As a driller main this made me more hyped than a bunch of the changes "POWER DRILLS WITH ANGLOMETER We got inspired looking through the community-made mods, and have added an anglometer to the Reinforced Power Drills crosshair."


Ho-lee-crap that's amazing. Driller for life.


It even goes into yellow above I think 45°, which is also when you start sometimes having to jump. Very neat.


What is an anglometer?


A meter that shows the angle you're drilling at.


I suggested this on the discord like a year ago and they deleted it lol




This update is huge. Ghost ship continues to deliver time and time again, for a game that is only ~40$ CAD.


That's why I'm willing to buy every DLC tbh, just to support 'em even more


Or free on GamePass.


The update doesn't come to Game Pass for another two weeks unfortunately. I really wish they would release simultaneously, it's no fun waiting and watching everyone else get to play with the new stuff. Still my favorite game though.


Was pretty stoked for this today, was really surprised when I was trying to figure out why my download wasn't working to find out that I have to wait another two weeks. MS needs to ease up on their update policies. If MS ever wants to get anywhere near steam they're going to have stop making devs jump through a million hoops just to put shit out.


Before they do that, they should probably unfuck their app. It frequently seems to have trouble launching games because of unstable ties to broken underlying infrastructure (specifically, some of the windows services it uses).


I literally had to spend 45+ minutes last night fixing "Microsoft Gaming Services" because it would download the update but not install on the MS Store app.


I mean there has to be some downside to game pass considering what it offers.


It’s not free on Gamepass if you pay for Gamepass…


Ok it’s less expensive on game pass , boom there you go Mr. Pedantic.


free on my subscription based service


I thought it left Gamepass…?


Heads up to any users of mods, most of them will break/crash your game. Amazing update though, so much content.


Yeeeah, I disabled all my mods, just in case.


I hope they make a Playstation version, I have a bunch of friends without a pc I'd love to show this game to!


https://www.playstationlifestyle.net/2021/10/20/deep-rock-galactic-has-been-rated-for-ps4-and-ps5/ :)


Well color me surprised, many thanks!


I hope that this new mission type feels distinct from itself each run. Escorting and Salvaging, despite being very elaborated and having tons of interactables, they always feel the same. Mining (heavy focus on exploration) and On site refinery (building your own "base") feels very distinct, and I could play three if these missions type back to back without felling repetitive. Let's see where on this sceptrum Sabotage will be situated.


I agree, those are my least favorite and favorite as well. Egg hunt is somewhere in the middle and elimination can be pretty fun at times.


Agreed. I brought this up in the discord one time and I had people berating me saying I have 0 attention span and that the game is literally randomly generated and new everytime. Still, despite that, to me the missions felt the same and I lost the drive to play. It’s a fun game, but it’s too grindy to get the fun upgrades. I hope this update will bring enough variety so I can continue playing


Is this game worth getting? Played a little bit on a free weekend with a friend a year or two ago and it seemed ok if a bit bare bones. Has it changed significantly or is it still kinda just one or two weapons for each class and the same procedurally generated mission over and over again? Played a ton of Payday 2 and a fair bit of tf2's MvM mode, so I do enjoy coop games like this, and people seem to love this game so I don't know if I just missed something or what. I just remember it being kinda underwhelming at the time.


There’s way more mission types, first of all. The weapons do also get more varied when you get deeper in; even though there was only 2 options for each slot for each class, the modifiers you can unlock really change how they’re used.


That’s good to know, from what I remember I only played the mode where you go in, get minerals, and get out on the easy mode difficulty, so that probably skewed my experience of it. I'll definitely try to play around with it over the weekend.


Hazard 1 and 2 don't really send any bugs at you to fight. You won't really run into more than a handful of at a time until 3 when the swarms start to have some teeth. Probably more accurate to consider 3/4/5 the easy/medium/hard difficulties while 1/2 are more like story/exploration modes for people not looking for a challenge at all.


I really do recommend playing on Hazard 3 with at least 3 players. (2 players is also fine, but the more the merrier!) Imo that's a good balance between combat and exploration. And once you get used to it you can crank it to Hazard 4. H5 is for crazies and hardened veterans.


My friend and I have been playing for only 2 months, and we've just barely unlocked hazard 5 and have completed our first mission of it. It was pain, but it was fun.


Honestly, from what you said it sounds like the game just doesn't click for you. Maybe keep an ear out for another free weekend later to give it another shot, but the game certainly hasn't changed foundationally.


I appreciate it. From what others have said, it sounds like I didn't give it much of a fair shake when I last played it. Fortunately it seems to be on game pass and I have yet to use the first month offer there, so I might give it a whirl as there’s a few other games on there that I would like to try.


Not sure when you played it, but now it has 8 mission types, and each class have 3 main weapons (with their upgrade tree). But the core game is like that. No ending nor story, just procedural missions over and over. It deservedly got a fanatic fan base, due the game attention to detail, developer support, great audio and graphics, fun co-op gameplay and all DLC being cosmetic (with no scummy shit like premium currency, lootbox, or things to keep you addicted). People play because its just absurdly fun and excel in almost every aspect. Its kind weird for me how you like TF2 MvM mode and dont see the appeal of DRG, but each on their own I guess.


Not sure when I played it either, but I think I only ever did one mission type on the lower difficulty, so that probably has skewed my opinion of it, but the way the fan base just sings praises has been making me feel like I missed something. I played TF2 anyway, so MvM was just a fun coop mode to game I enjoyed anyway. I'll probably pick it up over the weekend when I have time, clearly I need to have another peak and maybe try some of the harder difficulties. Ta Muchly!


Well, the reason why I made the TF2 comment is because the co-op was very repetitive and barebones as well. Just the same enemies, static map and some upgrades. I played just because I was invested on TF2 and had some itens to win, but thats it. I would say that DRG is better than TF2 co-op in every way possible


I had a similar experience with the free weekend and came away with the same impression as you. However I did buy it because a buddy I play a lot of coop games with was super into it so I figured why not. My experience playing it on and off since then (I haven't played this new update) is that it's still boring and super repetitive. If you gave it chance for a weekend and walked away feeling eh about it, I might give it a pass. There's got to be something in there that makes people love it so much but to me it just feels tedious after a while.


its so fucking good.


How is this game for people with arachnophobia? I know the enemies arent technically spiders and also not realistic looking but the sounds are kinda creepy. A friend of mine who really wants to play it, is worried that it would turn him off. I showed him gameplay but he still isnt convinced Edit: Thanks for the replies, he's going to try the game on gamepass. I have it on steam so no crossplay unfortunately


I asked my friend who has pretty sever arachnophobia this exact question when he tried the game during a free weekend on Steam. He said he was not phased by the bugs!


Hey there! As somebody who can't play Grounded or Satisfactory because of arachnophobia, I can say that DRG is very friendly. The sounds have never bothered me like they would in other games. The game does a good job of turning up the jams when a horde comes through. And, truth be told, audio isn't super important in this game, IMO. Feel free to turn the sounds down, but make sure you can still hear your friends rock and stone!


I appreciated Satisfactory's arachnophobia option but it honestly just made it worse


Yea, it's the sounds and implications that mess me up, even after the visuals are swapped. Same with Grounded!


Do spiders make sounds?


they don't make vocalizations, as they have neither vocal cords nor lungs. If you have a precise enough microphone though, you would probably be able to hear the bristles of their leg hairs rustling as they fiddled about their webs, or the creak of chitin plates of their exoskeleton rubbing against each other like a lobster or crab does but that's about it


I had a few times where I've had to put it down for a while for exactly this reason, one enemy in particular (the Mactera Grabber) has these spindly legs that throw it back inyo the "too real" category. A few nightmares and a lot of trying and I've almost completely got the enemies mentally filtered into hit and hurry box zones after 300-some hours! Or put simply, not great depending on how bad it is, but it's cartoons enough it might be okay.


I hate spiders but the bugs in this game have never freaked me out. Use the 2 hour window on Steam to try it out for yourself.


Everyone has different reasons they're afraid of spiders, for me the biggest part is their eyes and face, and considering these bugs have no eyes and just normal monster mouths they don't phase me at all. If he's more scared of a bunch of skittery legs, that might be a slightly harder sell. Either way, you could give it a try, if he feels too uncomfortable to continue after a little bit you can just refund it. (you have about 2 hours playtime)


I have an arachnophobic friend that already plaed the game for hundreds of hours


[Unfortunately they are pretty much space spiders mostly.](https://img.favpng.com/13/17/16/deep-rock-galactic-first-person-shooter-product-design-shooter-game-insect-png-favpng-GcB9MzpJeYWRgktZmZQ60vwhf.jpg) Two main body components with 8 legs as the typical grunt. [Most of the big guys fit the same bill but are more like crabs with loads of carapace.](https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/deeprockgalactic_gamepedia_en/images/9/9f/Glyphid_Praetorian_Radioactive.png/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/250?cb=20200716211522) I am surprised to see the other responses to this question though.


Does this game have any sort of ending, or "final" goal? It seems like a lot of fun, but I prefer multiplayer games where you can say "I beat it", like Left 4 Dead, as opposed to games like Team Fortress 2, where you just keep playing until you're bored.


Not a defined end, no, but I'd say a reasonable end is when you're able to beat all the mission types on the hardest difficulty.


For me the "end" was being able to beat Deep Dives (a string of missions with shared resources from mission to mission) Didn't stop me from playing it, but I felt pretty satisfied after completing my first Deep Dive and moved it to my "Finished" category in my Steam Library.


Yep! This is about when I stopped playing as well. Steam says 35 hours of playtime for me. Great game.


I definitely didn't stop once I beat the Deep Dives, but it definitely felt complete. For me it's become my podcast game of choice, I've racked well over 200 hours in it so far. It's a great game to just vibe in while doing missions and earning gear/levels/promotions.


Is it good solo?


It's not bad, you have a little robot to help you but the core of the game design come from the interaction between classes. There is a server browser to join on going games and the community is really friendly, probably one of the n'est coop games to play with randoms.


I play mostly solo, and the little robot they give you is more useful than some humans. That being said, online is great too. Haven't run into any assholes.


Its decent solo. I'd recommend playing with randos though. I host and people just join my ongoing mission, typically within a minute or two. Then you can just kick anyone who is toxic. I'll drop into other peoples missions too. I'm at over 400 hours and have had maybe 2 toxic experiences.


I'm waiting to promote everyone at least once before doing deep dives, but is really that hard?


Well, there's two tiers: Deep Dives and Elite Deep Dives. Deep Dives have an average hazard level of ~3.5 (out of 5) across three missions, with about two additional warnings per mission. (things like low oxygen, explosive enemies, etc). Each mission also has two objectives instead of just one. You might have to fix mules and mine a certain amount of ore, or run pipes and collect eggs. Deep Dives are challenging, but not overwhelmingly so unless you get some really brutal additional Warnings. Elite Deep Dives are *rough* though. Hazard level 5, and three additional Warnings. Lots of chances for things to go wrong across three missions, and failing at any point fails the entire Dive.


The Elite Deep Dive is pretty punishing. Three missions in a row in what I'm guessing is Hazard 5 difficulty. Particularly since you can't tailor your loadout to beat one specific mission type, because you don't know what 3 different missions you'll get.


it's hazard 4.5 - 5 - 5.5 across the 3 missions


I've been playing the game since beta, usually play it every few weeks. There is no end as long as the knife eared leaf lovers continue to exist. The most recent update has added another progression system that isn't tied to minerals or normal progression. Largest update yet. Now's a good time to jump in and play till you're bored! They will continue to release free updates as long as people are interested.


There's not a narrative sequence of levels like L4D but there is a LOT of progression. There are weekly assignments and special assignments to unlock guns that take you through a sequence of missions, there's cosmetics to unlock, there's craft beers with special modifiers to unlock, and they just added a seasonal progression model with the same no-fomo approach as Halo (you can unlock everything in a season forever even after it "ends"). My girlfriend and I have been playing for a couple months and only just now promoted our dwarves for the first time. That unlocks deep dives, which are like raids strung together from multiple missions, more content in levels like supercharging your pickaxes, gun variants, etc, stuff we don't even know about yet. I've been avoiding googling spoilers for what's left to unlock just since the discovery and progression has been so fun. The cosmetics etc all feel like they're there for you to have more fun with the game, not to get you to spend money. They release some unique cosmetics as 'dlc' but it feels more like a nice way to support the devs than something to have fomo over, and all the other ingame cosmetics can only be unlocked by playing.


Not really. It’s great fun though.


There's a level cap (25) you can hit with each class which does a bit of a "you done it" fanfare, but it doesn't really interrupt the flow of the game. It does make you do a "promotion assignment" where I think they turn up the dials of craziness in the level gen for four missions. Then you can get the really fun weapon customizations for that class. But no there's no like narrative point or anything... I play because I think it's really fun


Is the update on game pass or is this another game where game pass ruins it? Like the Ascent.


Update hits game pass (and consoles in general) in 2 weeks




Never heard of this. Did you switch to experimental? The progress isn't kept when you do that.


You probably aren't going to get an answer because there really isn't a save issue. I can't think of anyone else that complained about it, ever. The devs are pretty good about being open and addressing those kinds of things. So either you ran into a one-off issue or something with your set-up is a very unique bug that is unknown. So the only way for you to know is to play again.


It might be likely he joined a game with "Unapproved Mods" and used a modded save.


Were you using mods?


Did you report the issue to the developers?


This hasn't been an issue for at least the 2+ years I've been playing the game.


Did you restore a back up save? The game has that function.