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I'm not a high level player. 135RP still if i see some1 bullying a below 50, i will help them..


Why? I get more grief from low levels than anyone else, high rank players know that people are suspicious of them, so they create new characters to grief with and genuinely new players don’t know not to mess with people on missions, so either way low levels are a nightmare. I used to help or ignore any player below level 50 and protect them or just do my missions, but I get fucked with too much. Now if a low level player comes near me on a mission I treat them like everyone else, if they kill me I just keep killing them until they leave my session. One guy actually sent me a message saying he was sorry and asked me to stop killing him, so I did, thought he’d learned his lesson, but no, when I wasn’t paying attention went off radar and blew me up again.


Unfortunately you can't tell much by rank. High ranks can be someone who purchased their account or did a peter Griffin, low ranks can be on their 5th or 6th account and a big griefer themselves


Oh yeah, absolutely. I’m on a second character and people make the mistake of trying to bully her. They get raped.


I just started playing online for the first time last night but on my own server. Noobies exist but I want to play a bit more on my own before I venture out to a public lobby


I primarily look for new players to help out so feel free to dm me for my psn if you would ever like any assistance.


Thanks. I’m playing on pc though. I don’t think it’s cross platform compatible?