which one hits the hardest?

which one hits the hardest?


For me it's the one where the time stops for Barney after he broke up with Nora for Robin


Man, that part is really sting, even a mere thought about it already make my mood going bad for a whole day.


Neils acting carried that scene, holy damn it was good. And Cobie too of course.


Barney Stinson as a character is one of the best one I have seen in my lifetime ngl


Robin’s head shake is a killer


Omg this and the your all alone. Killer.


Barney’s everlasting second


Nora was perfect for Barney. Barney gave that all up for Robin only for her to betray their pact. Fml.


Agreed. Can't vote for any of these haha


Oh yes I love that! It was so moving.


The Time Traveler by far, it still haunting me even to this day and make me realized just how easily life can be taken away. I still have a lot of my life choices cloud in doubt because of my own scare for the unknown future. The one with Barney and his dad his just as hard because i got abandoned before, and in fact, for most of my life, he is never home.


Agree with those two. The time traveler one makes me tear up every time.


Not ready for this because of Segel’s delivery and because I feel my family life is closer to Marshall since it’s functional


The fact that that was improvised too just adds to it. All they told him was that Lily was gonna get out of the cab and give Marshall some news. Jason thought she might say she was pregnant. And then she hit him with “your dad had a heart attack… he didn’t make it.”


It's honestly such an unexpectedly perfect expression of grief. Your life changes forever whether you were prepared or not, and nothing you can do will make it be the same. Especially when it's a parent, because now you don't have that guidance from the person who has guided you your whole life. The fact that Marshal sees that his whole life just changed and he's not prepared in a moment, that his first reaction is to see the massive impact this has... It's just so poignant. And the fact that Jason Segel improvised this.... Honestly just incredible.


Definitely the lame suburban dad one. Just like Barney, my dad abandoned my family and started another one somewhere else. So this scene rlly hits into the feels


And when he brings the hoop back to ted’s place and says “a kid needs a hoop” I sob every time


Yeah same. Honestly I think the kid needs a hoop part hits harder than the lame suburban dad part.


For sure! And then when all the gang gathers around him 💔😭


IKR , and the way he said it made it even more emotional .......at the end of it i was like “I’m not crying ur crying”


What I love about that scene is that it's one of few sad scenes where they don't end it with a joke. In Marvin's funeral while listening to the voicemail, they kinda ruined it with the foot cream stuff, as an example.


I don't think it was ruined. Sort of the theme of that whole plot is Marshall's frustration at his lack of control. His father was taken from him for no good reason and Marshall can't get him back or change anything. But in that moment he gets to decide what his father's last words were to him. It really gave him a sense of peace and closure.


I think you're missing the point here. The foot cream part ruined the last words, and Marshall decided to tell everyone about Crocodile Dundee 3. The foot cream part was unneccessary.


Same. This episode was fantastic


I grew up and still have 2 loving parents. Idk what my life would be like without them. This always drives me to be best dad I can. And empathize with those that didn't have both parents.


This is exactly why this scene continues to give me goosebumps. NPH achieves perfect emotion in that scene, so painfully relatable.


I guess that's why I voted for "I'm not ready for this", my dad died when I was 17


Yeah it's the only scene i can't watch or else my night will legitimately be ruined.


Same here. 3 younger siblings who have no idea I exist.


The "you're all alone" quote and episode hit hard when I was in a tough place, but tbh Ted's emotional endurance helped motivate me to keep positive and move forward


I think the reason I love this show so much is because I understand what it’s like to be in Ted’s shoes, and feel like you’re not where you’re supposed to be in life quite yet. Even when he loses hope, and in this case REALLY loses hope, he always bounces back. And it pays off in the end, for everyone!


Honestly, the one that makes me cry the most is ''Sometimes I wish I wasn't a mom'' when Lily and Ted are talking on the roof and she explains how it's hard being a mother. Alyson's acting is so good and honest, it just gets me


That was so emotional! Knowing Alyson is a mother too, I think she was able to make the lines come from a very real place. It always makes me well up.


I think most parents can relate to what she's saying. That line never really meant much to me until I had kids of my own. Whoever wrote those lines definitely had kids.


I’m usually not a fan of Alyson’s acting, she simply doesn’t compare to the rest of the main group. But when it comes to the emotional scenes, holy hell she knocks it out of the park every time.


“Look around Ted you’re all alone” is such an impactful line. That episode is genius.


Love to see the last option listed, I wouldn’t say it hits me as hard as the others but I feel like most people ignore that quote and how sad it is. The way Tracy ends up comforting Ted over that breaks my heart.


The line that always gets me is when the gang is outside during Marshall’s dad’s funeral, talking about last words, when Marshall says “and he’ll never get to meet our kids, Lily.” I always thought that line was so heartbreaking and his delivery was perfect.


“A pocket dial!!!” That speech and then the dada voice coming over the line. My mom had just passed when I saw this episode. It still gets me. I’d LOVE To have a VM of my mom


This reminded me when my mom died before I got kids, I said the same to one of my friends and burst into tears.


I would like an honorary mention for Lilys mom speech. My kiddo was am infant when I watched this episode. Really resonated.


Yes this. I was deep in post partum depression when I saw that episode. To this day I can’t watch without it making me cry.


Which episode is this?


u/shalomworld season 8 episode 13


Thank you.


The "Look around, you're alone" hits hard for me because I rewatched HIMYM during college and during the time when my friends have partners and I was alone watching movies or playing video games.


45 days not seconds.


isn't it the 45 seconds ted has before tracy's boyfriend shows up to punch ted in the face?


45 days from now I’m going to meet you.


He starts by saying he wants those 45 days, but it leads to he will even take the 45 seconds with her until her boyfriend gets home.


But its the "45 days" comment that makes that entire dialogue hit home, not the 45 seconds. I mean I guess theyre both said but this was such a moving piece monologue, it was also the first time viewers really began to piece together that the mother had died. Definitely one of my favorite episodes of the series :)


Honestly for me is: "You may think your only choices are to swallow your anger or throw it in someone's face, but there's a third option: You can just let it go, and only when you do that is it really gone and you can move forward".


Can somebody remind me what situation the first quote is from? I sadly can't remember


it’s when lily tells marshall that his dad died


When Marshall's was told his father had just died... heartbreaking


That quote I can never forget, just hit me hard. After a hundred or so rewatches I still remember that first watch, it’s so beautifully done. And yes it’s after lily tells him about his dad. It kills me. Damn did he nail That scene 🥺🥺


yeah it's one of the few scenes that get me every time i watch it. there're lots of great scenes that hit me, but this one always gets me. even though i already knew what was coming, my tears still came at the exact same moment


Yep. Even thinking of it makes me tear up. Beautifully done. This show is soooo underrated by so many people!


I have one to add, I just rewatched the bit when Marshall tells Robin she needs to move out. 🥺 then the whole moving, the umbrellas and “pay up” I think those scenes are probably only emotional if you’re on rewatches but still ❤️🥺


I feel like Barney before his wedding.




You can enjoy something and and enjoy talking about it without being 100% knowledgeable.


I mean it's clearly one of if not the biggest emotional scene in the entire show. Plus the death impacts the entire season.




I don’t mean to sound like an a-hole but you sound like an a-hole.


I voted “Lame Suburban Dad,” because of NPH’s delivery


NPH is one of the greats.


A kid needs a hoop!


I only understood the last one on my 4th rewatch. I always thought that she was talking about Ted's mother, and Ted was the "daughter".


Same, only understood it on my last rewatch but every since it hits double


Wait. Can you explain it?


When Tracy says this, she's already sick and Ted knows that she will not make it to her own daughter's wedding so he starts to get emotional. This is before the audience knows for sure that she dies.


I didn't even realize...


Have you seen the whole show? Major spoiler


I have, lol. The subreddit already spoiled Tracy's death for me tho.


Tracy isn't going to make it to her daughters wedding.


The lame suburban dad always hits home for me because i never met my dad. Also laughed when barney started banging the screwdriver against the hoop *edit spelling


"Look around Ted" and "45 seconds" are the most emotional ones for me. I didnt get the foreshadowing in my first watch, but when I rewatched the series, I saw how deep that scenes are


I cry every time the lame suburban dad scene comes up. Seriously hits me so hard. I haven't heard from my dad in over 20 years. He abandoned our family to get remarried and start a new one. And Neil's acting in this scene is phenomenal. Like a gut punch every time.


Having lost my own dad to pancreatic cancer, my heart always freezes a little bit when I see those numbers counting down, knowing what happens when we reach zero. And when Marshall says “I’m not ready for this”, my mind always goes, no one ever is.


I voted for the end of Bad News, because it hits each time I watch it again, but I think that the one that hit hardest the first time was "What mother doesn't make it to their own daughter's wedding?"


Options 2 and 3 by a long shot


Yeah 2 and 3 by a mile- nay, *500 miles*


And I would walk 500 more


"A kids needs a hoop" was brutal.


Lame suburban dad. My older (half) brother has had similar experiences with our dad. I can feel his pain over having a crappy dad in those scenes.


The episode with the "look around ted, you're all alone" quote, is from my favorite episode in the entire show


It was the lame suburban dad for me. But My girlfriend and I recently broke up because of me and now I kind of relate to the “If I could have those extra 45 days” even if the situation isn’t exactly the same


45 seconds hits home for me :(


Last one for me. My dad didn't make it to my wedding.


Not sure anyone thinks it's hard. But when Robin breaks up with Kevin by saying " I don't want you to wake up in 5 or 10 years full of regret". Man that hit too close to home...


Definitely "I'm not ready for this" because that line was improvised by Jason Segal


Ugh. I can’t answer. For me it was boring suburban dad and those extra 45 seconds… I never cry. And honestly, I didn’t for those two either, but I was damn close both times, every time I’ve watched it.


When his voice breaks for option 2 it really stings


It’s probably because I’m a mom now, but the last one hits the hardest to me, closely followed by “If you were gonna be some lame Suburban dad…”. All of these are gut punches, though.


Really difficulty choice. I was tied between "lame suburban dad" and "all alone," but on a personal level, I went with option 3 because I am someone who fears of living in a world where I have no one by my side or completely alone with all my problems and not having anyone who can understand or help me. I would not want to feel so isolated in life and strives to be optimistic in moving forward and overcoming my obstacles.


The third one for sure. I know I'm not alone, but every now and then it can feel like it and this scene really hits in the feels.


Someone remind of me of "not ready for this" I've seen the show so many times, I thought the dad thing would win the vote!


It's when Marshall's dad died


First time through: I'm not ready for this Rewatch after you know the ending: 45 seconds


Am I the only person who feels that the "Look around Ted" moment just didn't work? The episode itself is a bit convoluted and abstract. They definitely went for the classic Scrubs "where do you think you are?", which I find heart wrenching. But I don't think the HIMYM version landed.


my man right here made the hardest pool of all time lol. I literally cant choose one, all of them hit HARD.


“You’re all alone” line definitely hits hard as I was going through something like that whilst watching. However, the Barney’s “suburban dad” caught me off guard as to how good the delivery was, and seeing a character that is typically cool lose his cool is just wow.


I love how the top two are not about Ted.


Lame suburban dad hits different 😭😔😥


Great now I’m crying remembering all those sad episodes... thanks OP


I'm not ready for this. It's just a combination of the delivery and just how raw and real it is. At some point we have or will lose a loved one and our life will change forever, and we will never be ready for that. The time travelers episode as a whole is just beautiful. Also agree with other comments that Lily's "Sometimes I wish I wasn't a mom" hits really deep. All this stuff is what makes the show so good, though. It just get so real.


ngl for me the 'I do have a dad... and his name is Loretta' scene hits pretty hard for me. with stand by me in the background


Ok so heres why there is a specific answer to this The first one is the most devastating but sadly the show never built up a big relationship with the character and I always hated the way lily cries and relys in Marshall on that scene but that's bsides the point. There wasn't a build up other than the in episode countdown, so it doesn't hit as hard The third and fourth and fith kne shave the same issue By that point in the show most people were bored with the whole Ted gets the short end of the stick thing and honestly both him and Robin had so much drama and nonsensical back and forth that by the end any dram between it about them just seemed a bit done to death. The second one though. Omg that scene it works so well because it was the culmination of six seasons of knowing Barney and seeing him and what he does and knowing that It comes down to him and his fahte r y that point, their relationship is what makes everything broken about Barney broken and it explains souch of his behavior. Also it proved for once that Barney knows he has issues, other reunions liek Jeff and his dad from community were kinda not as good (not saying it was bad cus it was no where near badbut Barney was better) cus In all honesty Barney didn't wanna admit he had those issues and he wanted to be the shitty guy he was seen as and when he finally admitted why his dad hurt him and how it hurt him to his dad and just let out everything he'd been feeling since he saw his dad had settled down and why he wished he was the guy he used to be wow it was so powerfull and it had so mcub build up, hell even one of the best shows on tv after that copied it (good place) so that's why it hits the hardest. Personal connection obviously plays a big part in relating to these so I'm not saying it's wrong to find one sadder but froma writing perspective it has the best build up and payoff


Look at you Ted your all alone is one I can relate to, when your over 30 and most of your friends are now getting married or already married, some having kids, have moved on without you, your friend group becomes very small. That's the one that has hit me the hardest, rewatching it now. Before, I would have said I'm not ready for this or the lame dad one, but now, not anymore.


For me personally it's the episode band or dj when lily says that sometimes she wishes she wasn't a mom. Kills me everytime.


Where's all of the above


Barney every time. NPH’s emotion and the voice that comes with it is just so heartbreaking


i first watched the series around 2016. and my mom just passed away before i got to see the "bad news" episode, and I really cried during that scene.


All of them!


I still had to vote for Barney's lame suburban dad (damn you, John Lithgow!), because even though I legit identify with a mother who won't be at her own daughter's wedding (I'm the daughter), the pain of that is more like closure from childhood and adult trauma. The line Barney yells at his dad is so raw and painful and he's only now admitting the trauma he now has to learn to heal from. Even thinking about it is sad. Marshall's dad dying was a close second.


The 45 days one has 45 votes


As someone whose father walked out on him, Barneys whole ark in dealing with that hit home pretty hard. One of the many reasons I love himym


Objectively, “I’m not ready for this.” But I’ve never lost anyone close to me like Marshall did (not yet anyway) did. But I think where I’m at in my life right now makes “You’re all alone” hurts a little worse. Thanks for the poll, I always love some free introspection!


The middle choice. Hit hard when I first saw it and at 31 it hits just as hard.


“Because love is the best thing we do”


Can I vote twice


I like the scene where Ted confronts Jeannette on the bridge in an effort to get Robin’s locket, when he admits to her (and perhaps himself) that he still loves Robin. The way he explains love in that scene has me convinced I’ve never experienced it, and it leaves me breathless every time


What mother wouldn’t come to her daughters wedding. Still makes me choke up after multiple watches, Ted perfectly nails holding his tears back, I hate it so much gets me every time


"A kid needs a hoop"


What was the 45 second one? I don’t remember that one.


I’ll never forget the first time I watched the episode where Marshall learns his dad died. I seriously wasn’t ready for that either. I had no anticipation of running into something so heavy in that show—I was taken aback. I was in a dark place in my life as well when I watched it, and it really hit me hard.


Im sure many know this, but "im not ready for this" was completely improvised and jis reaction was genuine


"Im not ready for this" was the real reaction of Jason Segel


I feel like the “look around Ted” is the situation where I can see myself in the most so


God, the episode where Marshall’s dad dies gets me every time. I dread the day I have to hear those words, because I won’t be ready.


On first viewing it would be “I’m not ready for this” but now it’s always “ what mother would go to her daughters wedding”


Please explain it


When I first watched the “I’m not ready for this episode” I was caught off guard by the ending, it is super sad and took me by surprise. I still find it very sad though. But my first time watching the “what mother won’t be at her daughters wedding” episode, I didn’t completely get why she said that ( because the tragedy was yet to be revealed to us) but now when I go back and watch it, knowing how it ends and knowing that she won’t be at her daughters wedding it gets me more and more


i have chills reading these jesus christ


45 seconds. Not in the context for me that someone died, but there are definitely people I wish I could have spent more time with before losing contact with them and then having them disappear from my life altogether


“You are the love of my life. Everything I have and everything I am is yours. Forever.”


“you art the love of mine own life. Everything i has't and everything i am is yours. Still. ” *** ^(I am a bot and I swapp'd some of thy words with Shakespeare words.) Commands: `!ShakespeareInsult`, `!fordo`, `!optout`




Maybe the others are harder but Marshall and his dad had scary parallels with my own life so it hit me like a fucking truck


Can I choose all of them? oh well... I had different kind of sads for each of them: * 1st) I think its the only time i actually cried. Marshall was the nicest of the group and was the least morally dubious, so i really felt bad that it happened to him. Also because his relationship with his dad was something special. I love that after his death they showed glimpses of him. Along the way youve noticed why marshall is the way he is, since so much of his kindness was inspired by his dad. * 2nd) This wasnt the saddest but i think it felt the most convincing. Just really good writing * 3rd) This one was i think the saddest. The intresting thing about it is the fact that i cannot relate that much to this scene. Sure, i had friends that have left me but afterwards i noticed it was for the better since they were toxic, so i cannot relate at all since its a different case in himym. I think the show had such good writing that the friendships had an affect on me. It wasnt just that i loved the characters so much that i misseed them, but rather the aura their friendships emitted. When i watch the show and see these guys i feel the warmth, like the warmth you get when you are in love, or when you have an awesome time with your best friends, or a hug from somebody you care about, or hot coffee on a snowy saturday. The way that these characters expressed their feelings was so natural and there were so many ups and downs, that it felt real. This scene was a cold wind, the start of a storm. * 4th) This was rather heartbreaking. I cannot imagine what Ted has felt and how much it hurts. the more i think how he could have felt the more it hurts. The thing is the scene was perfect. The right amount before disclosing the audience what happened. But still, now that i have seen this show so many times i would have wished that Ted made a pause or something. I kind of wanted to see the actual dad Ted say this to his kids. * 5th) A realisation, a hit in the face by reality. Much more a message to live the moment and enjoy it to the fullest and accepting fate rather than living in the past nor the future,


i don’t know if maybe it’s because i related to barney’s trauma more but the lame suburban dad one is always gonna be the one that hits me the most. i genuinely cried when i heard it the first time.


oof the first two always get me. Doesn't matter how many times I watch the scene, I always tear up.


For me it's the "I'm not ready for this." My mom passed away 3 years ago, she had cancer for 12 year and I still wasnt ready for anything that came after becoming orphaned.


I watched that episode for the first time shortly after my dad died. One of the hardest days of my life and it came back like it had just happened.


Everyone I watch that episode it hits me like a truck and I just cry.


It was Barney for me. It’s really tough feeling inadequate, especially as a child.


No i can't decide


I kinda forgot the context behind the "look around ted you're all alone"


Omg Hard decicion


"I'm happy you guys aren't real. Real happy."


Good list! All very emotional moments!


Damn this one is a hard poll!


That's what she said!!


Nice haha


Whoops, wrong sub haha


For me, going through that period of life feeling like everyone else is moving on and feeling like you just can't seem to get your life *really* started, "you're all alone" really cuts deep


Its 45 days, not seconds. Sorry, lol!


Reading the questions gave me chills.


Turns out Barney had daddy issues too


Definitely "I'm not ready for this", I'm instantly on the verge of tears as soon as that episode starts and I see the first number...


I went for the "I'm not ready for this" mainly because it was unexpected especially from first viewing or if you're not paying attention to the countdown throughout the episode. It hurts through the core.


Option 6 : What's he says to his daughter when he holds her


Option 6 : what's he sayeth yo that lady daughter at which hour he holds that lady *** ^(I am a bot and I swapp'd some of thy words with Shakespeare words.) Commands: `!ShakespeareInsult`, `!fordo`, `!optout`


Definitely "I'm not ready for this." My little sister died in 2016. And that scene perfectly captured what it's like to lose someone unexpectedly.


If you consider Marshall's dad as a character, and Barney's Absence of Father (before we ever meet his dad) as a character, it is Marshall's father that feels less integral to the show. Barney's mother lifestyle as a mom is similar to how Barney lives in adulthood - we see echoes of his childhood, what it contained and what it lacked, throughout the show as scaffolding for his character development. Marshall's dad is a great character but the moment of his death is not as impactful as Barney confronting his ghost.


I'm between the lame suburban dad and the you're all alone one. The first one cuz I love Barney and the second one cuz, since I'm a daydreamer, I'm always off in my own world, and I tend to picture myself having adventures with friends and stuff. But there are times where I remember that those friends aren't real. I'm actually just sitting in my room at 3 AM, feeling unable to talk to anyone and socialize. So that line speaks to me a lot


You need an option for "all of the above"


The "you're all alone" is clearly one of the hardest for me ahah