With the release of the anniversary edition of Space Marine, could it be?

With the release of the anniversary edition of Space Marine, could it be?


Space Marine 2 releases. You play as Leandros. *A finger on the monkey's paw curls inwards*


This would honestly be awesome. Play as the most glorious Captain Leandros, Commander of the second company of the Ultramarines, as he hunts down his former captain, the ever traitorous Titus, who definitely didn't turn to Chaos because the imperial law fucked him over so hard he switched sides out of desperation.


I may get downvoted to oblivion here, but I think Leandros was right, Titus was exposed to warp energy in a way that Titus himself admits he doesn't know why he wasn't affected and they had been betrayed by a corpse that was possessed, Leandros had the right to be suspicious and, with something as dangerous as that, it's better to be safe then sorry. Besides, the inquisitor was super chill compared to his peers, he asked Titus to surrender his weapons and come with the inquisition and only threatened the guards after he initially refused, most inquisitors would want to kill the guardsman even though they are cadians, and they would try to bring Titus in by force, if not order to kill on sight.


The general consensus I've seen from most people is basically: 1. Yes 2. But the proper procedure would be to report Titus to the company chaplain and and let them sort it out. Turning him over to the inquisition first is a serious wtf.


Indeed, I guess I overlooked that, maybe he was afraid something could've happened soon after and he wouldn't be able to stop it, nevertheless a sequel could make this a pretty good plot point, specially if playing as Leandros.


Yes, but the Codex Astartes that Leandros had been using as a safety blanket throughout the entire game specifically says to bring in a Chapter Librarian in that type of situation first and foremost. Leandros skipped that step.


And a chaplain


Honestly with how chill the Inquisitor was being, the first time I saw the scene I thought he was just going through the motions. Like he didn't really believe Leandros but needed to check for himself anyways out of diligence.


Just because you're doesn't mean you ain't a bitch. Handle it internally, don't bring in a 3rd party who may or may not be psychotic.


Yes but Titus also did kinda curb stomped a literal daemon prince... so kinda seems like he's not corrupted or at least should be considered a very good point in his favor. As for the guardsmen, cadians are among the few that have a much greater basic understanding of chaos due to their situation I don't think any inquisitor would kill them anyways. That said it's a huge betray for him to contact the inquisition. Plus also begs the question, how the fuck did the inquisitor got there so quickly....


Well, chaos corruption isn't something you choose or not to suffer, with the signs Titus was showing I think it was reasonable for Leandros to be worried, no one was thinking about executing him on sight but rather keep an eye to confirm he was alright, it was more like "there is a chance, so let's take a look on him just to be sure", the only mistake that others pointed out was the fact that a librarian and a chaplain would've been a lot more efficient, and the right procedure. About how the inquisition got there, agree with you, no idea, it was one hell of a record time, either that or they were other inquisitors colleagues of Drogan and they were just hiding in the bushes waiting for the orks to go away.


The ending will have a twist: we were playing a Chaos corrupted Leandros, who was driven so mad by the corruption he still thinks he is a loyalist Astartes purging heretics, when in truth he had been leading a Chaos warband to damage the Ultramarines.


*space marine 2 releases...for ios/android.


The entire Monkeys Paw curles into a first, and punches you into your nuts.


Calm down, satan.


Hey, at least that way we ensure he dies over and over and over again! It would be like having a Dark Souls where you play as Erebus.


What is that, a *magic mirror*? I'm calling the Inquisition, you're going to fucking heretic jail. It says right here in the Codex: > Don't just use random magic shit you find lying around you dipshits, or else you get warp flu and go to jail.


What a wonderful dream....


I want an uncharted style Mechanicus game where you raid necron tombs


Or a battlefront 2 style game


I've always said, a SWB game set in Warhammer would be the ultimate 40K game. Nothing has ever encapsulated the huge ball of chaos that is an active war zone like Star Wars Battlefront.


That would be perfect


I just want a console rerelease.


Or at least an update so I can play it on my current xbox.


For those that do not know, Space Marine was supposed to be a trilogy. In the 2nd game Titus was supposed to prove his innocence and on the 3rd game Titus, now not a heretic confirmed, would start his own chapter and become chapter master. Relic died though so we never got to witness it. Edit: forgot the name was Titus while Leandros was the cunt


I think you're getting the names confused


Oh gee I am sorry Primaris 2 and 3 were supposed to happen but didn’t


I mean, why would leandros prove his innocence? He wasn't the one being accused.


Yeh, it’s been a while since I last played it.




GW: in cooperation with Tencent we are proud to announce space marine 2 for IOS and Android!


Space Marine Impact


We need space marine 2 but relic is dead and GW are scumbags


It was leaked few days ago that SM2 is in developement by Saber Interactive. I have no idea why /r/warhammer subreddit mods deleted it just to see such posts reappear.


May I ask for some source ? Trying to find something on the net but can’t find anything . I know it was on the Nvdia list leak , but I don’t remember that the studio was on the list


Its somewhere via that leak. sry i have links to russian websites who covered the story. i dont know how to use that thing, created by the leaker myself. im not programmer. ​ [https://www.cybersport.ru/games/news/god-of-war-na-pk-titanfall-3-i-space-marine-2-v-kode-geforce-now-obnaruzhili-neskolko-neanonsirovannykh-igr](https://www.cybersport.ru/games/news/god-of-war-na-pk-titanfall-3-i-space-marine-2-v-kode-geforce-now-obnaruzhili-neskolko-neanonsirovannykh-igr)


Interesting. I crave some more Space Marine game, so i will watch for the future.


Isnt Relic studios dead? Any of the companies GW would hand the ip to would absolutely botch it.


Yeah I don't know if I'd even trust a sequel at this point. The team which made the original has long been split up.


They are releasing aoe 4 next month and working on new CoH.


GW: ‘remember what we say!’ GW Employee: (discouraged tone) ‘fuck the fans, we like money...’


id love a remake of tau fire warrior, no real excuse for not havign awesome 40k single player games, everythings already there story wise.


You mean Primaris


Yes PLEASE for the love of god!


I want to see Nemeroth again :(


Um..... What about Dawn of War 2 2?


You mean Dawn of War 3, right? It's a real shame they never made a third game in that series.


No actually I'm talking DoW 2 2. Every game in the series plays its own way. 1 was more macro/massive, 2 was all about the micro, and 3 tried to be a moba I guess ¯\\\_(ツ)\_/¯ So **YEAH**, I want that juicy fuckin DoW 2 II


I remember the pure Glee of Totalbiscuit as he showcased the game, think it showed how 40k video game fans felt after years of basically shovelware.


Dawn of War 4: Space Marine vs Fire Warrior


It's well worth reading into the proposed story notes for Space Marine 2 and 3 that the design team was throwing around even with the studio collapsing down around them. They kicked that thing out the door and went under real fast after.


But instead of a good game, it is a F2P battle royale with micros.


No, it'll never happen sadly and the team had plans to make a 2 and 3, the scripts were written... but sadly it will never be


We need this0