah, I'm wondering the same. Especially with the Switch version, which was the one I wanted. I might end up buying the digital version now.


Making sure that it gets printed after the bugs are fixed


Probably so they can ship the physical versions with the fixes they released today


They’re probably applying updates and reburning


I'd rather they delay it as much as they need to so that the version we get on disc is the complete version. Although I doubt these games will ever be 100 percent fixed.. some things just seem permanently screwed.


I was wondering why the Amazon date keeps changing and is now not even available for preorder


That's so weird. Why would they delay the physical versions?


It's really strange indeed, I also don't understand why the physical is month or two after the digital. I always buy physical 100% of the time but I just couldn't wait on this one


I think they released the physical later to avoid gameplay getting leaked early. You know what it’s like with physical releases….someone always manages to get their hands on it like 2 weeks early. Then we would have seen what a mess the game was and they would have had less digital preorders


Because they were printed already with the first buggy version now they want to make physical versions with fixed bugs


Because they will apply the updates before physical release probably. Really physical rereleases are an after thought at this point when they failed at a digital release but can fix it with patches later on.


Because the games are not finished yet. The physical release will be the official release of the game. And they just need more time to patch the games. Untill dec17, expect more quality updates like today's patch.


Ah I see we were the beta testers :(


Yea Lmao 😂


That's what I'm saying. We should be getting paid to test this mess.


I've been saying digital versions was actually early access.


I am starting to get that feeling also.


It’s beginning to make sense now


My guess is that they are double-checking which files are gonna be pressed on the discs. Like music with no license, developer tools and stuff like that. For Switch I think they may consider bigger cartridges to make all three games without download available (you have to order the cartridges a few months in advance iirc). My ten cents, my two cents are free


Not surprised, the amount of returns and charge backs from distributors because the game is unfinished if consumers don't buy it and or return it. Trying to fix their PR problem by ensuring the atrial product is in a more finished state.


All Switch carts are produced in Japan and need to be ordered about 3-6 months in advance.


I was hoping the switch would be ready in time for my vacation next year. That is, unless they don’t fix it.


So does that mean the Switch version will be in a playable shape next year?


We can only hope!


After testing GTA SA on gamepass I decided to cancel my preorder. I strongly recommend everyone to watch a rewiew before unpacking!




On Amazon it always said dec 20 or 27 since the beginning


This is so far the best news I've heard about this game. But 10 days doesn't seem like a lot of extra time. Pray for the Rockstar devs who are working on this, it can't be a fun job with this much pressure.


Yeah, 10 days isn't a lot! ...If you're not a Switch user :( (rip) But I think the Switch version is going to take more time because of Nintendo's slow approval? Not sure.


A least a extra week to fix all they can at least mann so its possibly a good thing


They also might not want to compete with Halo


Halo is free.